Call-in live interview tonight!

By Phil Plait | June 19, 2009 1:00 pm

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I’ll be on the Skeptically Speaking radio show tonight at 18:00 Mountain time (midnight GMT), talking up critical thinking, TAM 7, and who knows what else (well, Trek, no doubt). The show will be live, and they take phone calls, tweets, and email questions! So if you have something you’re just dying to know about me — I’m such an enigma — here’s your chance.

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  1. I won’t be able to listen or call in, but here’s a question: How is The Skeptologists going? Any word on prospects for it airing?

  2. I won’t be around to listen. Will you be posting the audio up on the site next week?

  3. If anybody has some questions they want to try and ask (but can’t listen live) we’ll do our best to squeeze them in. Just send us an email or tweet.

    We have the podcast posted up by Sunday afternoon each week. It’ll be on our website and on iTunes. Of course, Phil is more than welcome to post up a link to it as well :-)

  4. I’ll be in the pub. But I’ll be thinking about you… actually, probably not, unless you’re wearing a short, short dress and high heels… Ummmm, even then…. NO! :)

  5. Hey Phil, I was the guy that asked about the Mars wind/pressures, and I didn’t hear a single thing that you said because in my phone, your volume was turned down too low for me to hear. I didn’t even hear the answer!

    Oh well. I’ll see you in a few weeks!

  6. That was great Phil, thanks for the perspective on the cylons in the black hole.

    One other question though healthyaddict and I are trying to figure out which of us was cooler/worse (she was the second caller) I spoiled BSG for a fellow geek, but she got you to say poop on the air, any opinions?

  7. I’m putting Sean on the hook for a copy of the podcast at

    From SkepticSean via Twitter “I’m hoping to get it online tomorrow but if not by noon-or-so on Sunday is the latest it’ll appear. :-)”


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