Get a Galileoscope! Hurry!

By Phil Plait | May 28, 2009 9:14 pm

A few months ago I wrote about the Galileoscope, a wonderful inexpensively priced telescope that is being produced as part of the International Year of Astronomy. There were some initial problems with shipping, but I have been told that ‘scopes are shipping and will be in the hands of eager folks by early June or July latest! Yay!

Galileoscope setup

Now here’s the thing: production is not so simple for these telescopes, and the folks making them want to continue to do so. But unless they get a bunch of orders right away production will stop. They need orders by the end of May, which means that if you’re thinking of getting one or more — and at $15 each (plus shipping) it’s cheap to do so — then please send in your order now! Don’t wait; if you do it may be too late. At the very least the price will go up, and at worst they won’t be able to make any more.

I bought three: one for my daughter (and, to be honest, me), one for her school, and one to give away on the blog. I’ll do that last bit once they get here — but don’t rely on winning it; I expect to get about 1000 entries for it.

So stop reading this blog and go buy a ‘scope or three. Give ’em to folks who can’t afford ’em, donate one to a school, or simply designate your order to go to a faraway land where the kids need the inspiration and awe of seeing Jupiter’s moons, the phases of Venus, the mountains of our own Moon, or Saturn’s rings.

I became interested in astronomy at the age of five because I saw Saturn through a small telescope. Will you please help another child appreciate the wonder of astronomy? You never know where it will take them.


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  1. Way back, a couple or three months ago, I ordered three for my family, and three for them to give to others. It’s a really good thing to do and will do wonderful things for people who otherwise might never looks through a telescope at the stars, the moon, and the planets. You don’t need a 30 inch monster telescope – the 2 inch Galileoscope is a wonderful idea all by iteself and many never even look up through that much aperture.

    Now, before you go out and look up, go over and donate, buy, and do good.


  2. Manveet

    I ended up getting one of these bad boys.

    Now I’m just waiting for the bloody thing to show up in the mail.

    I may just have to order another one now!

  3. “Stop reading and buy now” … Phil, would you follow such advice when you saw it on the internet …? The (deplorable) fact is that not one independent test of this product has been published since no production-run telescopes have been delivered to the eager reviewers (like myself; I’ve been promised an advance specimen for months).

    We all – especially us IYA activists following the convoluted Galileoscope saga since, gasp, 2006! – sincerely hope that not only the optics (with which impressive test pictures have been taken) but also the mechanics and especially the ease of use will convince. But IMHO we should refrain from undue jubilation until we’ve actually encountered the thing …

  4. Davidlpf

    Ordered a couple already, and got a tripod for it, but now just waiting.

  5. James McCann

    Harumph. Their website cannot stand up to the waves of telescope buyers apparently. I’m getting a 404.

  6. well you convinced me.. shame living at the bottom of the world means it costs more than its worth to ship here..

    but its a start..

  7. Zack

    Well, that’s a way to do it… Get your thousands (?) of readers to buy them.

    Hell, you’ve convinced me. As soon as the site is up, I’ll probably buy three. One for myself and two to give as gifts.

    Good job!

  8. Got one. Been wanting to get a small telescope for a while, and the views here in Santa Fe are wonderful :)

  9. Nat

    Getting a few now for my friends.

  10. Wayne

    I ordered 22 for a summer camp, but had to cancel the order and go with a crappy cardboard scope due to the delays.

  11. Robert T.

    Hmm, $15 is indeed inexpensive, but the shipping price costs more than the telescope itself (shipping destinations outside the U.S.). Can these telescopes really see Saturn, Venus, Mars, etc. when they’re in the range of viewability?

    And what about for people who do not know how to use a telescope and have no real grounding in Astronomy, but who would like to take it up as a hobby? I was wondering, Phil, if you could recommend a book, or a website, to complement the telescope. (No, no, not Using Telescopes/Astronomy for Dummies.)

  12. Alex Raines

    I just bought two. One for me, one for my boss and his kids. I think a telescope is an appropriate anti-woo device and in the San Luis Valley, the middle of nowhere is super-close.

