Awesomely bizarre light show freaks out Norway

By Phil Plait | December 9, 2009 10:47 am

[UPDATE 2: I just heard that space guy James Oberg will be on the last segment of Rachel Madddow’s show on MSNBC tonight to talk about this!]

[UPDATE 1: See bottom of post; I knew it!]

Earlier in the morning today (around 8:00 a.m. local time) this weird thing was seen over the skies of Norway:


My first reaction when I saw that was, "What the FRAK is THAT?!" My second thought was, "Photoshop". But then I saw lots of pictures of this on a bunch of different Norwegian media, so I don’t think it’s a digital hoax. Then videos started surfacing, like this one, which clearly show the spiral spinning. It’s not just a static picture, whatever this thing was; it was really in the sky.

However, after a moment, I realized this must be a rocket, most likely spiraling out of control. I don’t understand all the details — I don’t have all the info yet — but a rocket fits what we’re seeing here. First, this was seen all over Norway, so it must have been at a high altitude to be so visible. Second, the blue spiral angling down to the right is clearly due to perspective. A rocket spiraling around, and coming up from the lower right, would appear to make tight spirals when it was far away and bigger ones as it got closer.

Third, you can actually see the bright white spiral spinning in the videos. That threw me for a second, to be honest, but after a moment I figured that it makes sense if the rocket is headed more or less straight toward the camera. Whatever it is being lit up (exhaust, or a leaking payload?) would appear to expand in a spiral like water from a spinning sprinklerhead. The spiral itself is not spinning any more than water from the sprinkler is; that’s an illusion of motion.

norway_spiral2Fourth, after a few moments, a black disk appears to expand in the center of the white spiral, as seen in this picture (it’s a little fuzzy; you can see the person taking it must have used a long exposure because foreground lights are jittery, but you get the idea). That’s exactly what I would expect if whatever is being ejected by the rocket ran out; the arms of the spiral would expand away from the center, leaving black emptiness in the middle.

So that’s my hypothesis. A rocket got out of control, perhaps losing a stabilizer, and started to spiral. The two spirals, different in shape, size, and color, indicate something happened in the middle of all this (the rocket second stage fired while still spinning, or something else started leaking out), changing the rocket’s direction. Then, when the fuel or whatever ran out, the white spiral began to disappear from the inside out as the material expanded in space.

So who launched it? The Russians are a likely guess, but –shocker — they’re denying it. I’d love to know and find out what the details are, but whoever shot it up and whatever the purpose, I’m pretty sure what we’re seeing here is a rocket launch that didn’t go exactly according to plan.

Note: there are a lot of stories online about this with more very cool pictures: The Sun and The Daily Mail have it in English, while Norwegian media include VG Nett,,,,, and amazing videos can be seen here and here.

UPDATE: From Doctor Atlantis I heard of this video which simulates particles being spewed out from a spinning rocket booster. Look familiar?

Photos: Jan Petter Jørgensen and Morten Kristiansen. Tip o’ the payload bay to the many folks who alerted me to this story!

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  1. Kevin

    That reminds me of something we saw waaay back in the late 1980’s during a public night at our observatory. All of a sudden there was a gasp from the crowd, and we looked out the dome to see this bright glowing ball traveling south to north (mostly). When we moved the telescope over to it, we could see in the eyepiece a small object from which the stuff was jetting out from. Later we found out it was a booster stage venting unused propellant.

    It was sure something we hadn’t seen before.

    But these images are better. :)

  2. Alan in Upstate NY

    A spinning rocket dumping fuel certainly seems like the most likely explanation.

    Clear skies, Alan

  3. Thomas Siefert

    My first guess was a Laser, but since it’s been reported seen over such a vast area, it’s probably what BA describes.

  4. loon

    actually i would think it’s a very bright projector

  5. Bets on how long before alien UFO claims pop up in the comments here? Michael Horn? You there?

  6. Daniel

    Sorry…It just doesnt look real. Hoax.

  7. BP

    There are now sources (TV2) in Norway reporting the Russians have confirmed a failed Bulava ICBM test (possibly the last ever Bulava).

    In addition there were mariner warnings to stay out of that area of the White Sea for a rocket launch.

  8. ND

    A laser light show was my first impression as well. But I don’t think that would be able to explain the blue spiral.

  9. It’s a streetlight! (Any Farkers here?) My first impression was “WTF?” That is definitely something interesting to see. But I guess it was a rocket.

  10. BF

    Yea, Daniel? Can you seez teh pixals?

  11. John Baxter

    In the unlikely event that the Bulava becomes man-rated, I’m not going.

  12. Joe

    Noctilucent rocket exhaust, probably an upper stage spiralling after 1st stage worked well.

  13. It is possible that it is some kind of experiment that involves launching rockets from Kiruna that releases 20 liters of water into the atmosphere, but then, I’m not an astronomer.
    More speculations here: (in Norwegian, run through google translate for a decent translation)

  14. BmoreKarl

    Sssooooooo! PRETTY!!

  15. Billy

    Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia all denny having launched a rocket at that time. Also, for it to be a rocket the spiral is too symmetric. To me this looks like a vortex of a very strong energy force. Perhaps a temporary black hole because of some thing happening to the earth’s magnetic field? I’m 99.9% sure this was not man made; at least not with anything that I know of.

  16. Billy

    To the above: NO WAY is that a rocket.

  17. Personally… I think it is a hoax, a light /laser show…

  18. jest

    My first thought was laser light show too, but… I dunno about that. I’d like to jump on the rocket bandwagon, but without prior pictures to back up the claim, I’m too skeptical to derive my own conclusion at this time. If more sources (sources including a message from those responsible) can come forward stating that it’s in fact from a rocket, then, there ya go. Case closed.

  19. Pieter Kok

    Insert TARDIS joke here…

  20. Spectral

    It could have been a Norwegian rocket. A Norwegian research rocket failure in 1995 nearly caused WWIII:

  21. Big Al

    Maybe it worked exactly as designed, spreading its deadly cargo of whatever over the largest possible area….

  22. BP

    It is not a hoax, such things happen regularly especially at, for example, Vandenberg AFB, California, where missile tests and launches frequently happen at dawn or dusk (see example The particles of rocket exhaust spread out and form unusual colors (ice crystals refracting sunlight). It is clear from the video this rocket lost guidance and began to spiral out of control like this…

    …but at a very high altitude. The exhaust then spread and quickly dissipated in the following minutes.

  23. Akkargutt

    I belive the Russians now have confirmed that they had a failed rocket test-launch from either a submarine or a ship.

  24. JerWah

    Obviously now that the LHC is up and running that was a test black hole.

  25. Dr. Science

    that was a test of a russian ‘Buluva’ ICBM:

    the NAVTEX message warning you not to fly in that area was sent out on Dec-09:

    ZCZC FA79
    031230 UTC DEC 09
    1.ROCKET LAUNCHING 2300 07 DEC TO 0600 08 DEC
    09 DC 0200 TO 0900 10 DEC 0100 TO 0900
    65-12.6N 036-37.0E 65-37.2N 036-26.0E
    66-12.3N 037-19.0E 66-04.0N 037-47.0E
    66-03.0N 038-38.0E 66-06.5N 038-55.0E
    65-11.0N 037-28.0E 65-12.1N 036-49.5E
    THEN COASTAL LINE 65-12.2N 036-47.6E

    link to NAVTEX message,

  26. hexhunter

    “Maybe it worked exactly as designed, spreading its deadly cargo of whatever over the largest possible area….”

    I think you’re on to something, it would definitely explain all those dead Norwiegans! 😀

  27. In the absence of further evidence we should assume that it a sinister extraterrestrial threat, being covered up by the CIA, the Freemasons and the Illuminati.

  28. This looks like a trippy light show from a Pink Floyd reunion concert. LOL. OR, it could be remnants of an epic rave in Norway somewhere.

    Thanks for posting.

  29. Future

    This is a portal that has been opened to allow inter-dimensional travel. The white spiral is from the edges of the portal and the natural spinning of the portal itself in our atmosphere. The blue light is the residual radiation streaming off of the craft as it enters our dimension. As the craft enters our dimension, the “natural” adjustments must be made to account for different gravity, air density, and other factors. The craft is actually spinning inside the portal before it exits, so that is the cause of the blue spiral. Adjusting the properties appropriately takes a bit of time, so that is why the blue spiral eventually disappears. There have been other sightings in the southern hemisphere though less pronounced as it is generally less inhabited – more ocean then land. The portal must be opened closer to our planets poles in order to provide the needed electromagnetism source on our end. This type of travel is not new for the Russians as it has been happening since we began testing atomic weapons. The out of control ICBM story has been used numerous times – sometimes smaller rocket tests are used as the explanation when smaller crafts travel. When the travel is complete, the portal closes and the spiral eventually dissipates. There will be 2 more similar phenomenons over the next 5 months.

  30. chad

    How big of a rocket would this be?

  31. mike burkhart

    I think I know what it maybe I have an interest in aircraft and there has been rumors that the US has a top secert spy plane called the aroura . it has been claimed that it has a scram jet egine and can fly at mach 8 and witness say it leaves sprial contrales the air force denaies it has sauch a plaine but in the 60s they denied they had the SR 71 I think this could be an aroura flight

  32. Chip

    When I lived in Phoenix years ago, the street I lived on was aligned with the outward launch flight path from Vandenberg (or?). Twice unannounced, we saw a bright star-like point on the Western horizon at dusk that grew into a shape very similar to that seen over Norway. My father figured it was the tail end of a rocket turned toward us as it launched over the Pacific and into orbit. The “star” would expand into rings and grow in size while dimming and dissipating into nothing. Very strange and cool. It looked as if the Earth’s atmosphere, seen from that angle was magnifying the tailpipe. Can the atmosphere do that?
    I’m sure many others thought it was a UFO from Zorgon’s Spacefleet.

  33. @Hyperdeath

    I for one welcome our new lizard overlords.

  34. Kevin

    You have it all wrong. All of you do.

    It’s an atmospheric Spirograph!

  35. @Kevin

    Perhaps that’s what the birds were pointing at.

  36. Rocket sounds reasonable, but why is one spiral so tight and so blue, while the other is so broad and white? All the rocket footage I’ve seen had yellow/orange/white exhaust and white trails. Someone suggested refraction from ice crystals? That doesn’t make sense if the spiral was blue from multiple perspectives, does it? I’m just curious about the physics and chemistry.

  37. Kevin F.

    If this is all we learn it’s a hoax. They’d surely be able to trace that blue line back to a possible area of launch, what with all the pictures from different areas.

  38. Lawrence

    Failed Russian ICBM test? Not surprising – they’ve had major issues for years now (including one famous occasion where Putin himself pushed the button to launch a test SLBM, only to watch it blow up about 1000ft up).

  39. uudale

    I’m definitely going to use this on my UFOs-are-alien-spaceships believing friends when I try to tell them that some of the strangest looking phenomena can have rational earthly explanations.

  40. Sean

    How lovely. Wish I’d seen it myself.

  41. jest

    Regarding the “spiral ejecta” simulation…. I’m not insinuating that the Youtube video is an attempt to cover up what really happened, but I noticed this video was put up on Youtube TODAY. It leaves things WAY too wide open for the woo-woos out there to say “See? They’re just making it up…”

    I wish the vid had been uploaded ages ago to avoid this possible conflict…

  42. 30. chad Says: “How big of a rocket would this be?”

    Doesn’t have to be very big. I once watched a Pegasus launch (a satellite launcher small enough to be carried under the wing of a B-52) from my front yard. It ran into a problem and they had to destruct it, but the resulting cloud kept expanding until it was maybe 15 or 20 degrees across. That one was fairly amorphous, though. I think Phil’s speculation is pretty close, that the small blue spiral is the exhaust gasses and the large white one is probably propellant venting, both from a furiously spinning rocket. It looks like the destruct was not successful and the propellants continued to vent at a constant rate.

    With this much photographic data, will they be able to find the impact site?

    – Jack

    PS – If that rocket was headed *towards* Norway from Russia, that means it was flying east-to-west, against the Earth’s rotation. Obviously not a space launch.

  43. Melba

    So if it’s a rocket spiraling out of control should there be debri from this, or not? And why isn’t Jesse Ventura reporting on this rather than HAARP? Just curious.

  44. Billy

    @ Future: I thought such things only occured on 19°47′?

  45. KC

    The difference in color could be due to different propellants used in different stages. Its an ICBM so its solid rocket fuel though I’m not sure what propellants are used. Obviously they lost control and you can see the gryrations in the blue trail. Once the second stage separated and fired, oops conservation of angular momentum, and you get a wild spin spraying out exhaust – hence the spiral!

  46. Mike

    Yep, definitely CERN opening a black hole or a worm hole or something. *nods*

    Pretty amazing anyway.

  47. @KC: I couldn’t find any details on the propellants with a quick search either, other than “solid fuel”. I’m curious what compound would be bright blue like that, short of luminol (not a propellant, though hydrazine is one of the components in its synthesis).

    The angular momentum explanation makes sense for the switch in spirals, thanks.

  48. If it was a rocket and not just a crazy-awesome aurora, why isn’t the trail all messed up from wind?

  49. Cindy

    I’m going to have to remember to show my kids this when I talk about angular momentum in class.

  50. Donald
  51. Justin

    @49- Look at the pictures in the link posted by the BA just above the video. In slide 3, you can see that part of the exhaust trail is disturbed by winds. The spiral was probably formed at a higher altitude, where there were no winds to disrupt it.

  52. Merijn

    @Billy: for you it must’ve been aliens, surely?

    @PhilPlait: The similarities between that simulation and reality are truly AWESOME! Color, spiral and all, which proves the rocket theory doesn’t it?

  53. @Justin (54): Thanks!

  54. Gus Snarp

    @Merijn – Well, the simulation doesn’t prove squat. It’s just a video, which may very well have been created expressly to look like the reality. Now if we knew that the simulation was built from knowledge of the refraction of various types of rocket exhaust in the atmosphere and the likely trajectory of a rocket on failure independent of the actually witnessed event, then it might prove something. That said, I buy rocket failure. Makes more sense than aliens, black holes, worm holes, or secret spy planes that are so poorly designed that their exhaust makes their presence obvious.

  55. @Merijn

    Prove? No. Suggest plausibility, yes.

  56. CoolHandl

    One of the photos on the NRK site (3 of 14) clearly shows the rocket exhaust trail. I wonder why it became blue at high altitude?

    100% chance of this one showing up on one or more tabloids.

  57. Speaker2a

    Phil, always fun to see you linked on Slashdot.

  58. Dan

    I’m with Billy. I mean, really, which is more likely:
    (a) a broken rocket; or
    (b) a vortex caused by a strong energy force like a temporary black hole because of something happening to the Earth’s magnetic field?

    I mean, we all know that (a) never happens. The truth is out there, people!

  59. Stephen

    Thanks for clearing that up, Phil! My first thought was “WHAT THE F***?” as well. It’s truly amazing what epic phenomena we can create as human beings.

  60. FSH

    @ CoolHandl

    Except for:

    “The light stopped mid-air, then began to circulate (rotate around and around).
    Within seconds, a giant spiral had covered a large portion of sky.
    Then a green-blue beam of light shot out from its centre.”

    – U. K.’s Daily MailOnline

  61. Lars

    A small correction to

    “this was seen all over Norway”

    Actually it was only seen over Northern Norway (Finnmark, Troms and Nordland), plus Nord-Trøndelag. That’s four out of 19 counties. Granted, Finnmark is the largest county, and Nordland is the longest, which would mean the spiral has been spotted in an area of around 500-600 km radius.

  62. aragami

    @mike burkhart

    The vapour trails for the supposed Aurora plane do not look like that, they look like a normal vapour trail with little balls in them described as “doughnuts on a rope”.

    Plus I was under the impression that they scrapped the aurora because UAV drones are A LOT cheaper to manufacture, why spend a few billion building a number of planes when you can get a load of UAV’s for the same price, that way if one goes down there’s no pilot behind enemy lines just a bunch of scrap metal of negligible value.

