Texas: careening toward doom

By Phil Plait | July 7, 2009 7:14 am

So Texas had its brief shining moment of light when the state Senate rejected creationist goofball Don McLeroy’s bid to once again head up the Board of Education. McLeroy was the guy who famously said, "Someone has to stand up to experts!" when talking about the science advisors contacted by the BoE to advise them on, y’know, science.

And even in that very post I said that this win was at best temporary, since the same Governor Rick Perry who picked McLeroy in the first place would pick his replacement.

And guess what? I hate being right all the time. It looks like Perry may pick über-far right religious zealot Cynthia Dunbar to replace McLeroy.

Dunbar actively and opens hates the public school system (check that link in the last paragraph for details). Dunbar campaigns to tear down the First Amendment of the Constitution. Dunbar is a ball of crazy even by Texas politics standards.

Right now, she has not yet been nominated by Governor Perry. Given his own leanings, even if he doesn’t tap Dunbar I’m sure he’ll find some other young-Earth creationist to try to teach the children of Texas fantasy instead of science.

To the good folks of the Lone Star State: make your voices heard. Contact Perry’s office and let him know you’d rather have someone grounded in reality in charge of the education of your children. Otherwise — and honestly, I’d love to never have to use this graphic again, but I know I will —

Texas: doomed


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