  13. I’m in Australia, just ordered two – shipping $46 which is not bad given the size and mass of the two scopes. At least my boys won’t fight over just one!

  14. Robert T.

    Can anyone tell me where the telescope is made? Is it an All-American telescope, or one made in China?

  15. WadeF

    I bought one for myself. I might buy a couple more for gifts. : )

  16. CWorthington

    I heard about these at the intro rate a long while back and couldn’t find a link to them. Wanted to get one for my niece. So I am glad You put the link up. Bought one for myself. Maybe I can hook my camera to this one. My other telescope is a pain to use…

  17. anonymous

    I donated five of them. Hope the seeds will grow.

  18. laserboy

    This puts me in an awkward position. The school my kids attend would like to offer telescope building and a viewing night as part of their activities, so I ordered a sample scope for them (and one for our family) but they will not commit kids to the cost until they see them for themselves.

    Now, the telescope won’t arrive till summer, which means no good viewing until after September (kids are all away). So, either I have to take a risk and order 10 or so and hope for reimbursement, or abandon the idea :(

  19. Got one myself!
    Just hope I don’t spend my last days under house arrest!


  20. Chalk up another sale to your evangelism – I just ordered one.

  21. Mark Hood

    Ordered 2, shipping to Europe was $30!

    Also used the ‘get some, give some’ option to donate 2 also… Sadly I can’t donate them to UK schools, but I can give the 2nd one away locally.


  22. Rick Andrews

    Thanks for the heads-up, Phil.

    I’m in England, and ordered a couple: one for the ‘give some’ donation program, and one for my granddaughter — but truth be told, I’ve never owned a telescope before, so she might have some competition. 😉

  23. I took that as a direct command of the head of the JREF… so I purchased one for me and my nephew to play with.

  24. AngusR

    Was going to buy a couple for myself and my niece and nephews and then discovered the shipping costs to the UK. Two scopes, $30, shipping – $38.95.

    I _really_ don’t think so.

    Anyone got any recommendations for a UK equivalent (i.e. something that is going give kids some slight “wow” factor without giving the wallet an “ouch” factor? The “National Geographic” kit that I’ve seen around looks cheaper and nastier than ebola…)

  25. I’d much rather give a $15 donation to support production than to pay $50 for shipping. Phil, maybe you could (ask the guys to) set up a donation page to support the scope production…

  26. Pascal Scheffers

    Okay. Ordered one.

    Shipping to the Netherlands was more than the ‘scope, but hey – €23.50 in all. not bad, not bad. The 8″ is dob not something my 5yo can play with. With this one – he can. Totally awesome, thanks for the pointer.

  27. @scibuff
    I think there is an option to buy scopes for donation then there is no shipping charges. Best of both worlds – you don’t get hit for shipping and some needy person gets a scope.

  28. piratebrido

    I bought two, awaiting shipment in sunny Scotland. One for myself (and to convince friends to buy some as well) and one for my folks. Going to do a bit of camping during the summer – which is where I first saw the night sky and realised what a crime light pollution really is – and this will be perfect for star gazing. Cheers for the link for the site dude.

  29. i ordered one way back in february and i’m still waiting…. patiently….

  30. Shane Emmons

    Thank You for telling me about these Phil! I have been looking for a reasonable telescope for sometime now and this fits the bill perfectly. It’s great that you can give them away too. We need more children to be interested in the night sky.

  31. I’d love one of these, but the shipping is ridiculous: $28.08 That’s move than the Give ’em / Get ’em that I plan on doing. Sorry.

  32. Rob Glover

    Done my bit – donated some to give away, I do like that idea.

  33. Blashy

    A) Shipping is much too high.

    B) I would like to see pictures of what it looks like to look at the sky with one of these. It can’t be all that great, can it? If it is, then shipping “might” be worth it.

  34. MC

    I’ll be glad to order a few once we get some independent verification of the quality. I don’t want to get swindled by something that makes grand claims like this but ends up being a cheap piece of junk.

  35. J. D. Mack

    Weird. I chose the “Give Some” option, fully expecting that the form would request the information about the gift recipient. I guess they just trust that I’ll really take this to my local elementary school and not keep it for myself.