  63. Selasphorus

    Video of a similar phenomenon in China, uploaded to YouTube on April 19, 2009. (Starts with an interview, probably from the eyewitness, and then the video of the spriral starts at 35 seconds or so.) Interesting, because then this has happened before.

  64. badinoff

    It’s obvious. God flushed.

  65. John Lewis

    Note that the images show _a double spiral_ for the white. If that’s a rocket booster it’s firing from both ends, meaning the second stage. The blue would need to be a different propellant or unburned fuel to create the second downward spiral. Even then the spirals size is not conform to the kind of velocity that such a trail would leave.

    Look closer at the double spiral. I’m curious what people think about that part.

  66. Quiet Desperation

    It is not a hoax, such things happen regularly especially at, for example, Vandenberg AFB, California, where missile tests and launches frequently happen at dawn or dusk

    Sometimes the trail gets all knotted up by varying wind speeds at different altitudes.

    I remember back in the 1980s a local FM radio host (who happened to be very left wing and anti-military) insisted on the air that the twisty trails meant the rocket test went out of control and that the military was regularly jeopardizing public safety. He even suggested that the rockets might have live warheads. If you listened to this guy enough, you realized he was not joking. No, this was not Art Bell but a regular music jock. Art Bell was a model of responsible journalism next to this microbrain.

    Another time he reported on small herd of sheep being electrocuted in a lightning storm, and he said “You need to question these things! Maybe it was a Star Wars (SDI) laser test!” Forget the fact that sheep and other herd animals on open plains get blitzed by lightning all the time.

    Suffice to say I was glad when CD players became widely available for cars.

  67. Gus Snarp

    When you go to the youtube site for the simulation there is a link to an “updated version”. The updated version includes this info text: “This is a set of rendered views using 3DS Max to produce a coarse simulation of what may have occured to produce the beautiful formation in the sky over Norway earlier today. Not an ‘official’ answer”

    So it’s really just speculation. Interesting, but definitely proves nothing except that someone has the time and inclination to make a cool video simulation of the event.

  68. Stephen P

    Well Phil, your first two thoughts exactly matched mine. Thanks for the explanation – seems reasonable.

    Anyone happen to know whether “Future” is trolling or actually believes what he writes?

  69. Chip

    “this was seen all over Norway”

    Hmmm…let’s keep an eye on our Norwegian friends. If they all start acting too pleasant and bland we’ll know the pods have replaced them.

    Either that or we notice many people quickly leaving Oslo due to roaming Triffids. 😉

  70. Charlie

    @Todd W. I give em till 2012 December 21

  71. Back in the 60s I lived in south Alabama, and a series of sounding rocket tests were launched from Eglin Air Force Base about 70 miles south in Florida. These were night launches and released vaporized barium into the upper atmosphere.
    Large, colorful clouds were clearly visible from where I lived, often moving, and always changing shape as they dispersed. I don’t recall any as symmetrical as this, but every shot was different. Also keep in mind that the volume of material would be far smaller than would likely be released by even a small orbital upper stage failure, so with the right lighting conditions, one would expect quite a show. Further data point: I was lucky enough to see the shuttle reentering over my home in Eugene, Oregon one night (I believe this was a Mir mission, and it was landing in California, thus the NS reentry). While the shuttle itself was visible only as a bright pinprick, the exhaust plumes from its thrusters were quite visible as they fired, to the point that you could tell which side’s thrusters were firing at any given moment. Given the right conditions fairly small volume of aerosols can be very visible to the ground even as much as 60-100 miles up.

  72. Here’s a Youtube video of something very similar that appears to be from Russia in 2007:

  73. Jason Goodman

    I agree, looks like a rocket failure. But here’s the one remaining question: what’s the glowing blue-green “beam” shooting out from the center? It’s not the launch trajectory of the rocket, because according to this site ( the green beam formed *after* the spiral was visible.

    My guess: the rocket fuel gradually became ionized, and the glowing charged ions moved away from the rocket following along magnetic field lines.

    Anybody know what cardinal direction these photos are taken in?

  74. JaredE

    Rocket is a good theory.

    However, have we considered E.T. having a couple of brewskies before heading home? That explanation fits pretty good.

    I think that this was a sleigh malfunction during Santa’s pre-Christmas test run. When daylight comes, someone should go out and look for reindeer wreckage.

  75. folcwine

    In some of the pictures of this event, there is clearly a vapor trail early on.
    This is a rocket.

  76. Craig E

    The CERN supercollider wormhole has now opened!

  77. (AP) Neither the meteorologists, astronomers, professionals in Sweden, the armed forces or the Russian embassy in Norway has an idea what the mysterious light is

  78. Dr. Atlantis seemed to nail it with the video simulating material being spewed out of a rocket booster. Its a dead ringer!

  79. Steve in Dublin

    @Stephen P #75

    Anyone happen to know whether “Future” is trolling or actually believes what he writes?

    I call Poe on Future. But we do get some strange ones around here, so you never know…

  80. @Kevin I may not have seen the same object you did, but it was similar. Sometime in the 1980’s I was on a camping trip (in Pennsylvania) and saw a small spiral in the sky (approximately the size of my thumbnail at arms length). It gradually grew as it slowly spun, and faded after a few minutes. It looked very similar to the videos of this object, but it did not spin as fast.

    I always figured it was failed rocket.

  81. Jim Oberg

    I’ll be discussing it on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow show tonight, one of the last segments.

  82. Rob

    I would accept the rocket failure theory except that that the spiral radiating outward was evident in all video footage to be stationery ahead of the blue spiral trail before it… And the black expanding disc was seen from more than one angle, implying spherical shape…
    It’s a terminator

  83. alaskana

    jarede said: “someone should go out and look for reindeer wreckage.”

    …or more likely, reindeer sausage. :-)

  84. disownedsky

    I buy the failed rocket hypothesis, even without anyone fessing up to it, but it’s interesting to me that this wasn’t immediately dismissed as a hoax photo by the BA.

    It’s abeautiful image, nonetheless.

  85. gregory brown

    I don’t buy the “deadly emissions” thing…how could you tell that Norwegians were dead in December? The corpses would keep skiing. Now, if all the Finnish dance halls shut down at once….

  86. it’s interesting to me that this wasn’t immediately dismissed as a hoax photo by the BA.

    The good doctor simply used deductive reasoning to come up with the most likely explanation. Given that there was video from various sources showing the phenomenon from different angles and distances, and given the apparent scale of the display, a hoax is not the most likely conclusion.

  87. Jearley

    I saw one of these once, when I was a kid. It was a launch from Vandenberg AFB, as other posters have mentioned. I was looking at it from the side though, and it was amazingly convoluted and beautiful. My mother was scared as hell, and had me come and look out her window at it- I grabbed the binoculars and actually was able to see the staging and acceleration of the (third?) stage. The green glow was clearly vented fuel. It was truly cool.
    This one from Norway is better than the one that I saw, if only for the pattern though. Too bad there are so many people claiming that it is ET or whatever. Idiots.

  88. Sam

    Can anyone provide a video clip of a rocket generating this spiral / blue light effect? Certainly if anyone suggesting a non-conventional explanation were to offer only an animation to support their point, they’d be ridiculed mercilessly on this site.

    I’m inclined to believe the rocket explanation here, but the hypocrisy on this site never ceases to amaze me. The double-standard with respect to matters of evidence and proof (and even logic) make this site as much of a joke as many of the pro-UFO sites out there. The pro-UFO sites tend to promote knee-jerk, uncritical dismissal of conventional explanations for unusual phenomenon or incidents.

    Here, the Bad Astronomer and his devotees tend to be just as reactionary and uncritical in their knee-jerk, absolutist dismissal of unconventional explanations for unusual phenomenon and incidents. Typifying this irrational close-mindedness are comments like Daniel’s (#6): “Sorry…It just doesn’t look real. Hoax…” Hmm, now that’s a profound analysis (especially considering the extent of the evidence to the contrary, as even the Bad Astronomer himself admits). Or Kevin’s (#38): “If this is all we learn it’s a hoax.” Apparently, according to Kevin, if we don’t recognize it and we don’t know how to form a comfortable conclusion based on the evidence available, then it’s appropriate to just write it off as if it never happened — “a hoax” — even though we have no evidence to suggest that, either. It seems to me that, without knowing what this thing was, it’s probably not safe to assume anything about what evidence it should have left.

    Sometimes the appropriate reaction is to say, simply, “I don’t know.” A truly committed rationalist knows when to admit he/she doesn’t have a decent explanation. If that means, implicitly, that we don’t know enough to rule out extraterrestrial or extradimensional explanations, so be it. A rationalist doesn’t go any further than the evidence and logic dictate.

  89. Eric

    NO Phil, it doesn’t work like that. You can’t just say it was a rocket. You have to prove it was a rocket, you have to establish what kind of rocket it was, who launched it, and at what time. Either provide some facts, or retract your complete guess.

  90. Eric (#98) What doesn’t work like what? I can’t state clearly that I have a hypothesis that fits the facts, then post a video simulation that shows I was almost certainly correct? Or did I miss something?

  91. Trimegistus

    Phil: It’s simple, really. If you can’t absolutely prove this was a rocket, with the launch time, the name of the engineers who built it, the exact formula for the fuel, and a precise description of how it malfunctioned — then it MUST be a temporary interdimensional vortex!

  92. Bogdan

    Ziltoid the omniscient has arrived. Within the next few days he will demand this Universe’s ultimate cup of coffee. The humans will fail to provide a cup of coffee worthy of Ziltoid’s taste buds and he will initiate war. Captain Spectacular will lead the human counter-attack. At the end of the battle, the Earth will be destroyed and Captain spectacular and the remaining humans will travel through hyperspace to the benevolent hive mind Nebulo 9.

  93. WarpSpider74

    Any blind Norwegians showing up? I feel the imminent approach of Triffids…

  94. @Spectal #20: No, the 1995 incident was not a failed rocket launch. In fact it was quite successful. The whole base at Andøya had gotten well into their post-launch champagne when they received a phone call from the foreign ministry asking how come they were shooting rockets at the Russians. They weren’t, that rocket was going north. (I have heard this story first hand, from people who were there.) There’s a good chance the Russians were just using the incidence for purposes of domestic politics.

  95. Non-Discordian

    I would like to note that no one from any sort of Discordian Society is expected to admit to this event.
    It’s not even fair to infer that Discordians have in any way been involved.
    Besides, Discordians don’t actually exist.


  96. Dr.Sid

    All hail king of UFOs !
    Btw. this is another chance for everyone using word UFO when actually wanting to say ‘extra terrestrial beings’.

  97. Sean McCorkle

    Phil: The simulation is a great video – thanks! In some of the news videos the black hole growing from the center made the whole thing look like a projected effect to me, but the simulation nicely demonstrates its the outward momentum of material after the source cuts off. Way cool!

  98. Frog

    I’m really not sure what to think about this; a rocket seems the most likely explanation but what kind of rocket leaves a blue, fluorescent trail? Does anyone know if that’s normal for some kinds of fuel?

  99. Sean McCorkle

    BTW theres a really nice updated version of the video with voice commentary here

  100. Sean McCorkle

    Sam @96
    This doesn’t address the blue color, but amateur rocketeers are pretty familiar with spiraling rockets.

  101. Canuck

    I’m starting to lean towards the rocket theory. It’s early morning and the sun is rising below the horizon. This potential rocket gas-off is no doubt many miles in the air and would be just getting nailed by the sunlight.

    The timing of a rocket spiraling out of control like this AND a sunrise right around the corner might not occur very often…if ever. Hence not a lot of other video examples . If this was say midnight or even mid-day it would not be nearly as spectacular … assuming it’s a rocket. Beautiful pattern though…absolutely stunning.

  102. Brian Too

    Everyone here is completely wrong!

    This is a visible manifestation of the logic followed by all those ClimateGate believers! It was projected out of Norway because the conspiracy is so huge that only the Norwegians know the truth!! The truth is out there. *

    * Disclaimer: The truth is a flexible commodity conforming to your politics, mood, and how much coffee you consumed today. Do not consume truth if you have any of the following conditions: Vapours, Chillblains, Consumption, The Pox, Pleurisy, or Rickets. Some people who normally like truth may occasionally not follow all it’s precepts. Talk to your Doctor. Talk to your lawyer. Talk to your dog. Cat people may talk to their cat but the cat will not listen, or will feign listening, or if listening will not care.

  103. Grimbold

    No, no, no! Do you people understand nothing? Sensible, reasonable explanations that draw on well-known scientific knowledge are to be rejected if there are also cool and exciting explanations. Thus, a broken rocket spinning out of control is far less likely than intergalactic wormholes, vast conspiracies, hitherto unknown but highly theatrical new physics, and alien visitations; because a broken rocket is dull in comparison.

  104. Thanks, Phil

    I saw something similar over Algonquin Park, ON back in the 80s and never had any clue what it was.

  105. Russian officials stated as recently as Oct 22nd they would be deploying their new RS-24 ICBM “in 2009.” Why wait? It technically violated the START-I nonproliferation treaty, to which they were party. The ‘good’ news? The START-I treaty expired on Saturday, Dec 5th, 2009.

    What makes the RS-24 special? Its widely-boasted ability to penetrate the US’s anti-ballistic-missile shield technology (e.g.: Tactical High Energy Lasers). There are a variety of theoretical ICBM laser countermeasures, and it looks like the Russians are trying at least two: 1) Oscillating Trajectory 2) Ablative gas shield. They may be coming from the same system, e.g.: the shield also causes the oscillations with a carefully vectored output.

    Doesn’t hurt for leverage in the literally ongoing as I type renegociations of a treaty to replace START-I. Also, doesn’t hurt that Obama’s scheduled to be in Oslo, Norway, for the Nobel Prize acceptance ceremony… tomorrow.

  106. Dave in Texas

    Yeah, the more pictures I see, the more it’s appearing to be a failed launch…

    However, until I read that it might be that ICBM, my mind went into a spin itself thinking of, perhaps, this was a result of a stolen ICBM, the evil mastermind was using it to threaten the E.U. until a super secret man of mystery from MI6 infiltrated the evil underground lair, but he was captured and tied to the bottom of the launch platform with the mastermind’s lovely turn-coat assistant. The idea here was to incinerate the pair when the rocket launches…

    Our hero managed to get free and fight his way back to the launch center and, at the last second (0:07.. of course, it’s a Universal law on this one) managed to disable the rocket and what we witnessed is the aftermath.

    And we’ll never know the true identity of the man of mystery… but the lovely turn-coat assistant could be played by Megan Fox in the movie…

  107. stylemaster

    hahah the bitterness of some of these post is hilarious.
    idk what that was but until someone posts a link to russian officals saying this WAS their missile, i think its dumb to snowball the russian missile hypothesis. even dumber to automatically rule out any other possibilities.

    you all suck the fun right out of life.

    i bet yall only see clouds when you play the name that cloud game.

  108. bog

    Cool; we should have more!

  109. Hmm

    It’s obviously the curator of a museum using a projector to project images of aliens onto low clouds and fog in order to scare everyone away so he can steal some gold from the museum.

    We just need some meddling kids and it’ll all be sorted out.

  110. twirlgrl

    I asked my 5-year-old what he thought it was and he said, “Hm. I dunno. Maybe some god finally showed up.”

    I am unsure if this is a success or a failure on my part.

  111. piet

    No one would have believed in the early years of the 21st century that our world was being watched by intelligences greater than our own; that as men busied themselves about their various concerns, *they* observed and studied, the way a man with a microscope might scrutinize the creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water. With infinite complacency, men went to and fro about the globe, confident of our empire over this world. Yet across the gulf of space, intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic regarded our planet with envious eyes and slowly, and surely, drew their plans against us – War of the worlds

  112. Miles

    If this is indeed a rocket, why did people not observe the flame whilst it was ascending prior to it’s failure? There is only mention of the spiral but nothing leading up to it. Whilst I think the rocket explanation is the most plausible, surely it would be obvious due to it’s trail preceeding it?

  113. The light shows have just begun…
    Haarp and Project Blue Beam…
    Move the lazy boy recliner to the back yard baby!!!

  114. Gene

    I can’t believe it takes this many commenters, to cover-up an obvious alien incident!

