FoxTrot on Comic Con

By Phil Plait | July 21, 2009 12:00 pm

Foxtrot cartoon about Comic Con

The comic strip FoxTrot takes on Comic Con this week. I have a hard time arguing with his point; last year carrying around my laptop everywhere destroyed my shoulder and back. But it was worth it. Oh yes.

And I’m totally chuffed about going again this year. In reality I have a lot of prep to do and I have to actually, y’know, work while I’m there. But sometimes my work can be pretty frakkin’ cool.

Tip o’ the Darth Vader helmet to my old friend Katie Berryhill.

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Comments (13)

  1. Clinto

    Weird…why is Marcus’ face white in the thumbnail?

  2. Kurt Kohler

    Bill Amend (the artist) explained in a post that it was a mistake in production and NOT HIS FAULT. If you follow the link you’ll see that it’s been fixed.

  3. I guess the person is charge of production is from Toronto?

  4. kris

    Wow. Love the security on their “sign in” service.

    Turn off Javascript, read all the comics you want from their archive.

  5. Erin

    Hehe… it’s sad how accurate they are in the comic. My back took a week to recover from the last time I went. But it was a ton of fun. If you get a second Phil, pop around to the back of the convention center and take a breather on one of the patios. In the evening, it’s super nice back there, quiet, and a nice view. :)

  6. Drat. I’ve been dying to go, but I guess you’ll have to have enough fun for all of us, Phil.

  7. Joe Meils

    It should have run an extra couple of panels… Jason should have also said that he was going to flush all the money he’d saved over the last year down the toilet, and he was going to ask several cute girls out on a date, just so they would crush his feelings… just like Comic Con!

  8. Where are the comments about this not being astronomy?

    I come here to read comments from people complaining that this is not astronomy and what do I find? Nothing of the kind.

    I’m calling the Better Blog Bureau (Comments Division). This must be commented on. My whiny opinion matters!!!111″!!!!


  9. Buffalodavid

    So…. its TAM or Comic Con. I made my choice. Some day… both, WITH Dragon Con… and back to World Con too. Now… where did I put that lottery ticket?

  10. nancy

    It is nice out on the patio in back, looking out over the harbor- good spot for lunch or dinner. You can watch the sword fighting competitions out there too. It’s warm here in San Diego this week and a bit humid- I pity the Chewbaccas and full-masked costumed people! Have fun.

  11. I may speak for many when I marvel about the fact that Foxtrot is still being published.

  12. Revyloution

    Grab one of those netbooks Phil. After you learn to type on the tiny keyboard, they are wonderful to have, and at 2lbs they are easy to pack around.

  13. Bill

    So, how about a BABlogger get together? Say, out on the back patio (Level 2 or mezzanine? I’d say level 2, as both the SCA and the Adrian Empire will be doing medieval and/or renaissance era fighting demos on the mezzanine.) How about a time? Perhaps Sunday, at around 5:00 pm, as a sort of “dead dog party?” (Assuming security doesn’t sweep us out?)

    Or some other time? NOT Saturday evening, though — don’t want to miss the Mythbusters panel two years in a row!


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