Space Carnival 107

By Phil Plait | June 14, 2009 10:17 am

The 107th outing of the Carnival of Space is up and running at the Innumerable Worlds blog. It’s a short list this week for some reason — I blame the upcoming solstice for no reason at all — but it may make your Sunday afternoon a little more edumacational.


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  1. Conspirama | June 14, 2009
  1. ccpetersen

    Likely a bunch of folks are on vacation. Me, I’m packing. Seems like I’ve been packing for weeks now. Oh, wait. I have been. ūüėČ

  2. Torbjörn Larsson, OM

    Heading over for getting me some sorely needed illuminatational edumacation, but I note off topic on passing: funny blog name – if I put spherical shells around me and start counting, unless I’m mistaken I get a mapping from the set of stars to the set of natural numbers and so a countably infinite set, not an “innumerable” one. Are astronomers prone to embiggenation? [On second thought, that question may not need an answer here. :-o]

  3. Glenn

    I know that this is off topic, but I have no idea on how to contact Mr Plait any other way, but also coming up the week of the 20th on the Science Channel is SPACE WEEK!! Woo Hoo!!
    I know I will be watching. Maybe something you can promote on the blog in general. I am not affiliated with them in any way, just a science teacher off for the summer with a lot of time on his hands :-)

  4. Joseph

    Like #4 I am posting off topic for lack of knowledge of where else to pose my query. What research has been done into converting and using the EFT’s as orbital habitats. We only have a limited number left going up. I know I have seen discussions along this line before and there are issues with the conversion from booster to usable people storage.

    This thought stems from an idea that I am sure others have had that the ISS could use a play room. I am talking a large padded water proofed room for recreation and experimentation. Though I am sure such a room would be useful for more… controversial experiments in space, the idea comes from watching the various water and bubble experiments ISS crew has performed in the shower area of the ISS and the interesting fun experiments performed by the Japanese Astronaut Wakata.

    I would think that a large hollow booster converted proberly would make an excellent space for a playroom/”amusing experiments lab”.


  5. OK, as long as everybody else is posting random bric-a-brac, I was just pointed to this on the BBC website:

    There is a lunar quality to the landscape of New Mexico which seems somehow appropriate for a state which is our portal to the heavens.

    It is here on a dried-up lake bed high above sea level that the radio telescopes of the US government’s Very Large Array (VLA) send signals to the outer edges of our expanding universe, chasing the very moment of the Big Bang through the trackless void of time and space.

    Under the headline “The truth about Roswell?“. Yes.

  6. Ad Hominid

    I have always been aware of the summer solstice because it happens to be my birthday. For the record, I’ll be 61(!) this time. It also happens that I was born in Salisbury, England, within sight of Stonehenge if you climb a really high steeple and you have good eyesight.
    I never made that particular connection until some years ago when I started dating a woman who had a lot of new age beliefs. She thought I must have some kind of extra-special, super-duper paranormal powers as a I result of this miraculous juxtaposition in the time and place of my birth. I told her as gently as possible that, no, I was a scientist and a skeptic and did not believe in such things. I also told her there was nothing miraculous about it. My parents were there visiting and I decided to arrive early, as babies are wont to do.
    The relationship didn’t last long.

  7. jole

    @Ad Hominid – the relationship didn’t last long, but with your super mind-powers you could see the break-up coming, right?

  8. WHO (#9): Obviously the same place you learned about humor.


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