  115. Zhen

    Looks nothing like a missile. Nothing. And that you tube video, upload TODAY with a helpful “blue swirl” from the center? What were the parameters of this simulation? Oh there were none. It is an animation. What meaning or information does it add to the actual event, other than a post hoc pseudo citation for the missile hypothesis?

    Anyways, really interesting event. Coherent (but rapidly changing) whorls even as the whole phenomenon drifted in the various videos. Establishing a correct scale should ultimately be possible as this was seen over a broad geographic area.

    looks like electricity in plasma. no laws of physics need be broken today.

  116. ALBERTO

    Yes. I am familiar with this phenomenon. Tommy Chongus Borealis.

  117. ChrisJones

    Maybe I missed it, but no one has suggested yet that this is the beginning of the end of the world due to the black-hole-generating high energy experiments at the LHC! Eeeeeek!

  118. Vladimir

    I’ve read through quite a lot of the comments.
    But there’s one point I don’t see being asked.

    All the videos posted so far were about 30 seconds of this before it finished.
    Supposedly this one went for 10-12 minutes.

    Does that not seem a little strange compared to the 30 second ones for anyone?
    And then thinking of that, could it be possible they were actually testing a missile that had quite a long range then?
    You know what I’m meaning, maybe with a range to strike the US?

  119. The same effect has been seen using medieval technology too.
    A trebuchet, and a bag of flour-

  120. Here is the nail in the coffin — this thing is definitely a launch of some kind, missile or otherwise. Here is the PROOF:

    point the video to about 1:00 to see the segment.

    This video shows a plume ejecting the rocket from earth — it is taken from a high altitude, a hilltop or mountainside, where there was a view of the full path of the object.

    It appears to emanate from a tall plume, lit by the sun from far below the horizon.

  121. Big Gaz

    Well when the meteorites start being pulled toward earths northern hemisphere at a rate and size never before seen….are you all going to keep saying it was an out of control rocket???? The Earths magnetic field will never be the same again and neither will the inhabitants of this planet.. they have finally done it though they dont yet realise what it is they have done….go on fools speed that hadron a little more and watch for your results… its already to late the damage has been done and the time taken to fix the damage will be twice as long as it has taken them to get the hadron collider going at this speed now…oh dont you just love humanity??? A beautiful group of beings with the power and knowledge to preserve most of life and the planet they currently call home…yet only the ability to destroy everything in the name of money and power…magnetic energy and crystal energy are all of our futures does anyone else out there even know that yet??? its beautiful such a pretty scene with such a devastating outcome yet to follow…the countdown had begun along time ago and now the multinational hadron just sped things up way more than anyone can yet concieve….The countdown to the finish of this greedy selfish self gratifying society…

  122. And just like that I’ve got another reason to visit Norway!

  123. Tyler

    A rocket does seem likely but your example video at the bottom is fake, its cgi. So not the best

  124. Thanks for clearing up what this is. Cool effect and totally spectacular. I thought it might have been the TARDIS coming back into Bad Wolf Bay. 😉

  125. StevoR

    Actually, I think its one of those Space Odyssey monoliths opening a link to a far distant place in the cosmos.

    It so happens this monolith is orbiting above a distant spiral galaxy and so instead of “My god, its full of stars!” its “my god, its a whole galaxy!” 😉

    @ 86. Steve in Dublin :

    @Stephen P #75 : “Anyone happen to know whether “Future” is trolling or actually believes what he writes?”

    I call Poe on Future. But we do get some strange ones around here, so you never know…

    Who knows? Hey, ‘Future’ (# 29) may even be right! 😉

    Personally, I don’t consider Future’s comment as “trolling” so much as a joke or obscure SF reference or just an odd post. My understanding is that the term “troll” applies to those who make disruptive and offensive or thread-wrecking/hijacking comments and I don’t think I’d describe Future’s post as any of those things.

    Perhaps “Future” may pop up here again and enlighten us?

  126. Petrolonfire

    Why am I expecting to see (& hear) the words:

    “That’s all Folks!” appear?

    Followed by Bugs Bunny munching on a carrot or something next? 😉

    @93. gregory brown Says:

    I don’t buy the “deadly emissions” thing…how could you tell that Norwegians were dead in December? The corpses would keep skiing. Now, if all the Finnish dance halls shut down at once….

    Ah, but the corpses would only ski downhill right? 😉

    You’d have no skiers going uphill or along the flats. Plus the ones going downhill would eventually stop wouldn’t they? 😉

    PS. LOL @ the Santa crash and God flushed theories! 😉

  127. Jack Mitcham

    @Sam #96:

    The difference is we know rockets exist. To use this as evidence of something that there’s no other evidence for (like aliens) would be circular. Standards of proof are allowed to be different for things that are known to exist.

    To paraphrase somebody said in a Fark thread:

    If I make a claim that I saw a raccoon in my yard last night, and back that up with a grainy, out of focus video of something that kinda looks like a raccoon, fine. That evidence will suffice.

    If I claim that I saw Bigfoot in my yard last night, and I show you a grainy, out of focus video of something that kinda looks like Bigfoot is supposed to look like, that isn’t enough evidence.

    It’s kinda the same thing here. A spiraling rocket can make a spiral cloud. I’m sure an advanced alien race could do the same. So could God. So could a wizard. I’ll accept this video and an accompanying computer model as evidence of a rocket. If you want to claim God, aliens, or wizards, I’ll need more proof.

    How’s that saying go? “When I hear hoof beats, I think horses, not zebras.”

  128. Huh?

    @ 29. Future Says:

    This is a portal that has been opened to allow inter-dimensional travel.

    For who or what to do what & why?

    There will be 2 more similar phenomenons over the next 5 months.

    More details please – whach dates, times and where?

    PS. If you are from the future I don’t spose you could throw some winning lottery numbers or victorious horses or greyhound names my way by any chance could you please? 😉

    PPS. Don’t say you could if I sent you money either. If I had money to send then I wouldn’t be asking for winning lottery numbers or triumphant horse and dog names! 😉

  129. It’s a distortion to the space-fabric continuum… at least that what I assume it is. It’s certainly got all the signs. It’s this great, big, whipply-wobbley swirly thing in the sky, and it’s heading right for us.

    And it’s right over that Norweigan bay…. Darlig Ulv Stranden. Bad Wolf Bay?

  130. Wilberforce

    This was definitely aliens.

    I saw them visit in this manner once before at a Dead show in ’91.

    Definitely aliens.

  131. AtownLovesAtown

    Aliens are coming! Aliens are coming! Ha Ha!

  132. Paul M.

    It’s an orange whirly thing in space… and are you crazy, I’m not going in there….
    Orange?! With this suit?!

  133. AtownLovesAtown

    Thought it was a blue whirly thing???

  134. Wes

    I still believe that it was swamp gas from a weather balloon that was trapped in a thermal pocket and reflected the light from Venus

  135. Hector J Ramirez

    On Wednesday night, Dec. 09, CERN cranked up the LHC to it’s highest intensity to date. Could there be a connection between the Collider and the Norwegian spiral and beam on the same night? Coincidence? Just a thought….

  136. Giga

    awwww, c’mon guys… it’s a portal to the outworld! Look, Liu Kang is being defeated by Goro… I think it is time we should send The Rock in!

    it’s definetly a rocket…

  137. Safron

    This is fraud PsyOps – the date of upload for the simulation video is today. a person simulated the sighting its self complete with the blue part even making-up and explaination for the blue part, then disabled commenting on the video and uploaded it, then said “here look, heres a computer simulation, shows the sighting was a rocket”. then when you look at real picks of real failed rockets its much different and not seen for so far a distance – clear fraud psyops by discover magazine.

  138. bob

    If that is just a thought, then most of you need to stop thinking. Look, it’s great that the laymen know about CERN and all but please, accept that you are scientifically illiterate and that you dont actually understand what CERN does. It’s OK that you dont know what CERN is about, there is no law that says you must keep up to date with modern particle physics. The problem arises when you take an ignorant idea of what CERN is about and claim there may be a direct link to any other phenomenon you observe. I’ll give you a hint: YOU, personally, won’t observe anything that ever happens at CERN.

  139. Elin

    That was Tiger Woods’ life spinning out of control and exploding in spectacular failure.

  140. Rob

    Well here’s the thing about it you see…. there are at least 5 different photo angles of this thing… and at least two videos from different angles… What is clearly obvious is that the spiraling out pattern is exactly the same from all those angles… not to mention… the trail from over the horizon then stopped, then how does the entire spiral pattern simply vanish within a grey sphere expanding outward from the core? The spiral is also uniform, evenly distributed… ‘perfect’. If it were a rocket booster spiraling to earth then why stop in mid air… and vanish…
    I am not saying what it is or could be… they’re just observations… And just happens to be during the climate summit in Denmark 😉

    A similar event occurred over Russia in 2006.

  141. Dobbs

    Somewhere, someone has found a tiny little red devil with a giant forearm that’s actually a key to unleash supernatural destruction upon earth.

    Just sayin.

  142. dan42day

    I predict we will see many more of these in the years to come…it is obviously an effect of GLOBAL WARMING!

  143. BNoel

    anyone ever see the show sliders?

  144. csrster

    Sam @96: You have a point. Every time something unusual gets posted here, some idiot will post a one liner with some combination of “photoshopped” “faked” and “hoax” in it. There was a good example not long ago of a beautiful image showing the ISS transiting the moon. The person calling hoax on that occasion was clearly completely clueless about the concept of surface brightness, but of course that didn’t stop them.

  145. black hole

    did anyone hear the rocket/ICBM?

  146. spitfire

    It’s the first internationally recognized atmospheric crop circle or “cloud circle”. We’ll be witnessing many more of these and ever more fantastic. Read Genesis 6:1-4 and Ezekiel 38-39.

  147. Sylvanscar

    Mind you that I have not completely read this entire thread,… So this might have been already brought up… But this phenomenon sure looks more like a dying star, who’s core may have collapsed into a black hole. And if it were,… shouldn’t it raise some serious questions,… like how will it affect our solar system?
    Do we know for a fact that this event occured within our atmosphere, because it looked to be further,… let’s say out of our solar system… ?

  148. Pelly

    People are soooo stupid… It’s obviously a weather balloon.

  149. DontBelieveTheSpin

    Think about it very carefully.
    When was the last time you saw any kind of ‘Trial’ following a perfect concentric spiral?
    Only if the spinning object is fixed like a catherine wheel or the sprinkler that the author mentions.
    Also if the rocket theory is true, then the spiral would be seen as a corkscrew/helix from different positions due to perspective. Every photo and video show it as a flat/Planar concentric spiral. WIth no perspective distortion. This proves it is indeed a flat plane like object/artifact and completley disproves the rocket idea.
    There have been thousands of witnesses spaced hundreds of miles apart. This shows the scale of the thing. Take into consideration how small the moon looks in a photo due to the field of view of a camera, then compare to the photos of this. It takes up most of the sky.

    I am a keen satelite observor and have seen many spacecraft related re-entries and malfunctions. They are miniscule compared to this. Even the well documented failure of the space shuttle during re-entry produced a tiny shower of sparks which most people did not even notice.

    This may be a Very elaborate hoax or it could be the most import thing we have ever seen. But it sure as hell isn’t a failed rocket.

  150. Thomas Siefert

    @ 153. Hector J Ramirez

    On Wednesday night, Dec. 09, CERN cranked up the LHC to it’s highest intensity to date. Could there be a connection between the Collider and the Norwegian spiral and beam on the same night?


  151. Morten

    “First, this was seen all over Norway, so it must have been at a high altitude to be so visible.”

    This is soooo wrong! Have you ever looked at the map? Please do.
    This phenomenon was only visible far north of the country, the pictures are mostly from around the city of Tromsø. Video linked in the above article was filmed in Senja, south of Tromsø. Norway is approximately 2600km long, so you need to go above “satellite-orbit-hight” if everyone should be able to see the rocket.

  152. BlackHole2009

    Did anyone hear the ICBM/rocket?

  153. Mike Wagner

    Video posted a year ago on YouTube of a spiral supposed to be located over Tomsk, Russia.

    Tie a launch to that event and it’s another shot for skeptics.

    I’ve got someone demanding evidence of a rocket spiral that would look like that, but I don’t think they’ll take the simulation. I’ve seen Estes rockets do it, but personal anecdotes don’t count for evidence :)

    He thinks its LHC effects or wormholes.

  154. NNM

    Could the rocket have exploded in the end? Shoving all the fuel away?
    I hope someone is measuring radiation levels in the area…
    And yes, the rocket theory is the most likely…
    The portal- stargate- LHC- doomsday- black hole theories are just a waste of internet space and a wonderful display of wishful thinking and human simplicity. Feet: on the ground please.

  155. Thomas Morris

    The NYT has this, which seems convincing:

    MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia’s new submarine-based intercontinental missile suffered the latest in a series of test failures, newspapers reported on Thursday, as unusual lights were spotted in Norway across the border from the launch site.

    The Bulava intercontinental missile has been billed as Russia’s newest technological breakthrough to support its nuclear deterrent, but the repeated test failures are an embarrassment for the Kremlin.

    The missile failed in its thirteenth test on Wednesday morning, the Vedomosti daily reported, quoting a source in the military-industrial complex.


    As second updated version of the simulation video I made – not meant to be especially accurate, but just spinning-and-spewing produces that spiral pattern very easily.

  157. Jim Weir

    The First thing that sprung to my mind is that its a projected Light from the Ground…..Not unlike the kind of Lighting Pink Floyd used in 1988 to simulate clouds………….Anyway Im Convinced its projected from the Ground………….

  158. mentmix

    Maybe this is a unexpected results of firing up the Large Hadron Collider. Think about it?
    Its to uniform to be a missle misfire.
    Just be open people.

  159. Amani B.

    I think this is way too perfect and symmetrical a formation to be a ballistic remnant.

    No wind interruption? No smoke/clouds after the brightness faded? Zero reports of a blast/sound? A double spiral? The expanding and contracting disc in the center?

    Have the “missiles” in the past mimicked this EXACTLY?

  160. Moko

    WAY too big to be a rocket having dropped a bolt. WAY too even effect over such a distance without dissipation. Have a look at the size against the horizon. That could ONLY be high altitude to be seen over such a distance and to be THAT big at such a distance?. Puh-lease. Rocket?, not convinced…yet.

    TOTALLY pissed aliens heading home.

    …and the LHC is still under ground isn’t it?. How’s it gonna do that when all the reactions happen in a tube under ground?.

  161. coded_black

    one thing you should know! the blue light its not goin’ up to the sky but goin’ down to earth from the sky! search for more reference then you’ll got another speculation.

  162. Neil

    A Russian defence source has confirmed that a failed test firing of a long distance missile from a submarine in the While Sea took place at around this time, according to the Norwegian media.

  163. JupiterIsBig

    #98 @Phil, the only thing you missed is to somehow block the UFOligists, etc from the site …
    Actually, you can’t and wouldn’t want to. What they write is entertaining and certainly keeps your hits coming !

  164. Erwin

    Isn’t is obvious the people on the moon were pissed of over our recent attack and give us a warning shot?

  165. Kristin C

    I don’t think this is much of a discussion anymore (other than the sheer prettyness of the pictures! Wheeeee): Failed test rocket launch from a Russian vessel in the Kvitsjøen area is pretty much the final answer here in Norway. There was even issued a warning of the launch test beforehand. It was very cool that you pretty much figured it out by yourself, though.

    (Oh, and Phil, this wasn’t visible “all over Norway”, but all over the northern part of Norway. It may not be a big country, but it’s a loooong one.)

  166. Hello from Russia

    This new Russian weapons. Allows you to hypnotize enemies. Or at least distract them. Top secret! 😉

  167. Mchl

    Just a weather baloon. Move along! Move along!

    Failed rocket theory seems plausible to me. I’m a bit sorry, that I had read your entire post, before seeing any of the videos. I wonder what explanation I would come up with!

  168. Thunderrose

    I do not think this is a rocket. I feel as though this is something we have never recorded before. And if I am wrong forgive my two cents…..
    Although I think it is something we may learn from and hopefully, not something to fear. Be a little open minded and look to other concepts.