  36. MadScientist

    Looking at the description of Galileo’s telescopes here:

    and considering the quality of glass available at the time (tinge of the glass + imperfections in the glass), these telescopes should be far superior to what Galileo had. For example, the lenses are achromatic (actually two lenses combined, not the simple single-element lens used by Galileo). I’m rather surprised that you can get a Galileo scope for about $15 and it uses achromats – I guess the lenses are cast then diamond finished in large volumes to get them that cheap. (Or if modern casting is good enough, then just cast.) The objective lens is glass (so it won’t scratch as easily as plastic) but the eyepiece lens is plastic (which is fine as long as you don’t wipe it carelessly).

  37. Ken


    Now, to find somewhere dark enough to see anything … anyone happen to know of a decent observing spot in Loudoun County, Virginia?

  38. 25. J. D. Mack Says:
    Weird. I chose the “Give Some” option, fully expecting that the form would request the information about the gift recipient.

    You should have read this at the top of the page:

    Give some Galileoscopes to those who can’t afford to buy them at the special price of U.S. $12.50 each with no shipping charges. This anonymous donation is not tax-deductible, and you cannot specify a recipient.


  39. MadScientist

    [deleted] D’oh – John Paradox beat me to replying to J.D. Mack.

  40. Terry Smiljanich

    Quit complaining. Even with shipping costs, it’s still an opportunity to both experience a little history (this is what Galileo used?) and introduce a child to the big universe out there.

  41. amberlodge

    Bought 3 – one for my great-nieces and nephew; two to give to schools in my district. I know a couple of science teachers who’d love to have these.

  42. alex

    I think I will get one, my skywatcher is a little too large to be classed as portable.

  43. Jason

    Liek Daniel Fischer said above, I can’t in good conscience recommend somebody else buy one of these until I’ve received and tested mine. And whether that will even happen is in doubt since, two months or so after I placed my order, my e-mailed question about whether the order actually happened has never been answered.

    Oh well, if I get it I get it and if I don’t I don’t. But based on that experience and the fact that they’re pushing people to buy more before the first one even ships, I’m sure as heck not going to con anybody else into it.

  44. I have used some of the first production models (I have connections) and it is small, but even at 25x you can see the rings of Saturn as a thin line that extends off the edge of the planet. The field of view is fairly large (about 1.5 degrees) so the Beehive looked nice as well. I did notice some distortion near the edge of the field of view, but this was a design trade off to get the 1.5 degree field of view (to help people find objects easier so I think it was a good tradeoff since that is a common source of frustration). Images toward the center were nice and crisp.

    Unfortunately, the shipping charges are an issues as the company is not large enough to qualify for great bulk shipping rates. I ordered a bunch for friends and family and the shipping charges per scope are less for larger orders, so you might consider pooling orders with friends to save a few bucks (and more orders help the project…win-win).

    One thing I hope you all notice when you get them is the box. There is not a single picture of a beautiful galaxy or a Hubble picture of Mars. The pictures are things like the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, and the Pleiades. Each of them is scaled down to show roughly the detail you would see through a telescope of that size.

  45. Geek Goddess

    I ordered 4. The shipping within the US was $20.85 to my location.

    For those who say “I’m not spending the money until I see verification of the quality” – gimme a break. It’s $15!! I bet you spend that on Starbucks or takeout every week. I’m giving three of them away to various friends who have school-age children. I’m always up for inspiring future scientists and engineers.

    Especially girls. Not that I have an agenda or anything.

  46. Colin J

    I’ve been trying to order 300 for my school district. They haven’t yet returned my request for quote!!


  47. Dave

    I’ve ordered four. Two were ordered through my local astronomy club’s group order. The other two I ordered today after thinking about it for a while.

    Two will go to my son’s as their first telescopes! The other two I plan on donating to their elementary school. I just wish I had the resources to buy one for every student!

  48. I just ordered one for my 10 year old son. I think he’ll enjoy putting it together.

  49. MHS

    These things are so cheap that shipping them to Europe makes them cost twice as much!

