TAM 7 streaming video live

By Phil Plait | July 11, 2009 12:47 pm

Hey me droogs! I am beyond busy here at TAM 7, so this is just a quick post to let you know that we are streaming the video of TAM 7 LIVE right now. You can see it on the Randi.org website, or go directly to Ustream.tv.

I’ll be giving a talk today around 3:45 p.m. Pacific time (10:45 GMT), so you can watch it live, too!


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  1. Siphoneuphoria

    Hey, there you are!
    *waves uselessly*

  2. Scott

    I am watching you present the Citizen Skeptic Award right now. It’s great for everyone who couldn’t make it to TAM! to be able to watch it. Thank you for the opportunity to attend by proxy.

  3. Malachi Constant

    Yes, thank you so much for allowing us skeptics who couldn’t make it out there attend by proxy. I’m spending my whole weekend watching this. Thanks, Phil!

    (Also, Randi’s rant was awesome. “Geller is f***ed!”)

  4. ZERO

    What does ‘droogs’ mean?

  5. Already watching :) Sadly, it’s lunch break now. Please extend our congrats to Robert Lancaster, if you can.

  6. Daniel

    I got an Psychic readings ad when I opened the stream. Pretty misdirected I must say :)

  7. alfaniner

    I’ve had it on almost constantly since finding out about it last night.

  8. Mike Wagner

    droogs == friends.

    Check out ‘A Clockwork Orange’ if you haven’t seen/read it.

  9. Paineroo

    Pardon the hyperbole, but streaming TAM online is one of the most evil things the JREF has ever done… I’ve had to cancel my plans for the entire weekend so I can sit in front of the computer! :)

  10. Porky Pine

    I’d watch it if it wasn’t for the annoying psychic ads that keep popping up all the time.

  11. ZERO

    *watching the live broadcasting*

    Many yanks use dirty words to much! Or are those ones just a bad example?

  12. «bønez_brigade»

    Phil, your talk was supposed to start 5 min ago. You’re late!

  13. Mike Wagner

    I can’t watch it :(
    I’m out in the boonies with crappy antenna based internet.
    On the plus side I’ve actually been able to see stuff in the sky I haven’t seen before in my life :)
    A mag -7 flare last night. Freakin’ awesome!

  14. Magnus

    Viddy well, I guess 😛

  15. Stone Age Scientist

    Daniel @ #5,

    I got an Psychic readings ad when I opened the stream. Pretty misdirected I must say.

    Yes, I wanted to comment about a similar incident last week. On that particular day, when I opened Phil’s Discover Bad Astronomy page, the leaderboard banner was advertising something about horoscopes.

    I also vaguely remember seeing an ad about “Jesus loves you” many weeks ago. Yes, here at BA.

    Hmmm, ironic indeed.

  16. Christina Viering

    Is it a sign?

  17. IVAN3MAN

    @ Daniel, and @ Stone Age Scientist,

    Are you guys using Firefox as your Internet browser?

    Then download and install Adblock Plus — no more bloody annoying adverts!

  18. Porky Pine

    Adblock plus doesn’t stop those annoying flash ads that pop up from the bottom of the video (Unless someone is able to show me how)

  19. Stone Age Scientist

    Ivan3Man, it works! The banner ad is gone. Thanks!!

  20. «bønez_brigade»

    Ads? What are those?

  21. Ian

    Live? What’s that?

    Is this archived somewhere? Not all of us want to sit in front of a PC on a nice evening.

  22. Porky Pine

    Ah, you were talking about the banner ads. My bad.

  23. IBY

    Yikes, Rebecca Watson from Skepchick.org got married at the meeting! A bit like surprise birthday, except it was a wedding. Kind of bizarre, but really cool. ^_^

  24. Moose

    Porky Pine, if you want to get rid of the other ads, you can use firefox and noscript. If you let it enable ustream.tv but not the ad server, no more ads. Between noscript and adblock plus, you’ve pretty much got full control over your browsing.

  25. Porky Pine

    I have both but I still get those. How do you find the ad server?

  26. Mike Wagner

    I use adblock on most sites but I disable it on the sites that I visit regularly, since I want to see them continue to exist.
    I virtually never click on banners, except to see what stupidity lies behind the occasional one, so I don’t know if I’m benefiting Phil by not blocking the ads but it’s a noble effort at least.

