Czech the dilution!

By Phil Plait | June 21, 2009 12:00 pm

What happens when you polish homeopathy?


OK, to be fair, it’s what happens when you take my article about homeopathy and translate it into Polish. But why be a Slav to word definitions?

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  1. TS

    You’ve been ego surfing again :-)

  2. It’s a very good Polish. What’s diluted or Czech about it? I guess that if you wrote that ebonics were suntanned banana U.S. English, your comrades would find it politically incorrect. But if Polish is a diluted Czech, it’s OK, isn’t it? ūüėČ

  3. davidlpf

    Yeah TS stop Russian to conclusions.

  4. Siam willing Tibet that Germany puns will Hanoi some.

  5. chimango

    Ok, stop it please! english is not my mother languaje! iv’e staring at this comic strip —> for five minutes until i understood it fully and now you do this to me! i can’t take it, aaaaaarrrrgh!!! Hey, maybe if i split a microgram of tranquilizer pill and dilute it in water it may get a lot stronger, let me check…
    no, y la que te recontra! aaaaaargh!!!
    saludos desde Argentina

  6. Davidlpf

    But I willing to take the puns to the Finnish line.

  7. Norway am I touching this set! India-vent of an emergency I might though.

  8. GJeff

    Good heavens! On Father’s Day, Canada-d be able to avoid this kind of nonsense?

  9. holy crap. I usually hate puns. you guys are brilliant.

  10. Chris

    Yes. Way Togo!

  11. Josh

    Jamaican me crazy with all these puns!

  12. I’m thai’d up for most of the day coping with the Chile weather – I’ve just made coffee with one Cuba sugar Denmark came in and I made one for him. Estonia road I have never travelled than this but to greece the skids along my way Iran till I was Hungary. I think it is about time I chose another korea. Oman I’m beat. Syriasly though – lets talk turkey. . .

  13. Levi in NY

    Man, Oman! This sort of humor Israel-ly not that funny. Don’t you guys have better ways to Spain-d your time? Don’t you have Koreas to work at or books to Peru-se?

    Just kidding. I’m Hungary for more delicious puns. Timor, the merrier!

  14. gopher65

    Hahah! Awesome everyone. :-)

  15. Davidlpf

    Iraq, you rock, everyone rocks.

  16. Levi in NY

    I know I’m Ghana drive everyone crazy by continuing, but I Congo on forever with this sort of mun-Dane joke. Belize it or not, nothing can Sweden up Bahraini day like an endless series of bad puns Andorra bunch of nerds showing off their geographical knowledge. So Kenya give me Samoa of these? This is more fun than arguing with Croatianists.

  17. Possibly slightly NSFW. Possibly unintelligible if you’re not Australian.

  18. Davidlpf

    It is kind of Erie to have such Superior pun masters Huron the bad astronomy web page.

  19. Nevy C

    I like this Sudan explosion of puns.

    Botswana see Seth Shostak! Maybe he Czech his head and Syd-ney.

  20. It’s a fusion of genres that Phil is using while fission for new material.

  21. GJeff: Yukon go Norway and I’ll go mine. Libya life without these puns, just don’t drag me India wretched little world… But at least Chernobyl about it.

    Josh: Oman! I Constanta Seoul Luzon your mind over these!

  22. Davidlpf

    Getting a little rip in here just going to let a brie-ze in to air things out.

  23. Davidlpf

    suppose to be “little ripe”

  24. TS

    Bad puns Mars the comments, BA will crack down on Uranus.

  25. Pareidolius

    I wouldn’t even try to keep up with uruguays awesome punnage.

  26. Stone Age Scientist

    Great Lords of Spaghetti!!! You should never put nail polish into homeopathic remedies!!!

    Be careful of indiscretion, Phil. Taiwan up and the circling vultures come crashing down on you.

  27. davidlpf

    We all here are having a maritime.

  28. MadScientist

    I think the BA must have got up on the east bloc of the bed.

  29. TS

    I rally don’t wanna race to conclusions but that seems to be formula one here.

    PS: Michael Schumacher is NOT The Stig.

  30. Stone Age Scientist

    No funnybones allowed here. Titan up!

  31. decius


    have you hired Seth Shostak to write your puns?

  32. Iraq my brains trying to come up with this stuff

  33. Torbjörn Larsson, OM

    LOL! … but now all puns are abused up.

    Just peeked in to mention my discovery of this paper, which is a brilliant though pi-full note on changing constants:

    No discussion of the time-variation of fundamental constants
    would be complete without a mention of the Oklo
    natural fission reactor.


  34. TS

    Iran to get a dictionary to come up with some stuff.

  35. Stone Age Scientist

    Iran faster than light, but found out I could only France when the black hole sucked me in.

  36. Now I remember why I stopped reading the Xanth series


  37. Stone Age Scientist

    J/P= Join the Pun


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