    So I decided to just donate two :).

  50. Just bought one for my 8 year old daughter, and following your lead, BA, I bought one to donate to her school.

    Now I’m impatient to get it… heh.

  51. Fausinator

    Ordered six – three for family, three to give. Good cause!

  52. opossum
  53. Brian

    Just bought 2 for my kids and 4 to donate to their school.

  54. 41. MadScientist Says:

    [deleted] D’oh – John Paradox beat me to replying to J.D. Mack.

    Everyone knows a Paradox is faster than a Mad Scientist. 😉

    Ironically, while I’d like to buy one/support the effort, I have been out of work (okay, technically ‘a job’… I certainly have been busy at home) since December, so am being VERY careful in expenditures.


  55. We ordered 200 of these to give away at Palomar, but are still awaiting our first one to arrive. I might like to order more, but without having any yet I don’t think that I can justify ordering more before Monday.

  56. Calamity Janeway

    I thought this was a perfect opportunity for a first telescope for my little guys. We ordered one, and one to donate, back in March. Can’t wait to get it! Now I just need to get a tripod.

  57. Joe Meils

    No thanks. I just bought a slightly dust-covered Meede AX70 with several eyepeices, the Barlowe lens extender and the digital camera and software for $20 at a grage sale! (Squee!)

  58. Mang

    Phil, its a frustrating catch 22. Shipping has been the problem.

    A local scope shop ordered a bunch and I have a hold on at least one of those.

    I echo the fact that I really wanted to review one or at least see other reviews before I go out and get a bunch of Scouts or students signed up for some. Also having one in hand helps sell them. I know $15 isn’t much but when you’re thinking that maybe you could get up to 20-40 or more of them and you factor in shipping outside the US … well it adds up.

    Now the problem is that summer is upon us and getting a comitment from groups like that with uncertain ship time is a real impediment. Kids move on and had I ordered a bunch I’d have a problem.

  59. Just ordered one for my 3 year old who’s already excited by anything involving science, notably astronomy right now. And of course dinosaurs, but I don’t think this scope can see that far.

  60. Ibeechu

    I was going to order mine in February, but my bank account was, at the time, two frakking cents short. So I had to wait. And, by the time I had enough money in the account, I had forgotten about it, until early April when Phil mentioned it again. So I ordered one. I really, really can’t wait for this to come. It’ll be the first actual telescope I’ve ever owned. July is too far away right now 😀

  61. mezzobuff

    Just ordered one for the man to use when our deck is finally finished and donated one… we will see what we can see from Chicago!

  62. Spencer "cabose"

    I ordered mine. Then I printed out a flyer and I’m posting it in the office I work at so others will too.

  63. MikeB

    I’m getting two for teaching next year. It will useful in teaching my very big, very small portion elementary curriculum.

  64. Wayne

    Just ordered one. Thanks for the update.

  65. Let’s have a round of applause for Scott Kardel!
    I ordered 10 just now. They’ll make good door prizes for CAS (Charlottesville Astronomical Society) meetings at McCormick Observatory.
    Maybe I can get the folks at UVa & NRAO to help out by ordering some more.

  66. Now I’ve sent a “call to action” email to 25 professional astronomers in the Charlottesville area to goad them into helping out. I also emailed the 70 or so CAS members as well.
    I hope it helps.
    For every kid we inspire into a life of science, there’s one less ignorant person out there that can fall prey to nonsense & superstition.

  67. Bought one and posted to my other blog (not the zombie one) to encourage friends to get them as well. Nifty!

  68. MC

    Finally gave in and ordered one, but judging from the shipping schedule on their site it looks like orders placed today won’t actually arrive for a few months. I guess that’s understandable given that they’re a small, non-profit operation, and of course I’m glad to help out the cause.

  69. Nywla

    Thanks for an actual mini-review, hale-bopp! I think that is what is missing. My first telescope was one my Dad bought in an Army-Navy surplus store. It had a 2.6″ objective, costing $9. It was great and not dissimilar from the Galileoscope. It started my career in astronomy. Only in the last few months did I discover that it was really old–apparently from 1841 from a shop on the Quai de l’Horloge in Paris. The joy of a telescope may transcend quite a few generations.

