Mythbusters on Craig Ferguson

By Phil Plait | November 3, 2009 1:30 pm

Well, not literally, though that would be really amusing.

Jamie Hyneman and My Close Personal Friend Adam Savage™ were on the always-hilarious Late Night with Craig Ferguson show a little while back, and the video is on YouTube (note: somewhat NSFW dialogue):

Did you hear what Adam mentioned roughly six minutes in? The JREF! Woohoo! Adam is great about donating stuff from Mythbusters to the JREF so we can auction it off to raise money, and that particular gift was pretty special. Rarefied, you might say.

And, thanks to Greg Fish, I can add this:


Yer darn tootin’.

[Get it? Tootin’! Hahahaha!]

Image from ROFLRazzi.


Comments (29)

  1. Hey, I used that poster a couple days ago on my FB status too! Great minds and all, or just that it happened to be on ROFLRazzi that day?

  2. I farted when I watched this! Unfortunately, I did not capture it in plexi-glass!

  3. IBY

    The day Mythbusters end will be a sad day.

  4. Give the gift of flatus. I mean, why not, right? *guffaws*

  5. tacitus

    Since when is flatulence NSFW? Having shared an office at one time with a man with severe issue with the subject matter at hand, it can be an extremely pertinent topic for discussion in the workplace setting!

    I do like Craig Ferguson though, and not just because I used to live in Scotland :-)

  6. The episode addressing the moon landing should be required viewing for all the hoaxers. They might actually learn a thing or two about reality.

  7. I’m sorry, but that gift stinks!

  8. BJN

    Misspelled flatus on the “retention” device.

  9. Stephen M

    The interview would have been better if someone could have gotten Jamie to stop talking long enough for someone to get a word in edgewise. :-)

  10. Mike

    I like Mythbusters!

  11. Jeff

    Jamie and Adam are straight men: MYTH BUSTED! by Mr. Ferguson

  12. 11. Jeff Says: “Jamie and Adam are straight men: MYTH BUSTED! by Mr. Ferguson”

    So you’re saying their gay? That would explain some things.

    – Jaci

  13. Now if they wanted to make real money selling farts they should sell Kari’s.

    If a mythbuster farts in the woods and no film crew is there does anyone here it?

  14. Damon

    Are you kidding? These guys are dorks. As my room-mate puts it, “over-privileged nerds with degrees and money who like to blow stuff up for fun but pretend it’s for science.” I learn nothing that I would ever care about when watching their show. All I can think as I’m sitting there is: Why the ridiculous 10th-century Scot ensemble? Are they into playing dress-up too?

    You want to talk about anecdotal evidence, how about the way these guys come to “scientific conclusions” after only one or two tries under extremely controlled and specific conditions that fit snugly into 45 minutes plus commercials. Sometimes they even cheat. I also like the subtle racism portrayed through the cast selection. And that obnoxious chick with the stupid hair… This is entertainment? Getting wasted and drawing on the wall? This… this is science?


  15. idlemind

    Don’t feed the rather obvious troll @ #14, folks!

  16. I think #14 is already wasted.

  17. ESPECIALLY Congress!

  18. Your Mom

    I don’t watch Craig Ferguson because a year or two back he came out as a creationist. He did a bit in one of his monologues where he expressed his complete ignorance of the theory of evolution, he then went on to make fun of this straw man he had made and he looked quite pleased with himself after doing so.

    I just get mad when I see him now, which is a shame because I used to find him entertaining.

  19. I kind of wish he’d have let the guests actually talk for a while. Seems they were there as props for him.

    But on the other hand, it never occurred to me that I could make a living selling farts. I wonder how much they’ll net on eBay.

  20. @CafeenMan,

    I agree. Just when things began to look interesting Craig would interrupt them with a stupid joke. (Like the “myth of this studio being haunted by the ghost of comedy” bit.) I’m glad I don’t normally waste my time watching his show. (Jamie and Adam prevented it from being a waste of my time, but they were almost overwhelmed by Craig Ferguson.)

  21. Stephanie

    #18 Your Mom:

    I had to go research your claim when I saw it, because I am a big fan of Craig Ferguson.

    I really hope you aren’t referring to this monologue –

    This is quite obviously comedy and sarcasm. Everything I’ve seen about Craig is that he is agnostic.

  22. My only complaint is that it seems in recent years they’ve become much more dependent on explosions to make their show entertaining (moon hoax episode notwithstanding).

    Oh, and #14: check out

  23. Not to feed the troll or anything but: XKCD: Unscientific.

  24. Your Mom


    No, this was back during the whole Kansas school board thing, that much I remember, so it wouldn’t have been as recent as May 2009. He very clearly expressed his opinion that creation should be taught in school.

  25. Jack Mitcham

    Beat you by 13 minutes, kill. :-p

  26. 14. Damon Says: “As my room-mate puts it, ‘over-privileged nerds with degrees and money who like to blow stuff up for fun but pretend it’s for science.’ ”

    You’re just figuring this out now?

    “This… this is science?”

    No, it’s entertainment. The real value of MB is that they teach skepticism, that you shouldn’t accept things on face value just because they conform to your world view.

    – Jack

  27. Gary Ansorge


    Loved the video. Fun with all kinds of things. I especially liked the show where they tried to blow out a pressurized airliner cabin. Took five lbs of dynamite, as I recall. Bullets thru the window only poked a little hole. Cool!

    Gary 7

  28. Mary

    #18 Mom: I believe you must be mistaken. I would appreciate a date when Craig F. mentioned agreeing to this Creationism. To write someone off when there is evidence to the contrary is just dumb. If one thing I have learned, CF believes the strict division between Church and State. Hence the one of the reasons he became a citizen. Check out his autobiography.


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