    Thank you for allowing my thoughts.

  169. skinnycow

    Clearly a vortex caused by all the hot air coming from the Nobel committee ! or due to global warming…yeah that’s it. :)

  170. David Boersma

    @Rob: I would guess that it runs out of fuel at some point?

    I would be interested if any remains of the rocket booster have been found? Is anyone in fact searching for them?

  171. wbigben

    this has happened before look at starry starry night by Vincent van Gogh this same design is also displayed in ancient Celtic drawings

  172. steve weyerts

    Clearly a holograph projected in the sky! Trace the blue light to the sourse.( of course you are probably not allowed anywhere near it!)

  173. You guys are ridiculous – this is obviously a projection of some kind.

    1. The blue ‘tail’ is the projected light path (why is the trail strongest where the light is most focused)
    2. The pattern has pixels – clearly from a projected computer image
    3. Why is the pattern no bigger than the cone of the tail – because it is a projected image.

    In the same way a movie projector’s lightpath has a cone or a tail is the exact same way this is presented. A rocket? Puh lease

  174. Bear

    That Dr. Who… always up to something.

  175. Derek L


    I don’t know what you saw – but no possible Shuttle reentry trajectory ground track takes it anywhere near Oregon.

  176. Luis

    It looks like aliens are abducting people and things. They are taking them to another dimension. it looks fake but may be real.

  177. matt delgado

    i jus finished reading this entire thread and i jus have to say whatever it is seems to defy physics, oh and super long around two hundred posts : )

  178. Ambby

    Im not sure who will believe me or not,but last night while i was sleeping at around 1 to 3 AM in the morning,EST time,i had a very very vivid dream of looking up into the sky & seeing a slight surface half the size of the moon,i looked away & when i looked back it had gotten bigger,& then finally i saw an entire world right next to ours,very detailed & i could tell by looking at this world it had advanced life on it,maybe this is what was at the other side of that vortex/black hole/portal if it was in fact any of those, if it was a gateway at all.

    Ive had the ability to predict things for a long time & ive always had an extra sense & feeling for the flow of life around me,ive known since i was young that a major change would soon occur,the kind that would make this current society & life within it pointless to take seriously,so i never have.

    What i can say for sure,is this entire world shall change in a big way soon,death,rebirth,a new species of being,im not absolute on this,but i do know its coming much the way an animal senses a huge chaotic event before-hand,ive felt it all my life.

    I feel that as time goes on,we will see more & more strange events as the fabric of truth & time unravel itself.

    This dream that i had,this possible vision,it was in extreme high detail in every sense & when i started to reach higher levels of fear i woke up in my dark room wanting to have light around me so could escape the dark feeling i received from my spiritual experience,i got up & went to the only light i have,my lamp,i turned it on & the bulb exploded.

    This is all true,so i take it as a sign,an omen & im not to sure what to make of it.

    You may take it as you wish,i just wish to spread my info to others for whatever reason,just to have it out on a public forum,i feel its my duty as a fellow human to give out info that may have truth behind it,& even if not,i cant just let it stay within my own mind.


  179. Rob Berg

    Seeing the photo made me think of the US Army’s THAAD system which spiral’s on purpose as shown in the photo in this link:

  180. Sam (comment 96) says: “Can anyone provide a video clip of a rocket generating this spiral / blue light effect?

    Chances are, no. Because what is being discussed here is a rocket failure under specific conditions of light, altitude, etc. This is something that we call, “uncommon,” or even, “rare.” Does the lack of a video rule out the explanation?

    Certainly if anyone suggesting a non-conventional explanation were to offer only an animation to support their point, they’d be ridiculed mercilessly on this site.

    I’ve seen very few people ridiculed mercilessly on this site. However, you have indicated in this very sentence exactly why there appears to be a difference in treatment: non-conventional explanation. As others have pointed out, we know rockets exist. We even know they fail from time to time. So right off the bat, we have a body of support for proposing “rocket” in lieu of, say, “Vulcans.” If I see an object out of the corner of my eye that floats in open air without any evidence of support from the ground, even though all I saw was a dark shape and no indications of speed or distance, I’m still going to suppose “bird” or “insect” unless something really compelling rules against them. Because they exist. I’m not going to give “orbs” equal weight in the proposed explanations until we have a body of evidence for them that rivals birds and insects. Hopefully you don’t find this strange.

    Here, the Bad Astronomer and his devotees tend to be just as reactionary and uncritical in their knee-jerk, absolutist dismissal of unconventional explanations for unusual phenomenon and incidents.

    “Here” is considered an open forum, where anyone can post, “devotee” or not. After all, you posted here, did you not? The examples you then followed up with make up a small fraction of the total word count of the comments here, which you then consider “typifying.” You’ll pardon me if I see you as someone with more of an axe to grind than a valid point to make.

    Sometimes the appropriate reaction is to say, simply, “I don’t know.” A truly committed rationalist knows when to admit he/she doesn’t have a decent explanation.

    Phil’s original post has a specific point. It presents an extremely curious and atypical phenomenon, then provides a potential explanation and some of the physics behind it. Did you miss the part where he said, “So that’s my hypothesis”? Does that sound like a “the case is closed” to you?

    Most of the replies here, mine included, don’t have any issue with the physics or resulting visual effects involved. Pretty stunning thing to see, and certainly not something you’ll see every day, which is what makes people so fascinated by it. But rarity does not, and should not, rule out “explainable with simple physics.” That should, in fact, always be your starting point.

    You, on the other hand, bring up the idea of extraterrestrial and extradimensional explanations without ever saying why. No support, and unable even to contradict the explanation proposed. And I should find your argument convincing… in what way?

  181. name_field

    or, we could look at the most likely explanation witch is the HAARP center that is BEHIND THE MOUNTAIN IN THE PICTURE WHERE THE TEAL BEAM WENT has finally started firing up, say goodbye to everything you love as this technology can be used as a global radar and EMP wile also being able to control and create weather at its whim that includes disastrous weather folks.

    ignore the previous comment as the asterisks were not intended.

  182. wolfblass
  183. @Canuck #111: Actually, it may be early morning, but the sun is not about to rise, not for a month or two anyway. I grant you the sun is probably not that far below the horizon, but how far I am not sure. At that latitude, you at least get some twilight around noon this time of year. But there must be lots of astronomer types hanging out here who can easily calculate that information.

  184. keys

    haha i just think it was a rocket and that blue light could just be flood lights or sumthing they were using to track its movement just a theory :)

  185. Asday

    Hey, is there anyone who lives in space who got a vid of this? It’d be pretty cool to see the other side of this.

  186. Jonny5

    Agreed that is a rocket spinning, but for it to leave a perfect pattern like that, a part of the rocket would have to be fixed in position so that the rocket would spin around it like a centrifuge. If it isn’t held in position it would create a random pattern like when you let go of a balloon.

  187. Hello. It was a Russian missile test going bad.

    It is already reported on the Media:

    Clear skies!

  188. Ken

    #71 John Lewis:
    > Look closer at the double spiral. I’m curious what people think about that part.

    My guess: something damaged the top of the comnbustion chamber, and exhaust started spewing out that end also.

  189. justin

    It’s a cook book!!!!

  190. Matt Roulx

    this will answer all your questions :) enjoy!

    And too all you sad people that think that this may be a Rocket , well your wrong , don’t believe everything that the media tells you !

  191. Sarah

    Just started learning Norwegian and this happens. XD It must be destiny!

    That would have been so awesome to see in person. I see a new brand of uber-expensive luxury fire works: Defective Russian Rockets.

  192. Matt Roulx

    oh WOW look it here ! i found something on this site lmfao ! WR 104 Wolf -rayet star

  193. Damon
  194. Urantia444

    Has anyone ever considered these beautiful swirls as a hail from our loving and playfull celestial brothers and sisters? What does it take for people to start realizing that we are constantly protected, guided, and loved by something unseen and unquantifiable? This is cosmic beauty at its finest! And shame on you who riducule Future (post 29)!

  195. Tor Arne

    I saw this on my way to work yesterday and loudly yelled out the norwegian equivalent of “WTF?” to myself in the car. Unfortunately my five year old phone doesn’t have a camera so I couldn’t stop to take a picture. It was fantastic!

    Tor Arne @ 69°4′ North

  196. earth2allie

    And… let the 2012 crackhead cases commence.

  197. Richard Jones

    I can’t believe that anyone seriously thinks this is a rocket. They have obviously never looked at real rocket trails. The bit at the end where it goes black is a giveaway. Those who think it is a rocket are very gullible and seriously delusional.

    It appears to be some sort of rotating plasma, that is emanating from the ground. The spiral is at the end farthest from the ground and if you think of a rotating electromagnetic field tube that contains and transports the plasma it has decayed exponentially at the end.

  198. Dr. Bill

    It is exactly what an out of control rocket looks like. Anyone from a amateur model rocket enthusiast to a NASA engineer would identify it as such in a heartbeat. But, you know how “gullible and delusional” rocket scientists tend to be.

  199. Phil, don’t be silly. We all know this was Torchwood Norway hard at work fighting off the latest invasion from Raxacoricofalipatorius. 😛

  200. Takma'rierah

    Pssh, no, clearly it’s the Hypotheticals setting up a spin membrane! I mean, it’s spinning and everything, and you don’t get much more homologous than “spin” and “spin.” 😉

  201. Kamina


  202. mosu101

    If this “event” is due to a faulty missile launch, then where is the wreakage of the failled missile?

  203. Critic4hire

    They say its a rocket? If its a rocket, its the first time I have ever seen rocket fuel burn blue. Don’t believe everything you hear or read. Believe in your instinct, its more trustworthy now a days. Thinking for yourself helps too instead of letting others think for you.

  204. schism

    Behold Rapture Ready’s take on this event and despair!

    The reactions are especially funny given that someone mentioned the rocket theory on the very first page. Responses?

    “Whoa…signs in the heavens?! Folks, looks like we’re going home really soon!”

    One or two are even insisting that it’s a plot by Obama to cover up the Rapture.

  205. Greg in Austin

    This is what we know:
    A) Rockets exist.
    B) A “No-Fly” warning was issued by Russia in that vicinity.
    C) Rockets make a spiral pattern when they go out of control.
    D) The photos were long-exposure shots, making the image look brighter than it did to the naked-eye.
    F) The videos show the spiral forming in the atmosphere.
    G) The spirals dissipated quickly over a short period of time, just as the gas plumes from a rocket would be expected to.
    H) Computer simulations of a rocket thrust seen from different points of view match what was seen in the sky.

    Therefore, the MOST LIKELY and MOST SIMPLE explanation is a failed rocket. Now, I’m totally willing to accept any other explanation, provided you have evidence that supports that explanation, and that evidence would have to be MORE LIKELY than what has already been presented.


  206. Kyle

    Its definitely a rocket failure. The only reason its cool: Because it was done when the horizon 50 miles above earth at 6:40 AM in Norway was in a peak state to witness this event…

    When an object is that high in the atmosphere, it will attain the properties of a large span due to the angle the observers are watching from. Especially if any gases or burning fuel emitted at that vantage point will be clarified by the reflection of the sun approaching on the horizon. It’s seen by the photographs provided.

  207. justasitsounds

    Oh my dog. The amount of stupid in this comment thread is so depressing.

    To all those claiming that this cannot possibly be a rocket failure: how many rocket launches have you observed and how many failed rocket launches have you observed? Add to that, the Russians have shame-facedly admitted that it was one of their ‘birds’ gone awry.

    @mosu101: You are assuming no-one has found the ‘wreakage’ yet. Or that there would be any to retrieve if this was a sea-launch from a submarine, as the Russians have claimed. You are not in possession of all the facts, yet you assume you are.

    When you hear hoofbeats behind you do you automatically assume that when you turn around that you will see a purple three-headed zebra, or a horse?

    Sheesh, the stupid and the burning.

  208. Andre

    If it was indeed a rocket, surely Norwegian air traffic control must have seen it on their radar.

  209. Andre

    BTW, I would like to add this strange thing that happened in Fatima on october 13th, 1917:
    Many witnesses reported that the sun began to spin in much the same way that a firecracker wheel spins. It gave off fiery fingers of light that extended across the sky. The earth itself seemed to change colors. First it was cast in a sort of red shadow, then orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. The phenomenom repeated itself three times. Then, quite suddenly, the sun began to plunge toward the earth. It shudderd as it came closer, shimmying violently. The crowd screamed. The weird display continued for 10 minutes. Finally, the sun halted its devastating approach to earth and started to climb again to its normal position in the sky. (Excerpt from ‘Secret Prophecy Of Fatima Revealed’ by Timothy Green Beckley & Art Crockett)

  210. Ghoti

    To me, the simplest explanation is that a non-Earth-based intelligence is paying a visit and showing its stuff. No big deal, but we might have something to learn from them – and maybe them from us.

  211. Absentereo

    Can someone walk be through to how exactly a rocket failure causes a spiral shape of this precision? I’d expect fluctuations in the breadth of the windings. Also how does the second spiral appear from a failed rocket? If it’s a single failed rocket with two leaks there should be only one path visible. But if you look at it then the smaller spiral seems inverted to what one would expect, if it matches the path of the big spiral at all.

    Also can anyone explain why a the end the inside of the spiral seemed to be “sucked into a black hole”? as the witnesses described and as is visible on video.

    I’m sure there is a natural explanation. But this does not seem like a rocket. I’ve looked up some rocket failures on youtube and they are all terribly chaotic, this is extreme in it’s precise form. I didn’t find any rocket failures outside the atmosphere though. I expect that to make things more smooth. But even then… THIS precise?

    Also has anyone managed to explain the dual color scheme yet?

    I’m not buying the rocket story. But I’m expecting a real and satisfactory answer to be found any day now. The rocket story is just to keep us from screaming that the aliens landed, the scientists are presumably hard at work.

  212. Chris H

    #241 absentero: please watch the simulation at the end of the topic. And compare it to a garden sprinkler making ‘spirals’. Then turn the fuel / water off and you get the black hole.

    If the leaking object moves in one general direction and spouts out a liquid with a more or less equal force, the same as the water spouting out of the circling garden sprinkler, you would get an even spiral. You just have to stand in the right position, but apparently this happened very high so most middle- and north- Norwegians were more or less under it.

    The smaller spiral was apparently caused by the normal exhaust. The color difference: see earlier comments (ionizing).

    Sorry you’re ‘not buying the rocket story’. Guess life is full of miracles to you.

  213. Hermione Granger

    You don’t use your eyes do you.
    Clearly it was dark wizards “apparating” into Norway, or a port-key run awry.

  214. JMD

    If you will look at the center, the size does not change, fade, or wobble, as would a rocket in a spiral moving away from Earth’s atmosphere. It is a constant. As for the blue light beam, it intensifies as it gets closer to the Earth, rather than disipating. It is way too symetrical and consistant (12 minutes) to be a rocket leaving our atmosphere. As for the black hole- note that is is much darker than the surrounding sky. It is really weird and unexplainable. In reference to the youtube submission, that definitely looks like computer animation. When was it originally posted? Yesterday, maybe?

  215. Chris H

    @JMD yes the simulation was posted after the event, to explain to non-rocket-scientists what could have happened. And now we have Russians admitting it happened like that. Case closed.

  216. Greg in Austin


    If you read the reports, the failure occurred during the 3rd stage of the rocket, after stages 1 and 2 were successful. So, the rocket was sufficiently high enough to pretty much go in a straight line – with a twist. If could have been moving toward or away from the viewers and provided the same effect. And the blue wasn’t a “beam of light,” it was simply leaked fuel. Judging from the photos, I’d say the rocket was heading TOWARD the atmosphere. And in the pictures above and on the ‘net, the “black hole” is not black at all. Its the same color as the rest of the sky.

    It is NOT unexplainable. It is already explained, you are just too stubborn to accept it. On the same hand, what data or evidence do you have that explains the event?


  217. XFP

    This short film depicts what a satellite war would look like to us earthlings. I wonder if we’ll be seeing a lot more of these types of things with all the space junk out there.


