Tat two

By Phil Plait | October 15, 2009 3:00 pm

As regular readers may recall, I made a bet with Hive Overmind Discover Magazine CEO Henry Donahue that if we hit a target number of page views to both the BA Blog and the DM site, we’d both get tattoos. I can’t reveal mine just yet, but here is a picture of Henry’s: it’s a Celtic salmon, and I must say it’s quite nice. I particularly like the waves over the fish.

The reason I can’t reveal mine is that I had it done as part of the TV show L.A. Ink, and I can’t post pictures or talk about the design until after the show airs. But don’t worry, I’ll post the whole painful (literally) story right here once I can.

Congrats to Henry for such a handsome ink job! I can’t wait until we meet up again, and we can compare tats in person. That’ll be a fun pic for the blog.


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  1. Christina Viering
  2. No way, you’re going to be on LA Ink, that’s awesome…Do you know when it will air? Hopefully you got a chance to plug the JREF and Bad Astronomy!

  3. Nuke3d

    That’s pretty retarded :)

  4. Donnie B.

    You can’t fool me. That’s no tat, it’s a satellite photo of sand dunes on Mars.

  5. brett g

    Hopefully it will be airing soon!

  6. I like that tat! Both of mine are Celtic designs. My next one, should I get another one, will incorporate both my love of science and Celtic art.

    I can’t wait to see your tat Phil!

  7. Damn, Donnie B. won! Just what I was going to say.

    So, can you tell the story about how you ended up on L.A. Ink then?

  8. ttrygve

    Can’t you at least tell us when your episode will air so we can watch it? C’mon, quit being so coy about it!

  9. Sili

    Pity you already got it. Those sandunes woulda made for an awesome tat.

  10. Markle

    You’ve got an NDA on your tattoo? That’s just weird. Seriously. You’ve got a lawyer telling you that they own the rights to 10 square inches of your body. What a strange, strange world we live in.

  11. Hmmm, I wonder is Henry Donahue has any thumb-sucking issues?

    (Obscure Irish folklore reference. Or not-so-obscure, if you’re familiar with the story.)

  12. Phil, you tease! I thought that was yours for a sec.

  13. Gary

    My favorite tattoo is the one someone has near their naughty bits that says: “If you can read this, thank you”

  14. Guysmiley

    I thought that show already had it’s season finale? Something about some failed reality show bimbo getting in trouble for something.

  15. While I love that tat, I also used to love the one on my shoulder. Not so much anymore. I hope you seriously considered the meaning and relevance to your life of the tat you chose. That said, can’t wait to see it.

  16. Guysmiley: Yeah I think it did air the season finale which would mean the Phil’s episode probably won’t air until next season. Could be a while to wait.

  17. Kyle

    Sorry Phil but you need to tell Henry those aren’t waves, anyone can tell PZ paid them off or they worship our cephalopod masters. That top “wave” is clearly a octopod laying in wait to attack the salmon. Hopefully PZ didn’t get some propaganda incorporated in your tat-too 😉

  18. Kevin

    I saw the season finale of LA Ink, and at the end they said the new season starts in February 2010. So we’ve got months to wait.

    Unless… someone can grab a cell phone image of Phil when he’s at the gym…. :)

    (insert evil laugh)

  19. Zyggy

    I enjoy that show. I look forward to hearing when you are on.

    Are you allowed to tell us who did it? Personally I would love to get my tattoo from Kat or Corey. It would be worth the trip, they are both amazing artists.

  20. That’s a great looking piece! I was wondering if you’d say you couldn’t show it because it’s still being worked on…which means a big piece. 😉 Look forward to seeing it still, cheers!

  21. Floyd

    Though I’ve got an amazingly Irish surname, I see no reason to ever get a tattoo (Irish or not) on my bod–anywhere. I don’t like needles or pain, except for legitimate medical reasons like immunizations.

  22. 21. Floyd Says:
    Though I’ve got an amazingly Irish surname, I see no reason to ever get a tattoo (Irish or not) on my bod–anywhere. I don’t like needles or pain, except for legitimate medical reasons like immunizations.

    For some weird reason, this brought a question to me
    /topic OFF
    Do anti-vaxxers get tatoos or piercings? T’would be greatly ironic.
    /topic ON


  23. DrFlimmer

    That’s supposed to be waves over the fish? It seems more like tentacles, or an abstraction of the flying spaghetti monster.

  24. Lars

    Bummer. I’d really like to see Your Badness on the TV screen, but I’m too fond of my brain cells to take the chance of watching L.A. Ink. Whet ehr thes werld ceming teh?

  25. Ray

    A Celtic tat? Is Donahue Celtic?

  26. Having seeing your tattoo Phil, I gotta say it’s definitely better than Henry’s! 😀

  27. Alan

    Fantastic! I come from a little place called Laxey on the Isle of Man (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laxey) and the local icon is a leaping salmon. Laxey (or Laksaa) is Manx for Salmon river.

    Great tat!

  28. #11 Harold – good call on the Celtic Salmon of Knowledge myth.

    Everybody else – I too have seen Phil’s ink and agree that it’s much better than mine. Whenever the episode airs, people aren’t going to be disappointed.

  29. angusmcpresley

    Please. If Phil didn’t get a Dalek, I’ll get a tattoo myself.


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