Positive role model

By Phil Plait | August 18, 2009 12:30 pm

I just want to say, this made me smile very much.

™, of course.


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  1. JT

    I’ll nominate you, Phil. Proof that a fellow can do the work he loves, get book deals, meet celebrities, promote the things he believes in and still find time for family life. If that isn’t positive I don’t know what is.

  2. Mapnut

    Hmmm, role model? “This site has been blocked as pornography”?

  3. I’m an adult and Adam is one of my role models. If I had kids I’d want them to watch Mythbusters. I look forward to the time my nephew is old enough to introduce him to science experiments and a telescope (still quite a way off, he’s not even due for another 2.5 months).

  4. IBY

    I second JT’s motion. ^_^ You have influenced me in my thinking and views.

  5. I like to live my life as one part Adam Savage, one part Phil Plait, and one part Adam Richman.

  6. Torsten

    If a role model is defined as someone who has, on the whole, a positive affect in influencing people (of any age) then there must be quite a few (surely, there must be! please give us hope). Maybe this is the chance for a new website “Positive Role Model in USA”.com – and then disable the comments because that would just cause problems.

  7. Yeah, well you wait until we’re done popularizing science. Then we’ll have scientists coming into the lab hungover and late (okay so that already happens sometimes), refusals to explain science for movie crews if their trailer fridge isn’t fully stocked with caffeinated beverages, getting caught distilling while driving, building motorized craft and escaping the island on Survivor, or having pictures of their calipers getting taken as they get out of cars indiscreetly.

  8. TheChemist, you seriously made me LOL IRL! ūüėÄ

    I know that my 13 year old daughter has a little bit of a crush on Adam Savage, and I’m actually okay with that!

  9. Yes, but don’t try this at home…..


  10. Keith Harwood

    I’m puzzled about the caption on his tee-shirt. “Make stuff up”? I thought that was religion.

  11. I wonder what the small print says. ūüėČ

  12. Ausduck

    @Noadi – I give credit to Adam and Jaime for completely changing my (now 14 yr old) twin nephews attitude to science and book learnin’. So much so that they have regular inclusions on the Birthday and Christmas lists for fun science books. You have a lot to look forward to! And Phil, I’ve lost my copy of Bad Astronomy to my nephews – they won’t give it back :)
    Srsly, it’s so cool to have great conversations with them about cool stuff that I actually understand. And this year we bought them memberships to the Australian CSIRO’s junior science club so they get their own journal, cool experiments to do, and other great stuff.
    I love watching the learnin’ and the inquirin’ :)


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