  70. mauibay

    I like the idea and ordered mine on March 10. Got an email from them on March 26 explaining their difficulties fulfilling orders and asking patience. So I’m being patient and just hoping to get mine eventually. I’ve been waiting for mine for over 2 months already, what’s another few months? They sure were quick to bill my credit card though, so I’m not about to order any more until I actually get my first one.

  71. I ordered one the first time you blogged about it (well, did the get one give one thing, so I guess I ordered two), and then when I saw they were shipping in June I went in ordered another one (well two again really) and had it shipped to my in-laws in upstate NY since the kids are going to be up there in June/July and I didn’t want it to show up here in GA after they had left and have them miss out on it for the summer when they’ll be much further away from light pollution than they are at home in suburban Atlanta (and we can leave it with the cousins or bring it home to share with friends).

  72. perry

    Found a good video from Adler Planetarium showing how to assemble a Galileoscope – shows all the parts and how it goes together.

  73. I just ordered 4. One each for my grandson and grandaughter and one each for my wife and I. That way I don’t have to share! Thanks for the tip.

  74. Dodger Dean

    Oh snap!, just ordered one. Don’t see in the comments where anybody has actually received one… D’ja get yours yet Phil? Oh well, hope springs eternal.

  75. Raj

    The warning says, never see Sun through this telescope. But accidentally if kids see it in parents absence, what would happen?? and how do we avoid it. Suggest some precautions, remedies etc what all you can suggest.

  76. Ohio Mike

    Okay, BA, you’ve shamed me into getting one!
    (I’m looking forward to playing with it…)

  77. Zack

    Ordered 3. Amazing. Cannot wait.

  78. ABR.

    Hey, I finally got through on the website. Three for me — don’t tell my kids, though.

    ETA: Oooo, I can edit my comment! Shiny.

  79. 11. Robert T. Says: “Can these telescopes really see Saturn, Venus, Mars, etc. when they’re in the range of viewability?”

    Well, since all of those objects are visible with the naked eye, I’d say without question you can see them with this ‘scope. What kind of detail you’ll see through it depends on your seeing conditions at your viewing site.

    – Jack

  80. 59. John Paradox Says: “Ironically, while I’d like to buy one/support the effort, I have been out of work (okay, technically ‘a job’… I certainly have been busy at home) since December, so am being VERY careful in expenditures.”

    I feel your pain. I finished my last substantial engineering contract about that same time and have had only a few small sporadic contracts since then. Of course, I do have the ARA Press gig to help (click on my name to go there). It’s not enough to live on, but it helps extend my “glide-slope” into bankruptcy, hopefully long enough to find a “real” job.

    [Shameless commercial plug: Buy something at the ARA Press store and help keep a fellow BA blogee out of the breadlines! Remember that all readers of this blog get 15% off of everything I sell by entering the code “BABR” at checkout. I can even autograph stuff for you!]

    Be that as it may, I did go and order one of these ‘scopes, and even blamed the order on this blog in the comments section at the bottom. I also passed the info onto our rocket club lists since lots of our members are into astronomy as well. It’s too good of a deal to pass up.

    – Jack

  81. Ooh, I found a limitation on the edit capability. If your time runs out in the middle of an edit, it won’t let you save. I was adding an addendum to #85 above:

    11. Robert T. Says: “Can these telescopes really see Saturn, Venus, Mars, etc. when they’re in the range of viewability?”

    Well, since all of those objects are visible with the naked eye, I’d say without question you can see them with this ‘scope. What kind of detail you’ll see through it depends on your seeing conditions at your viewing site. It also depends on the steadiness of your mount. This is more important that the optics for beginning observers. A wobbly mount causing your observed object to trace lissajou figures in the field of view will not entice a second look.

    – Jack

  82. KC

    >The warning says, never see Sun through this telescope. But accidentally if kids see it in >parents absence, what would happen?? and how do we avoid it. Suggest some precautions, >remedies etc what all you can suggest.