  218. Kevin

    (linkback) Real or Fake? (VOTE) ‘Awesomely bizarre light show freaks out Norway’:

  219. I guess that collision with Andromeda is going to happen sooner than we though…

    – Jack

  220. Eric

    Since when does rocket fuel glow in the dark? There is NO proof this was from an ‘out of control’ missile. There are several reasons for this:

    1. An ‘out of control’ missile by definition does not leave a perfect spiral in the atmosphere. As a missile expels fuel, it’s mass is reduced by a large amount every second. This will NECESSARILY destabilize the missile’s balance of forces in the absence of stabilizing control systems.

    2. Expelled missile fuel is NOT fluorescent. The incorrect ‘rocket’ theory does not explain the light source. It was dark outside at the time this incident occurred. There was no atmospheric sunlight reflection in play. Whatever was in the sky had enough energy to register in the optical radiation range.

    3. The rocket ‘theorists’ point to anonymous press reports as ‘proof’ this was a failed rocket launch. They do not provide any information whatsoever on the exact type of missile launched, the location and direction of launch, and the time of launch. In order to even begin to explain this incident as a failed rocket launch you have to start with at least that simple set of facts.

  221. Eric

    Greg in Austin said, “. And the blue wasn’t a “beam of light,” it was simply leaked fuel.”

    Fuel does not fluoresce visible radiation, let alone higher energy blue light. Your explanation does not explain the light source.

  222. Eric

    Greg in Austin says, “Rockets make a spiral pattern when they go out of control.”

    What data do you have that supports this complete guess of yours? As a rocket expels fuel it loses mass at a proportional rate. In the absence of stabilizing controls on the rocket (i.e. an ‘out of control rocket’), the rocket cannot possibly maintain it’s rate of ascent or direction given this loss of mass. Apparently you aren’t much up on your basic physics and the reality that stable flight requires a balance of forces.

  223. The Doctor

    I’ve been contacted by UNIT HQ. This is just what I feared, what you have witnessed is nothing less than the return of the Mandragora Helix. Very disconcerting. This could end up with a rupture in the Time/Space vortex. I’m suspecting a plot by the Master.

  224. gvgoebel

    For some illumination — look up the UToob vid for “Trident PEM-1 launch failure”.

  225. ND


    If you feel that there is proof that it wasn’t a rocket, any hypothesis of your own to explain it?

  226. dont worry about it

    To all of you who dont think what you just saw was a rocket, this image was made by a 3D program. it is in fact a rocket. russia was and has been testing rockets for a long time now, the part of the rocket that broke off had been spitting out fuel to make the spiral look. it is NOT a worm hole as many norway people led to think. the rocket was in space and malfunctiond. the russians later admited to there embarassing mistake and turned the rocket off.

  227. Midyin

    first “Doesn’t look real” Well Daniel It really happened, so stop being an idiot…

    Anyway this has happened before, that’s what it looks like when A rocket Spirals out of control. The blue is the Rockets Flight path, and the white is the fuel being ejected, so the thing stops….

  228. Eric

    ND — I don’t need to come up with a hypothesis. I am not going to make a fool of myself and claim to know what it was, like everyone else seems to be doing. All I know is that I have sufficiently proved that this was not an ‘out of control’ rocket.

  229. Eric

    Don’t Worry — I have already shown you in no uncertain terms that this was not a rocket. The formation in the sky consisted of two light emitting colors that were not influenced by solar reflection, because the sun was behind the earth at the given time. Secondly, there were two different colors in the formation, one white and one blue. The white and the blue colors were in close proximity to one another, and they each radiated at a different energy level indicating they had two different sources of energy. The ‘reflection’ of sunlight theory, which is invalidated by the simple fact that the sun’s rays were blocked by the earth at the given time, do not explain the visible radiation emitted in two distinct spectral energies.

  230. Eric

    ND — If in fact this ‘rocket’ were 100 nautical miles above the earth as you claim, then the plume you mistakenly claim is the source of the white spiral would be dozens of miles in diameter. The rocket plumes for the space shuttle, which pack orders of magnitude more propellant than an ICBM do, extend no more than a few hundred meters. Again, the rocket theory is not an acceptable explanation for what happened on December 9.

  231. StevoR

    @ 184. coded_black Says:

    One thing you should know! the blue light its not goin’ up to the sky but goin’ down to earth from the sky! search for more reference then you’ll got another speculation.

    ‘War of the Worlds’ – the 2005 remake movie version with Tom Cruise & Dakota Fanning where the aliens rode their (thunder-less) artificial (?) “lightning” down to their pre-buried machines which then emerged from the ground to wreck havoc on us all.

    See :

    Is that what you mean?

    BTW. Great first half of a movie with that 200? War of the Worlds there – pity it went off the rails a bit in the second half. In My Humble Opinion Naturally.

    Erm … Nice reference but I doubt it. 😉

    Or Odin & the Norse Gods riding down from the sky on their rainbow / huge tree bridge? 😉

  232. StevoR

    On researching further :

    Bifrost bridge was the Norse mythological reference I was thinking of there – but then if so you’d think this’d be a bit more colourful & less spiral-ly no? 😉

    David Brin’s awesome short story with the silly title “Thor meets Captain America” (found in Brin’s anthology The River of Time ) also springs to mind here. 😉

  233. ND


    “All I know is that I have sufficiently proved that this was not an ‘out of control’ rocket.”
    “Don’t Worry — I have already shown you in no uncertain terms that this was not a rocket.”

    You’ve made unsubstantiated assertions and assumptions.

    Have you considered the possibility that the rocket was high enough to catch the sunlight? A quick look through Stellarium showed that on December 9th, 7:50am the sun was setting and the horizon was lit. If you look at the images, you will see that indeed the horizon is rather lit. According to news reports the ICBM being tested has a range of 5000 miles. If you climb high enough obove the earth you can catch sunlight. That’s why satellites flying above you are visible while you’re still darkness after sunset or before dawn. According to Stellarium, the sun rose around 1:30 am and set around 8:30 pm.

    “If in fact this ‘rocket’ were 100 nautical miles above the earth as you claim, then the plume you mistakenly claim is the source of the white spiral would be dozens of miles in diameter.”

    How did you calculate this? Dozens of miles wide at 100 miles high should be bigger than what we see in the images. But then again the images don’t give enough info to determine angular size in the sky. You’re completely guessing.

    ps. I’m not making the 100 mile claim. Some rocket scientist dude who under no uncertain terms know more about rockets than you is making the educated guess as to the height of the rocket. Interesting how you redirected that 100 mile claim to me instead of facing the rocket scientist.

  234. ND

    BTW, Stellarium is a really really cool app, and it’s free! I strongly recommend people get it.

  235. Yngve

    Beautiful failure :)

    Ofcourse the ‘event’ has caused conspiracy theorists to run amok on youtube, but this was to be expected. When I saw this on wednesday I was very puzzled at first, but already at around 11am the rocket theory was very probable. When I saw the coastal warning for the White Sea, the last piece of the puzzle was in place.

    When the Russians ‘confessed’ the next day, it was almost redundant to me.

    It surprises me how big the conspiracy-community has grown. The funniest are all the spectacular explanations for simple phenomenons.

    I prefer Occam’s razor: The simplest explanation is usually the correct one:

    Thesis 1: A Russian Bulava fails (again) and leaves a spectacular particle trace in the pre-dawn light over Norway

    Thesis 2: Lizard overlords with a HAARP are projecting ‘scary’ lights to baffle, confuse and hypnotize the population… Oh and it causes global heating too… and mind control… and chem trails… and… uh… Obama 9/11 loose change moon landing UFO coverup. In other words: Illuminati did it!… and aliens.

    You choose… 😉

  236. Yngve

    ND: What location on Earth did you use in Stellarium?

    I was surprised that you spoke of sunrise and sunset because in most of the area where this event was observed has polar night now (no sun).

    It is however just below the horizon, and the eastern sky was quite bright (seen from Tromsø) that wednesday morning at 7:50. The blue ‘tail’ of the rocket was difficult to see just above the mountains because the sky was so bright. The tail was visible all the while when I was walking to work that day (until about 08:10 when I arrived at work).

    A really beautiful event. The blue tail almost looked like aurora borealis after a while when the spiral was gone, except that it was bright blue and not the typical green that is the most common in our skies. I have actually never seen a truly blue aurora here. I think it must be very rare.

    Just for the record, I know this was a russian rocket failure.

  237. Midyin

    I Agree with ND on this one.

    Eric, stop fapping off to The X-files, and come back to Reality…

  238. Karl

    Brilliant analysis. Of course I can say that with confidence since the russians admitted it was one of their rockets. But you were just right on…..Keep up th good work

  239. ND


    The article I linked to said Skjervoy, Norway. Stellarium did not have Skjervoy as a location but google maps had Tromsø very close to it and I used that location. Going over it again in stellarium for dec 9, 1am to 9am, it looks like the sun did not come over the horizon. Stellarium showed a very bright lumencance moving over the horizon and I thought it was the sun crossing over the horizon.

    Thanks for confirming the sky conditions. I wish I had seen it. I’m sure I’d be freaked out at first :)

  240. Andre

    So was this the first Russian rocket failure ever?
    Considering the russian reputation, this is very unlikely.
    How come this is the very first time we ever saw a rocket failure in such a weird way?
    Quite a coincidence this rocket failure just now happens at the same time CERN is testing the LHC.
    And the Russians are involved in CERN too. They have observer status.
    How very convenient this Russion rocket failure is at this particular moment…

    Nostradamus 9 44:

    “All should leave Geneva,
    Saturn turns from gold to iron.
    The contrary positive ray (RAYPOZ) will exterminate everything.
    There will be signs in the sky before this.”

    If Nostradamus is right, this event can only originate from what is (secretly) going on at CERN.
    Let’s wait and see if we’ll get any more of those very unusual signs in the sky.

    Please also note the very unusual ‘out of time’ wording for the age Nostradamus lived in such as ‘contrary positive ray…’ and the planet Saturn is like CERN’s LHC also ring shaped.
    And Nostradamus did not mention London, Paris, Rome or any other city but Geneva, where the LHC is located… What are the mathematical probabilities all of this is pure coincidence?

  241. NMR

    Obama’s Halo for sure!

  242. Michael Swanson

    @ Eric

    You’re using the term “flourescent” where perhaps “backlit” may be more appropriate. Have you ever seen contrails glow at dawn or dusk?

    @ Andre

    “What are the mathematical probabilities all of this is pure coincidence?” Nostradamus made thousands of his vague bad trip quatrains. You can cherry-pick just about anything you want from them.

  243. Greg in Austin

    Eric said,

    Fuel does not fluoresce visible radiation, let alone higher energy blue light. Your explanation does not explain the light source.

    Neither the white nor the blue spirals were a “light source.” They were reflecting light from the obvious source – The Sun. And surely you understand that different gasses in the atmosphere can reflect different colors.


  244. ND

    I bet you Nostradamus’ quatrains fit events that had already happened before he wrote down his work. Has anyone tried to fit the quatrains backwards in time rather than forwards?

  245. Greg in Austin

    Eric said,

    What data do you have that supports this complete guess of yours? As a rocket expels fuel it loses mass at a proportional rate. In the absence of stabilizing controls on the rocket (i.e. an ‘out of control rocket’), the rocket cannot possibly maintain it’s rate of ascent or direction given this loss of mass. Apparently you aren’t much up on your basic physics and the reality that stable flight requires a balance of forces.

    My data is the photographic and video evidence of known rocket launches (follow some of the many links on this blog) where the rocket loses stabilization, and flies in a spiral trajectory until it either hits the ground or is self-destructed. Then there’s the computer simulations showing this exact behavior. Finally, I also have experience launching model rockets, and have seen first hand a rocket move in exactly this same manner.

    Where is your evidence to support your claims?


  246. If this was a missile, then why are there TWO planes of trajectories shown in the attached pictures? One trajectory is the blue trail, the second “trajectory” is the white spiral light. If the white spiral IS a trajectory, then it is nearly PERFECTLY lined up with the angle in which the attached pictures were taken. You can tell this by measuring the widths of each of the white spirals. They are nearly identical. So this missile defied physics and made a significant change in direction mid-flight?

    You’ll quickly notice that EVERY picture taken of this event appears to be taken from an angle in which the white spiral “trajectory” is perfectly in line with the camera. These pictures were taken from all over the length of northern Norway. Strange. It would appear the reason for this is that the white spiral “trajectory” is SO FAR AWAY from us, that from all viewpoints the angle is the same. Well, if this is so far away from us – couldn’t we make a calculation of the speed in which the “exhaust / fuel” is speeding away from the center of the spiral, and wouldn’t that speed be UNIMAGINABLY fast. Further the SIZE of the thing rotating in the middle of the spiral must be INCREDIBLY large.

    More proof:

    theworldriver.blogspot (dot com)

  247. The missile theory is that a submarine, the Dmitri Donskoy, launched the Bulava missile from the White Sea early that morning. The attached picture 1 was taken in Tromso, Norway. So the people that claim this is a missile want me to believe that if I were to follow the blue trail to its source it would be 700 miles away – in the White Sea? The atmosphere is about 30 miles thick, therefore, the missile traveled at an angle that put it 700 miles away, before it reached 30 miles up? Do you realize how shallow of an angle that is? If I were to look up details about missiles, I guarantee intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) are not launched at those types of angles.

    More proof:

    theworldriver.blogspot (dot com)

  248. Greg in Austin
  249. Greg in Austin


    If you watch the video linked above, then follow that video to THIS explanation:
    www .

    All of your questions are addressed.


  250. Yngve

    Regarding Nostradamus:
    He wrote a boatload of cryptic quatrains. Ofcourse you should be able to make one of them fit (at least if you have the desire to make them fit).

    I remember reading a Nostradamus-book from early 1980s and almost all the quatrains in that book were picked to fit the Cold War and fear of nuclear weapons. For instance I remember part of a quatrain was something like this “After a great accident for humankind, a greater will come”. In the book from the 80s, this was interpreted as WW2 and WW3 (curiously not WW1 and WW2). In another book from around 2005 the same quatrain was interpreted to describe the 9/11 terrorist attacks in USA.

    Nostradamus is fascinating, but I don’t “believe” in him at all. He was very talented at writing “oracle speech”, leaving a lot of his quatrains very open to interpretation.

    Nostradamus-interpretation reminds me of so-called ‘reverse speech’. Search on youtube, but try to close your eyes and not read what the ‘reverse speech’ is supposed to be saying, and I’ll guarantee that you will not ‘hear’ the same as the video author did. :)


    You said that “These pictures were taken from all over the length of northern Norway”.

    Well, the pictures and videos I have seen have been from Tromsø, Skjervøy, Senja, Steira and Skjold (the military camp in Øverbygd). I may have forgotten some, so please correct me.

    Anyway: If you look at google maps or google earth and find these locations, take the zoom button and look at where the white sea is compared to these locations and you’ll quickly realize that most of the pictures and videos were taken from pretty much the same angle.

    Also, you said that ” Further the SIZE of the thing rotating in the middle of the spiral must be INCREDIBLY large.”.

    You must remember that the still photos are mostly taken with long exposure (causing a huge fuzzy blob in the center). On the videos, I can’t say that I see the actual object in there. All I see is the bright center of the two spirals.

    @ND: Yes Tromsø and Skjervøy are close :). It was a very beautiful morning. No clouds except the missile trail, and no aurora (there were no sunspots on dec. 9 anyway). I think a lot of people freaked out, but I actually assumed that a some kind of retrograde satelite (military) had been hit by a meteorite or suffered some kind of catastrophic failure. I didn’t know at the time that the russians were testing Bulavas again.

    Sometimes I’m glad that a lot of the world is heavily light polluted. I can imagine the conspiracy theories regarding Iridium satelites for instance… Maybe I’ll make a sinister youtube vid (with ominous music) on the subject and claim they are evil UFOs controlling our minds. 😉

  251. Yngve

    @John #282:

    The missile was obviously out of the atmosphere when we saw it. The beautiful spiral pattern wouldn’t happen in the atmosphere.

