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By Phil Plait | November 18, 2009 11:30 am

TAM London was last month, but has created a lasting impression: Skepchick Rebecca Watson and Neil Denny (from Little Atoms) interviewed a bunch of people at TAML, including speakers and audience members. It’s a fun listen.

Not only that, but there have been lots of followup posts and articles about it:

Skepchick’s Jon Ronson interview (NSFW language in the interview and on the page)

An article in Spanish that I hope is favorable

Crispian Jago

More Little Atoms

Facebook photos!

Merseyside Skeptics

Pictures on Flickr!

Pictures on Picasa!

Hugs and Science

More Crispian Jago

The blog called Using Me!

Hampshire Skeptics: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 (with an awesome pic you’ll know when you see it).

So, will there be a TAM London next year? We can’t say just yet, but we’re looking into it. Stay tuned!

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Comments (12)

  1. The Spanish article is favorable indeed.

    The part that mentions you could be translated to:

    Phil Plait, astronomer, writer and JREF president since august 2008 defended scientific investigation, not as a mere way to satisfy curiosity, but as a tool that insures the survival of mankind. In his talk, he explained the common misconceptions in science fiction when they try to represent the collision of an asteroid with Earth, he showed how could it be displaced and explained that this can only be accomplished with scientific investigation. “The reason of dinosaur extintion is they had no space programs. Will we end like dinosaurs or will we be remembered because we took the right decisions? These decisions will not come by blindly following a particular leader or an ideology. We will make these decisions thanks to skepticism, critical thought and rational thinking.”

  2. “An article in Spanish that I hope is favorable”

    Indeed! The autor, José María Mateos, is a skeptic blogger and journalist and was present at TAM London.

  3. The three baldies may not be the same person, but you sure could be triplets. Kind of spooky.

  4. Sili

    There’s an ad for “The Antioxidant Superpill™” on this page.

    I’m not usually one to nag about the ads, thought, since I don’t usually notice them.

    I hope you come back. And that I can afford to go. Of course, I didn’t even get to decide this year, since it was all sold out by the time I saw the announcement a few hours later.

  5. Melusine

    The Brian Cox comment is short and to the point!

    Yes, yes.

  6. DemetriusOfPharos

    I’m assuming the picture you are talking about is of Ariane Sherine? That was an awesome pic. So was the one of Adam Savage pointing at he and Jaime in a hot tub – funny stuff. :)

  7. Thanks Phil. And can I get a quick plug in for the Hampshire Skeptics. We’re setting up a Hampshire SitP (UK) soon, so please join up if you’re in the area:



  8. Phil Plait just, unsolicited, linked to my podcast.
    PHIL PLAIT just, unsolicited, linked to my podcast.
    Nope, no matter how many times I say it to myself, it doesn’t get any less cool… I won’t even begin to consider the possibility that he may, shock, have even listened to it…

    Cheers Phil!

  9. “So, will there be a TAM London next year?”

    YES PLEASE. This needs to be a yearly event.

  10. Hmm… When a few members of the Merseyside Skeptics’ Society (my local group) went to TAM, I thought they were just there to get their underwear signed…. Looks like they were ‘networking’ after all…

  11. Awesome ! Thanks Phil :-)

    Would you like a bigger version of that pic ?

  12. Al

    Call me biased, but I still like this pic:


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