A: Ghouls. Q: What do you call psychic mediums?

By Phil Plait | July 8, 2009 3:25 pm

[Note: the following quotations are from a news website called Palluxo, and so have not been verified. The misspellings in the quotations make me wonder about just how accurate this all is. Certainly, though, given the characters involved, it’s not a stretch at all to think these actions accurately described.]

Maybe not all people who claim to speak to the dead are evil con artists trying to milk any kind of celebrity they can from others in order to make a quick buck or a thousand, but some are.

You can make up your own mind about James Van Praagh, noted cold reader psychic, who (according to the Palluxo news site) claims to have spoken with Michael Jackson the other day:

“Where are you located now, Michael” asked Van Praagh. “I am surrounded by happiness. I never felt more happier,” said Jackson.

When asked about his children, Jackson started crying. “I miss them a lot. I want them to be happy. I will be with them… in their hearts, will be looking over their shoulders.”

That should make the tykes happy, knowing a ghost will be eternally spying on them.

And as if this weren’t bad enough, the article ends with:

More answers from dead Michael Jackson will be revealed on upcoming Oprah Show.

Not to be outdone — or in this case, underdone — Sylvia Brown has jumped on this bandwagon, also according to Palluxo. However, she couldn’t even muster the energy to have any quotations from Jackson. All she had was:

“I asked him to identify himself by moving my desk. The desk started trembling, then it moved a feet or two away from me. He wrote his name on my desk,” she said. “This was Michael’s sign of life.”

So she claims her desk moved? I assume she has video of this, covering different angles, and key unbiased eye witnesses for backup?

Oh, all we have is her word for it? Oh, OK. Well then, let’s hope she’s more accurate here than she was with Shawn Hornbeck.

I’m done here. I need a shower now. Blecchhhhh.

Tip o’ the crystal ball to Tommy Holland via BABloggee James Brown.


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  1. ZERO

    I’m done here. I need a shower now. Blecchhhhh.

    Go take a shower! With disinfectant!

  2. Davidlpf

    We need a Johnny Carson type as a take show host.

  3. Mike Wagner

    It’s too bad you couldn’t get both of those frauds in the same place at the same time, put them in isolation and then ask them the same questions and see what kind of variation you get in response.
    We had a local “psychic” spewing her poison to the mother of a missing (now considered murdered) little girl, and going on the local news with her garbage.
    It was disappointing that the media would give that human filth any coverage.

  4. Sili

    Michael Jackson moved a desk?

    Damn. He looked like an even bigger wimp than me.

  5. Sean Greenwalt

    I knew MJ was going to contact them. He told me so in a dream.

  6. Mediums really are the lowest of the low, no doubt about it. I met one not that long ago, to see if he’d take the JREF challenge. Turns out no, he won’t. Instead he’d just wildly label all skeptics as paedophiles and generally be an odious toad of a man. I wrote it up in fact:


    I can’t imagine Van Praagh being any better, but perhaps just more media-savvy.

  7. Sure made me laugh. But yeah, some people truly are terrible. “I am surrounded by happiness. I never felt more happier” – Funny as hell.

  8. Mena

    Davidlpf, for that kind of show maybe they can get Carson himself! ;^)

  9. Zyggy

    Did you read the headlines when the psychic midget escaped from prison?

    It read: Small Medium at Large!


  10. Sarah C.

    Hi, long time lurker, first time commenter:

    Times like these I miss Johnny Carson, too
    Nothing good can come of daytime television…. Sylvia Browne on Oprah? How apropos. A medium who goes onto the show of a woman who peddles “The Secret?” and Deepak Chopra?? I do not believe in ghosts- but if those who say they cared about Michael Jackson actually did, they would let the guy rot in peace instead of trying to flog his dead corpse. I may be mistaken, but didn’t the guy say that he will no longer be doing shows after those 50 shows?? He wanted out of performing. And although Browne and her ilk won’t be actually dragging Jackson’s ghost out of the ether, she’s pretty much using Jackson’s memory as her dancing bear. Sigh.

  11. James Van Praagh and Sylvia Browne trying to make a buck through the grief of others? Must be Wednesday…..

    These two make me wish I believed in a hell.