    Well shrill warnings about this almost have people overly worried about this kind of thing (i.e. forcing kids to stay inside or wear bags on their heads during an eclipse) – its not like your kid is going to burst into flame.

    Many, many people have binoculars and telephoto or zoom camera lenses lying about the house. How many people keep these items under lock and key? And yet how many news reports do you hear about children blinding themselves? None that I can think of. So yes you do have to be careful, but don’t freak out over it.

  83. Cindy

    I ordered one for my family. Asked my department chair about ordering some for my Astro class next year (we have an 8″ Meade but figured this would be fun for the students to use) and even contacted the principal at the school where my daughter will attend kindergarten next year. For the principal I even agreed to help organize a star party in the winter for the kindergarten classes.

    Now that classes are over, I’ve got to get down to Philly to see one of the original Galileo telescopes.

  84. Supernova

    Hooray, I got clearance to order 15 for my freshman seminar students in the fall! It’ll be fun coming up with projects for them to do with these.

  85. Fantastically timed post! I just finished planning out our summer project for a boy I tutor, and this’ll be the perfect way to wrap up our unit on scale models of the Saturn V rocket!

  86. Robert T.

    Hi #87 Jack Hagerty, thanks for the info. I do have a steady tripod here which I use for my camera. I believe that should suffice. And, I’ll take your advice to secure the mount firmly, lest I get those lissajous curves.

    Now, if only someone could tell me where these telescopes were made. I wrote Galileoscopes about this yesterday and still haven’t received a reply from them. Frankly, I’m a bit wary about using very inexpensive stuffs because these have the tendency to not last long. I’m sure there are people out there who share my sentiment. I have made it a principle not to produce anymore physical clutter/junk around the apartment (that is, if I can help it).

    Yes, I know I’m being very nitpicky, biased (as to which country the scopes were manufactured) and unreasonable. I am just concerned about not creating anymore unnecessary junk in our planet.

  87. EJ

    I will gladly ship you a telescope Tuesday if you pay me today.

  88. EJ

    Give some Galileoscopes to those who can’t afford to buy them at the special price of U.S. $12.50 each with no shipping charges. This anonymous donation is not tax-deductible, and you cannot specify a recipient.

    If this wasn’t a scam, it would most likely be tax-deductible. But very helpful of them for pointing that out.

  89. Banana Split

    Just bought & gave one. I really NEVER buy anything that hasn’t been fully tested, but, I told myself: what’s the potential loss for you? $47, some 33 euros. I’ve spent more money on far less promising / rewarding stuff…

    At worst I’ve been scammed 33 euros, or have spent 33 euros on a pile of crap (and givin’ another one to some poor anonymous devil). At best, I will get a nice cheap telescope I can mount on my ages-old steady photography tripod. That’s worth my money, IMO.

    (Just will hate feeling like a retard if this turns out to be a fail… houm… Memo to myself: never use again this nom-de-guerre…)

  90. If this wasn’t a scam, it would most likely be tax-deductible.

    The IRS makes setting up a 501(c)(3) extraordinarily difficult. If these guys are strapped for resources, that’s the last thing they could afford to do. Commonly an existing 501(c)(3) will handle payment processing, but that takes time to setup as well.

  91. Tori

    Disappointed in the web site. Canadian provinces not included in the state/province drop-down menu. “Customer Service” link remits a 404 not found error. Shipping costs more than the scope itself outside U.S. Ironically, I am south of the 49th parallel although still in Canada, yet I am still “international” shipping. Sorry I won’t be buying this unless I’ve a reasonable hope of actually getting it delivered.

  92. PhantomPhoton

    Thanks for the reminder Phil. I’ve ordered a couple. :)

  93. Rikaja

    Not a chance of shipping to Europe? :(

  94. nomuse

    I’ve already got one on order, and one on donate. To sate me while I wait, I just picked up the 32mm Newtonian from Gakken Mook.

  95. CameronSS

    I already have a telescope, but with the massive EQ-3 mount and counterweight, the thing weighs at least fifty pounds, and is a pain to get outside. I ordered one for jumping out for quick peeks, and as a travel ‘scope that fits in a car more easily.

