The Big-E Bang Theory

By Phil Plait | October 15, 2009 5:37 pm

What happens when you take two of my favorite things in the whole world and put them together?

Why, you get my mancrush Wil Wheaton on The Big Bang Theory! Here’s the promo from CBS.

The episode airs Monday, October 19. Squeee!

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Comments (42)

  1. Colin J

    Damn copyright restrictions outside of US! Can’t see it yet!

  2. Giles

    « This video is not available in your country due to copyright restrictions. » CBS thinks I’ll steal their video ?

  3. Wendy


    (I, too, cannot watch this due to copyright restrictions.)

  4. Arrrrrgh! Also.

    International copyright law equity anyone?

  5. NewEnglandBob

    That IS one funny show.

  6. Michael Kingsford Gray

    Aussies are blocked from watching it.
    Is it out on DVD?

  7. MartinC

    What? CBS only wants to promote their show in the US? So even though it’ll be broadcasting in Canada the same time and day… Can we reform copyright to make a little more sense please?

  8. J

    Just go to and search for The Creepy Candy Coating, you’ll find a version friendly to non US peeps.

    Yay Will Wheaton!

  9. @Michael
    Let’s just say some Aussies are up to date with their BBT viewing.

    OT: When I first heard of the P&T show BS a few years ago I went to the Showtime web site to get more info. I should say I tried to go to the web site. Showtime block their whole web site to us durn furreners.

  10. OMG! Wil is SO slyly subversive – how many people know the name of the little creature on his T-Shirt? LOL!!!

  11. Adrian Lopez

    Can’t see it either due to copyright/territorial restrictions.

    When will content producers learn the Internet is at its best when it’s treated as the global medium it really is? Leave it to network executives (and their lawyers) to stick to old ways in a brave new world that promises so much more to those who understand it.

  12. Ian

    Here’s a version for those of us outside the USA:

  13. I'd rather be fishin'

    I’m one of those darn furreners. Stop telling me that it’s funny. I’m not listening, I’m NOT listening, I’M NOT LISTENING!


    SUCCESS! I reside in London, UK, and I managed to get around the restriction; this is how:

    Firstly, right-click on the “Here’s the promo from CBS” link above and select “Copy link location” (Firefox) or “Copy shortcut” (IE 8 ); secondly, log-on to “Hide My Ass!” and paste the URL link into the “Free Proxy” box, then hit the “Hide My Ass!” button. That should work; it did for me!


  15. PJE

    Ditto for the stupid copyright issues. It’s a promo on the internet…what could possibly need copyrighting about a 21 second promo??? Is this CBS’ fault or something else?


  16. Just me

    Argh. I’m another one of the legion who cannot watch the promo. Stupid copyright!

    Anyway, I love The Big Bang Theory, and was wondering when Wil Wheaton would make his appearance. I’ll probably have to wait til next year to catch it in my part of the universe. Sigh.

  17. Just me

    BTW. I tried the “Hide My Ass!” trick and it worked! Thanks Ivan!

  18. wildride

    Copy the url and go to Paste the url in the form and get it that way. Worked for me.

  19. Hmmmm… seems there are a couple of ‘hacks’ for them there unamericans.



  20. Melanie

    Cant watch promo – wont watch show!

  21. As a Canadian, I can’t watch this! Screw health care reform in the States… the President needs to take action on this issue, of not being able to watch YouTube and Hulu clips outside of the US NOW!!!!

  22. OMG! Wil is SO slyly subversive – how many people know the name of the little creature on his T-Shirt? LOL!!!

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who caught that. Very good choice of t-shirts, Master Wil.

  23. Damon

    Nope. Wheaton is kind of a dick. He gives fanboyism a bad name and he almost ruined the newer Star Trek movies. Pass.

  24. Ray

    Why? Oh, why Wil Wheaton? No surer sign that BBT is jumping the shark.

  25. murdocha

    Whil Wheaton?

    Yep, another Canadian prevented by CBS from stealing your signal. Luckily, some people on Youtube have skills:
    You knew it was just a matter of time, right?

    Whil Wheaton?

  26. Sticks


    Why can you not embed a YouTube video version that is not blocked outside the US?

  27. Ken

    For those outside the US – don’t feel bad.
    Most folks living in the USA hardly ever get to see anything from BBC (whether British or Aussie), let alone other companies. It’s not just us :(

  28. Al C

    Use a US proxy server to view: port 3128

    Worked for me.

  29. doofus

    Now that they’ve moved it to 9:30, I’ve missed every episode this season.

    I can’t stand to watch any of 2.5 men, which comes on right before, so it’s difficult to remember to turn it on just in time.

    Move it back to 8:00 and I’ll have a fighting chance.

  30. kevbo

    Hmm. Worked for me over one the best coast of Canada…

  31. Steve

    I’m glad some other people recognized Wil’s tshirt.

    At a quick glance, I thought it was the Reddit alien but then really started laughing once I realized it. Hopefully they’ll work in a plug for Penny Arcade.

  32. Scott

    Yes, the good old Fruit….Lover…

  33. Wil seems decent enough, but I lost interest in his blog a few years back when it became so focused on cigars and poker. I still enjoy seeing his writing around the internet, though.

  34. Oh, I gotta wonder what I said in my comment about Wil’s blog that put it in the moderation queue.

  35. Gavin Flower

    The video is not available in your country due to copyright restrictions.

  36. @Nekkid Bunny
    I wrote a one word guess at what put you into the mod queue and my post disappeared. It is the word for that card game you mentioned.

    Edit: it has come back now and is in moderation.

  37. Peter B

    I enjoy the show, but I have this nagging concern about the character of Sheldon – I understand his behaviour is typical of someone with Asperger Syndrome. If so, is that a reasonable basis for humour? It’s not as though people with Asperger’s have any choice in the matter, so making fun of it would be as unreasonable as making fun of someone with any other characteristic they were born with. Like, say, skin colour…

  38. Allan

    Well Peter, then there would be little humour around. Think of the shows that focus on short people, bald people, geeks, tall people, stupid people, redneck people, old people, young people, english people, non-english people….. well, you get the drift. If done in a tasteful way and doesnt cross the line into abuse (always tricky for a comedian) then anything is a fair target.


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