Doctor Who news: Waters of Mars special airs November 15!

By Phil Plait | October 31, 2009 2:00 pm

The BBC has announced that the new Doctor Who special, Waters of Mars, will air on BBC One on Sunday, November 15!



You can get more info on the BBC’s DW site. I’ve been without my dose of the Doctor for far too long, so this is welcome news. Of course, I did get a little bit of a David Tennant booster shot recently, so that helped…

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  1. SyFy Wyre says:
    The next special, Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars airs on BBC AMERICA, Saturday December 19, 9:00pm ET/PT. It stars Tennant and British stage and screen actress Lindsay Duncan (Rome, Langford) as Adelaide, his cleverest and most strong-minded companion.


  2. Martin Watts

    In the UK we got a David Tennant/Doctor Who booster with this week’s episode of “The Sarah Jane Adventures”.

  3. I won’t get to see it until it comes out on DVD, sadly. We don’t get BBC America :-(

    And I’m not at all jealous that you got to meet David Tennant! Ok, yes I am. But I’ve met Joss Whedon twice and all but one of the cast of Firefly, so I can’t complain too much. Maybe.

  4. Alan

    Yay! Maybe this means I can finally get *last year’s* specials on a locally available channel some time soon.

  5. Is there some reason why British TV can’t announce its schedules more than two weeks in advance?

  6. Kimpatsu

    I see Martin Watts beat me to it, but The Doctor guest-starred in the latest episode of the Sarah Jane Adventures this week.

  7. Woof


    Sure hope it didn’t have MERCURY in it!

  8. IBY

    Ooh, we are close to the debut of series 5. I can’t wait to see what the 11th doctor holds in store. Although I have a reservation of Tennant’s final special because of Davies’ tendency of making every finale more epic than the last.

  9. Sabrina

    Hey, if you’ve been feeling Who-deprived, I hope you caught the latest story of The Sarah Jane Adventures, ‘The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith’, where David Tennant as the Doctor had a guest starring role.

  10. Gavin Flower

    Not available in your area.

    I live in New Zealand, and the BBC won’t let me watch ther DR. video…

  11. Yogzotot

    I am sure all Tennant fans were delighted to hear the that he all but confirmed this rumor: He will star in John Landis’ “Burke and Hare”, a black comedy about the infamous Scottish duo who provided cadavers to a physician in the 1800s, using “increasingly illegal methods”. Tennant is to play Hare, and Simon Pegg – Scotty 2.0 of Star Trek fame – will play Burke.

  12. mike burkhart

    I’m not a big Doctor Who fan but I do like it the only problem is its only shown on PBS ortheSCIFI chanel . I saw a book in a catalog about Doctor Who in Star Trek I’m looking for a copy of that (I love crossover storys)

  13. Gary Ansorge

    Ah, David Tennant. He is a fine actor. I’m hoping to catch him in whatever other work he does, besides the Doc.

    About celebrities. The first time I met Paul Kantnor, back in the late ’80s, about the only thing I had to say was, “Hack, Cough, lose lung,,,” Since we’d just shared a big blunt. Celebrities have to learn to roll with the worship. Most of those I’ve met or actually had the chance to get to know(like Donny Baldwin, drummer for the Jerry GArcia Band) were just like you and me,,,talented and occasionally a bit fraked up. You know. HUMAN!!! Doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate them.

    So, Phil, sorry to have missed your appearance in Atlanta this year. I was busy seeing my kids, relatives and friends in Calif at the time. Maybe next year???

    (Ooh, look, it’s PHIL FRAKING PLAIT. Cool!!!)

    GAry 7

  14. Martin Watts

    I’ve heard that “The Waters of Mars” is set in Bowie Base One. That brings up some associations that may lead to SPOILERS.

  15. Gebo

    I’m going to watch this tonight! (I live in Belgium, and we have BBC on cable!)

  16. kay

    is it true that waters of mars is rated a 12??? just wondering :p

  17. Martin Watts


    I’ve never seen a D***k behave like that before.

  18. Change your locale settings to UK english, then install the firefox for UK and then you can watch the show on the site.

    Otherwise there is always alt.binaries.drwho

    The episodes are usually posted about an hour after they air.

    The torrents usually will be posted same day as well.

  19. Saw it on BBC HD. Just love the hammed-up acting!

  20. Mac K.

    Worst Episode EVR!!1!!

  21. MB

    Found it on youtube. I think I’m convinced that this new Dr. Who has jumped the shark…


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