Deepak Chopra followup

By Phil Plait | December 3, 2009 8:05 pm

I found out today that radio’s Dr. Dean Edell not only gave me a shout out on his program, he read from my blog post excoriating Deepak Chopra!


You can listen to it on KGO here or download the MP3; the Chopra stuff starts at about 14:30. Just before then he’s talking about the Denver UFO nonsense, too.

If you don’t know, Dean is one of the very few skeptical and critical thinking voices on the radio today. We could use a lot more like him.

Tip o’ the iPod to Lizditz and Evo.


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  1. Dr. Dean Edell is the best voice on radio today. He uses common sense and critical thinking and is hell’a interesting. (Did I say “hell’a”?)

  2. @Jim Cruff: Yes.. yes you did.

    We need more people like Dr. Edell on the radio and more people like you, Phil, on the internet getting people to realize how idiotic things are becoming.

  3. I got this gem from Chopra today on Twitter (

    Deepak_Chopra @ZenMonkey I’m too skeptical to be convinced by a skeptic , especially one who calls herself zen monkey :)

    Now my favorite tweet of all time. Zen, by the way, is the name of my cat.

  4. Dean Edell did some medical call-in segments on the local TV news here in LA. I’ll never forget his near-psychic diagnosis when a woman called in saying that her husband’s navel was (forgive me) getting a bit pus-y. The first words out of Doc Edell’s mouth were “Does he clean his navel with Q-tips?”

    She says, “Yes.”

    He says the problem is that cotton fibers are getting trapped in there and causing the irritation/infection.

    It was just such an amazing two-second laser beam accurate diagnosis of a WTF problem that I still remember it years later.

  5. DJ Grothe? I haven’t actually listened to his show, but I know he’s out there thanks to CFI.

  6. tacitus

    I had the pleasure of seeing him live in Austin a few years ago where he was the only rational broadcaster amongst a bunch of utter fantasists including George Noory and Alex Jones. He took live questions from the floor for over an hour and was excellent.

    Sadly, many of the questions were from the alt-med crowd — particularly those who wanted to know why “Big Pharma” was more interested in keeping us sick than curing us. He did his best to explain to them how they could not possibly be right, but it didn’t seem to do much good.

    He radio show is excellent too except for the fact that the ad breaks seem to occur every five minutes, which is extremely annoying.

  7. Just slipping in my W00T! for Edell. It’s been a while since I last listened, just because I can’t stand the talk-radio station he airs on over here. The thought of ever having to listen to even five minutes of inane racist ranting to get to his show put me off. If I can get it online though, I might go for that.

  8. Edell is hella interesting indeed! Since I moved away from the Bay Area I didn’t realize he was still on the air. My dad used to always bring up interesting tidbits he learned listening to his program.

  9. Before you know it you’ll be as famous as TV’s Adam Savage!

  10. lowonthetotem

    Thanks for pointing out the BS that DC spills everyday. I understand that you may not have a high opinion of my own logic, being a practicing Buddhist, but I really enjoy your blog. I am tired of folks like Mr. Chopra co-opting the spiritual tradition of Buddhism (or at least the parts of it he likes), along with other traditions, into this New Age bunk that is peddled by self-help “gurus” so they may line their pockets. Skepticism is generally healthy. It is usually people who understand that their schtick is all smoke and mirrors that attack skeptics.

  11. kate

    Does Dean still think yogurt is pasturized after adding the culture?

  12. Heather

    You guys are all awesome!
    You can get the show via (stream or download) or via iTunes…
    Rock on…


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