Online TAM registration closes tonight

By Phil Plait | July 2, 2009 10:35 am

If you’re still sitting on the fence about going to The Amaz!ng Meeting — and it starts one week from right now — it’s time to jump off: online registration closes tonight at 17:00 Eastern time (21:00 GMT).

After that the only way to register is at the door, and due to an increase in Nevada tax, we’re forced to raise rates somewhat for walk-ins. You can find the price breakdown on the page linked above.

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We’re in the final prep stages for the meeting, and it’s looking fantastic. I don’t know which part I’m most excited about, because honestly there’s so much good stuff going on. But actually, even with the talks, workshops, demos, and everything else, I know what the best part will be: the community. Getting together with old friends, meeting new ones, and being surrounded by a thousand other critical thinkers. It’s like breathing fresh air after a year of being locked up on a stifling planet.

So come join us at TAM. See you there!

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Comments (10)


    Am I seeing double or are there two consecutive “and” words in the third line, third paragraph?

    II don’t don’t see see anything anything wrong wrong


  3. Nothing to see there in the third paragraph. Move move along.

  4. Stone Age Scientist

    Hey, forgive Phil, will you guys. He’s just being overly zjealous.

  5. Joe

    Ugh… I was too slow for TAM London, and I’m too far for TAM Vegas. Will both be repeated next year?

  6. John Y

    I think using Carl Sagan picture to promote personal publication regarding proving “Existence of GOD” is not exactly the right thing or What Sagan had in mind.
    In your blog there is an Ad by Google which leads to this website.
    You might reconsider it once you read the context

  7. Ryan C

    Hey Phil, quick question:
    At TAM, there’s going to be a live auction for a trip with you to the planetarium/observatory on Sunday evening. When (what time) on Sunday will this be happening? The reason I ask is that I’m willing to bid, but I’ve got P&T tickets for Sunday night.

  8. 3. Phil Plait Says:

    Nothing to see there in the third paragraph. Move move along.



  9. RichV

    Every year I place TAM on my schedule. Every year my obligations conspire against me. By the time I get to go it will be huge and lack intimacy. I need something to push me over the edge and get me there; something that takes priority over work.

    Like a speaking gig. My company will sponsor my attendance at events where I’m a speaker. If you need someone to talk about how to use technology to destroy privacy, I’m your man.

  10. te00294

    I just checked Randi’s Wiki entry, and I didn’t see any degrees. Why hasn’t this man been given an honorary degree from somewhere? For all he has done, he deserves to be known as Dr. Randi.


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