  12. Isn’t the plural of ‘medium’ ‘media’?

  13. Elwood Herring

    It always amazes me that mediums always announce that their contacts have “gone to a better place” and are “much happier” etc. ad nauseum. Surely some of them must have gone to the “other” place?

  14. Sounds like “look at me! Look at me!”.

    I’ve never wanted the MJ dead thing to be a hoax more than now.

  15. Hoonser

    Michael Jackson’s death finally proved psychics were real. Wow.

  16. Chris

    Wait a minute… Micheal Jackson is dead!!!!!

  17. Flying sardines

    Qu : Why are they called “mediums” ?


    A : Because what they do is neither rare nor well done. 😉

    BTW. I saw one headline (didn’t bother to check the story – not really interested in wasting my time on it) claiming that Whacko Jacko’s ghost is haunting ‘Neverland’ .. already. :roll:

    @ 9 Elwood Herring :

    Yup. If ever there was a celebrity who you’d think would be in the other place that sad, sick, little character would be a good candidate.

    Come on, we all know Michael Jackson was very probably a drug-addicted, messed up, little child molester.

    Imaginary Pyschic medium no. 3 : “Yes I spoke to Whacko Jacko the other day, he’s says he’s very hot with flames all around and a ceiling of stalagtites and he’s in enormous agony as he’s being burnt & tortured by zillions of little red guys with pitchforks. Asked about the children, he howled and said he wished he’d never touched them!” 😉

    That’ds be a more courageous and more likely call – if there was any truth to the whole Pyschics & conventional cliche Life post-death baloney.

    But of course what’s not what we get. The “spirit” or person that Whacko Jacko was is now is just where it was before it was born – non-existent. He simply no longer exists -in any form other than the physical rotting cadaver. Period.

    In My Humble Opinion Naturally.

  18. There is a video making the rounds from when Larry King was at Neverland. What is clearly a shadow of a crew member is being passed off as MJ’s ghost.

  19. Flying sardines

    Oh & I’m sure I’ll get flamed for saying what I wrote in comment 12 & now but c’mon lets get real.

    While some fans will no doubt get upset (& okay I understand they’re genuinely grieving for their idol – although he sure isn’t mine.) I personally find the whole MJ media frenzy and “not speaking ill of the dead” all quite overblown and hypocritical.

    Really, how did most of us think of him during most of his life esp. post the child sex trial & the cosmetic surgery and the skin-whitening near-gender-warping weirdness? *

    Let’s face it, Whacko Jacko was as much a freakshow as a singer /celebrity & most of us concluded he was in all probabililty guilty of molesting children and a batguano crazy tabloid fodder freak.

    Now I’ll admit a certain amount of pity for him given his bizarre goldfish bowl deluded and unhappy life and I’ll admit okay he could sing a bit and came up with the odd good songs (or should that be the good odd songs?) but … greatest singer? Great person? Great father even? (Do I recall his dangling a kiddy over a balcony out a window to show fans – or was that Britany?)

    Not in my view and admittedly I’m only going by what I read and saw on TV about him…

    Sheeesh, ain’t it amazing how death seems to improve a persons character and reputation …? :roll:


    * Not that there’s anything wrong with transexuals & transgender folk – although it would’ve been better if he had been honest about his evident gender, identity & sexuality confusion issues. A skin disease? I don’t think so! :roll:

    In short & IMHON MJ began life as a black boy with some promise and talent & ended it as a very messed-up addled white semi-woman media freakshow. I feel pity for him and all but … let’s not pretend he was something he wasn’t.

  20. Jim

    There was another guy on Coast to Coast the other night who claimed to channel Michael Jackson. The poor guy must have a relentless interview schedule in the afterlife.

  21. Sir Eccles

    I don’t know which celeb death media circus is worse Diana or MJ.

  22. The first story – with the Oprah connection was a joke, although I have no trouble with the idea that sooner or later VanP will make the connection and will announce to the world that he has indeed spoken to MJ.

    The issue I have with “Mediums” is the basic dishonesty and the slithering sliminess of even the most “earnest” of them. It takes a very special kind of ghoul to approach a family in grief and offer them vague, ridiculous comments while claiming that they are doing it for the good of the family, to bring them peace or closure.

