Got Comic Con stories?

By Phil Plait | August 19, 2009 2:30 pm

Did you go to Comic Con and have an experience worth recounting? The folks at Adventures in SciFi Publishing are looking for funny tales of CC to put on their page. I heard it through @tarynoneill on Twitter, sent them my David Tennant story, and it’s up on their site now. Here’s your chance to share whatever goofiness you went through, and hear about others’ too.


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  1. If you’re interested in SF at all check out AISP’s podcast while you’re there. Shaun does a great job.

  2. That tears it! You people had so much fun at Comic Con that I’m really feeling left out.

    Dragon*Con- here I come!

  3. You can get amusing commentaries from a few ComicCon guests who also report their experiences exploring Southern California. (I lived there from 1963 to 1974.) Listen to the follow-up report starting here for a little background: (BBC)

    Tales From Hollywood

    I particularly enjoyed David Tennant’s commentary on his LA highway driving experience.

  4. A fair bit of Off Topic, but I found this to be way cool:
    Amateur Astronomer captures Io’s shadow on Ganymede..

  5. My memory was that of reading the blog updates and reading/watching the news coming out of the event that I couldn’t make it to!

    At least we will have Dragon*Con in only 14 days!


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