I'm a Geek Dad

By Phil Plait | September 14, 2009 12:30 pm

I’m a dad, and a geek, so it makes sense that I was interviewed by the Wired.com GeekDad folks, specifically Jenny Williams and Alan Eliasen. It’s not the usual interview, in that it has more specific stories like my behind-the-scenes adventures at Comic Con. Also, I need to learn to use punctuation when I speak.

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That was a fun afternoon. The weather in Boulder was nice, so we sat outside on the Pearl Street mall and chatted while eating pizza, then got gelato at my favorite candy store. I could use more afternoons like that!

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  1. Chip

    Pearl Street mall – I’ve been there. Except when I was there it was at night in winter time and co-co-oo-lll-dd. But fun. Great local bookstore – great sushi place too. Thanks for the ComicCon insights.

  2. Phillip M

    Great interview. The comments are hitting you pretty hard for your statement about home school. I totally agree with you about home school. From my experience (which is not a large sample size, about 30 families) with home school most are close minded religious zealots that do not teach science or critical thinking skills.

  3. Jenny Williams

    Sorry, Phil. Perhaps I should have edited more out. But perhaps more homeschoolers will seek out critical thinking curriculum now? Sure, there are plenty of us that care about that kind of thing, but I’ve known plenty that haven’t, too.

  4. JHGRedekop

    Victor Borge worked out a system for using punctuation when you speak. Perhaps you can make use of it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lF4qii8S3gw

  5. Hao

    You mentioned in the interview that you can’t see the ring nebula directly, but that it pops into view if you look away – I assume that’s because of the absence of s-cones in the fovea of the eye?

    [EDIT] Actually, it’s probably because of the lack of rods in the fovea of the eye – lack of s-cones would just mean that it’d register as a different color – but if it’s faint enough that only the rods pick it up, that would explain why it would disappear if you looked directly at it.

  6. cletus

    Punctuation? When you speak? You mean like Victor Borge?

  7. Heh heh,
    “so if you go to Australia, even looking at a map of Australia, will kill you.”

  8. I bet I know where you got the pizza! ūüėČ


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