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By Phil Plait | September 19, 2009 3:00 pm

What’s this? A rational, coherent, readable and even funny article that’s pro-vaccination in Time magazine which earlier this year gave Jenny McCarthy pretty much a free pass with her dangerous antivax nonsense?

Well, they do sometimes show brilliant bursts of good taste.

Tip o’ the needle to MsJG on Twitter.

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  1. bigjohn756


    I’ll bet Ebola does prevent wrinkles. Sufferers of Ebola don’t live long enough to get wrinkles.

  2. Hmmm… There’s also not a single cephalopod on that list…!

  3. MadScientist

    [OT] Speaking of about time … the Planck observatory is up and running (well, all set for scientific work that is). I hope everything’s going well with Herschel.

  4. Zyggy

    Jenny McCarthy is the anti-…


  5. Zyggy

    BTW great quote:

    “…Plait is a voice of reason amidst the nonsense of non-science.”

  6. sophia8

    Feder really sees the good side of life-threatening diseases. I bet she believes Ebola cures wrinkles. Every time I read some closed-mind anti-vaxxer spewing out this “but getting these diseases are GOOD for children!” crap I wish that my grandmother was still alive, so that I could record her talking about how she watched two of her children die from these lovely infections.
    It’s too late for me, but could I suggest that those of you who have elderly relatives who can remember what it was like pre-vaccination, get them on record talking about it, while they’re still around? It could be the best education method for wavering parents.

  7. Keith

    I’m glad Mr. Stein did the right thing and had his child vaccinated. However, he made the mistake of marrying a complete and total freakin’ moron who apparently will believe anyone anything tells her.

  8. Mike

    Strange article..

    “I believe in evolution not because I’ve read Darwin but because everyone I know thinks it’s true. When presented with doubts, I don’t search for detailed information from my side. I go with the consensus of mainstream media, academia and the government. Not because they’re always right but because they’re right far more often than not, and I have a TiVo to watch.”

    *shrug* At least he got his kid vaccinated.

  9. Trebuchet

    I had this figured for a Joel Stein piece before I even looked at it. If you’re not familiar, he’s first and foremost a humorist so you have to take pretty much everything he writes with a grain of salt. He had a similar article a couple of months ago about a disagreement with his wife over whether to have the kid circumcised. He was against it. He lost.

  10. nedlum

    This was the back-page essay in the same issue as the puff-piece on Glen Beck. I found myself reading it and wishing they’d gotten Joel Stein to do the cover instead. It might have been a bit more cutting then what we got instead.


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