  96. Mr. Davies

    Has anyone actually received one of these in the mail yet? I ordered mine right when this posted, then waited till the middle of June- Is there a tracking or something on the main site?
    Where the heck is it? When do we expect delivery??

  97. Kris Morey

    I ordered one on April 25th and don’t expect mine until July or August.

    Here is what it says on the Galileoscope website:

    “you should figure that if you ordered in February you should receive your Galileoscope(s) toward the end of June, and if you ordered in March or April, you should receive your Galileoscope(s) no earlier than in July.”

  98. Mark

    Note that the shipping rate per Galileoscope drops dramatically in quantities of 5+, and drops further at 10+. For those of us in exotic international locations (like Canada), it makes sense to recruit a few orders and order a bunch at once.

  99. Kelsey

    I ordered one about a month ago… The charge showed up on my credit card, but I’ve received no email confirmation or correspondence of any kind. Is this normal? Or did I type-o my email addy?

  100. Kris Morey

    I received a confirmation email shortly after ordering with a credit card. You should probably send them an email to see what happened.

  101. Jean

    Does ANYONE have their Galieoscope???

    I, too, have a confirmation email.

    I have replied to the email 3 times asking for information, and used the Customer Service link from the website.

    No one answers (603) 401-8249, either.

    Should I try the Wisconsin Consumer Protection next?

    This was supposed to be a birthday gift….

  102. wye

    I just REMEMBERED today that I ordered my G-scope months ago and still haven’t received it. What the hell!?

  103. I just got mine!

    It was ordered March 26 and found its way to the north of Sweden now. :)

  104. Charlie

    So tell us, Daniel, is it worth the wait? Quality?

  105. Kris Morey

    I ordered my Galileoscope on April 25th and received it today, July 14th by FedEx! It looks great, exactly what I expected. The included instructions were a little unclear at certain points but I got through it easy enough in 10 minutes with the help of some online instructions. Can’t wait for tonight to test it out!

  106. Charlie: I found the instructions on the Galileoscope website to be a lot better than those included, but the build was quite easy and it’s simple to take it apart again if you want to. I haven’t tested the ‘scope much yet but from the first looks the image quality is quite good. Not that I have a lot of telescopes to compare to, but still.

    Now I’m looking forward to the wintery darkness since it’s bright almost all night long up here…

  107. Charlie

    Thanks, Daniel. I’ll check those on-line instructions. And thanks also to Kris M. who ordered his on April 25 and got his. I ordered mine on April 24.

  108. Kris Morey

    Daniel, did you have two extra 0-rings left over? This was part of the confusion I experienced with the supplied instructions.

  109. Kris: I did the first time around, yes. :)

    Then I read the online instructions and realized that the big o-rings go around the telescope itself, the main tube. It would still work without them, that’s why it wasn’t obvious…or so I tell myself to feel better. 😉

  110. Soren

    Got my scope today!

    Assembled it in 10 minutes, but had to cheat and use the online instructions for the eyepieces.

    Can’t wait for this damn summertime to be over so I can check it out (It doesn’t get real dark until after midnight, and with work and a toddler I have to be at bed at midnight at the latest)

    I wanna se the rings of Saturn Damn it.


  111. Eric

    Great fun. I put a 13mm Televue Ethos eyepiece into it. Works well!

    Be careful with the small lenses for the galilean eyepiece/barlow – easy to get them in the wrong order. Use the instructions on the site to get them correct.

  112. Received and assembled.
    Click my name for pictures.

  113. I was able to see Jupiter and 3 of its moon with the Galileoscope. Awesome. Click my name for the latest update.

  114. Charlie

    Got mine yesterday! Thanks to everyone here for the tips on assembly. I’ll report back after I have it together and the skies clear enough to see something.

