Skeptic mix tape

By Phil Plait | June 17, 2009 7:34 am

Dan Loxton is something of a go-getter. He’s editor of the Junior Skeptic portion of Skeptic Magazine, and was the driving force behind "What Do I Do Next?", a practical guide to active skepticism.

And now he’s done it again! He’s created the Skeptic Mix Tape, a collection of science and skepticism songs to tickle your cerebrum and get you thinking critically. Music to appreciate reality to! I had not even heard of some the artists before, but I really enjoyed the music. And now I have a few folks I need to look into a bit more… (except George Hrab; his skeptical credentials are already pretty solid). You can get more info about the mix tape on eSkeptic, and also at Skepticality.

Oh yeah– he also has a few PSAs there too, including one by… oh, hey! Me! Short and sweet, unlike most of my blatherings. So the next time you need a little moral support and toe-tapping to go with your bunk-shredding, you know where to go.

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    Off-topic news: Shuttle launch postponed until July 11th due to fuel leak again. Bummer! ūüėź

  2. Hoonser

    That is hands down the most pallid version of Lily the Pink I’ve ever heard. They need to switch that version up with the Irish Rovers version.

  3. Chris

    Where is ‘Imagine’?

  4. Redstar

    Hmm… well, as a recording engineer, I DO wish that some of these skeptics were as good at singing as they are at thinking.

  5. @Chris: Probably under the control of copyright holders who wouldn’t let it be used for free.

  6. As of 9:58 am mountain time, it seems to be down. I’ll try later.

  7. Ahhh!!!! there it is!

  8. Torbjörn Larsson, OM

    unlike most of my blatherings.

    Don’t worry, an astronomer has a lot of space to play with.

    In fact, you could decompressify your acronyms for readability. I got “Protein Specific Antigens” out of my first try. ūüėģ

  9. Jigsaw Man

    Way off topic, but Phil, could you tell Discover to quit fracking with their RSS feed? All my other feeds have worked consistently for two years, but I have had to replace yours three times this year. And I get grumpy when my Bad Astronomy isn’t fresh.


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