+10 saving throw of skepticism!

By Phil Plait | August 25, 2009 12:00 pm

Simpsonized Phil Plait

And now my plan is complete. I have been made into a trading card.

The ever-traffic-begging Crispian Jago has created a set of Simspons-style gaming cards based on the most beloved and good-looking of skeptics, and then made an exception in my case.

These cards are really, really funny, and you need to go look at them. He’s got Randi, and Penn & Teller, and PZ, and My Close Personal Friend Adam Savage™, and many more. These are the definition of Made of Win.

Of course, there are some problems with them… I’m a skeptic after all. He included bad words on the card, forcing me to do some COPS-style blurring, and my weapon of choice is the whole Universe, baby. I wield a +∞ ultimate doom there, baby.

But it does really look like me. Though I figured I’d look more like Philip J. Fry. Oh well.


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  1. I keep meaning to ask. If I got a deck of these cards, could I use them to tell fortunes?

  2. TS

    He just took the Richard Wiseman card, changed the shirt and hair and put cap on.

    But then again, one of those two is an evil twin, we just haven’t worked out which one that is yet. :-)

  3. Torbjörn Larsson, OM

    So, it’s official that the PP vs PZ fight is over?

    Hmm. That must mean that PZ’s book is going to be titled “Death From The Waters!”

    [Me, I’m just glad that there’s room for Life From The Earth in between those two egos … , um, men.]

  4. Oh oh oh…I want a card!

  5. Tim G

    Overall, it looks like the best stats are given to Penn & Teller, Adam Savage, and Phil Plait while the worst stats are given to Neil Denny, Jack of Kent and Chris French.

  6. IBY

    Yay, collectibles! Which one do any of you suppose are worth the most? ^_^

  7. Lurker #753

    @Torjörn Larsson, #3:
    You’re only allowed use words from the Eldritch List, so that’s “Death From The Deep“.

  8. Mike Wagner

    Pointless censorship of words is just as dumb as astrology.
    As George Carlin was fond of pointing out, there are no “bad” words. There is only bad context.
    Un-blur that card, and set the truth free!

    Or stagnate in puritanism. Whatever :)

  9. Crispian Jago

    Hush my potty mouth.

    There will be another 26 cards soon to make up a full deck of 52.

  10. Mark Hansen

    There is a link on the page to his Tarot deck for skeptics. Warning: Some card language NSFW.

  11. Crispian Jago

    BTW I’ll stop traffic begging, anyway I got 4 times more hits from an Adam Savage retweet than this blog. I’ll go pester Adam now instead :-)

  12. Guess they couldn’t even afford to put the NASA meatball on your cap!

  13. MadScientist

    Which card wins out – Phil Plait or PZ Myers?

  14. Jeremy Henderson

    These remind me quite a bit of New Humanist’s God Trumps.

  15. gopher65

    They’re both the left twin. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes both twins are evil.

  16. Ed T

    James Randi’s b***h? Harsh!

  17. Chip

    Phil wrote: “But it does really look like me. Though I figured I’d look more like Philip J. Fry. Oh well.”

    Yeah, when I think about it despite everything that’s happened to him, Fry is kind of a lucky guy. I mean just look at his gal-pal, Turanga Leela. I got used to her big cute eye right away. 😉

  18. Kimpatsu

    PZ has one of these cards too. So, which of you wins a game of Top Trumps?

  19. chief

    re Crispian Jago

    Carefull there. don’t want to have it said that they are not working with a full deck.

    I like the art. But phil your hat isn’t normally blank is it. surely you have a JREF logo on it.

  20. Does it mean something that Velma Dinkley is included in the cards? If one skeptic is fictional, maybe some of the others are too. I’ve always suspected that either Phil or Richard Wiseman doesn’t really exist and we’re just dealing with a case of multiple personality disorder.

  21. Love the cards.

    I am similarly puritanical in my use of words. I want parents to feel comfortable having children read my blog. I am not one to use Carlin’s 7 words, other than in telling a joke, or quoting someone. Not because I am a prude. Far from it. I think that the language is rich enough that I can make my point with the rest of the words available.

    What is obscene is in the eye of the beholder. I’m pretty sure that Creationists would be much more happy with us using all of the words that ordinarily cause them discomfort, as long as we do not utter that most evil of words – Evolution.

    It would be nice to have cards that we could give to little kids to encourage an appreciation of what skeptics do, without the amusing comments that might discourage parents from sharing these with kids.

    Our concerns about censorship should be focused on the ideas contained in the message.

  22. The position that censoring words because they are obscene is silly is itself silly since the only reason people use the words in that context is because they’re obscene.

    Obscenity is silly. So is agreement in number. English is goofy. Deal with it.

  23. KC

    Zoinks! Go Velma! Woo!

  24. I really apologise in advance if anyone is just left with my card.

    I fully appeciate the “Oh dear, I only have the Jack of Kent card, and so I have lost” moment which will come to you all.

    On the other hand, it is kinda pleasing that my card will be regularly set against some of the greatest skeptics in the world, even though I will crash-and-burn every time :-)

    At least the idea was mine (and so thereby are all the royalties), even if Crispian did not do a bad job in the execution 😉

  25. It’s okay, Phil. You’ll always be my Zoidberg.

  26. Scottynuke

    They seem to have forgotten Phil’s +5 Vorpal Occam’s Razor…

    Epic win, indeed!


  27. Another Eric

    Hang on to that Rebecca Watson card – her stats are going to increase exponentially with time!!!


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