    If I were to guess, I’d guess that the missile was maybe at 200-300km altitude when we saw it and possibly still over Russia or maybe Finland. It moved very slowly in the sky, indicating that it was far away.

    My main question is where the intended test target was. With its trajectory in mind I’m guessing somewhere in the Greenland sea.


    From Wikiquote:

    Some years ago, I had a conversation with a layman about flying saucers — because I am scientific, I know all about flying saucers! I said, “I don’t think there are flying saucers.” So my antagonist said, “Is it impossible that there are flying saucers? Can you prove that it’s impossible?” “No”, I said, “I can’t prove it’s impossible. It’s just very unlikely.” At that he said, “You are very unscientific. If you can’t prove it impossible then how can you say that it’s unlikely?” But that is the way that is scientific. It is scientific only to say what is more likely and what less likely, and not to be proving all the time the possible and impossible. To define what I mean, I might have said to him: “Listen, I mean that from my knowledge of the world that I see around me, I think that it is much more likely that the reports of flying saucers are the results of the known irrational characteristics of terrestrial intelligence than of the unknown rational efforts of extra-terrestrial intelligence.” It is just more likely. That is all.

    —Prof. Richard Feynman, The Character of Physical Law. Cornell University Messenger Lectures (1964).

  253. TRUTHER13

    It was EISCAT. It’s called H.A.A.R.P.

  254. ND


    What makes you think the spiral is only 30 miles high? This is an ICBM, they travel much higher in altitude before falling back down on their target. Given that the spirals were not distorted it is reasonable to assume that this happened above the earth’s atmosphere. There the ejected fuel and other material would not be slowed down at all by an atmosphere.

  255. Fry

    If it was a rocket. Who Exactly Launched it? and why freaking for?

  256. Yngve

    @TRUTHER13 #288


    The EISCAT facility at Ramfjordmoen has never created this phenomenon while conducting upper atmosphere research. The research facilities have been firing different kinds of radars at the skies this area for many decades. Nobody has ever seen this kind of effect of the facility radars.

    Artificial auroras may happen if you use some types of powerful radars pointed straight up… But this wasn’t an artificial aurora. Auroras don’t have spiral patterns or a center that slowly moves WNW across the sky.

    Judging from your username, I’ll assume you know everything about modern radar technology, ionosphere and magnetosphere research and active plasma physics experiments. I don’t, but a “truther” must know 😉

    I’ll also assume that you live in a high latitude location where you can regularly observe aurora, so you know from experience what it normally looks like. And then you should also know that sapphire blue auroras visible in the eastern sky at dawn with white spiral swirls are quite impossible.

    EISCAT Ramfjordmoen wasn’t built and started for the first time on December 9 2009. Ergo, the extremely unusual phenomenon that surprised everyone living in this area couldn’t be created by something as ordinary as the EISCAT radars.

    The world isn’t really all that scary, and most things have fairly common explanations, even seemingly extraordinary events.
    Tonight I advise everyone reading this thread to watch the skies for the Geminids. It could be a beautiful sight, and hopefully it won’t spark any great debates :) . Let’s just hope for clear skies.

  257. Ph.D.

    Research HAARP…

  258. TRUTHER13

    @ Yngve

    I appreciate you taking the time to try and debunk the HAARP theory in such a articulate manner. However, a spiraling out of control rocket can’t make a spiral 18 layers thick, burning rocket fuel can’t leave a long term heat signature, and the base of the safire colored beam was pointing directly from EISCAT on the other side of the mountains.

    You still want to come in here and blog about ICBM tests going astray? The very fact that you are here tells me and others that you question the nature of this occurrence. Go blog on the CNN website if you want to trust the stories of the news cycle. Russia, is the biggest tester on the planet of HAARP technologies, even more so than the US.

    Could you please enlighten us with your theory?

  259. ND


    I think someone who lived in the area and observed the phenomenon in discussion is more than welcome to talk here.

    “burning rocket fuel can’t leave a long term heat signature,” Heat signature? Where are the measurements of the heat signature?

    ps. Yngve, how do you guys live up there in the cold? brrrrr.

  260. Jenalia

    One can easily recognize the ego at play: it is only clever and not intelligent. The ego will mock, use sarcasm and absolutes during interplay. When the oversoul speaks Truth it is clean, uncharged, and opens itself to true Reality, which is inner. What we ‘think’ is (outer) reality is merely our holographic projections from the Light We Are. Ask your inner guidance and the answers will come without the need to believe the Maya as real, trying to ‘figure it out’. All is written. As we Ascend in our consciousness much will seem to ‘come undone’. Hold steady in the Love that you are. Love for you All as the One We Are, while we walk the path into our 7th Yuga. This cycle Terra will hold the 5D in her matrix firmly.

  261. ND

    Whatever floats your boat Jenalia :)

  262. pdmd

    Somewhat a bummer that the discussion appears over. This link perhaps provides a truer glimpse at what the visual looked like that morning (without the long exposure spiraling).
    The later visualized contrail completes the picture. The discussion and politics is free. Doesn’t it appear as though the missle was traveling at a certain height and low angle before being changed to a different angle with direction as if toward a satellite less than 45 degrees off the horizon? For a missile said to be failed, it almost appears drawn up into the sky toward a defined target.

  263. Yngve

    @Truther13 #295

    Thank you for calling me articulate, I’ll take it as a compliment :)


    Why can’t a missile create a spiral 18 layers thick? Remember that an ICBM that has successfully burned out the first two stages will certainly be ‘in space’ (outside of the atmosphere). In space, things tend to spread very evenly because there’s nothing preventing it from spreading evenly. The luck for us in northern Norway was that the missile was almost headed directly towards us, so the spiral pattern was very easy to see.

    Also, I want you to remember that the still pictures taken are taken with a long exposure. The most famous picture taken is from the pier here in Tromsø, and the photographer was probably out taking photos for some other purpose when he accidentally captured the ‘event’… there are few other good reasons for hanging out at Tromsø pier with a camera at a tripod at 7.45am 😉

    In the photos that were published on VG online (the picture that is shared with Knut Jørgen Røed Ødegaard) the phenomenon isn’t even centered in the picture. The photographer was probably making photos of the beautiful lights of the polar night ‘dawn’ and caught the phenomenon by a lucky accident.

    Anyhow, long exposure makes the event look much more impressive. The videos are much more accurate compared to what it actually looked like.

    Also, I wonder how you know what the heat signature was?

    And who said the rocket fuel was burning? It could be leaking you know. Maybe the separation from the second stage caused critital damage to some fuel tanks?. I assume the Bulava’s upper stage has hypergolic fuels (N2O4 and MMH maybe?) for control thrusters. (I’m not saying that solid fuel was leaking like a fluid).

    Also, the blue ‘beam’ was very crooked… almost ballistic, one might say. It even show in the pictures that the ‘beam’ is bent, and as far as I know, radar and light beams don’t bend all that much 😉

    Some witness accounts of this event are very strange. They say that the object moved over the mountain and stopped, spiraled and ‘exploded’. My observation was a spiraling object with a blue tail slowly creeping over the horizon (mountain) roughly as fast as a normal satelite. After a couple of minutes, the ’emitter’ in the center causing the spiral stopped emitting and a dark (“non-spiraly”) area spread from the middle and out. There was no flash of light or anything indicating an explosion of any kind… And obviously no sound (we don’t hear the satelites ‘whizzing’ by either). The ‘black hole’ was obviously the rocket fuel running out after being spewed into space from the rotating vessel.

    I don’t know why this is so hard to believe? :)

    @ND: Thanks for your vote of confidence. Well, the cold isn’t all that bad here on the coast (rarely gets below -10C in Tromsø). Besides, I actually like the cold clear days much more than the rainy and snowy days. Right now it’s extremely slippery outside because of mild weather :).

    Unfortunately it’s bad seeing for watching the Geminids tonight :( . I’m up horribly early in the morning, hoping to see something, but when that more or less failed, I figured I’d post an answer here on BA instead ;).

    Time to go out one last time to look for the Geminids. :)

  264. Yngve

    Mostly intended for Truther13

    I just wanted to post this as well:

    Is the plane flying directly upwards? Was that launched from Ramfjordmoen as well? 😉

    PS: My advice to anyone being very certain of “what a missile can’t do” should download and play with the free space simulator ‘Orbiter’ by Dr. Martin Schweiger. Make your own spaceship and give it a couple of particle emitters and see what happens. It’s the best interactive tool for learning basic physics, orbital mechanics and the ‘magic’ of perspective. It is also very nice to test out how high you must be to see a specific area of the world. If you want to see all of Northern Norway for instance, you can’t be at 100km altitude (in atmo) 😉

  265. Matt Hough

    You all have it wrong wrong wrong.

    Here is the true insider scoop of what it really is:

    Gods wife just bought him a Kaleidoscope for Christmas, but she had to test it out first so there would be no tears on Christmas day around the tree if it did not work.

  266. ND


    Can you give us any angular dimensions to the spirals? It’s hard to tell how much of the sky it covered from the photos.

  267. Yngve


    Well, I actually had to step outside and compare to the mountains, but I would say the visible spiral to the naked eye could be covered by two fingers at arms length. The blue tail could be covered by a thumb at arms length.

    Ofcourse, I live in Tromsø, so there is some light pollution. I guess it was more visible at Skjold for instance where the best video was taken: . Skjold is the name of the military camp in Øverbygd (two hours drive south of Tromsø).

    The photo from the pier in Tromsø was extraordinary and obviously the long exposure exaggerated it quite a lot. I actually wondered about photoshopping (to make the phenomenon more obvious in the picture) that same day even though I saw the phenomenon only a few hours before seeing that picture.

    @Matt Hough #302: LOL :) I wonder what diehard christians would say about the theory of ‘God’s wife’ good one :)

  268. pdmd

    I will certainly raise my hand with questions. My Project Harvard Physics course in 1974 set me on a love for the sciences. Once all the equations became more than my slide ruler could bear I went into medicine. My interest in the Norway sky event is driven by several curiosities.
    1. Are these regularly observed events? (two or more per year?) (Even without the photographic time exposed enhancements.)
    2. Many of the contributing comments suggest that as a group most of the contributors are fairly seasoned in the physics arena. The questions posited generally suggest that the reader/respondents have a level of employment or hobby which draws on mathmatics and physics. If I were present in Norway that morning with a group of 5th graders standing on a pier, watching this event unfold, how would the lesson plan explanation be told?
    a) Is the object moving away from or toward the observer?
    b) Is the spiral’s center near the observer?
    c) Why isn’t there any sound?(sonic booms?)How fast was it traveling?
    d) Which direction is the observer facing?
    e) Where is the sun at this time of morning?(East of course. But right or left?)
    f) Is a missile tumbling end over end or just spinning? Or both?
    g) What might be the estimated height in the atmoshere or space, and why couldn’t the event be observed from farther distances?(ie. the daylight sun fills the sky further to the east.)
    h) A young student might ask, Why can’t the astronauts abroad the international space station see what happened?
    3) Assuming these missles do not carry active warheads; Are there failsafes in place should a missile with active warheads encounter a “failed third stage”?
    If these questions should be directed toward a different venue, might you reference one?
    Thank you for your time and understanding. Your venue here has been very intriguing to follow.

  269. ND

    “f) Is a missile tumbling end over end or just spinning? Or both?”

    I have been thinking about this one lately. Is the rocket instead of leaking material at almost right angles to the trajectory with it’s nose pointing straight ahead, instead turned close to 90 degrees and started spinning in a tight loop spewing exhaust. There are several unknowns here for me.

    1) is the end of the blue plume the end of the second stage (reportedly the failure was in the 3rd stage). Therefore
    2) is the center of the spirals where the 3rd stage kicked in and began to malfunction.
    3) the composition of the fuel of the 3rd stage. H+O2 does not leave a trail (see space shuttle main engines).

    I’ve read contradicting information saying that the 3rd stage was liquid or that it was solid rocket fuel.

    There are videos on youtube of rockets starting to go into a spin with the nozzle at a large angle to that of the original trajectory.

    “3) Assuming these missles do not carry active warheads;”

    I believe this assumption is a given. I don’t think Russia is *that* reckless. I’m going to guess that they had dummy warhead where they would be testing targeting.

  270. Yngve


    Wow, those were a lot of questions. I’m no expert or rocket scientist or anything, but I can try to answer anyway. I live in Tromsø, so I observed the event personally.

    Ok, here goes :)
    1. Russian (and Norwegian) rockets are occasionally spotted here in Northern Norway. To our east lies the Kola peninsula and to our southeast the White Sea; the homes of the Russian Northern Fleet, and home to a lot of nuclear submarines.

    These areas have lots of testing grounds for missiles and such. Also, on our own coast we have the Andøya Rocket Facility (high altitude sub-orbital research rockets). Most rockets observed are obviously rockets and raise little alarm.

    This launch failure was obviously extraordinary, and the timing (about 7.50am local) meant that literally thousands of norwegians were coming out of their homes to go to work or school when it happened. Also, it was made even more spectacular by the fact that the sun wasn’t all that far below the horizon, so the exhaust or fuel gases were backlit by the sun. And ofcourse: The sky was clear.
    a) It was moving toward us but it would go north of us
    b) No. Judging from the slow movement of the spiral’s center and how low it was on the sky, I would guess the object was over Finland or Russia (certainly not over Norwegian soil when it was visible)
    c) No sound can propagate in a vacuum, and the upper stage of the rocket was in space when it failed (as most rocket upper stages, esp. on three-stage rockets). An ICBM is supposed to have about 7000m/s at the end of the burn. However, only the two first stages worked properly according to the Russians. I can only guess how much speed it had at second stage burnout, but maybe 4000-5000m/s?
    d) Between east and south-east
    e) Almost south-east (to the right of the rocket as seen from Tromsø) and about 10 degrees below the horizon (Source: Stellarium)
    f) Hard to tell. My guess is that it is mostly rolling since the spiral were facing us the whole time. If it was pitching or yawing, the spiral would become a mess.
    g) Again, hard to tell. My personal guess is 150-200km altitude (maybe a distance of 500km). This is a lot of guesswork ofcourse. Since the only instruments I had at hand when observing it were my good old trusty Mk1 Eyeballs :). It might well be higher up, but that means it had to be even farther away. There are lots of people who know this better than I do, I must admit 😉
    h) The international space station doesn’t go this far north. It has an inclination of 51.64 degrees (meaning it will not go to higher latitudes than 51.64). Tromsø is at a latitude of 70 degrees, and it is impossible to see the ISS here, and it cannot see us or our skies. Besides it’s quite unlikely that the ISS would be just at the right place at the right time.

    Remember that the ISS orbits at ‘only’ 340km altitude which means that if it is over Berlin (or actually a bit south of if, at 51.64 degrees latitude), they can only see as far as Trondheim (at lat. 64 degrees). Trondheim is roughly 800km south-southwest of Tromsø. This is naturally because of the curvature of the Earth.

    A lot of people have the misconception that the guys on the space station or the space shuttle see this out of the window:

    When in fact they see this:

    See how low space station really goes? No wonder that it’s called Low Earth Orbit (LEO)

    The first shot of Earth is another story. That’s what it looks like from seriously high altitudes, and was taken by the crew of Apollo 17 on the way to the moon. :)
    3) Luckily, live fire exercises with nuclear missiles are EXTREMELY rare. I don’t know if there are any failsafes. Probably not since it would be possible for the enemy to exploit the failsafe system and simply ‘switch off’ the nukes before they hit ground. However, I assume that the warheads have to reach a certain point in the launch before being armed. If they fail to reach the correct trajectory, my *guess* is that they would fall ‘harmlessly’ to the ground and not detonate the nuclear charge. Ofcourse, a reentry vehicle of this kind would hit the ground pretty hard, and there would naturally be a danger of the radioactive bomb elements contaminating the area where they hit.

    Here’s a nice video of an american ICBM test in the Pacific. It’s a Minuteman III with three independent warheads (not live ofcourse). I really love watching the speed of the reentry vehicles as they hit Kwajalein.

    In fact, everyone should see this video to learn more about ICBMs :)

    I hope these answers make sense :). I tried my best. Others: feel free to add to this or correct me if I’m wrong.

