Two podcasts, no waiting

By Phil Plait | December 10, 2009 11:58 am

For those of you who simply cannot get enough of my dulcet voice, I have recently appeared on two podcasts:

1) Monster Talk, with Blake Smith, Karen Stollznow, and Ben Radford. We talk Martian bacteria, Godzilla, and Five Million Years to Earth, one of my favorite movies. Here’s a direct link to the MP3.

2) That unhirsuit-bepated heartthrob, George Hrab, is giving a sneak peak to his new album, "Trebuchet", on his latest Geologic Podast. The song he has revealed is "Death from the Skies!", featuring moi. I even sing. Very briefly. Very. Thankfully.


Comments (13)

  1. What is geologic podast?

  2. Ted H.

    Don’t worry Phil, there is always autotune.

  3. @Davidlpf:

    I heard it was a Rock Show. Or was it a Rockin’ Good Time? In any case, he will rock you.

  4. “That unhirsuit-bepated heartthrob, George Hrab, is giving a sneak peak to his new album, “Trebuchet””

    As opposed to a sneak trough, you mean?

  5. I think Phil has a typo he has as Geologic podast not Geologic podcast.

  6. I’ll get on the proofreader bandwagon: it’s “hirsute”, not “hirsuit”.

  7. Mike

    Wahoo! New Geologic!
    The first time I heard George Hrab’s podcast my reaction was one of, “wtf is this?” But it grew on me, fast. Now I look forward to each week’s episode.

    Can’t wait to hear the new song! =D

  8. 1) Monster Talk, with Blake Stacey, Karen Stollznow, and Ben Radford.

    Wow! And I didn’t remember recording a podcast at all!

    . . . maybe I’m a victim of an MIB flashy-memory-messer-upper device? (-:

  9. Trebuchet

    “Trebuchet”???? I suppose I’m going to have to look into that.

  10. Starbase 66

    Interestingly I just finished listening to the Geologic Podcast, and I love that song. Monster Talk is cued up next.

  11. Nasikabatrachus

    So people noticed that hirsute and podcast are spelled wrong, but “bepated” doesn’t seem out of place? What the heck is bepated? In any case, it was a pleasant surprise hearing Phil on Monstertalk this week. I am going to have to look up some movies, now…

  12. Nivi

    Never listened to Geologic, will give it a listen.

    On a podcaat-related note, I missed you on Are We Alone’s most recent Skeptic Check! But I guess you’ve addressed the issue (vaccines) numerous times already…still, it was kinda weird to listen to it without your segment!

  13. Zed

    Hey, Phli, where do the Colts play? An “Anal retentive jerk” should know the Broncos are Denver’s home town team and the Colts play in Indy.
    Good show other than that blunder.


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