    On YouTube yesterday I saw ads beside an atheist video for some creationist book that put Carl Sagan on their cover. I wonder how they got away with that.

  27. Simon

    I don’t know how else to send this to you, but Google news has the following article on the Moon landing hoax “debate”:


    From the Columbia, MO Daily Tribune. At least the article was pro-fact, even if the comments were not. Teh stoopid – it burns!

    IMO, if we faked the moon landing, and the Eeeeviilll US Government somehow kept the thousands of people involved all quiet, why didn’t the Soviets call us on it? I would have been a tremendous propaganda coup! And don’t tell me we would have nuked them – we didn’t nuke them over China, Berlin, Korea, Czechoslovakia, Cuba, Hungary, or any number of far more serious crises.

  28. Adam

    I missed it! :(

    Anyone have a torrent or maybe a downloadable podcast?

  29. Porky Pine

    Watching the paranormal challenge right now. It would be nice if they had a overhead cam showing the table.

  30. Watching “Meteor”. Seriously, what can be better than watching an earth killing movie with the Rev. Jim (Taxi) Christopher Lloyd, who was also the mad scientist in Back to the Future! Oh, God, this should be good!

    Oh For God sake! Not ‘Seinfeld’s’ George! OMG, Jason Alexander is in this movie, and has gained quite a bit of weight. That’s more disturbing than an earth killing ‘Meteor’.

  31. Stone Age Scientist

    Hey, Phil, don’t forget us your droogs when you hit the Big Jackpot. :)

  32. I’m sooooo embarrassed, but I will watch the next part of Meteor next week!

  33. Hey Droogs. Cue the Ludwig Van…
    OT, but my Galileoscopes have finally arrived.
    Let see if I can’t see the damned lunar lander from down here in Oz. 😉

  34. D’oh. Only one of my Galileoscopes have arrived. Oh well, I can only use them one at a time anyway… and nobody said they’d need to be assembled. Double d’oh.

  35. Vidar

    I missed it. Will this be made available on youtube?

  36. Mike Wagner

    #31 Shane
    Just checked out their site. It looks like a good deal. Let us know how they work!

  37. RTFM!

    Had to cancel my TAM7 plans due to conflicting business travel. This helped relieve the sting. Thanks!

  38. PHIL: I don’t know how long this TAM7 thingie is supposed to last, but with any luck it kept you and your fellow attendees away from the TV long enough to avoid ANY exposure to NBC utterly execrable disaster mini-series, “Meteor,” the first part of which aired Sunday night.

    Last Friday USA Today gave “Meteor” a pretty scathing 1-star review. So I thought to myself, “How bad could it possibly be?” Well, as it turns out, GLARINGLY bad. EMBARRASSINGLY bad. SO bad, in fact, that it made me downright ANGRY that one of the venerable “Big Three” broadcast networks would actually air it … and in this era of Reality TV, that’s really saying something.

    There was absolutely nothing remotely redeeming about “Meteor.” The acting and direction were both about as awful as it gets. The special effects were cheap, and there was absolutely no attempt made at scientific accuracy. Bad enough for you? Well, how about that SCRIPT? According to USA Today, the screenwriter for “Meteor” was one Alex Greenfield, whose last major writing credit was for “WWF Smackdown,” if you can believe that. And BOY, did it show. The script for this film was so laughably, eye-rollingly BAD that for the first time in my life I felt geniunely ashamed of myself for tuning in to watch a TV program.

    What could NBC possibly have been thinking in airing this? My guess is the only thing that mattered was the advertising revenue. Some corporate suit probably said, “It doesn’t matter if the program is bad. What only matters is that we make more money off it than we invested.” Are these the depths to which network television has sunk? If so, I see absolutely NO hope for human civilization.

  39. George E Martin

    @35. Don’t know if know if anyone will put up anything on youtube. But eventually you will be able to buy a DVD set of all of TAM7 and help support the JREF. DVDs of past TAMs are available. Check out the randi.org web site.


  40. Davidlpf

    I enjoyed what I was able watch because of things in the real world. Phil seems to busy doing something maybe he is counting the bribes from NWO/freemasons/illuminatti for pulling the wool over so many skeptics eyes again.

  41. Blondin

    More skepchicks!

    Enough with the streaming video already. I want to see the steaming video!


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