  271. ND


    Thanks for the info. I was guessing that maybe the spirals covered an area 10 deg wide, the width of a fist.

  272. Yngve

    Here is another interesting video. A Trident II (quite similar to the Bulava actually) spins out of control:

    Notice how much the smoke trail looks like the blue trail from the norwegian ‘event’. This is ofcourse failure in the atmosphere and a different fuel, but the shape of the smoke plume looks very similar.

  273. pdmd


    Your response was inspiring. I can’t say thank you enough.
    As I type I give brief thought of the Hunt for the Red October movie’s ending as they sail into Searsport, Maine; Here we are sharing curiousities and responses over an international event. Obviously melodramatic (American) thinking?
    In all reality the force capabilities of these military possessions within hands reach of those we elect to power are imtimidating.

  274. Yngve


    You’re welcome. It was actually really interesting researching for good answers for you.

    I think it’s a nice change of pace for once that the interesting event happened here instead of ‘over there’ :). I know what you mean about the Red October scene. When Ryan speaks to Ramius and they start talking about fishing, right? One of my favorite movies of all time. The opening scene with the Typhoon in Polyarny is fantastic (Polyarny is also quite close to Norway, incidentally).

    I agree that the power of these most destructive military assets is intimidating, but it’s also fascinating in a way. When I heard that the event we had seen was actually a failed Russian ballistic nuclear missile, I was very amazed that I’ve actually seen the trace of a nuclear missile in space. Not everyone can claim that :)

    I grew up in a heavily militarized area in Northern Norway and there were quite often large NATO exercises there during the Cold War. We used to see lots of American, British, Canadian and other nations’ military forces and equipment.

    This made me think a lot about nuclear war and nuclear weapons. Because we lived in such an active military area with a military airbase with a long runway that could accomodate B-52 bombers, I always feared that we would get hit really early by the Russians in the event of a nuclear war.

    It’s something I have had dreams (nightmares) about since I was a kid. The Bulava on wednesday actually reminded me a bit of my dreams from the 1980s. The dreams always started with strange smoke trails on the eastern sky (usually just before dawn) and I always knew what it meant.

    To work out my fear of nuclear holocaust, I started studying the subject. I wanted to learn how the bombs worked, how the missiles and aircraft worked and everything related to nuclear war. I used to read about the ‘Looking glass’ plane that always was in the air over the US. I read about the 1962 Cuban Missile crisis and ‘operation Chrome Dome’. Hairtrigger alert, snapcount, Defcon, Minuteman missiles, MAD… Those were the days.

    I think I am one of the few (at least among norwegians) that have actually read the book “Nuclear war survival skills” from 1979 by Oak Ridge National Laboratory. I still remember some of the different kinds of shelters you could construct in your back yard :)

    Let’s just hope that the world leaders still have that fear inside them, and let’s hope that Pres. Obama doesn’t use his most famous catchphrase if Gen. Chilton of U.S. Strategic Command asks ‘Can we use nuclear weapons, sir?”…

    … “Yes we can!” 😉

    That last part is a joke, obviously, so nobody take offense, please.

  275. Petrolonfire

    @ 312. Yngve Says:

    let’s hope that Pres. Obama doesn’t use his most famous catchphrase if Gen. Chilton of U.S. Strategic Command asks ‘Can we use nuclear weapons, sir?”…
    … “Yes we can!”

    That last part is a joke, obviously, so nobody take offense, please.

    Great one. Classic! ROTFLMAO. >;-D
    I could just picture & hear that.

    No offence taken – & stuff the humourless P.C. hyper-sensitive mob anyway! 😛

  276. pdmd


    Your mention of the White Sea earlier and “home to a lot of nuclear submarines” reminded me of my late grandfather and his two sons (uncles). All were career US naval submarine service captains. WWI and II and later. (I was in the last Vietnam draft). Amazing stuff and another favorite movie; Das Boot. And yes the cold war impacted our very core. I remember discussions about the “Iron Curtain” on several occassions. My other grandfather lost an arm in WWI in France (1918); MI Ambulance Company.
    Is the Cold war over?

    Meteorology has been a favorite hobby. Probably another connection for my interest in the Norwegian sky event. My attempts to try and further understand this event takes on dimensions beyond my scope though. After your estimation of height in altitude, I was thinking that the spectacular visual event occurred above the ionoshere (possibly ruling out any HAARP component). Perhaps in the magnetoshere? Possible explanation for molecular ionization giving the visible pattern? Charged particles in motion? Ionized oxygen?

    No explosion. The missile just went on it’s ole merry way.

    Well enough of all this theorizing. Within weeks, those in the know will offer up their postulations as conclusive. Hah!

    My earlier use of explaning the event to 5th graders was of course intentional. One needs to be able to explain their thoughts based on easy to understand fact. Otherwise there becomes a precipitous loss of interest about B and C if we don’t understand A. It is in making the connections that stirs the students interest to learn and makes for a great teacher.
    Your explanations certainly have brought about the interested students on this site. Keep up the good work.

    Oh, don’t worry about offending me with any mention of Obama. I never supported the child.
    A great man said “balanced by the knowledge that government is never more dangerous than when our desire to have it help us blinds us to its great power to harm us.” Reagan.

  277. Yngve


    “is the cold war over?” – Hehe, good question. Now you’re getting political 😉

    Wow, so you have a lot of family with military careers. Guess you’ve heard some stories of the life on the ocean then?. And yes, Das Boot is also a very good movie (or miniseries actually).

    Yes, I’ve been debating this event in several places, and I’m very tired of the HAARP theory. I don’t believe the EISCAT in Norway or HAARP in the US are as dangerous as Jesse Ventura made it seem (on his ‘documentary’ about conspiracy theories). I mean: It might have some military purposes, but I don’t believe it’s a weapon of mass destruction. If the military are attempting to create a really powerful long range communication system for deep diving boomers or an extreme range over the horizon (OTH) radar, then obviously the facility will have fences and gates. Besides, radar radiation isn’t exactly healthy, which is another good reason for keeping curious onlookers (and ‘truthers’…) out. :)

    I’m also quite done theorizing. I can’t say anything accurate because I lack sources and instruments to have any kind of accuracy.

    I found your 5th graders questions very interesting (esp. since I’m a teacher myself). And you are quite right; you can explain something, but if you use an over-complicated scientific language they won’t understand it, no matter how many times you explain it.

    My reason for discussing this event in such lengths has been that I’ve seen it as a personal challenge to try to show people the common sense of what it must have been. A lot of the stuff we can see in the night sky can be explained with normal words, even the most bizarre UFOs.

    I think the biggest mistake some ‘sceptics’ make when discussing with ‘UFOs-are-Aliens’-believers is that they either try to ‘blow them away’ with equations and complicated scientific theory. Or they start mocking and making fun of people. People should be taken seriously, even though their theories are quite crazy. Also, you *can* discuss with UFO-believers… You *can’t* discuss with conspiracy theorists.

    If, for instance, a video on Youtube has the tags “Strange lights UFO phenomenon aliens?”, then I love discussing what we’re seeing.
    If the tags are ‘UFO obama reptile illuminati 2012 nostradamus JFK black helicopters conspiracy loose change 9/11″, then I don’t bother, because either they are so hardcore believers that any doubters will be seen as ‘in on it’, or they have made the video for fun just to see what the response will be.

    Oh, and Bad Astronomy is a great site :)

  278. It is clear that the lightshow was from the facility in Tromso called EISCAT, which is an ionspheric heating facility. It was reported from eyewitnesses that the light beam originated from earth the other side of the mountain, which is the correct location for this facility. There are several of this type of research facilities in the world, US has 3, Russia has 1, Europe has EISCAT. The research done there includes altering the ionsphere, and it’s purposes include military applications. It has been proven that it is possible to alter weather patterns by altering the ionsphere. Though these facilities are not hidden or secret, the are not greatly publicized either, for reasons obvious and probably not so obvious. So, it is to their benefit that the public be made to believe that it was a failed missle. What I can’t figure out is why they choose to make a spectacle of it when Obama was there……..hmmm. Any ideas?

  279. pdmd


    Would you be so kind to identify where these eyewitness accounts are published?
    Why would they use a light beam?

  280. Personally, while looking at this ‘footage’ while visiting my local library, I felt it was a little fishy.

    To me, it made me mindful of the geniuses at IL&M who worked with JJ Abrams on the latest ‘Star Trek’.

    The ‘phenomenon’, supposedly ‘filmed’ (cid camera or camera-phone) could, actually have filmed the night sky in Norway while not being a truly or real filmed event.

    I suspect some clever person working with cgi tech is playing games. Watch the latest Star Trek movie and you’ll see exactly the same ‘worm hole’ forming in this so-called ‘capture’ of a ‘strange light’ in Norway. I call b ull sh it

  281. The Question

    Okay, the missile spiraling out of control explantion, backed up by the similation seems plausible at first. However, if this was a missile with a malfunctioning stabilizer, wouldn’t it be dancing all over the sky like an out of control party balloon intead of hovering in one place making an almost perfectly symetrical spiral? Can somone explain that to me?

  282. pdmd

    @The Question Says:

    My apologies. I can’t explain the party balloon. However, if one were to stand on a railroad track and watch a train, in the distance, at nightime. To the observer; would the train appear to be hovering? Is the train moving? Toward or away from the observer?

  283. pdmd

    Now if that train track were corkscrewed so that the train would rotate when moving along the track and there was a stream of steam being released at a right angle from the train; would not the steam pattern viewed appear as a spiral as the train moved away from the observer along the track?

    stay tuned


    How many times has NASA captured images like that during the hundreds of skyrocket launchings in Florida,USA?

  285. dan

    Rocket my ass…Were all gonna be lizard-food….

  286. Dan

    Come on people…Wake Up and stop believing everything your told…THIS is HAARP in action.

    You know that’s not a just rocket.
    Check out this link.

  287. Ariel

    OK, let’s look at the theories without prejudice, panic, or fear.

    A Russian rocket off course? The Russians initially denied it, then they changed their mind, but said it’s not related to the spiral. But still about 50% of people conclude it’s a Russian rocket, mostly Americans or those in satellite countries of Russia, out of fear, no doubt.

    If it’s a Russian rocket, why have we never seen anything even vaguely like this happen before?

    Because if they’re testing these things, they must be testing them regularly. And it just seems far too big and sohpisticated a pattern for a single out of control, missile.

    For example, take the Space Shuttle going up in flames – a quick messy burst over in seconds and much bigger than a missile.

    It’s a million to one that an out of control missile would create a pattern as large, regular and striking as these photos, apparently visible for 100s of miles around. And as to the blue beam spiral reportedly shooting out of it, nobody has got anything more than a very vague explanation for that, as some similiarly wishful thinking idea of a second stage activity of a rocket. And please, I’ve never seen fuel leaking in a spiral as yet out of ANYTHING.

    It would take a deliberate, well planned and choreographed act of a jet fighter display team like the Red Arrows to create something vaguely like these photos show, but once again, the scale seems too big even for an air display squadron.

    So the out of control rocket theory is stretching the credible to the limit.

    Or is it a strange natural phenomenon? Seems unlikely. Nothing like the Northern Lights or any other known natural sky phenomeon, which generally tend to be chaotic, rather than regular like this. Again, if it were natural, we’d expect to have seen it before in the last hundred years.

    Then the infamous “project bluebeam.” The most likely explanation of “project bluebeam” to me, is it’s a government spread umbrella rumour to cover up any miscellaneous UFO in the sky, so the public has a ready explanation to reassure itself it knows what’s going on, regardless of what it sees.

    You know…cats and dogs fall out of the sky – project blue beam. Pigs fly – project blue beam. A giant UFO hovers over the desert – project bluebeam, etc, etc…

    (but you know, the US government supposedly has this amazing secret advanced sci-fi type technology, but they still can’t find Osama Bin Laden, or defeat the Taleban without losses of thousands of American troops, and had to kill or maim nearly a million Iraqis just to depose one single guy, Sadam Hussein. Something doesn’t add up, does it?)

    So my best guess – it is UFO activity, the missile explanation is a cover up.

    People reject UFOs out of hand, because they think they have to come from another star system or galaxy. But if they are so superior to us in technology, they could easily be here in the solar system, maybe for thousands or millions of years, and only allow us to see them when they want us to.

    Share International says they are friendly, and more advanced verions of the human species, so much like us, and here to help us create peace and justice on this planet, but sadly are limited by a principle like that in Star Trek, a “prime directive”, which means they can only advise, and not interfere too much without our consent.

    That’s why our goverments treat them with contempt, because they are not willing to do violence like our governments are, so they just see them as a nuisance to be covered up and ignored, as they are only a threat to government IF THE PUBLIC BELIEVES IN THEM.

    Thus, the governments want to cover them up, because they are a threat to elistim, injustice, inequality and government power. They would help the people overthrow the system, create justice, so the govenment NEVER wants to admit they are here.

    Our governments want us to beleive we are all alone with THEM, stranded light years away from the nearest possibilty of sane help from any superior race who actually is benevolent, peaceful and would rescue us from ourselves and OUR LEADERS if asked.

    So I choose to HOPE that the “benevolent UFO” theory is true and so they are doing stunts like these and the crop circles to try to wake us up gently to their presence without freaking us out (seeing as how scif-fi and Hollywood has mostly portrayed UFO occupants as evil invaders for generations, our instinctive reaction to the mere idea of UFOs is fear).

    Share International says however we’ll see more of these phenomena soon, and my guess is that next time it’s unlikely it will be blameable on a Russian missile.

    Merry Christmas everybody.

  288. pdmd


    You are correct. We are here. More eggnog.
    Merry Christmas.

  289. whosat

    Some questions:

    When was the last time that Russia freely admitted, within minutes, that they were responsible for anything – let alone a faulty ICBM…

    Where might this wayward missile have ended up….

    Would the USA be okay with a missile being tested anywhere near Barack Obama as he was accepting his Nobel peace prize….

    Shall we all just ignore the fact that the Large Hadron Collider is up and running, as well as having set a new ‘record’ in the atom-smashing category that same day…..

    Perhaps the media, government, and what the hell, the financial institutions of the world have suddenly decided that honesty and transparency are the way of the future…

    Face it folks, the issues are many for none of these possibilities to have been likely. If the powers that be were to tell the world what’s really going on, there would be anarchy. The poor, and what remains of the middle class would rise up and tear down everything that the new world order Bilderbergers hold dear. Religious leaders would be hard pressed to convince believers that withholding the truth was in everyone’s best interest. Just recently, the Vatican suggested that mankind treat any extraterrestrials that they may meet as “their brothers”! Everybody is so quick to believe the unbelievable when it is announced on their television screens – 9/11, WMD in Iraq, and the recent financial crisis are examples – yet they refuse to accept what is truly right in front of their own eyes. The time has come for us to start asking questions instead of willfully swallowing the spoon-fed pap delivered to us by governments, through the mainstream media. The true goal of these individuals is to first strip us of our rights, our jobs, our security, our freedom, and our hope. Then they will be ready to accomplish their previously stated goal of eradicating 95% of the population of the planet. It is all about power, and our need to take it back. Open your eyes, and let the light shine….

  290. Kenneth Olsen

    How on earth can this be a rocket.
    One can clearly see it rotates fixed, and has a generator.
    Do you really think the Norwegians would let a Russian rocket
    tumble into our skies the day Obama, your President
    arrived for the Nobels peace price ? No chance.
    This is a military shield to prevent attacks.
    See Tesla Ray Shield or haarp for more.
    A successful demonstration on scalar waves
    as these structures are called.

  291. Shadow Boxer

    I’m just suprised they haven’t wheeled out the weather balloon excuse for this one…….. I mean it’s quite obviously under some form of sentient control….. just watch the way the apeture opens….. so, if you swallow ANYTHING the mainstream establishment trundle out regarding this and other events taking place around the world lately, you might as well sign up for the swine flu vaccination right now. …… plus I’ve a bucket of sand in which you can bury your head….. some interesting times coming…….

  292. Mark Hansen

    whosat, the Russians didn’t admit to the rocket within minutes. They denied it was theirs and then ‘fessed up later. As I pointed out in another thread ( this is not a new technique for them.