    I’ve made a point of attending some readings including readings by Chip Coffey and have been amazed at how guilible and desperate people are for word ‘from the other side’. It’s like they check their common sense and rational brain at the door for the opportunity to be deceived.

  23. Mark Hansen

    QUASAR ZERO (post 1), do you feel better now? Still having trouble with the boldface, I see. Don’t worry; when you hit puberty, it’ll clear up.

  24. Nevy C

    Oprah’s apparently going to do a radio show on MJ – one of the questions she’s asking people is “what does Michael Jackson mean or not mean to you?”

    It looks like it’s not just these ghoulish mediums trying to profit off his death -I have to say, Larry King looks almost gleeful interviewing MJ’s doctors and others.

  25. Have you accepted your Michael Jackson as your Personal Michael Jackson?

  26. Jason Wilson

    Bogus, I happen to be talking with MJ right now. I also happen to have the exclusive rights to his post-mortem interview. He’s currently on a tour of the Universe, just trying to unwind. Phil he says to tell you he moonwalked the Apollo 11 site yesterday and you’re right on, everything is still there.

  27. Ad Hominid

    This clod is still around? In my psychic predictions for 2002, I foretold that Van Praagh would narrowly escape death when Martha Stewart mistook him for the Pilsbury Dough Boy during a joint TV appearance.
    So I was wrong, hasn’t hurt any other psychic’s career.

  28. Davidlpf

    You know even if Van Praagh did die that probably won’t be the last we would hear from him.

  29. @Michael L:

    Yes, yes I do.

  30. DLC

    I am not surprised. The creeps come out of the woodwork. Once upon a time, back in my childhood, I believed in most of this business. It didn’t occur to me until I was 12 or 13 and I saw James Randi debunk Uri Gellar on the Tonight Show that I realized the whole business was bunk.

  31. A Nonny Moose

    Sir Eccles: Diana was worse. It took a decade for people to MAYBE whisper that she had a few “problems”. People were canonizing her the day after she died. MJ has too many flies.

  32. #28, Liz D:
    I see that hand!

  33. Katy


    I’ve enjoyed your tweets for some time now, and was rather caught by the one that led to this post. I may be alone with my two cents, but what can I say? I was inspired to share. Here goes…

    I’ve had a lifetime of paranormal experiences and have always been a firm believer in psychic mediums. By that same token, I firmly believe charlatans lurk about sullying the good intentions of honest mediums. (You might take this as apples and oranges, but as a singer, the same is true for those in my field who claim to be “star making” voice teachers, literally draining the pockets of students who are merely income to them and with no care about their actual vocal development. They disgust me.) Chip Coffey and Sylvia Browne gave me the heebie jeebies the first instant I saw them in “action.” As I’ve learned since, my gut reaction was justified- they are not respected within the psychic community and it is a shame that so many people have been hoodwinked by their acts, let alone traumatized by the lies they spew. *I* need a bath anytime they are on TV!

    Did MJ come through to James VP? Perhaps. Perhaps not exactly the way he’s claimed to have stated. Perhaps not at all. I believe that it is very possible for a soul who has crossed over to seek out a specific medium with the intent of making contact. VP’s a noted name, and I wouldn’t be surprised if MJ was aware of him when he was alive. I don’t know VP personally, but I do know people who have witnessed his abilities. For that reason, I’d like to hold onto the idea that he wasn’t completely whoring his soul out for air time. He can (and does) get it without those shenanigans.

    It’s too bad those other rotten apples stink up the barrel.

  34. @katy
    It’s too bad those other rotten apples stink up the barrel.

    Not a barrel. More like a cesspit. And all those apples happily duck dive in the s***.

    You do know that under controlled conditions not one medium has ever shown one iota of ability? Ever.

  35. Mike Wagner

    You’ve walked into the vipers den. Pretty much everyone here is a skeptic.
    We don’t bite :) But you’ll probably get grilled about your belief.

    I had a “paranormal” experience when I was 10 that I refused to accept was paranormal for many years — because, well, paranormal stuff is BS. Other people told me I saw a ghost, and other dubious explanations.
    Nobody mentioned parasomnia -paralytic waking dreams, common in children as ‘night terrors’, which was a perfectly sensible explanation. I can still visualize the person in the mask standing over my bed, but the difference now is I know what caused it.
    I have never seen a single claim of the paranormal supported by evidence. Fakery, second and third hand reports, using cold reading and generalized crap like “He’s communicating someone with the letter E in their name… does this mean something to you…” People don’t believe it because it’s evidence. They believe it because they want it to be real.

