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By Phil Plait | October 21, 2009 2:24 pm

tardis_homeI’m not in the house market right now, but if I were, I might be interested in this timeless home in Canada (you can go to the original listing as well). I wonder what they use as the number of square feet. ∞?

Tip o’ the sonic screwdriver to BABloggee Patrick.

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  1. Scott

    I could stand to have our apartment be bigger on the inside.

  2. Wibbly wobbly timey wimey house!

    Love the kitchen, too.

  3. My wife said no. :( And I so wanted that house too (or the medieval castle that we saw…) She’s just so darn practical

  4. Doc

    The listing says that the “telephone booth with electronics” can stay if the buyer wants them!

  5. Neat. A buddy of mine is building a TARDIS in his back yard as a tool shed.

  6. Ken Youngstrom

    A TARDIS and universal health care for $236K (CDN)? Such a deal!

  7. Is the house bigger on the inside than the outside?

  8. As some may know here, I’m more of a Battlestar man, but, I must say, I’d grab this house in a nano second! Although I wonder if the sale price included the Dalek and TARDIS?!

  9. Eric TF Bat

    I’d like to build a TARDIS-shaped shed in my back yard. It would be nestled up against a tall L-shaped hedge, but then I’d cut away the portion of the hedge hidden behind the “shed” and build the entire inside of the TARDIS control room inside the hedge. So you’d see just a blue box and some shrubbery, but when you opened the door it would really look like it was bigger on the inside. That would be fun…

  10. I'd rather be fishin'

    @Ken “A TARDIS and universal health care for $236K (CDN)? Such a deal!”

    At the rate the loonie is climbing against the greenback, that won’t be such a good price.

  11. Ausduck

    What? No cybermen in the garden????

    (my hubby is rolling his eyes on this one… it’s so hard when he doesn’t embrace his inner geek lol)

  12. gar

    “I’m a Time Lord, not a painter and decorator!” – The Doctor (4), “Invasion of Time”

  13. captain swoop

    If anyone wants a Tardis or a Dalek, or a Cyberman suit or a K-9 or an ‘Angel’ rom the New Doctor ‘Blink’ episode then this is the company to provide them. All Licensed.


  14. Robert Carnegie

    Re backyard TARDIS and fake shed, I’m thinking about that kid who was abducted and kept as a sex slave all those years… the yard was bigger on the inside than it looked…

    More optimistically, is it possible to paint a trompe-l’oeil TARDIS in a corner of a room so that it looks cool but doesn’t take up space?

    Or is it better to go with a Stargate? With some kind of disco light carefully aimed at it…

    Or… a big plasma TV is just crying out to have a starship bridge built around it.

    Maybe have your bedroom done like Carl Sagan’s command bridge in _Cosmos_.

  15. PhilB

    Apparently, “Ability to travel through Time and Space”, wasn’t a valid selection in the realtor’s “Extra Features” list.

  16. Gadfly

    Robert Carnegie — you could do the trompe-l’oeil but if you’re going to go to that much trouble — and you have the talent — why not paint the TARDIS so it incorpoates a door? That way the room behind the door could be done up as the TARDIS interior.

  17. Kim

    Hey, the reflections and flare in the picture could be thought to be ghosts. Someone better snap up the house before people find out there are ghosts in there.


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