Dr. Tongue's 3D House of Volcanos

By Phil Plait | June 25, 2009 7:28 pm

So by now you’ve probably seen the incredible NASA image of the plume from the volcano Sarychev Peak… but have you seen it…

… in 3D?

Dree! Dree! Dreee!

Apologies to anyone who isn’t an SCTV fan. OOooo! Scary!

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Comments (30)

  1. Keith

    LOL!!! Yes! I loved Dr. Tongue! SCTV FTW!!

  2. pk_boomer

    Kids, don’t pee your pants!

  3. Randal

    Who are these people you talk about that are not fans of the all mighty SCTV…

  4. Porky Pine

    Unfortunately, no 3-D glasses so the picture doesn’t do anything for me. It is a nice shot though.

  5. SplendidMonkey
  6. Eric Howe

    Awesome, can I get some pancakes to go with that?

  7. Jon B

    Wow. It’s times like this that being nerdy enough to actually own 3D glasses is worth it. Thanks Phil!

  8. 3. Porky Pine Says:
    Unfortunately, no 3-D glasses so the picture doesn’t do anything for me. It is a nice shot though.

    No 3-D glasses?! Even MARTIANS have 3-D glasses!


  9. What Jon B said. Best 3D pic for a while.

  10. Someday I would love to be cool enough to own prescription 3-D glasses. But which kind? Polarized? Red-Blue? Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill’s The Black Dossier required Red-Green (or was it Green-Red?), and Monsters vs. Aliens required yet another kind.

  11. mocular

    Anyone here not hitting APOD first thing every morning?

    Keep those 3D glasses handy.

  12. That’s very cool. Too bad I’m legally blind in one eye so I can’t view 3D images.

  13. Phil your geek license is definitely safe, I salute the reference to obscure Canadian skit comedy

  14. Josh R.

    zomg… that. is. awesome! As an armchair volcano fan, I think I just had what may rightly be termed a nerdgasm. Space+volcano+stereo anaglyph = happy boy! That is soooo going on Facebook.

  15. There’s also a cross-eyed version on spaceweather.com:


  16. Nashville Guy

    Where are the stewardesses?

  17. Everything’s cooler in 3D ^_^

  18. MadScientist

    One day I might get some colored cellophane and try. :(

    You should see these things from the ground – they’re impressive. Then again your hair gets full of very fine sand and I’m sure breathing that stuff in all day can’t be good for you either. If you’re close to the volcano dodging large rocks is no fun either.

    The space view does offer something you can’t see from the ground – the stuff ejected from the volcano usually has a fair amount of water vapor in it, but in addition to that the upwelling sand is pushing lower altitude air, which has a higher moisture content than higher altitude air, upwards and as the air mass cools the water vapor condenses to form water and ice clouds. There is also good reason to believe that ice forms on the sand particles as well.

  19. That’s awesome. I’m glad I keep a pair of 3D glasses handy ūüėÄ

  20. I used to have a pair of cardboard 3D glasses with blue and red plastic film. They recently had become so ratty that I had to toss them. So would it be possible to come up with a visual “cross” version, two side-by-side images that we can resolve into one 3D image with just our own eyes? No pesky 3D glasses are needed, and the colors are just a natural as can be!

    Universe Today runs images like this on occasion:

  21. Brian Schlosser

    So, kids, to get your special 3-d glasses send, um, $25 to this station…

    Hoo-boy! That was some scaaaaary stuff!

    Coming up next, Francis Ford Coppola’s “3-d Stake from the Heart” Awooooooooo!

  22. First you Squee! and now you Dree! What other sound effects can we expect from you?

  23. RTFM!

    I curious to know how many people thought for a second to rotate the image. Also, how many actually tried. :)

    I love APOD! It’s usually first on my daily web pages to hit each morning. Sorry, Phil.

  24. tjm220

    Awesome reference Phil, SCTV rocks.

  25. More Sarychev Peak Volcano pictures at todays “The Big Pictures”. 2D, but a must-see!


  26. Rob G.

    Actually, I believe that now, at this very moment, this picture can be found hanging in the entry way of Dr. Tongue’s 3D House of Beef.

    Ooo! Now dat vas a scarey vun! Vell, ok… maybe not dat scarey.

  27. Mena

    I never threw out the 3D glasses from that Chuck/Superbowl/Monsters vs. Aliens promo. They kind of work for this, but I really suck with 3D for some reason so they may actually work very well for other people.

  28. Joseph

    In relationship to the sounds Phil makes:

    When ever I see the word Squee I think of a small goblin wizard with that noise for a name from the Magic the Gathering series and his attempts to be one of the good guys.


  29. Eliot Fisher

    I knew I liked this blog for some reason! I have to give you serious credit for the Dr. Tongue (and Count Floyd) knowledge there.

  30. Richard Smith

    Dree! Dree! Dreee!??

    Tsk, tsk! It was more of a DEhhh-NE, DEhhh-ne; DEhhh-NE, DEhhh-ne, with the “NE” emphasized as the object moved towards the camera, sort of like a “scary” doppler effect.

    Somehow, 3D volcanoes and Dr. Tongue puts me in mind of Dr. Tongue’s 3D House of Stewardesses. Can’t quite figure out why. Sadly, anaglyphic 3D doesn’t work for me, as I have strabismus (or is it amblyopia..?). Some methods, like LCD shutter glasses, do, though. Interestingly enough, Disney’s 3D system works, too. I’ll likely never see one of those magic-eye images though; I think I’ll be able to deal with that disappointment, however. If I could find a pair of LCD shutter glasses with built-in frequency controls, maybe I’d be able to see everything in 3D…!


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