    Watch the latest Penn and Teller episode and prepare for the debunking.

    Have you put any of these mediums you believe in to the test? I don’t mean just walking in so they can give you a general reading. Ask them specific questions personal to you. Don’t let them dance around with generalities, and vague, probing answers — that’s when they’re testing the waters. Give them hard and fast targets, don’t let them rattle off a bunch of misses until they find the hit you’re looking for.
    If they are not willing to be tested using a fair scientific method, they are certainly fakes.

  36. In a seaside town in England, there’s a derelict old shack, which has been closed and boarded up for years, and which used to belong to “Madame” Somebody or Other, so-called “gypsy clairvoyant”. Her sign is still there, above the shutter.
    Some wit has added another sign, saying, “Closed due to unforeseen circumstances.”
    I kid you not!

  37. Jeff

    In order to prove your psychic abilities you should have to beat the stock market, win parlay bets and pick lottery numbers. Then, at least you’d make somebody some money instead of just taking it from them. Or would that be unethical?

  38. Rob Lee

    When asked about his children, Jackson started crying. “I miss them a lot. I want them to be happy. I will be with them… in their hearts, will be looking over their shoulders.”

    Especially when they are in the shower… sorry I couldn’t resist :-X

  39. Mapnut

    My version: What would you say to a psychic who finally gets a prediction right?

    “Rare medium! Well done!”

  40. Jay

    One of the Louisville news stations broadcast a story a couple of days ago about psychics seeing an upturn in business due to the economy. One of the two psychics profiled mentioned a couple of times how she doesn’t try to convince skeptics.

    Among her “hits” – a claimed 1997 vision with three African American men on a stage, one of which she claims was President Obama.

    Next to this lady, people like Van Praagh seem high end, but at the end of the day they’re nothing more than emotional vampires preying on the credulous.

    (There’s a link to the original news segment at my blog, linked though my name, if anyone wants a laugh.)

  41. I remember they started to come out of the woodwork like this when Elvis died too. How many “Elvis sightings” do we get a day still? I bet you a nickle we get “Michael Jackson sightings” happening within a month too.

  42. I’m smoking MJ. What the heck are y’all talking about?

  43. Michael Jackson

    Hi, it’s me, Jacko. Listen, Phil, and mark my words: I NEVER spoke to Jimmy Van P. He’s a wacko. Go, take your shower – I may show up on your shower curtain, though…


  44. alfaniner

    Phil, a minor correction – it’s “Sylvia Browne“. Also, the tradition on the JREF Forum is to place any mention of her name as a link to http://www.stopsylvia.com.

    When asked about his children, Jackson started crying. “I miss them a lot. I want them to be happy. I will be with them… in their hearts, will be looking over their shoulders.”

    Well, it must have been MJ! I mean, the ghost referenced one of his own songs! “Just look over your shoulders, honey — I’ll be there“. He even misspoke the same line!! (It was supposed to be “shoulder”.)

    Or, the psychic saw the same documentary I did.

  45. Stone Age Scientist

    What do you call a psychic medium?

    A steak that sizzles all by itself.

  46. @Flying sardines,

    I never thought that Michael Jackson was a child molester. Those allegations were never proven in a court of law and we’re supposed to regard people as innocent until proven guilty. Instead, Michael to me seemed to have two problems. His first was that he never really grew up mentally. In his mind, he was still a 12 year old boy even if his body was over 40 years old. For a normal person, this would pretty much resolve itself. The person would be forced to confront the world at large and grow up mentally (at least to some extent).

    For Michael, however, Problem #2 interfered. He was surrounded by a group of “yes men” who didn’t object to anything he said or did. If he wanted to have a 12 year old boy over for a sleepover (with no sexual intentions), no one told him “Hey, Michael. I know you don’t mean anything bad by this, but it just doesn’t look good for a 40 year old man to be in the same bed as a 12 year old boy.”

