The Universe Has Us in Its Crosshairs

By Phil Plait | November 6, 2009 8:00 am

Looking for something to do this weekend, and for the next month? Are you anywhere near New York City?

Then I am very pleased to let you know that a group of artists there have created an exhibit based on my book, Death from the Skies! The exhibit is hanging at the ABC No Rio site, and runs from now until November 25 (actually it started last week). The viewing times are Sundays 1:00 – 3:00pm and Wednesdays & Thursdays 4:00pm – 7:00pm.

This is very cool, and I am deeply honored they based their work on my book. I was contacted by artist Brian George about it some time ago. Just recently he sent me some snapshots, and I was totally blown away by this:


I recognized this poor sot right away, and if you’ve read the first few pages of the book you will too. He’s the first guy killed by the Universe, straight away in Chapter 1. But don’t fret too much about him: everyone dies in the book. Over and over again, even.

I love the shadows of the trees in that drawing. Read the book to find out why. <Mwuahahahaha!>

dfts_Kelly_GalaxiesThe artwork on display is eclectic and interesting, and if you’re into astronomy and mayhem you want to go! The artists include Michael Estabrook, Brian George, Jacob Hashimoto, HC Noel (who drew Mark, above), Kevin Pyle, Kelly Savage ("Galaxies" over there on the left), William Stamos, Es Muss Sein Quartet & B-Cat and C-Town.

There’s a Facebook group for the exhibit, too.

And as an aside, if you happen to be in NYC Friday November 6, why not pay my friend, the wonderful flame-haired chanteuse Marian Call, a visit at her east coast debut? Her voice and music are really good, and she sings about cool scifi stuff, and even has a song the title of which I suggested to her. She’s awesome.

Of course, if you’re not in NYC, but instead are in Florida, that’s OK, because then you can go to Carl Sagan Day on Saturday, November 7!

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Comments (10)

  1. I already bought the book, now you want me to read it? You’re such a taskmaster!

  2. Kevin

    You wrote a book?

    (Hah! I got to say it first!)

    Too bad I’m no where near NYC. I’d love to see that exhibit.

  3. BigBadSis

    This. Is. Awesome!!! I’m going!! Can’t wait. The hours of the exhibit are a little odd (not every day of the week and short hours), so check out the schedule if you travel to NYC to see it. Phil, have fun this weekend at Carl Sagan Day. Heard Mom is even driving down to hear your talk. Can you believe it??

  4. adrian


    I arrive in new york 2 days after the end of the eart— art exhibit.

  5. I’m not surprised they used your book as an inspiration for an art show – just disappointed I wasn’t asked to participate! I’m finishing the book right now and have been blown away (heh) by the mind-bending imagery in it.

    I am inspired in about a million directions by the scenarios Phil postulates. Micro black holes and burnt out universes are the rare elements of science that only our imaginations can take us to. I will be sad at the book’s end. Might have to just start it over again.

  6. Hey Phil! Thanks so much for the plug! I took installation shots last night, so pics are coming soon.
    The opening was fantastic. Lots of folks showed up. And (my dream come true) I got to talk science with art folk (sooooo rare).

    @ artbot: I would love to have included you in the show, however I just became aware of your existence 30 seconds ago. Fear not though. I have ideas fr future art/sci collisions.

  7. I do not have BA’s email ddress, but I bet he cannot pass this one by….,28348,26229233-5014239,00.html

  8. IBY

    Not only did everyone die, everyone died in the most horrible, cruel, and torturous way possible. Mother nature is so cruel. :(

  9. [ivan3man]Poor sot or sod?[/ivan3man]

  10. 8. IBY Says:

    Not only did everyone die, everyone died in the most horrible, cruel, and torturous way possible. Mother nature is so cruel. :(

    They say she’s one mean mutha

    shut your mouth

    but I’m talking about Nature.



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