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By Phil Plait | May 12, 2009 7:31 pm

Greg Fish from the blog World of Weird Things interviewed me about life, the JREF, and everything. It’s a pretty good blog and I recommend it; he always has cool pictures on it!


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  1. Nice read. Although, didn’t you becoming president of JREF also include an “initiation” that you had to go through? Or was that beyond the scope of the interview? ūüėõ

  2. Vince

    Great job with the interview. I love when you say, in essence, the same thing I told my students for 33 years “the universe is cool enough for us not to have to make things up about it.” Yea, I’m a retired science teacher.

  3. Phil, how did you get through a whole interview without mentioning the book once? Not even a throwaway line? Self Promotion 101 Fail! ūüėČ

  4. Davidlpf

    He wrote a book?

  5. I’ve just left a comment there, taking up the issue of cynicism and how to define it.


    Here’s something to keep you busy! Sagan’s last interview.

  7. Cheyenne

    OK I’m cheating by commenting here – the Hubble Top Ten article (comments are turned off right now) is so full of win….awesome awesome amazing. What an 0bservatory. What a whole gaggle load of more info to cram into my little brain.

    I’m so going back to read that all through again in about 30 minutes. Such an extraordinary machine and a fascinating article.

    Fingers crossed for a safe and successful mission. And I’m also keeping ’em crossed for ESA’s launch tomorrow.

  8. Sky

    “The universe is cool enough for us not to have to make things up about it.” I feel the same way. I was once fooled by the moon hoax people, but then I found the Bad Astronomy page. After that I decided to never be fooled again.


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