Congrats to Carl Zimmer!

By Phil Plait | November 10, 2009 3:00 pm

My fellow Hive Overmind blogger Carl Zimmer just won the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s Kavli Science Journalism Award for writing in large newspaper, specifically the New York Times.


Carl Zimmer won in the large newspaper category for a trio of articles he wrote for The New York Times on aspects of genetics and evolution. "I sometimes feel a little embarrassed that I like to write articles about the kinds of basic questions my kids ask me," Zimmer said. “For the three stories I submitted, the questions were, "What’s a virus?" "What’s a gene?" and "Why do fireflies flash?" I had a marvelous time talking with scientists about the complex answers to those simple questions, and now, thanks to this award, I don’t have to feel at all embarrassed.” Zimmer previously won in the online category in 2004.

And he shouldn’t be embarrassed, because it’s exactly those kinds of questions that should be written about! Engaging the public is what more scientists should do, and if they did it as well as Carl the world would be a better place.

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  1. You write a blog?
    Congrats Carl.
    Another edit I got first post over Larian and Ivan3man.

  2. Sorry, I was busy with writing a S.O.W. for the Engineering department. Curse work for getting in the way of slacking and stalking Dr. Plait…

    And it’s a repeat award of sorts. Very well done indeed! I just ran into a quote that seems relevant to Carl Zimme’s kids: “A certain percentage of children have the habit of thinking; one of the aims of education is to cure them of this habit.” — Bertrand Russell on problems with traditional educational methods. I hope his kids (and all the kids out there really) don’t ever stop thinking! You folks at “The Hive Overmind” help. Thank you.

  3. I read Parasite Rex recently and liked it enough to order all of his other books. He’s definitely a gifted writer.

    What I appreciated most was his need to look at the subject from every possible angle. I now know so much more about the etymology, social history, theology, evolution and biology of parasitism.

    The science alone is fascinating, but in bringing in the cultural interactions we learn so much more about ourselves. It is so tempting to look to nature for moral laws, and Parasite Rex shows you why that is dangerous.

  4. Monkey

    Long time blog reader of Carls, and just got my hands on a copy of Microcosm. I currently am living in Taiwan, so it was a shock to go to a book store and see his book, a whack of Dawkins’ books and….would you believe it….three years ago I found some book called Bad Astrology (*wink*) in the same store. It led to the Ba website, to discover Mag (online) and then on to Carls blog…

  5. PaleGreenPantsWithNobodyInsideThem

    I’d like to read those articles.

  6. Congratulations for your friend but if he doesn’t want to be embarrassed, please, please tell him not to mention this “Kavli” award to any greek speaking audience!


  7. the raders

    Just to say, dear Carl, how proud we are of you and your delightfully earthy writing! When is the next book coming out? love



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