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By Phil Plait | October 22, 2009 1:00 pm

audreyiiThe Hive Overmind has been fiddling with the site, and I must say they’ve improved things around here!

For one, all our blog feeds are now being handled by Feedburner. Using feeds is actually pretty easy; think of it like a magazine you subscribe to that gets sent to your house. When a blog like mine is updated with a new post, the feed is updated, and if you subscribe to the feed you get the new post sent to you. I use Google Reader to keep up with blogs, for example. It keeps track of all my feeds so I don’t have to.

For another, the Discover Magazine website is now mobile phone friendly. I checked it out with my internationally-ridiculed pink iPhone and the site looked great. If you have a mobile device, just go to DiscoverMagazine.com and you should be redirected to the mobile site.

And just a note… there are social network buttons on every post here, just below the blog post title: Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon and so on. I would love it long time if, when you like a post, you were to vote it up or Digg it or whatever. It gets the word out to others, and allows me to eat and pay my utility bills, something I’m fond of being able to do.

Oh– you can follow me on Twitter, too. I tweet about all sorts of things, not just astronomy and skepticism, including most recently (and not necessarily in a related way) toilet paper, my tattoo, and Wil Wheaton.

And while I’m at it, please read my commenting policy, mmkay? I have noticed an uptick in people violating my one simple rule.

Thus ends our occasional BABlog notice. Thanks, and don’t forget to wash your hands.

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Comments (25)

  1. I’d follow you more if that restraining order didn’t forbid it… :(

  2. Why in the Universe do you have a pink iPhone??? I think it is about to become nationally ridiculed!

    **Goes to wash hands**

  3. Charlie Young

    Are you calling your workplace a “Little Shop of Horrors”?

  4. Gary

    I like the pink iPhone. I have a pink sleeping bag myself.

  5. @Larian, I have a bunch of web cams placed throughout the BA’s house and the images are sent through his wi-fi router. It was pretty easy since he is not home much.

  6. Davidlpf, I think the ones I put there were too obvious. May I piggyback on your feeds?

    Okay, now I’m starting to feel silly. Well, at least I don’t have a pink iPhone… Wait, I don’t even have an iPhone, just this lousy crackberry…

  7. I don’t even a crackberry, just a regular cell phone.


    I also have just a basic mobile (cell) phone, and I hardly use the bloody thing. Why is it that some most people seem to have an urge to use their friggin’ mobile phone in public? Who the hell are they calling… their stockbroker(!)?

  9. Oh, the crackberry was a “gift” from my employer. I think this way they can reach out to me anytime…

    I’m usually just playing brick breaker…


    Larian LeQuella:

    Oh, the crackberry was a “gift” from my employer. I think this way they can reach out to me anytime…

    Maybe they just want to keep a track on you? 😉

  11. @IVAN3MAN at least it is not pink.

  12. DaveS

    I have a motorcycle that I’ve been riding since 1990. I have done all my own maintenance and repair on the old girl over the years. Early on, it seemed that every time I worked on her, I’d rap my knuckles or nick myself on a sharp bit, evoking single syllable words, until finally I understood. The day of epiphany I named her “Audrey”, because it became obvious that she wouldn’t run right until she got her drop of blood.

  13. IVAN3MAN, they do not need cell phones to track you down. The new H1N1 vaccine has rfid chips in it and the government made the H1N1 so people would need to get “vaccinated”. Also the vaccine has a chemical to make everyone have autism.

  14. The pink iPhone is pretty funny. I use Google Reader to subscribe to your blog and the others I read and a feed reader app on my Palm Pre so that I don’t go through withdrawal when I’m away from my computer. Cuz that wouldn’t be fun. But I don’t Twitter (or tweet…) so I won’t be following you there.

  15. Levi in NY

    I have a purple phone that everybody makes fun of. I don’t get it. Why should women get complete access to the color spectrum but we males are only supposed to use certain portions of it? That’s sexism. I like my purple phone, dammit, and no that doesn’t make me gay. Sexual orientation ≠ the frequency of light reflected by one’s cell phone.

  16. Let’s be fair. You don’t tweet about your tattoo, you TEASE about it. And no I’m not coining the word “twease.”


    @ #13. Davidlpf,

    OMG! The “govermint” are trying to turn us into bloody Borg drones! 😛

  18. Charlie Foxtrot

    Personally, I just think it’s sweet that I can read now both BA and Pharyngula on the train into work and home :)

  19. I’m just glad the blog site is faster. Maybe now I can read the other Discover blogs without frustration.(I’m not very patient). Being almost computer illiterate I don’t know how to do the Digg, etc. thing. Any instructions? After all, I am from the Pony Express era.

  20. gopher65

    Davidlpf #7 Says:
    I don’t even a crackberry, just a regular cell phone.

    And I don’t even have a regular cell phone…

  21. llewelly

    I don’t get it. What’s so embarrassing about having an iphone colored the breast-cancer-awareness color?

  22. StevoR

    @ 7. Davidlpf Says:

    I don’t even a crackberry, just a regular cell phone.

    I don’t have a mobile phone at all either. (Durnnit, gopher65 beat me to it.) Just a landline and a modem.

    How do you do the Digg thing again? How does that work?

    Finally on men with pink colour I’ll just note a number of Aussie cricketers (decidedly straight ones too) eg,. former opening batsman Matty Hayden & retired wicketkeeper Adam Gilchrist have adopted pink cricket bat handles and wicketkeeping gloves as a breast cancer fund raiser.

    Generally, I think the pink colour is getting less sex-stereotypical over time. That said, I wouldn’t be seen dead (or alive for that matter) wearing pink – unless there was a very good reason indeed to do so.
    Apart from anything else the colour just doesn’t suit me. (I think anyhow.)


    @ Molly (#19):

    Being almost computer illiterate I don’t know how to do the Digg, etc. thing. Any instructions? After all, I am from the Pony Express era.

    To join Digg, simply click on the “Digg” button above, which will direct you to the registration page; then choose a username, and a password; enter a valid e-mail address; enter your date of birth (don’t worry, you have the option not to have your age displayed 😉 ); finally, enter the “CAPTCHA” code and then click on button below the “I agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy” to submit.

    That’s it! After registration, you can then customize your profile to your requirements.

  24. w_nightshde

    Man, I am going to be singing that ALL DAY LONG.

  25. IVAN3MAN Thanks. I’m now a Digg member. Moving up in the world:)


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