By Phil Plait | November 16, 2009 10:00 am

I am the king of all nerds. There can be no other.

What else is a guy supposed to do after a big snowfall and while waiting for "Waters of Mars" to air here in the States? And of course TLA helped, sawing the snowballs in half and shaping the body.

And hmmmm. Dalek and dork both start and end with the same letters. Coincidence?

[More pictures are in my Flickr Snow Dalek set.]

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  1. Christine Pulliam

    Love it! No snow in Boston … yet. The longer it holds off, the happier I’ll be.

  2. Sven Magg

    Although I have to admire the geekiness of that picture, I spotted a rookie mistake: The plunger should be on the right!!! I never would have expected such a mistake from one such as you! *headshake* :)

  3. TGAP Dad

    Is that a blue laser pointer, or a poor man’s sonic screwdriver? Doesn’t matter – I want one!

  4. Jack Mitcham

    If you feel like acting like a minor pirate, Waters of Mars was posted to YouTube by several pirates last night. I watched it around midnight. DARK episode!

  5. Okay, that had me LOL IRL! Thanks for the laugh.

    No snow up here in NH either Christine (and I’m all the way up near Concord). I did see flurries back a while ago, but that was it. My duaghter is really looking forward to real snow though since we moved here from FL.

  6. TMB

    Love it! Does that make me a bad person?

  7. Stan9FOS

    I’ll see your “Fringe” hat, and raise you a “Slusho” ballcap, purchased during the runup to Cloverfield. JJA has come up with so many creative ways to siphon off our time & money – Slusho Zoom! Fresh for you!

  8. Brian Wood

    Hey Phil,

    Bill Maher has responded to his critics on Huffpo, you should check it out:

  9. John Keller

    I think your Dalek needs more balls – snowballs that is.

  10. “There can be no other.”

    No, no, no, it’s “There Can Be Only One! ” Some nerd you are!

  11. whatever happened to frosty?

  12. Douglas Troy

    If you were king of the nerds, you would have also constructed a Phone Booth. To scale.


  13. Aren’t the whisk and plunger backwards?

  14. JohnMorr

    Phil, wait until you see “The Waters of Mars” and note the radical alterations to the laws of physics affecting three of the major elements (water, air and fire). Probably something wrong with earth as well – might have missed it when I was hiding behind the sofa…

  15. Thomas Siefert

    Makes mine look rather lame…

  16. One raucous guffaw from this quarter 😀

  17. Ok, that’s just awesome Phil! Too funny. Thankfully, we haven’t gotten any snow here yet.

  18. skylyre

    That’s terrific for my lunch break! Sweet job BA and TLA :)

    I second that Christine. The less I have to shovel, the better.

    Tom- that is so adorable and looks like a greeting card.

  19. Meshakhad

    I laughed for about a minute straight. That was awesome. All hail King Phil I!

  20. Haha oh my, that is fantastic! I applaud your efforts. And that looks distinctly like a Sonic Screwdriver as well. And the flashlight and…are those shot glasses? Brilliant.

    I think, however, my favorite part of this post is the title. Just a little clever icing on the cake.

  21. Clark

    That may be the greatest thing ever created using snow. The Water of Mars is excellent by the way.

  22. Chip

    And here I thought I was Nerd King for forgoing sand castles and instead mimicking various types of lunar impact craters (including overlapping craters) at Fort Myers Beach, Florida three years ago. Dalek snowman beats that!

  23. David Buchner

    That is pretty gorram awesome. Nice job.

  24. The neighborhood dogs will certainly be surprised when they try to piddle on it.

  25. tssk tssk tssk, call yourself a Doctor Who fanatic? Why, you’ve only gone and attached the daleks gun and sucker arm on the wrong way round! Unforgivable. Quickly mirror the picture before you embarrass yourself further 😉

  26. I knew exactly what would be in this post based on the title. I win.

  27. Philip from Australia

    Isn’t it a bit short for a Dalek?

  28. Scott Romanowski

    You have too much free time Phil, if you can do that! I’ll echo Christine’s sentiment — the longer we go without snow here in Boston the better I like it. :)

  29. Stonez

    @ Phillip from Australia:
    You’re thinking of Stormtroopers. Maybe the white confused you.. /jk

    Great sculpture though Phil!

  30. Doug Little

    Where is K9? If you can do a darlek you can definitely do K9!

  31. mike burkhart

    How about the Tardis next? or the Cybermen ? and lets face it nerds rule the world because we have access to all the high tec. wile the jocks are bench pressing we’re on the computers .

  32. NerdBusters

    *shakes head*

    Thanks for the laugh Phil =)

  33. tacitus

    LOL at the photo.

    Bill Maher has responded to his critics on Huffpo, you should check it out:

    And a quick read of Maher’s article shows that he still doesn’t get it. Not even close. He believe that vaccines and antibiotics have the same risk of decreasing effectiveness through overuse — they don’t. He believes there is a vast undercurrent of doubt about vaccines in the medical community without any evidence save some stats about doctors not taking seasonal flu vaccines. So what? Many doctors smoke too, and I’ve only had two flu vaccines in the last 16 years, not because I think they’re dangerous, but merely through typical inertia and inattention.

    In fact, Maher’s article is chock full classic conspiracy theory/alt med rhetoric. He claims all he has are reasonable doubts, but there is little reasoning of any kind in his argument.

  34. Gothboy

    While I believe you are correct as to the positioning of the gun and “plunger”, in Phil’s defense, he is in the US … not the UK, so Daleks drive on the right side of the road … hence the switched apparati

  35. Awesome!
    I wish I could make one in my no-snowing country…

  36. Awesome! However, you lost me with the K-State sweatshirt. Rock, Chalk, Jawhawk!

  37. Oh man thats funny! I’ve had a crappy sort of day and that put a smile on my face. Thank you BA sir!

  38. Tom S

    Love your sweatshirt Phil! Go Cats! Wish they would have beaten Missouri this past weekend though.