    The 95% eradication plan would work out to 100% eradication. Assuming the shadowy NWO Bilderbergers or the reptilians (take your pick) actually do want that many killed off, how are they going to get their food, power, water and waste removal (for starters) done? Outsource it to the reptilian homeworld? Have Bilderberger autobots™ do it all? If not, after the 95% are wiped out, the other 5% starve. Not a very smart way of going about world conquest.

    This is the problem with accepting spoon-fed pap from wonky websites about worldwide conspiracies. It just doesn’t add up.

  293. ND

    “If it’s a Russian rocket, why have we never seen anything even vaguely like this happen before? ”
    Amazing how ignorance is actually offered as a valid argument. The Russians put out a navigation warning for the area about a rocket launch for the days covering the norway spiral event.

    Here’s something I posted on the second thread on this topic.
    Posting 1:

    Some ICBM failures:
    This one shows the ICBM generating spirals after launch in the atmosphere. Image the third stage doing this in space. The exhaust leaves the rocket at about 5000 mph (about 2.5 km/s) and there is no atmosphere to slow it down or stop it.
    Also see the following for some still images and a video.
    You can see similar spiralling here as well. This leads me to believe that the spirals were caused by an out of control rocket like the one in the first video. But like the leaking fuel scenario, the 3rd stage would have forward momentum from the previous stages and the spirals are in a conical shape.
    This video shows a failure and spiralling similar to the blue plume leading up to the spirals.

    The still photos from the link above shows a distorted plume starting from the horizon, consistent with a rocket launch.

    Posting 2:
    Here are some detailed info on the Bulava missle. It claims these are official specs, released according to the START2 treaty:

    According to this, all 3 stages are solid fuel. So it’s not liquid fuel leaking out the side. It’s either exhaust from the side like in the Challenger disaster or the missle spiralling in a tight loop spewing a spiral.

    Some more spirally rocket images:
    I think these from that triday failure video.

    Here’s a Swedish newpaper article with a picture of the spiral taken from Kiruna Sweden.
    According to Google translate the title of the article is “Strange light shone over Kiruna” and the next line says “A spectacular light phenomena visible from Kiruna, just before eight o’clock on Wednesday morning.”

  294. Virginia
  295. Urantia444

    To those nay-sayers
    Unfortunately, those very technical/scientific minds that DRIVEN by the NEED to quantify, classify, quantitate, or prove those unexplainable things – can very easily miss the entire point. Take a moment and analyze your life – have you ever been witness to a MIRACLE? How many more “unexplainable” events need to take place, before you can believe in something soo much granduer than our meek existence? A new age has decended upon Urantia………open up your eyes and enjoy.

  296. Natas Dees

    Even Hoagland concludes it was a missile until he says:

    “Case closed, right?

    Of course not.

  297. It’s laughable that you think a 2 meter long third stage of a rocket created such a large swath – spiral in the sky.

    Proof this was NOT a missile:

  298. Tristan

    It was caused by HAARP. Look it up.

  299. Urantia444

    I addition to my prior comments (posting 222 & 338), I have a few questions for those who believe this is a missile:
    1) Theoretically speaking – How would you react if those “Powers-in-Charge” admitted to the public that they have reason to believe we are being “visited” by a non-human intelligence, and that they have been covenienctly explaining these “unusual” occurances as common military/research projects in order to “PROTECT” the general population? (not that they ever would admit to any cover-up)………would you believe them?
    2) Theoretically speaking – let us say 90% of the general population believed the “admission” of the “Powers-in-Charge” that they have been monitoring extra-terrestrial events for sometime, and maybe it is getting to a point where they cannot hide this anymore………..could you grasp the RAMIFICATIONS to such a revelation?
    3) Life as we know it would never again be the same……The Pope can stop his “neatly-timed, open-minded” attempt at listening to ET theorists…….masses of people would feel “exposed” to uncontrollable forces – thus chaos in every form imaginable…….Religions would crumble……Government would lose control……leaving confusion that compounds exponentially!!!!
    To those of you who have pre-conceived notions about the workings of the Universe and all its potential, please check out the Urantia Book. It is free to read on-line. It has changed my entire reality and how I view life.

  300. Maybe it is a weather ballon :).

    Everyone is so quick to explain this away as a rocket or something else we can understand; but that doesn’t mean they are at all correct. Could it be that a governement or governments are testing a new technology out? We often do not know about secret government projects until years and years after their inception, and that is because they are meant to be secret. Also, who ever would have thought that: the world is round; we are not the center of the universe; that man would fly; man would go to the moon; we would ever invent a weapon that could destroy humanity; you could talk or write to someone in real time around the world while flying at 30,000 feet; we would one day have the ability to track almost everyone on planet earth?

    Wormhole, whether created by someone on this planet or out of this world, science fiction, or just another weather balloon, oh, I mean rocket?


  301. has anyone tried to disprove the math on this page? it seems to PROVE that it is impossible that it could have been a rocket.

  302. now get this

    “Barack Obama” is “Barry Soetoro” an indonesian citizen.

    In hebrew baraq means lightning and bamah means from above ( same as baraq or bamah ).

    Final hint: LUKE 10, 1

  303. look like a spiraled petros on the canyon walls – somewhere…, ????? blue is danger – maybe…,

  304. If I make a claim that I saw a raccoon in my yard last night, and back that up with a grainy, out of focus video of something that kinda looks like a raccoon, fine. That evidence will suffice.

    If I claim that I saw Bigfoot in my yard last night, and I show you a grainy, out of focus video of something that kinda looks like Bigfoot is supposed to look like, that isn’t enough evidence.


  305. Hockey yeti

    Some of you have a small clue. It is not a hoax. It is not a rocket either. Try looking up radio frequencies that cause spiral trails. This has been done before, just not at this high of a power output. This is a sign of big things getting ready to happen in our history as a planet and a species. Big changes are coming for us so study up people. Search Divine Cosmos on google.

  306. Me-Mo

    That is Dr.Evil returning through time from1969,after stealing Austin Powers mojo.:)

  307. John

    The easiest kind of secret to keep is one that keeps ITSELF.
    Any proffessional who tries to start any kind of real investigation into this will see the end of his or her career, I have no doubt in that.
    These operations that go un policed and are not within the bounds of the law have created this universal ignorance in society.

  308. It bothers me that so much is over & over the SHAPE when – assuming folks have good video equipment – the exact colors could be compared to spectra of known fuel burns etc.

    For years people blamed the Hindenburg disaster on hydrogen when every single direct eye observer who saw the initial flare described a bright red-orange flair spread as the initial event. Not hydrogen. The new paint was explosively unstable and today, in better usage slightly modified, serves as rocket fuel.



  309. frank abagnale

    you’ve all been sold a big one,
    swallow it! don’t ask questions!

  310. Jim L


    That blue light was like a tornado shape. Could have been used to get rid of the object spinning out of control.

  311. Tiffany Mae

    Hey all, my brother and I deliver papers on Sydney’s northern beaches, Australia. We were out there at 5:45 this morning where we saw the same thing, only the spiral was thicker than what is in the above video. We have no clue what it is, but an out of control rocket letting off doesn’t seem like a likely explanation for Australia.
    Norway is closer to Russia, so it could be a likely explanation there, but we’re the other side of the globe, so it doesn’t make sense…AT ALL.
    My brother and I definitely do not believe in UFO’s and that won’t change. But if anyone actually knows what it is, then please send me an email at:


  312. Tarzan Clarkson

    I think it’s funny how people are quick to dis guard the unexplained as merely something from our own world gone wrong. This is reminiscent of “weather balloon” crash in Roswell, yet with not near as much publicity, why? When the media has a great opportunity to unravel an amazing phenomenon, the event receives a brief 5 second story in the morning news and quickly brushed under the rug, why? I’ve read many articles about an out of control rocket, any person who has ever been apart of the military, or launched a rocket, knows there is no way that pattern or the lighting itself could depict such an amazing formation. What’s even more bizarre is there are people actually believing those “experts” when the only thing I see them being experts on is B.S. When this earth and all those inhabiting it stop being narrow minded, as well as afraid of the unknown, only then will you all be able to achieve your true potential. Until then you will all continue to live as savages, killing each other over books written by men, and thinking one race is better than another, never learning that working together with peace and love will take your people farther than any eye has ever seen. Until then, you still think that was merely an out of control rocket, so sad, so sad.

  313. Cierra R

    Obviously that is not a rocket, rocket go up in air! In a space shuttle is going out, in some ways that happens, first it should be asked what kind of rocket. They do not turn. There is no way that a rocket can make that spiral that is miles in the atmosphere. Rockets don’t open a giant black mass miles in the air! Really it is a portal for physisit to go billions of miles away from earth, to know “what is out there”. They are telling you that this is a rocket, because they think that people are so gulliable they can say something to someone, so the other person doesn’t have to live in fear, from what is actually happening. I bet they can tell you that “that is a shoe” when it’s like a camel. But if you actually think about thinks and look at things that is not true. If you actually look at this that is not a rocket. People go with what the government says because they don’t know whats going on, they want to avoid danger or being uncomforatable about what is happening. I am sure that the government is making some kind of way to achieve things that you can’t think of. Someone needs to stand up for what is right or REAL. Pretty much THAT IS NOT A ROCKET.

  314. M. D. Denman

    First, I would like to thank all of you for this (mostly) wonderful discussion on such an interesting topic! I have gained much knowledge and hours of exciting research while trying to better understand the science of this event.

    When I first began to piece my own explanation together, I was not at all convinced this phenomenon could have been caused by military propulsion equipment (missile, rocket, whatever). But as I read more on the subject and inspected visual evidence, I realized the credibility of such an explanation. I will continue by explaining my initial theory, then conclude with the more probable argument:

    “I am no expert in the field of rocket science, but I do agree that these patterns are far too symmetrical and perfect to be the result of emissions spewed from a ballistic projectile. Failed missiles tend to possess a more chaotic eruption pattern, even if that pattern may be a consistent spiral. While I do know enough about rocket science to say that what military intelligence has been able to achieve in propulsion technology is impressive, they are currently unable to flawlessly imitate the design of nature with something as comparably simple as rocket science. If you’re thinking, ‘Well, the GAS emitted from the projectile would behave according to natural law, creating such a spiral arrangement,’ then yes, you are correct. BUT – so do positively charged particles in the atmosphere. And if that rocket were subject to the laws of nature, I don’t believe it would be traveling in such a way that could produce a consistent spiral.

    I am, however, confident that this pattern was the result of illuminated plasma under the influence of the Earth’s helical magnetic field paths, somewhere in the upper ionosphere or lower magnetosphere (aka plasmasphere). This occurrence is seemingly similar to the effects of a polar cap absorption, which is essentially high energy protons from a solar flare that interact with Earth’s magnetic field and spiral across the outer limits of our atmosphere. EISCAT studies the interactions betwixt the sun and Earth, specifically (and obviously) in the magnetosphere/ionosphere regions. If they were able to concentrate a beam of high energy protons that could be governed by the helical nature of the Earth’s magnetic fields while being illuminated by solar radiation, it may create this pattern in the sky at high latitudes.”

    But after further inspection….

    “The Russian government has confirmed a failed ballistic missile test in this area, at this time. They named the missile more specifically as a ‘Bulava’ missile which failed in its third stage of propulsion. These missiles operate in the 8,000-10,000 km atmospheric range if successfully deployed, so the estimated elevation of this particular projectile just before third stage could still comfortably fit in the range of Earth’s thermosphere, where pressure is much lower and turbulent conditions are unlikely to disturb the missile’s path. Therefore, its trajectory would NOT be as chaotic, as it is able to spiral freely in an environment of low density.

    The bright blue appearance behind the missile is a direct result of oxidizing fuel, as are the more apparent white spirals. Fuel emitted from either end of the object is responsible for creating the ‘double helix’ or ‘coupled spiral’ design, as well. ‘Bulava’ missiles are fueled by a three stage solid propellant in order to achieve the high energy boost required by most aerospace applications, and in this case, the main component of fuel is most likely an ammonium perchlorate (NH4ClO4) composite. NH4ClO4 is colorless, but will intensify colors when reacted with other elements at high temperatures. For high performance, the composite is typically bound to aluminum, which (GUESS WHAT???) turns BRIGHT BLUE when oxidized.

    And one cannot deny the obvious plume of thick, dark, irregular, puffy smoke that is characteristic of a rocket launch hanging around in the distance, just behind the hills it was launched from. I was lucky enough to view the last flight of Atlantis at Cape Canaveral on NASA’s closest viewing property, and I must say, the initial cloud is quite similar in nature to the mysterious Russian ‘Bulava.’ So there you have it. Confirmed by a true believer in government conspiracy…”


  315. bosnia

    Hi guys!

    I just saw this – Bosnia, Sarajevo!

    The phenomenon behaved like a turquoise fog standing/fluctuating on the sky for 20 – 30 seconds (like that on the second image , and then it quickly disappeared producing a spiral tail.

    Definitely it was not something mechanical/materialistic in the atmosphere – I suppose that was some kind of fog out of atmosphere lighten by sunlight or something like that…

    Any clues?

  316. Tarzan Clarkson

    When the government claimed they closed the book on UFO sightings in 1969 people speculated whether or not they were real. Yet thousands of people through out the world, not just the U.S. have wittnesed these phenominoms. A press conference with Generals, pilots, even government officials explained in great detail that this was infact a cover up and brought facts as well as their reputations to the table. Still, to this day, the media as well as scientist, speak lies to the public. Do your own research! They lie to you and you believe them! Ask the thousands in Arizona about what they saw in the night sky in 1997, tell them they are liars and see what they have to say. TALK IS CHEAP SCIENTIST’S AND GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS. THE TRUTH IS KNOWN, IT’S ONLY A MATTER OF TIME, LIARS!!!!

  317. Christian

    I’m norwegian, i live in a town called Bergen on the west coast of norway. i noticed a flaw in the text; “First, this was seen all over Norway, so it must have been at a high altitude to be so visible.”

    This is not true. it was only visible in some of the northernmost parts of the country.
    just thought i’d let you know.

  318. Loree B

    For the last year, I have searched for a rocket spiral that matched this one for regularity. Not there. I am an environmental science student, and one thing I have learned in my classes is that the Planet Earth is a single, interdependent system. Does anyone know what phenomena appeared the last time the magnetic poles began to reverse? I believe this thing is earthly, and probably natural, but I also believe it may be a bit of a forecast. It is beautiful, but frankly, creepy as hell. Somebody kick back the pole reversal at me?

  319. breznev

    Having personally witnessed many (at least a dozen) failed missile launches since the early 60’s onward in southern california primarily from Port Heuneme, would have to say the nordic plasma shows are nothing like the asymmetrical chemical light shows I have seen draping the upper atmosphere like jelly fish. after failed or otherwise destructed missile tests. Yes, spirals were seen but uniformly they were debris falling after the explosions and the spirals looked more like challenger disaster, very obvious and without clear direction, highly variable, typical . Failed missile tests are seen only after the self destruct button is pushed, you cannot see a missile out of control in the upper reaches of the atmosphere before it is self destructed? How does this jibe with what is seen in the well known photos. Could all be faked of course, too many people believe in New TV (the internet). Where are the similar pictures, etc. that can be used as evidence to associate these phenomena with failed rocket tests? The only thing I can find are blue jets and sprites shooting out of the top of thunderheads into outer space, plasma discharge phenom. Breznev

  320. Hlodovikno

    Last time I check my compass it pointed in the right direction. And loads of pigeons in Paris are flying in the right direction unfortunetly, 😀

  321. cameron

    i belive this was a real mysterious thing that appered in the middle of the sky not cuz a rocket faliure because what are the likes a rocket would make that perfect spiral

  322. Mart

    It may be a failure, but it certainly is beautiful! Lucky Norwegians.

  323. j.

    to the people saying its rocket fuel, the same fuel is glowing white and blue? rocket fuel glows when its not burning? if there were a bright light source from the center being filtered through the fuel to show such patterns it would cause much more glare, and again why the two different colors?


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