The Mysteries of the Cosmos

By Phil Plait | May 7, 2009 9:32 am

In January, I had the distinct pleasure in hosting a panel in Pasadena called The Mysteries of the Cosmos. It featured four brilliant astronomers discussing their quest to understand the Universe. It was hosted by several groups, including Discover Magazine. The whole thing was filmed, and DM now has the videos online. Here’s Part 1.

The others are on that link above. I had a fantastic time, and I hope you enjoy watching these videos. Honestly, being on stage with Debra, Andrea, Saul, and Mike was such an honor, and listening to them talk about these astronomical topics has made me feel a whole lot better after what’s been a really rough week on this blog. Sometimes, it’s good to remember that there are questions — and answers — much bigger than ourselves.

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  1. Kewl! Yesterday I read the interviews in Discover magazine. I’m guessing that the videos contain more than what was on the printed page. I guess I’ll find out. :-)

  2. madge

    Aagh! More reasons to avoid studying! Should I
    a) mangle my brain with chemistry which I am really struggling with
    b) watch cool videos about my favourite subject.
    No contest. Will you write a note to my Tutor telling her it’s ALL YOUR FAULT.

  3. Hey! I thought this was a vaccine blog! What’s this space science stuff doing here! ;P




  5. I read the article in the magazine but it was so much more interesting to see them “live”. Their enthusiasm is contagious.

  6. @Molly,

    Contagious Scientific Enthusiasm? Now that’s one thing I definitely would not vaccinate my child against. 😉

  7. Fascinating stuff! I can’t wait to see the rest of it. Thanks for posting this.

  8. Francesco

    I too read the interview on Discovery magazine. I’ll really be enjoying it watching it live!

    Thanks Phil!

  9. ‘Wearing pants when you walk out of the house’

    Oh, drat!



  10. @John

    You beat me to the pants joke!!! Boooo! 😀

  11. Now that I’ve watched the video (okay, first video), Mike Brown’s mention of ‘using the blood to find where the bodies were [paraphrased]’ made me think: CSI: Oort Cloud.
    (Although NUMB3RS fans – e.g. me – may think of the example of water sprinklers in the pilot episode and ep. 100 that aired last week)

    Drivethruscientist: guess you weren’t driving fast enough.



  12. Next time you’re on the Caltech campus let me know and I’ll treat the Red Door.

  13. Howard

    Mike Brown is Dexter – the serial astronomer. :) Great videos! Also, those chairs looked comfy.

  14. Oded

    Wonderful!! All of these scientists are really really cool!
    I am still watching it right now, and Andrea is talking about the spin of black hole, and I was about to post here, “wow, Andrea Ghez is really cool!”, then I realized, “wait, so is Saul Perlmutter!”, then I realized, they are ALL really fun! :)
    So, thank you for this comprehensively fun video!! PLEASE do something like this again!

  15. Davidlpf

    Great video, noe Ivan3man knows how some of the rest of us feel.

  16. Davidlpf

    soory that is was suppose to be now not noe.

  17. @ Todd W.:

    A bit confusing, isn’t it? hehehe

  18. Excellent! I’m watching it right now.


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