  39. bryan

    I wish MY ears were made out of shotglasses….

  40. Huh. Well. You’re a real nerd. But wait until the first snow at my place… 😉

  41. Maria

    All hail King of the Nerds. Now I can’t wait for snow so I can make my very own Dalek!

  42. Fantastic. 😀 Makes me wish it snowed here so I could make one.

  43. Daniel J. Andrews

    King of the Nerds. There can be only one—so keep your eye open for anyone wielding a sword. :) [/Highlander reference]

    So that’s where all our snow has gone. Up here in middle of Ontario (Canada) we’re several degrees warmer than average for this time of the year (for the past week and for the coming week). Instead of sub-zero temperatures and snow we’re basking in 8-13 degree C weather at mid-day. It’s like a sunny fall. It’s wonderful.

  44. Adam English

    @ 5 Larian LeQuella

    I live near Concord, as well.

    @ Phil:

    Is that a toilet plunger? I don’t think the Doctor would have been very much afraid of them if they were armed with anti-clog devices.

  45. Donovan

    #1 attraction to a career in the sciences:

    Feel free to embrace your inner dork.

  46. Donovan

    Adam & Larian:

    Nuts! I’m a 4th generation Concord guy, but just moved to continue college (2-6 years depending on grad school). I felt so alone as a science geek and sci-fi dork up there. I plan to move back to NH, though. I’ll roll my D&D character and wait at the Barley House.

  47. PhilB

    That seriously made my Monday!! My inner dork will be smiling for a week.

    But if you’re creating Daleks, does that now mean that the Bad Astronomer has turned into Davros?

  48. I just have to say this is one of the most wonderful things I’ve ever seen. :)

  49. Syd

    I thought you were super cool before but now I know it. You are truly an inspiration for future generations. My pain at waiting for Waters of Mars has been made a little less traumatic thanks to your admirable effort.

  50. Wendy

    This is the most adorable thing ever.

  51. OK you got snow already. I really live in the wrong country. We have some flakes in January and Februari. Once in a lifetime there is enough snow to build a Tardis. A tiny one. And then it’s gone in a day without a trace. I guess that part works.

    How do you find time to construct H2O-Nanotech correct working Daleks, raise a family, write a blog, write books, travel, work and read this? You must be a Doctor.

  52. DLC

    Who is that fellow in the picture ?

  53. Woof

    Little known fact: TLA is a Three Letter Acronym.

  54. ausduck

    Impressive, BA, very impressive.


  55. Tim G

    Way to get your geek on!

    By the way, looking at the 1200 by 1299 original, I can see your two dogs watching through a window.

  56. Sarah

    You have made my day, and quite probably my week. You wont be disapointed by Waters of Mars either. 😀

  57. Nigel Depledge

    Woof (57) said:

    Little known fact: TLA is a Three Letter Acronym.

    Nearly right:

    TLA = Three Letter Abbreviation.

    An acronym is an abbreviation that forms a word (such as “laser” or “NASA””).

  58. Is that a K-State sweatshirt you’re wearing? Did you go there? Teach there?

  59. Redcoat

    Soo lucky to have snoooow. Then again, that much snow around here would paralyse the nation (again). And, being a Brit, I took the opportunity to watch Waters of Mars as screened at the weekend….And even with the science module of the brain placed on standby (or in fact unplugged altogether would be better) I have to say that it was incoherent gibberish from beginning to end – a slapdash, banal and trite script, only slightly redeemed by amusement derived from a classically whovian wobbly set, and the ever excellent David Tennant managing to salvage a decent performance from the wreckage. As had so often been the case it’s “thank you, Russell, for reanimating the franchise, but why oh why not make something less crappy out of it, because there is ample evidence elsewhere of how balanced, subtle, amusing, relevant, and entertaining imaginative TV can be.”

  60. Joanne Potter

    The Waters of Mars was brilliant! Love the dalek, by the way.

  61. Gamercow

    If this is determined a “sales pitch”, I’m sorry, but I believe Phil is wielding not just any blue pointer, but a sonic screwdriver replica. I’ve got one, and they’re neat.

  62. The Mad LOLScientist, FCD

    ZOMGZ ROFLmeow!1!!

  63. Woof

    Tim G (60):

    By the way, looking at the 1200 by 1299 original, I can see your two dogs watching through a window.

    That’s what this blog needs – More Bad Astronomy Dogs!
    Srsly, BA.

    Nigel Depledge (62):

    TLA = Three Letter Abbreviation.

    An acronym is an abbreviation that forms a word (such as “laser” or “NASA””).

    Oh, it’s ON!

  64. I heart this picture… may nerddom reign supreme.

  65. Madge

    Let’s see, Fringe hat, check.

    Sonic screwdriver, check.

    Dalek snowman, check.

    Yup, you’re a dork alright. No more than me anyway! =D

    Water of Mars is excellent, but if I may say now, go easy on it for the more than iffy science. It’s Doctor Who.

  66. 4. Jack Mitcham Says:

    If you feel like acting like a minor pirate, Waters of Mars was posted to YouTube by several pirates last night. I watched it around midnight. DARK episode!

    Saw it. Good thing FireFox doesn’t have any plug-ins that allow you to download.




  67. Kitty NicIaian

    Brilliant! I wish I had snow in the Bay Area so I could have a snow Dalek!

    Fortunately I have yarn. Which doesn’t melt. :)

  68. horseshoe


  69. thomas

    is it on a diet or something looks a bit enemic


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