  115. Killoran

    I got mine today. It was pretty easy to assemble, although first time through I got the 18x lenses in backwards. I won’t use that one much anyway. It’s supposed to show what Galileo saw, and that man was amazing. The 25x eyepiece will be better. The flowers I practiced on this evening were crystal clear, and I was impressed with the image quality. It took me a while to find M-4 (duh! The image is upside down!) and it wasn’t wonderful, but I didn’t expect it to be. It was at least as good as small binoculars. I was able to find it, which impressed me, given the poor viewing conditions. Unfortunately it’s pretty cloudy tonight, and there isn’t much to look at. I can’t wait to try it on the moon, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus.

  116. Charlie

    Mine is now assembled. I’m impressed with the fact that the lenses are glass! Killoran is right, the 18X lens has a small field of view, but was nice to try it anyway. The 25x lens was nice and clear for a terrestrial view, I’m hoping for clear skies tonight. Overall, it’s nicely done, right down to the steel tripod nut that won’t strip as it would if it were plastic. Now I must find something to keep it in so it won’t get dusty.

  117. wye

    At post 108 I was complaining I hadn’t got mine yet, but I received it approx July 20 (which was within the shipping parameters they gave on the galileoscope website). Assembly not too hard, and my family and I have been looking at the cresent moon the last two nights at both 25x and 50x magnification. We have a tripod I never used for my camera – which fits the G-scope nut. Tripod is ESSENTIAL to hold a steady view. Pick up a cheap one. Nut size appears to be standard. Views of the moon are spectacular!!! There is nothing else in the evening sky to view from where I am right now, can’t wait to focus in on a planet.

    Anyone put some vasaline or other lube on the thing to help smooth focusing?

    Very glad I purchased. Thanks for the heads-up, Bad Astronomy.

    Cheers, wye

  118. “Now here’s the thing: production is not so simple for these telescopes, and the folks making them want to continue to do so. But unless they get a bunch of orders right away production will stop.”

    oh cmon. what a bunch of bs. what…if they dont get good sales, does that mean that they will stop importing them from China?

    You must be getting a nice affiliate payout % to post such marketing BS.

  119. J. R.

    Glad I only bought one. Assembly instructions were poor at best, I had parts left over. Focusing while observing the moon or planets is next to impossible. This scope is aimed at kids, but I expect they will quickly become frustrated, and loose interest. It was a great idea, but poorly executed, in my opinion. You’d do better buying a starter scope from someone like Orion Telescopes.

  120. Thomas

    Well, J.R. At least you have yours. I ordered two back on March 10. Order number 6685. Call their phone number and get “the voice mail box is full”. Only automated replies to emails. Web site said (last month) that all orders under 20,000 have shipped.

    Ah, well. Only out about 42 bucks.

  121. Mohammed

    Same problem as Thomas. Ordered my scopes in early March this year. Only automated replies to emails and voice mail box is full.

  122. John L

    Mine took a few months to arrive but its worth the wait. Using the Barlow lens I was able to see some the cloud bands on Jupiter along with 4 of the moons. This was from an apartment balcony inside the DC beltway. I can’t wait to take it out in the country. It helps to get the pdf assembly instructions from the web site as the ones in the box aren’t detailed enough and the tripod is essential to keep it stable. I hadn’t looked through a telescope in over 20 years and this brought back the fun of looking at what’s up there.

  123. Zack

    I just got my 3 ‘scopes today after ordering on May 29th. Wow, those included instructions are bad. I had to stop and go online.

    Nevertheless, 20 minutes, after double-checking everything and setting it on my tripod, I was looking at the craters on the moon (during holes in the cloud cover). Hopefully tomorrow I can see some planets…

    To make sure this is recorded – this post convinced me to buy them. I was wavering for a while there. Thanks, they are totally worth it.

    Astronomy rules. :)

  124. Waldo

    Ordered 2 in last week of June – order number was in the 25,ooos.

    Arrived in NC today. Too bad lots of cloud cover and rain for next few days. If I get a clear night I’ll go up to one of the overlooks on the Blue Ridge Parkway to give it a try.

  125. reggie

    Got mine today in St. Louis. Ordered late September. Order number was in the the early 35,000’s. Looks like clear skies tonight. Now if I can figure out the eyepiece assembly, I’ll be good to go.


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