Quoth the Rocketboom: Nevermore

By Phil Plait | May 5, 2009 10:59 am

Rocketboom was one of the original video blogs, taking current geek news and making fun of it.

Sometimes though they’re the victim of their own snark. On April 29th they posted this video:

The thing is, that whole thing I posted about the Shuttle image being faked? Yeah, Rocketboom, oops. So I’ve responded.

Here are the posts in question: My original Shuttle post, and my confession.

And please note that I was right from the start: the photo was Photoshopped, I knew it all along, and I was having fun with it. Amazing how a lot of people totally missed the boat on that.

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  1. Brilliant! Where can I get a tshirt like that?

  2. Ah, me-thinks you fell victim…

    BTW, as great as your Tee-shirt is, I could not help but notice what hers said… “I’m legal”…

    That’s a win right there, Phil… :)

  3. Brian

    Hee! A nice bit of exchange there, on both sides.

  4. rob


    now i don’t know who to trust on teh intertubes! Poe? Phil? Rocketboom? the Huffington Post?

    now i must consult my astrological homeopathic flat earther seer.

  5. Me thinks Dr. BA had one too many cups of coffee this morning. Yow! If you were typing that fast your fingers would smoke!

  6. Newballz

    2nd what @michael L said….”I’m legal” FTW. Not to mention it’s a lot hotter when she says “cockpit”

  7. b00t3r

    Wait, wait, wait… you’re making fun of her making fun of you making fun of conspiracy theorists, right? So, we’re not to leave the room, except with you?

  8. DrFlimmer

    Oh my goodness, Phil! Was this a world-record-attempt or why were you SO fast? How long did you try it, before you recorded it? Or were you in a hurry? Gee…..

    But: Great, anyway ūüėČ

  9. Alex

    I’d like to see you debunk THIS one, nonbeliever.


  10. Pieter Kok

    Phil, did you race to the toilet right after recording that?

  11. Davidlpf

    I think everyone is being Poe’d by Nasa, they hire people to say the moon landings are fake. So Phil can debunk them so Rocketboom can Poe Phil and Phil can Poe Rocketboom.

  12. Ismael

    Why would they photoshop photos, even if there is no harmful or malicious intent? Why does NASA, which has led the way in Space for humans for many years, feel that ‘real’ science needs to be tweaked? I think the universe looks beautiful without Hollywood stylings- maybe because I’m not english american. There’s a lot of sarcasm goes on around here that slips by my ancient tongue.

  13. Tim G

    Phil, since the inception of this blog I was only pretending to not appreciate your humor.


  14. Mchl

    The worst thing is NASA actually listened to Phil’s request and is shutting down Shuttle program

  15. Davidlpf

    Who Poes the Poers.

  16. Speaking of things that go “BooM” in the sky… (OT)…
    I’m just watching the Global newscast from Edmonton, and they are reporting that pieces of the meteorite that crashed last year near Lloydminster are still being found. So far, over 1,000 pieces have been recovered, setting a record for the most pieces recovered from a meteorite impact in Canada!

  17. BJN

    She’s cute.

  18. Ismael: The photo was one of a prototype cockpit that hadn’t yet been installed. The background was photoshopped in because that’s better than seeing a blank wall behind it. Anyone who saw the photo at the time with the proper context it would have been obvious that it was shopped or in front of a backdrop.

  19. Lawyer

    The comeback was SWEET! And your blog is awesome… Just get used to this sort of stuff happening when you have presence …

    In sciencum defensum …

  20. That beautiful!

  21. Joe Meils

    (pats Phil on the head reassuringly) There, there… we believe you Phil. Now, let’s go home and have a nice cup of skeptical hot chocolate…

  22. For those wondering why I was talking so fast, watch her video first. It’s all about the satire, folks.

  23. QUASAR

    In the future you won’t even be able to distinguish a faked image from a real one!

  24. dhtroy

    First, I totally picked up on why you were talking so fast, and that was funny, because it was obvious you struggled to keep up that pace.

    Second, I rather wondered if she was making fun of you, making fun of NASA, indirectly making fun of what you do, that totally makes fun of hoaxers, but in a direct, indirect sort of way, via redirection.

    I only say that, because the picture she showed of you, was one of you wearing a NASA cap … whilst showing your “We need to shut NASA down” comment …

    But it was a hoax.

    Ok, now my head hurts … I need a new direction.

  25. You can always close caption your stuff for the humor impaired.

  26. ¬ęb√łnez_brigade¬Ľ

    Excellent riposte, Phil — especially at the end.

  27. @Alex… Shuttle with a DRADIS… nothing beats that!

  28. Phineas J Whoopie

    Cute chick with the accent > bad astronomer

    Sorry, just keeping it real

  29. Tim G

    Her shirt reads, “I’m legal”. She’s legal for what?

  30. Joe Meils

    I’m just gonna make a wild guess here…

  31. Mike P

    I think I am following you, but on the other hand, after watching your video and reading your posts, I went back and watched the Rocketboom video, and what she says is, “And he actually made some pretty good points,” and only says “I think he’s going a bit too far” in demanding that NASA shut down the shuttle program. So, she doesn’t actually say you are wrong for believing the photo is photoshopped. I don’t doubt that was the underlying intent, but, to be fair, it isn’t explicitly stated.

  32. SteveG

    Boat? what boat? I thought we were talking about the space shuttle?

  33. Let the games begin! [Aside: Nay Ill be sworn, we have sat in the stocks for puddings he hath stolen].

  34. Sespetoxri

    ::steeples fingers and prepares to watch what he has wroth!::

  35. Televisions on TV are always faked if they are using cathode-ray tubes and not liquid crystal displays; because the CRT has scan frequencies that make it flicker and look weird as it heterodynes with the viewer’s CRT.

    Legal for what? Over the age of consent?


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