By Phil Plait | July 1, 2009 7:30 am

Michael Jackson in a greasy pan

He wasn’t the King of Kings of Pop, but he can still thrill a greasy drip pan.

Now c’mon, that’s pretty good. It looks a whole lot more like Michael Jackson than pretty much any Jesus sighting. The key is to know who it is supposed to be before you are told, and that’s clearly the Moonwalking man. My Lenin is IMO better, and yet to be beaten, but still. Hooooo hoo! Bauw!

Tip o’ the sequined fedora to Carlos Cardoso.

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  1. Tip o’ the sequined bowler hat to Carlos Cardoso.

    I believe it was a fedora, not a bowler. My memory may be wrong, though.

  2. L Ron Hubbub

    Looks more like Gary Numan, the guy who sang “Cars” back in 1980.

  3. It’s a sign! Michael Jackson is the Messiah!

  4. I’m with L Ron Hubbub. I can’t see Jacko in there at all. Can you give us an outline to show us where we’re supposed to be looking?

  5. Greg in Austin

    That’s clearly a Borg.

    Your grease will be assimilated. Heat resistance is futile.


  6. Yeah, looks like the Borg Queen from Star Trek: First Contact.

  7. Thought he was the King of Pop, not the King of Pain.

  8. Oops! You’re right, it’s a fedora. Thanks, I fixed it.

  9. Theron

    Power of suggestion – I saw the word “Jack” and for some reason thought “Jack White,” as in the White Stripes, who this is clearly an image of.

  10. I total thought borg as well, before reading the post – and as bad as Jacko looked in the later years, he never looked like a borg.

  11. I see him… looks like he’s, umm, dead….

  12. peaches

    Finally a messiah with a dance-able soundtrack!

  13. Andy Beaton

    It really looks like his hair was on fire

  14. The real question- what was being baked?

    *Note one minute later*

    Carne Asada!

  15. I see Marylin Manson.

  16. Jason

    That’s not Michael. The pan has a nose.

  17. Nevy C

    Looks like Woody Allen with a black eye.

  18. That’s it! It’s Woody Allen in that robot get-up from Sleeper.

  19. kikilis

    the face here looks so natural

  20. Sili

    I can’t see Jackson. It looks like Dr Evil with a black eye and a scorched back head.

  21. Andrew

    With as many “different” faces as MJ had…
    Just to be safe keep your children away from thriller grease!

  22. Deepsix

    Nosferatu or Darth Vader without the helmet.

  23. The supposed Lenin image is actually of a man with very different impact on the world. Click my name to see the answer.

  24. MPG

    Looks more like David Bowie in his Diamond Dogs-era getup to me, complete with the famous eye-patch (okay, on the wrong eye, but still…).

  25. Owen

    Yes, I was with the helmet-less Darth Vader, myself. But man… get that into some soapy water, will ya?

  26. Flying sardines

    Well I always thought Whacko Jacko was a bit of a greaseball & it sure looks like he’s gone from black to (very) white there … ūüėČ

    (Desperately trying not to quote a heap of NSFW Michael Jackson jokes …) ūüėČ

  27. I think it’s a contemplative David Bowie.

  28. TA

    It’s Edith Piaf.

  29. Stone Age Scientist

    Hmmm, he looks sad.

  30. Wow, the resemblance is eerie. It even has the burn marks.

  31. OMG, is that for real??? LOL
    Michael Jackson will become a new JC?????

  32. P.S.: Sorry for the bad english…

  33. Quiet Desperation

    He was only the “King Of Pop” because he demanded to be called that, and the media capitulated.

    1992. Look it up if you don’t believe me.

    If I recall, it’s about the time Prince changed his name to a weird symbol. It was retconned to “Love Symbol #2”. Argh! Why do I even know that?!

    Anyway, look like the face on Mars to me.

  34. badgeen

    did someone melt the plastic man again??? you sure thats food?


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