    Incidentally, it’s looking like Problem #2 might have been what killed him. He was having trouble sleeping and so decided (for whatever reason) to use Diprivan. Anyone who told him that this was a bad idea was brushed aside and he listened to the “yes men” who would do anything for him – including illegally obtaining and administering dangerous drugs.

    So I don’ot think he was a child molester. Seriously messed up in the head, yes, but not in a way that was malicious to anyone but himself.

  47. Gary Ansorge

    So often it’s true, all you have to do to get promoted to saint hood is die,,,

    MJ was really screwed up, emotionally, physically and intellectually(anyone remember his sleeping in a hyperbaric chamber?). Now that he’s dead, he’s an angel(snark).

    When Jerry Garcia died, 100,000 people showed up at the PArk in S.F, danced, cried, laughed and praised his life, even though he was an honest doper. Jerry never made any excuses for his drug use, never tried to set himself up as an icon. He said time and again, ” I’m just a musician.” and that was enough for his fans. Jerry sightings are nearly non-existent and while many of his fans hope he’s enjoying himself, most of us understand that’s OUR bias and probably has nothing to do with reality.

    Here’s a little poem for those who might anticipate an after life,,,

    A Junkies Heaven

    by Shorty Bon Bon

    His sacrifice was not in vain
    though he died because of an abscessed
    a junkie dreamt
    of his lament
    When I die
    I shall go to a land
    where the cocaine is clean
    and I’ll smoke my pot only when it’s
    at the darkest of green
    here all the angels are junkies
    and the Christ is so hip
    that for the crime of my bootlegged
    he’ll demand two sips
    yes, come to my heaven where all
    the junkies walk free,,,and
    remember all you potheads out
    the smoke is on me

    Now, if MJ is anywhere/anything but a collapsing quantum field, I hope he’s hanging with Jerry. Should be quite a party,,,

    Gary 7

  48. Torbjörn Larsson, OM

    A skin disease? I don’t think so!

    How so, vitiligo is a common enough one, the simplest natural explanation and even more so when the person claims it.

    Unless you like conspiracies of course, in which case all bets are off. Or rather, suspect. 😮

  49. CoffeeJedi

    @34 Katy

    Look up “cold reading”- its just a trick, and one that EVERY so-called psychic uses; even if they don’t realize they’re doing it.

    Welcome to the world of skepticism!

  50. !AstralProjectile

    there are just two rules in Heaven:

    2) No outside drugs.

    Relavent? No.

  51. As a science journalist, I’m a bit perplexed that you admit that the story has not been checked for accuracy and you wonder at its accuracy — just putting up the story from another site. As likely as this story really is, spreading disinformation is no service. Being skeptical is a two-way street.

  52. Zar

    Hey, I think I’ve managed to contact him too! He’s saying something like, “Just leave me alooooone/ Leave me alooooone/ Just stop dogging me around.”

  53. Buzz Parsec

    Gary –

    I must confess to having been personally involved in the very first Jerry Garcia sighting. This was at least 20 years ago, long before he died. I wasn’t the sighter… I was the sightee 😉 I was riding my bike to work one day when a passing car slowed and a kid yelled out the window “Hey, you aren’t Jerry Garcia, are you?” I just laughed and shook my head…

  54. SleepNeed

    I’m hearing a faint voice, it’s MJ! He’s so happy he’s singing!

    No wait, that was just the Thriller CD that the girlfriend is listening to while she’s taking a shower. Really, sad that these “mediums” are just exploiting the sorrow of his fans for some quick PR. But then again, what else do we expect from fraudsters?

  55. a fly in your soup

    Her desk moved backwards? Oh, come on, everybody knows there’s more to the moonwalk than just moving backwards!

  56. Dan

    What?? Michael is sad and he misses his kids?!?! And I thought heaven was a place of eternal joy and happiness. Damn… It must be a depressing place if you can start crying as soon as you miss someone. Missing someone for eternity must be awful. And, what do you cry exacly when you are no longer corporeal. You can’t cry tears?? What is it then? Ectoplasm?!

    What? It’s just the feeling of crying… ohhh ok… So, can I get horny at an other spirit then?

    If everything in heaven is like here on earth… Why do we die for anyway??

