More incredible Hubble pictures

By Phil Plait | May 21, 2009 2:30 pm


Hard on the heels of The Big Picture’s homage to Hubble comes this one at Geenstijl. These are gorgeous shots. My only complaint? There are only two pix of STIS; one is fuzzy and the other is blocked by the astronauts! Oh well.


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  1. Very nice. I loved watching helmet cam during the repairs. Very cool!

  2. Trebuchet

    Breathtaking pictures. I was wishing for captions but I suppose they’d have been in Dutch!

    We humans really can do some awesome stuff when we put our minds to it.

  3. I can see my house from…oh dang, I already used that joke today.

    That picture makes me dizzy. Good thing I’m not an astronaut, or particularly tall.

  4. Hubble’s been operational for how long? 20 years? And not a spot of rust on that chassis. Amazing!

    (You’re right: abso-flippin-lutely gorgeous.)

  5. SimonD

    Has any thought been given to retrieving the Hubble? Surely it is deserving of preservation it is one of the modern wonders of the world.

  6. bigjohn756

    How am I supposed to know what the pictures are about? All of the descriptions are in Dutch.

  7. DrFlimmer

    This picture is just like the mission: awesome!

  8. Awesome pictures! I particularly like the one of the earth where you can see what look like vortex/anti-vortex pairs in the clouds.

  9. MHS

    The BA linking to… didn’t think I would live to see that :D.

  10. Oh, wow. Gorgeous.

  11. slang

    the pics come with this commentary:

    Het klussen aan Hubble zit erop. De ruimtetelescoop heeft voor de laatste keer een grote beurt gekregen en begint nu aan de laatste jaren van zijn leven. Ergens na 2020 zal de NASA het gevaarte in de oceaan laten neerplonzen. De enige telescoop in een baan om de Aarde is dan nog de Herschel van ESA.

    Loose translation:

    “The fixing of Hubble is done. The space telescope has had its last big tune-up, and is now starting the last years of its life. Sometime after 2020 NASA will let the big thing splash down in the ocean. The only telescope left in Earth orbit then will be ESA’s Herschel”.

    Herschel isn’t in Earth orbit. Neither is Spitzer, but some other telescopes are. Oh well, Geenstijl isn’t exactly a science blog anyway. :)

  12. DaveS

    I don’t know, Phil, the picture seems pretty credible, to me. On what do you base your claim that the picture is incredible?

    (OOOh, I like the comment editing feature.)

  13. Fair dinkum, with the last picture of the astronaut looking in through the port hole I LOL’d. Awesome pictures.

  14. Eddie Janssen

    There are two clear pictures of geographical features. The last one looks like a part of the Galapagos Islands. The other one may be Florida. Does anyone know what they really are?

  15. GQ

    Absolutely incredible pictures! I don’t know those guys stand out there in space with only a suit between them and certain death. I would freak out!

    Its so weird how the stars don’t show up in these photos. Adds an even more errie feel to them.

  16. QUASAR

    Good quality!

  17. Stan9FOS

    One is Florida – I can see my old house from there! – just a little south of the Cape – and the Bahamas, the other I’m not sure.

  18. And no pics of ACS Repair. Course that’s because they’d have to be helmet-cam snaps, hence low-res. There was a point where NASA TV switched to the outside camera showing the telescope and shuttle with a beautiful Earth backdrop, in full sun, and I thought how sad that John Grunsfeld had to spend the day inside (the aft shroud). I don’t think he minded.

    Speaking of ACS Repair, the optimization program will likely be cut short, because the very first test images from the Functional Test are showing the same noise levels as the best we got in ground testing (which Oh By The Way is slightly but significantly lower than the noise ACS had before the failure). Take that, Mr. Murphy! Your law doesn’t apply when you’re up against Frank Cepollina!

  19. Mike

    You might try checking out the link below to see if they have any better STIS pics…

  20. Riley

    The other picture of the Earth is of the Canary Islands.

  21. actuator

    I watched NASA TV during the last 3 days of the repair. It was amazing that I could be so enthralled for so long with so little verbiage. Those spacewalkers and their supporting crew are absolutely incredibly competent people. I sure hope that schools piped the NASA feed to classrooms. This is the kind of inspirational stuff we need to get out.

  22. If you look really close, there is a round object near the bottom of the picture, between the solar panel and the Telescope. I think that this is proof that….

    Oh, wait… never mind. It’s a smudge on my monitor…

  23. Meg

    Wow! This is a bautiful picture of Hubble :) .


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