Target… of DEATH

By Phil Plait | September 14, 2009 2:02 pm

My book, Death from the Skies!, is of course the best book you’ll ever read in any genre of all time. That goes without saying (at least, in my mind it does). So of course I want to see it selling as widely as possible…

Target logo

But somehow, seeing a book about the ways the Universe can destroy the Earth coupled with a logo like this one, well, it’s more disturbing to me than maybe it should be.

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  1. John Keller

    And you can get it gift wrapped.

  2. Perhaps with so many Target stores around, the asteroids’ targeting systems will become confused by all the bulls-eyes and bypass the planet altogether.


    You wrote a book?


    P.S. It’s Monday, so I’m a bit slow on the draw in pulling that gag!

  4. You wrote a book?

    Edit: Darn! Ivan just barely beat me to it!

  5. Death from the Skies!, is of course the best book you’ll ever read in any genre of all time.

    Are you sure? I heard about this other book, Bad Astronomy, that’s supposed to be pretty decent, itself. But it is by a rather obscure author.

  6. I got it the other day. Buggered up my back so, at least, now I have time to read it. So far it’s a real cool read, GJ Dr. Phil.

  7. inertially guided

    I guess the next world-destroying GRB will be on-Target, eh?

  8. Alareth

    Can I get one with a reprinted autograph?

  9. Martin

    I read the Kindle version just this week. I think you are missing a bet in your promotions. Clearly you win the prize for the book with the Greatest Dynamic Range ever. I think it was 10 **-41 seconds to 10**1000 years, something like that. Makes you want to use the word logarithm!

    Which reminds me: the Kindle edition eliminates the minus sign from exponents, so 10**-41 comes out 10**41. Oh well, what’s 80+ orders of magnitude in the bigger scheme of things?

  10. vanderleun

    Is it called Death from the Skies because Death from Above was taken?


    @ Todd W. (#4),

    As they say at the (horse) race track, you got beaten by a nose! :-)

  12. NewEnglandBob

    Aha! In the sidebar:

    Ads by Google

    Get Your Book Published
    Professional Editing, Marketing & Publishing. Get A Free Guide Now!

    So that’s how you got it published! unh-huh! :)

  13. Josh

    I’m halfway through it right now and having a blast (no pun intended). Great work!

  14. Kevin F.

    I’m finally reading Death, Phil. I’m on page 209 (You know, the page with all the words on it? :) ). Outside of wishing the wanton destruction parts were longer, it’s a satisfying read so far.

  15. BigBadSis

    These posts are all fine and good, but what we all really want to know is — DID YOU GET A TATTOO TODAY??? Did it hurt?

  16. Michel Booth

    I’m sure “Death from the Skies” will in future find it’s way into the halls of the classics and be found among other titles like “A Brief History of Time”, “Dante’s Inferno”, “The Book of Revelation” and let’s not forget “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”.

  17. I thought the target logo was the tatt?

  18. Already have the book, but I’ll be looking for it the next time I shop there. Awesome

    Good to hear it’s on time for the holiday season.

  19. Algo2

    You basically said your book was better than Randi’s books. And you work for his organization! Also Neil deGrasse Tyson beat you on the whole “death from the universe” book. Your stuff is great, but it’s not original or better than Randi.

  20. Levi in NY

    Hmm, the logo for this blog (i.e. the little icon that appears next to the link on my bookmarks toolbar) looks an awful lot like the Target logo, just in orange instead of red.

    Speaking of circular and extraterrestrial things, has everybody seen the Google doodle for today? Click it and prepare for much amusement at the links you follow.

    But at least the Skeptic’s Dictionary shows up on the first page! And the Wikipedia article at least does a halfway decent job of presenting the skeptical position (then lets some woo claims go uncontradicted in the interests of “neutrality” of course!)

  21. Listening to you on tv while twittering. Maybe paranoia is just random skeptacism.

  22. robrobb

    I’m in the middle of Death right now. I actually reached the section on GRBs the same day you posted the spectra from Eta Carinae, which I considered terribly cool.

    Well done.

  23. Charles J. Slavis, Jr.

    Do you feel like your book might be in the right place at the wrong time?

  24. Charles J. Slavis, Jr.

    I’m just glad that they don’t sell military uniforms.

  25. Charlie Foxtrot

    Just got my confirmation from Amazon last night that my copy of DftS! is on its way to my humble abode in the Antipodes! I’m soooo excited – really looking forward to reading it on the train to and from work :)

  26. Lisa

    While on the way home from AZ, we stopped in a little town called Weatherford in OK. One of the Apollo astronauts is from there and they have a very nice space museum named after him. They have a resource center which consists of two very small book cases. On one of them was a very interesting book called Death from the Skies…ever heard of it?


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