  57. Gary Ansorge

    54. Buzz Parsec

    Been there many times. At Reggae on the river, in 1994(or possibly 95) I was regaled with the “Jerry Thing” several times. My friends mother, who was an acquaintance of Jerry, said she had no idea why the kids thought I looked like Jerry, since, she said ” You have a much better body,,,”.

    Of course, Jerry spent a life time studying/practicing music, while I spent some time lifting trucks,,,

    Gary 7

  58. Gary Ansorge

    Oops. It wasn’t Raggae on the River, it was the International Jazz Festivel in Guernville, Ca.

    Dang! I must be getting,,,older,,,

    GAry 7

  59. debbie

    the living know that they shall die,but the dead no not anything, Ecclesiastes 9 verse 5,6.

  60. Christina Viering

    People are really getting carried away with this one.

  61. zamia

    Michael Jackson now says he’s “more happier”: did he also have badder grammar or only since he’s been more lesser alive?

  62. Michael Jackson has appeared to me on at least three occassions since he died.
    He said he died of a drug overdose much like Elvis did, and he did not mean to die he only wanted to go to sleep and get help with his ensomnia.
    You people who doubt psychics and their ability to connect with those in the world beyond are also the kind of people who doubted the word of Jesus Crist and questioned his ability to channel the word of God.
    In Jesus day they abused him and in the years since Joan of Arc was burned at the stake for claiming to be talking to God and the witches of Salem who were just psychic mediums were called witches and hanged or burned at the stake and today you clueless ones are still carrying on the same mindless criticism of people like them and me and James Von Prague and other psychics who have developed their God Given psychic gift and I believe all of you could become psychics if you would only bother to try then maybe you wouldn’t be so jealous of other psychics and their abilities.
    One of the worst of you is the so called Great Randi who is one day going to find his ass in the Spirit World alive and then he will know how wrong he was to not believe in these things and then who is going to listen to him when he speaks back to earth to tell the world how wrong he was and how sorry he was for preaching the kind of tripe he has all his life just because he hasn’t developed his on ability to speak to the dead.

  63. For those who care back in l986 one night Elvis Appeared to me bathed in a heavenly light wearing his famous sequened white suit and strumming a guitar singing “You Aint Nuthin But a Hounddog”
    He was sending a message about a story that had just appeared in a Tabloid.
    And Yes President John F. Kennedy and his Brother Robert have both appeared to me and I have all the deatils behind the Assassinations of both of them right down to who plotted it and carried them out and I know who kidnapped former Teamster President Jimmy Hoffa and who buried the body and I have told these stories for the last 25 years and not one person has said they believed it but all the Manuscripts I have sent out over the years have all disappeared without a trace and so I guess someone thought the information was pretty accurate or it would not have disappeared it would have been published by someone.

    These crimes were shown to me in technicolor movie like film and I even saw Lee Harvey Oswald taht day with the rifle resting on cardboard boxes and the window sill waiting for the motorcade to come by.
    The Guide who gives me this information can look back in time and forward and he has all this information about everyone from the moment of birth til te day they die on technicolor like film and he can run these things past psychics so they can help him prove life after death.

    So keep in mind everything you do in your everyday life even those things in secret are recorded in the book of Life and oneday when you die God will be waiting for you to show you some of the things you have been doing in secret that you think no one knows about and sometimes he rats people like you out through psychics like me so you know he is alive in spirit watching ev erything you do in your everyday life.

    He knows who you are having sex with and whether you are cheating on your wife and he can even see into your future and know what is to happen to you and sometimes he stops it and sometimes he can’t get the message to you of danger in your path because you are not listening to those little fear hunches that you get or you are not analyzing your dreams to see danger in your path because thats the way God speaks to humans here on earth through hunches, sublimal thoughts and through dreams.

  64. Flying sardines

    @49. Torbjörn Larsson, OM :

    A skin disease? I don’t think so!

    How so, vitiligo is a common enough one, the simplest natural explanation and even more so when the person claims it. Unless you like conspiracies of course, in which case all bets are off. Or rather, suspect.

    I’ll accept that vitiligo may be a real condition but to say that MJ had it? I doubt it. Given his other “transformations” with plastic surgery & all. Call me cynical but that doesn’t ring true to me…

    @ 47. TechyDad :

    @Flying sardines, I never thought that Michael Jackson was a child molester. Those allegations were never proven in a court of law and we’re supposed to regard people as innocent until proven guilty. …So I don’t think he was a child molester. Seriously messed up in the head, yes, but not in a way that was malicious to anyone but himself.

