Death metal from the Skies!

By Phil Plait | October 28, 2009 4:03 pm

drchaotica_dftsWhat we would do without Twitter? If not for that 140 character service, I never would have found out that Dr. Chaotica wrote and performed a song called "Death from the Skies!", based on what is considered by some (OK, just me) to be the finest book to come out in 2008 (and 2009 in paperback).

I’m more of an ABBA and Shostakovich guy, but I have to admit I found my toe tapping to this happy tune of death and destruction from space.

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  1. Bigfoot

    Phil, I recommend you record your next audio book in a quieter environment; that way you wouldn’t need to read so slowly …

  2. Greg in Austin

    You wrote a book?


  3. Yojimbo

    “ABBA and Shostakovich”?

    I would never have thought of putting an “and” between those two… though it is true that both use sounds.

  4. Thomas Siefert

    Du har skrevet en bog?

  5. Okay, it’s not They Might Be Giants, but not bad.


  6. Man if only that song’s genre were a tad different. It would so fit with my Geeky Pleasures radio show. It would be awesome to play Sagan ft Hawkings followed by Plait.

  7. Nivi

    Ha, I listen to both death metal and ABBA…incidently, there are some very good death metal bands from Scandinavia, including one from Sweden 😛

  8. bisounours

    absolutely awful, but still, nice to have a tribute 😉

  9. DemetriusOfPharos

    So, if I’m given to understand you correctly, you are saying that you penned a manuscript of some sort?

    Yes, someone beat me to the “You wrote a book?” line but what the heck, its still funny.

  10. I’m actually still not on Twitter. The format doesn’t appeal to me, plus some bastard’s already claimed my standard moniker. I hate that.

  11. Levi in NY

    If anybody is interested (and I assume if you’re reading this blog you are), here is the video of today’s Ares launch!

  12. Christina Viering

    Glad to hear there is someone else not using twitter.

  13. Papa Surf

    I think I’m gonna prefer the Hrabian version.

  14. TEO

    Phil, this is your theme song. You should start your public appearances by playing this song 😉

    Metal rules!!!

  15. PBS is running the series “Keeping Score” about famous composers. This week’s episode is Shostakovitch. It’s cool because my brother-in-law is the executive producer (he’s GM of the San Francisco Symphony). The production company, Inca, is the same guy who did “Connections” with James Burke and “Hal’s Legacy.”

    Keeping Score airs Thursday’s in the Bay Area. Hopefully you won’t have already missed it wherever you are.

    – Jack

  16. Phil, you are the most prolific Tweeter I have ever seen. Of all of the SMSs I got on my phone from Twitters I subbed to, half were from you, and I would get in the nieghborhood of hundreds per month.

  17. A real toe-tapper, that! Sheesh!

  18. Kevin

    ABBA and Shostakovich… intriguing combination there.

  19. Kevin F.

    What we would do without Twitter?

    I’m getting along just fine, thank you. :)

  20. “What we would do without Twitter?” So you’re saying, without Twitter, you never would have heard about this? Ever? I find that…unlikely. :-)

  21. Étienne


    This is good stuff!

    I’m not a death-metalhead, I listen mostly old 80’s thrash metal, but this thing is pretty cool!

    Ahm, yeah, if you could tell him to work his shredding a little bit, maybe it’s gonna be even better.

  22. It appears that I’m now famous on the internet.

    -Frozen Summers
    aka Dr Chaotica.

  23. Boris "Nomæd"

    As a proud metalhead, I must say that the song is really awful 😉
    Sounds like someone bored was having time with his guitar and microphone at home…

    But it’s nice to see that someone wrote a song based on the book!

  24. Flying sardines

    Same as I do now. 😉

    I don’t have twitter &, frankly, I’m have no intention of getting it.

    I waste too much time on utterly inconsequential stuff as it is. 😉

    @ 18 MarkH – I agree. There are lots of better ways to get news than twitter.

  25. Shostakovitch! Man alive, Phil! The right-wingers already think you’re a pinko-commie enough as it is! 😉

  26. Petrolonfire

    @20 Some Canadian Skeptic :

    Yeah, quick! Redress the balance – tell the world you’re a Wagner fan! 😉

    (Hmm .. the Jews here may not like that ‘un. Hitler’s fave composer, works banned in Israel & all. Oh well.)

    PS. Actually, I always figured you for a Gustav Holst fan. Ever heard The Planets suite? 😉

    PPS. Like what the right wingers “think” matters? Nah it doesn’t. 😛

  27. Petrolonfire

    @ 16. Kevin Says:

    ABBA and Shostakovich… intriguing combination there.

    I hate to tell you but I don’t think they ever have or ever will play together in combo somehow! 😉

  28. This is a reply to Jack Haggerty.

    Jack, you may like to know that the Keeping Score episodes are being streamed by PBS Video at Hopefully, the Shostakovich will be among them.

  29. TGAP Dad

    Re: Abba and Shostakovick

    I’ve got to applaud you for showing that kind of range. The analogous movie taste would be teeny-bopper (Twilight) and David Lynch films.

  30. 25. Petrolonfire Says: “I always figured you for a Gustav Holst fan. Ever heard The Planets suite?”

    Would it destroy your world view if I told you that Holst was a fan of astrology, not astronomy, and that he wrote “The Planets” according to their astrological “personalities”?

    – Jack

  31. 26. Petrolonfire Says: “@ 16. Kevin Says: ‘ABBA and Shostakovitch… intriguing combination there.’ I hate to tell you but I don’t think they ever have or ever will play together in combo somehow!”

    Depends on who the conductor is. The San Francisco Symphony and Metallica did a joint concert a few years ago that was sold out and got new crossover fans for both genres.

    – Jack

  32. 27. Angela Duryea Says: “Jack, you may like to know that the Keeping Score episodes are being streamed by PBS Video at Hopefully, the Shostakovitch will be among them.”

    Thank you. I’ve been watching them live (well, broadcast), and I usually get a copy of the DVD from my B-i-L as a Xmas present (it’s cool to have connections!).

    – Jack


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