Carnival of Space #2^7

By Phil Plait | November 10, 2009 5:29 pm

The 128th Carnival of Space is online at AARTScope blog. It even comes with a quiz to see how well you scored on participating in the IYA 2009. My score? Astronomical.

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  1. Neal


    Just caught a major flaming fireball over Longmont (I live in the SE corner of town — Pike & Airport Roads). Maybe wasn’t astronomical, but saw two flaming pieces, separated by 5 – 10º in the sky, at roughly 30-40º altitude and roughly NNE (region between Polaris, Errai, and 50 Cas). Was moving very slowly. Piece to east (nearer 50 Cas) was plummetting straight down, piece closer to West was moving slowly (way off in the distance?) and remained burning for at least 20 seconds). Got my iPhone out to snap a photo, but couldn’t get it into movie mode quickly enough (one handed with stuff from work in the other hand).

    Don’t know where to go on the ‘net to report or look for reports. Thought of you first, since you’re a neighbor.


  2. Bruce

    I wonder if the increase in fireball and meteor sightings will be attributed to “Global Warming”?

  3. Neal

    I’m separated from my wife right now. She caught it as well. She claims that she saw something shoot up then split into many pieces then those pieces drifted back down to the earth. Some factual corrections to my original post: I went back outside to see which background stars it was in, and it was in the “bright” triangle of Camelopardalis, at just about 25 Alt and 25 Azimuth from where I live (the south West corner of Longmont, not SE as I said before). Crazy.

    Oh, and someone caught this YouTube video (which I’m sure puts this reply in for approval):

    From the comments (they were north of town) and from my/my wife’s vantage points it’s seeming like this thing fell right over Longmont, so within a couple of miles from where I live. Really crazy. I’ll come back with a link to anything else I find (tomorrow’s local paper seems likely).

  4. Neal

    Actually from one of the YouTube comments, someone guessed the folks who skydived into Invesco Field for the football game. That happened around 6pm the evening PRIOR, and down in Denver (30+ miles away, in the opposite direction from my vantage point).

    What I saw was NOT the space station, but they moved like it could’ve been skydivers trailing pyrotechnics. And it seemed to occur in the direction of the local airport, which is very active with skydivers when it’s not dark out.

  5. Neal

    It *was* skydivers, showing off for local media (repeating what they did the night before in Denver):


  6. Jack Mitcham

    No, Neal, the obvious answer is alien spacecraft descending to abduct rednecks and farm animals. :-p

    You know that’s how it will be interpreted by some people, and the news people are just part of the cover-up.

  7. Sili

    I wonder if the increase in fireball and meteor sightings will be attributed to “Global Warming”?

    Silly Bruce. Putting the cart before the horse.

    Fireball are the cause of global warming! It’s right there in the name!

    And the increase in fireballs is due to the extra galactic cosmic rays knocking the rocks out of their paths.

    Case closed! Now go burn some coal.

    (Dear denialists, can I have my cheque now, please?)


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