    Wasn’t the boy paid out millions? Okay, maybe you couldn’t prove the case in a court of law – at least not by ” beyond reasonable doubt” standards although going by ‘on the balance of probabilities’ and ‘in all likelihood’ standards its another matter. It was pretty suss & Whacko Jacko had that reputation for a while before the case too. Maybe you’re right, maybe you’re not … I guess there’s only a few people who know for sure – & one of them is now dead.

    As for your pysch analysis – yeah I see what you’re saying & mostly agree. It could be worse than you suggest though given just *how* messed up the dude was. As I said we really don’t know but it looks pretty bad. Can’t assume guilt sure but I don’t think we can or should assume total innocence either.

    Wonder what they’ll do with his body … cremation? Burial? Plastic recycling depot? 😉

  65. Robert E

    vitiligo normally results in a splotchy appearance, where spots loose pigmentation; not a uniform lightening of the skin

  66. Greg in Austin


    Hearing voices in your head is a form of schizophrenia, and there are treatments for that, similar to anxiety attacks and depression. For your own health, you may want to consider being tested.

    That being said, what evidence do you have that there is an afterlife? If spirits cannot bring back any proof, then how can we tell the difference between a real psychic and someone just making up nonsense for profit or just for fun? How do we know that you were really having a visit from MJ, or if you were hallucinating on drugs while reading the tabloids?


  67. Mark Hansen

    Rosemary (64), “…and he can even see into your future and know what is to happen to you and sometimes he stops it and sometimes he can’t get the message to you of danger in your path because you are not listening to those little fear hunches that you get or you are not analyzing your dreams to see danger in your path because thats the way God speaks to humans here on earth through hunches, sublimal{sic} thoughts and through dreams.

    So when a parent loses a child to choking, or disease, or a drunk driver, it’s entirely their fault for not picking up on hunches, or dreams, or subliminal thoughts supplied to them by a loving, cryptic, cruel god. That’s very relieving to learn and must make many people feel soooooooo much better about the loss of a loved one.

  68. @Rosemary
    He knows who you are having sex with

    Thank god someone does. Jeeze, once upon I’d flat knowing so to have god as a PA to remind me of names would’ve been a good thing – assuming I’d want to remember.

  69. JB of Brisbane

    I have a sneaking suspicion that Rosemary has a wicked sense of humour, if not writing skills, but just in case she’s serious – notice how she only gets visited by famous people she has heard of, not Joe Bragatelli from Farmington, Maine, who died after receiving an infection from a lobster bite. This is much like the “previous lives” that revolve around prominent people/events from history. No one wants to say they once lived as a chicken farmer in an Irish bog in the seventh century A.D. (okay, C.E.).

  70. Mark Hansen

    I hope you’re right about the sense of humour, JB, but I doubt it. I did get a laugh out of one part though;
    …but all the Manuscripts I have sent out over the years have all disappeared without a trace…”
    I suspect that they were all filed in the same round filing cabinet.

  71. Martin

    The irony of this is that I read an interview with a psychic on CNN who stated that no self-respecting or honest psychic will try to contact Michael for at least a year after his death.

    I realize that “self-respecting or honest psychic” is a bit of a misnomer as no such bird actually exists.

  72. John

    As an IATSE stagehand for over three decades, I have seen all types of these guys from magicians to faith healers, and everything in between. ANYONE who believes ANY of this is not necessarily stupid, but very, very ignorant of the truth. Several quite famous “acts” have made my coworkers and I sign affidavits swearing to never divulge any of the proceedings we witnessed. It was heart-wrenching in some cases, watching these poor people get taken for all they had in the world by manipulative charlatans. They used hidden microphones, spotters, plants, Google and any other edge they could employ. I saw more money come to stages in KFC buckets than I could ever count in a lifetime. I saw plenty of people in wheelchairs get up and walk…. out to their tour buses to wait for the next show. I also saw many people who thought they had just heard from their recently departed loved ones and then saw the “mediums” laugh at their gullibility later. Please don’t fall for this bunk.


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