Take Off! To the skeptic north! It's a beauty way to go.

By Phil Plait | November 18, 2009 2:00 pm

I’m a little late to the game here, but a new skeptic blog has started up called Skeptic North, chock full o’ Canadian rationality. It’s a group blog with skeptics participating from all over the Great White North.

They just posted a very good slamming of the nonsense that is naturopathy, and if they continue to post such thorough and straight-forward articles, they’ll be a great force for the side of good.


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    If Canada is the brains of North America, then Bible Belt Florida must be its dick-end!


  2. Then I do not want to know what Texas is.
    (Not all Texans are alike yadda, yadda.)

  3. No hoseheads allowed, eh! ;o)

  4. Gary Ansorge

    So Phil, how do you like living in the cold country? When we were living on a farm outside Great Falls, Montana(1975) my kids had some of their favorite memories formed. Some involved crawling thru snow tunnels in the accumulation near the barn. What I remember is wishing I had a snow mobile,,,

    There’s a two bedroom house for sale about a block from me. It’s only two bedrooms but it’s on a quarter acre lot and is selling for $ 28,900. Just a thought,,,

    At the rate the planet is heating up, Canada could well become THE winter vacation resort for North America. A great place to get a sun tan from long wave UV.

    GAry 7

  5. SinisterBill

    Two bowls of split-plea soup please!

    I must have watched that movie 20 times as a kid hosers.

  6. Paul M

    Thanks for the link.

    Some interesting chiropractic news in the Toronto Star: a UFC fighter has some intestinal issues, and his chiro is blaming the Canadian health care system.

    The reporting is lame, but the comments have been surprisingly anti woo. Alas too many of the comments are fueled by the typical anti-American rants than anything else.


  7. Canada may be Americas hat… but under that hat is one big brain!

  8. ‘North.. to Alaska’

    oops, too far!


  9. a tip of the hat to Steve Thoms should be noted as one of the key driving forces behind the blog

  10. Canada may be Americas hat… but under that hat is one big brain!
    Thank you, thank you. Please, it’s not JUST me, there are others…

  11. Philip

    Geddy Lee and and the McKenzie brothers in one reference? if only you had mentioned Max Webster the 80’s Canadian trifecta would be complete…

  12. mikekoz68

    Thanx for the memory flashback in the title. I bought the “Great White North” album on vinyl 24 years ago! I forgot about that Geddy Lee song but we will be hearing Bob&Doug’s 12 Days of Xmas on the radio soon!

  13. Nigel Depledge

    @ Philip (11) –
    Surely, the other members of the trifecta (?) are Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart, yes?

  14. Yow – right in my backyard! Er, not the trifecta, though Neil Peart’s dad owned a farm near where I grew up… No, I meant the blog! Just took a prime spot on my bookmark list! Er… Just beneath Bad Astronomy, of course.


    Seriously, I appreciate the heads-up about the naturopath stuff. Giving them the ability to issue real prescriptions is not getting a great deal of coverage here, despite the impact it will have. Too many local people are already turning to “alternative medicine” due to a doctor shortage and don’t (or refuse to) understand that what they are doing is far, far worse than doing… well, nothing. I have had fierce arguments with friends and loved ones who feel that naturopaths are a better option than walk-in clinics, and I am appalled at how much naturopaths have come to mimic the medical profession in both look and terminology in order to reinforce a facade of legitimacy.

    To their credit, it’s working because the most heavily populated and developed province in Canada is on the verge of giving these charlatans actual medical responsibilities. Worse, people will *thank* the government for broadening the prescription process to include people who lack the training to understand what these drugs do, let alone how they should be used.

    The article linked from this particular entry is not just slamming naturopathy. It includes the e-mail addresses of the health minister and premier of Ontario. Please write. Medicine needs legitimate medical professionals, not empowered fakes.

  15. Sarah P

    I sent off e-mails to my MPP, the minister responsible for this terrible provision, and the premier.

    This is a terrible way to deal with our shortage of family doctors. Hey, let’s make sick people even sicker by giving them the wrong medications! Yeah, that’ll work to reduce health care dollars…if they die at home.

    Stupidity is natural, but I don’t think we should promote it.

  16. Howzitgoin’ eh? Hello from a beautiful Winnipeg morning at -28C :)

    Interestingly, I tried to access Skeptic North from my work computer this morning and Fortiguard has it black listed as a malware site! I wonder how THAT happened? There’s no info on the site on how the site was thus categorized bit I’d encourage everyone to visit


    Enter skepticnorth.com and indicate it is NOT a malware site and categorize it properly. Otherwise the site it blocked from a LOT of firewall protected networks that use Fortiguard for web filtering.


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