Young Aussie Skeptics OF DEATH!

By Phil Plait | August 20, 2009 2:00 pm

If and when an asteroid smacks us down or a GRB sterilizes the planet, it won’t hurt just one country.

That’s why I’m so happy that my book Death from the Skies! was reviewed by The Young Australian Skeptics on their podcast The Pseudo Scientists. The review is 58:47 into the ‘cast, but you should listen to the whole thing anyway. Like the U.S., Australia bears the brunt of a lot of nonsense, and has a lot of good skeptics fighting it, so you should listen and support them.

At least until a wandering black hole gobbles us all down. Then it pretty much won’t matter anyway.

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Comments (12)


    You wrote a book?


  2. I’m starting to think IVAN3MAN created a bot to autopost the joke to any thread about Death…

  3. No Ivan3man has an alarm to everytime Phil posts.

  4. gruebait

    When I read the headline, my first thought was, “I guess they don’t think taxes are certain, either.”


    Dr. Phil Plait:

    That’s why I’m so happy that my book, Death from the Skies!

    Droopy Dog Pictures, Images and Photos

  6. I have another podcast review for you – I was hoping it would naturally find its way through the internet, but I suppose a little push is sometimes needed. *smile*

  7. BillIAm

    Thanks for The Pseudo Scientists’ web site. They’re a cool bunch of guys.

  8. Sili

    You know they had the squid guy on for an interview last week, right?

    That is to say: neener-neener!

  9. Wayne

    I didn’t realize it had been translated into Australian already. :-)

  10. Michael Kingsford Gray

    The Australian title is “Big Rock will smash your beer fridge!”

  11. Charles J. Slavis, Jr.

    Phil, No where in your book did you mention death from the four horsemen of the Acropolis. And I thought you are supposed to be a Science Greek. No butts about it.

  12. JB of Brisbane

    When are we going to see the paperback version out here? I couldn’t even find the hardcover version at Borders today.
    Nice to see IVAN3MAN is on the ball as usual.


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