Two things that made me happy today

By Phil Plait | August 28, 2009 1:30 pm

The title is true.

Thing 1: Honest marketing. Made of win.

Thing 2:

Hay bale wedding proposal

What can this mean? Click it to find out. Wonderful.


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  1. Thanks for passing on Thing 2. THAT was made of win.

  2. On the WWH (watch the video first), how can I send a check for the full amount if they don’t give the S&H cost?

    I think I’ll stop by the local hardware store and see how much a wheelbarrow wheel and some PVC pipe would cost.


  3. Kevin

    Thing 2 made me happy. I will have to go home and listen to Thing 1 cause I would probably laugh too hard for work.

  4. Ben

    I found that second item offensive since I am against hay marriage.

  5. Almost honest. No exercise in the world will give you six-pack abs if you don’t have the genes to give you a six-pack. But way better than your average infomercial. I’m tempted to buy it just because they entertained me.

    //Not really tempted. But they did entertain me.

  6. Thing #2 was nice. Creative.

  7. !AstralProjectile

    I knew what they were, but when I opened the link, for the first fraction of a second I saw:

    “Halle Berry marrage proposal”

  8. Heidi

    Thing 2 makes me proud to be a Vermonter :)

  9. Fine. I still don’t even get an “awaiting moderation” message.

    Instead of just writing on wrapped bales, Markus Schmidt spelled out the question, and in German no less. I tried to link to the story, but you’ll have to take his name and google it your own darn selves.

  10. come someone tell me why embedded youtube vids don’t show up. i am using Mozilla Firefox up to date with all the plug ins. i click on the first link in this article and it links to an article with a youtube clip. it doesnt show up. youtube works just fine when i am on that site

  11. dhtroy

    Holy Cow! Those are the largest marshmallows I’ve ever seen!

    Now, we just need giant Graham Crackers, vast amounts of chocolate, probably a crane to lift it and a REALLY big fire.

  12. That is awesome! Made me smile, too. :-)

  13. AJ

    re: no. 2:

    Awwww… happy now

  14. I own a wheel with handles. Have had it for years. The only six-pack is in the fridge. No BS.

  15. Scott

    Ah I miss living in Burlington.

    You’ve got that right! 802 represent!

  16. Plutonium being from Pluto

    4. Ben Says:

    I found that second item offensive since I am against hay marriage.

    Classic! LOL. Winner of the thread already methinks. :-)

  17. stevesliva

    They’ve banned round hay bales here. The cows weren’t getting a square meal.

  18. Tim G

    Congratulations to the couple but those remind me of molars.

  19. Catbunny

    #1: My dad has that exact piece of exercise equipment. I have no idea where he got it from, but I’m fairly certain it was NOT from a TV ad. (Wouldn’t be surprised if it was at the Navy Exchange.)

    #2: Awwww! :)

  20. Pieter Kok

    #1 reminds me of Family Guy for some resaon.

  21. Was that a proposal to the Olympic swimmer, or a different Natalie Coughlin?

  22. That made me CRY.


  23. #2 was literally TOO cute.
    yeah, a romantic i’m not.
    hoo-rah for bitter cynicism ūüėÄ

  24. The wheel will not give you great abs unless you also burn enough calories to dramatically reduce the fat on your abdomen and/or have the right genetics for 6 pack abs.

    Since it was labeled honest advertising, I expected him to mention that somewhere in the commercial. Since he did not, I do not consider it honest advertising. If it is just a parody, and it is often impossible to tell without further examination (Creationists are just one example of this), then it is funny.

  25. Christina Viering
  26. Joey Joe Joe

    #1 was great. I want one.

    #2… meh. Am I the only honest one who is willing to say that I don’t really care? I mean, I’m sure they’re happy, and that’s great, but really… two people who I have have never met getting engaged doesn’t actually make *me* happy.

  27. Wow. I live in Underhill and I didn’t see the marriage haybales. How inattentive am I? It looks like it’s closer to Cambridge and I’m a bit farther North…

    Wished I’d seen it, it would have made me laugh.

    (I always like the wrapped haybales. They look like gigantic marshmallows)


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