20,000 Tweeps achieved!

By Phil Plait | September 1, 2009 10:34 am
20000 followers on Twitter!

I made it! 20,000 Twitter followers!

Thanks to everyone who joined up and/or decided they needed to hear even more of me, if only in 140 character form. I will endeavor to be even more banal and describe my breakfast more often.

And of course — as promised — I have donated $200 to the James Randi Educational Foundation. If you want to join me and give money to this worthy organization (full disclosure: I’m the President, but it is a good cause) then go to the JREF donation page, or if you’re on Twitter and have a PayPal account you can use Twitpay. Just sign up for the service (it only takes a couple of minutes) and send a Tweet that says @JREF twitpay $50 (you can add a note to the end like "because Phil made 20k tweeps") and the process will start up automatically.

Thanks to everyone who followed and to those who donated. It’s much appreciated, and you can know your money is going to help fight the forces of nonsense that are forever storming our gates.

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Comments (7)

  1. Rory Kent


    On a more serious note, congratulations on your achievement!

  2. Sili

    Sorry – my new gig is pretty temporary, and doesn’t pay that anyway.

    Anyway, I gave at the office (/the Blogathon).

  3. I think “tweep” is what birds call a yiff. Which explains why Phil has been so busy, I suppose.

  4. Cindy


    I guess you missed the article in last week’s NY Times that said teenagers were not using Twitter. I asked the teenager who was babysitting my daughter if she used Twitter and she said “Ohmigod, no”. She only used it to follow celebrities. She laughed and said it would be silly for her to use it and basically it would be “I’m going to the bathroom now”.

    You’re a dear old friend, but I find that I waste enough time following your blog.

  5. She only used it to follow celebrities.

    So…she’s not using Twitter, except when she’s using it?

  6. eddie

    Hmmm, didn’t think you’d reach that milestone until 2012 when, you know, the world ends and stuff…

  7. Ivan

    Achievement Unlocked!



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