Comic Con 2009: now with more science

By Phil Plait | July 6, 2009 10:36 am

Last year I strong-armed was generously sent to the vasty convention Comic Con by the Hive Overmind Discover Magazine, and had a blast. It’s a con for people into comics, science fiction, gaming, fantasy, manga, movies, and probably twenty or thirty other categories I missed. It’s a cozy meeting; only about 150,000 close friends attend.

The 2008 Comic Con panel.
Kevin Grazier, Jaime Paglia, and me.
Photo courtesy AKovacs.

Last year I was on a Discover Magazine-sponsored panel about science and science fiction, and it was so popular (standing room only in a room that held 1000 people!) that we’re doing it again. But this time it’ll be bigger and better.

First, I’m moderating it. That means I get to tell people when they can talk and when they have to shut up, which will be fun considering most of the panelists are awesome Hollywood types who make great shows, and can buy and sell me or have me killed on a whim.

Second, we have some new blood on the panel! Here’s the whole list:

Jaime Paglia — co-Executive Producer of Eureka
Kevin Grazier — Battlestar Galactica and Vituality science advisor
Jane Espenson — major scifi writer/producer: Firefly, Dollhouse, Battlestar, and on and on
Rob Chiappetta and Glenn Whitman — writers for Fringe
Ricardo Gil da Costa — neuroscientist and advisor for Fringe

Coooool. Really though, of all of them, the only one I’ll feel comfortable telling to shut up is Kevin, but that’s just because a) we’ve been friends a long time, and 2) I want his job. I’ve been watching all these shows as I can to bone up on ’em, and I have lots of questions to ask at the panel, most of which inevitably lead to, "Why haven’t you hired me to vet your scripts?" That should go over well.

Other bloggers have taken notice, include the the Science and Entertainment Exchange and our very own DM blog Science Not Fiction.

Between this panel and moderating the Mythbusters panel, Comic Con will rock the west coast. I hope to see some of you there– maybe we can figure out some sort of BA meetup. If you’re going to CC, leave a comment here and let’s figure it out!

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