La ciencia es importante. Una vez mas.

By Phil Plait | December 11, 2009 10:30 am

Back in March, I wrote a piece called Science is Important and made a short video about it. I got a lot of positive feedback about it, which warmed my heart. People like science!

Shortly thereafter, BABloggee Lourdes Cahuich translated what I said into Spanish and posted a transcript. Now another fan, Julio Vannini, took the original video and created Spanish captions. He even posted it on YouTube:

My thanks to everyone who has helped, who has taken this message to heart, and who has run with it.

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Comments (28)

  1. Derek

    Excellent message. I will bow to you as commanded.
    (was that poster being back there intentional? :)

  2. Who’s that bald guy in the video in front of Stewie?

  3. Patricia LaRaia

    GRACIAS, GRACIAS thank you for this book and assuring people once again, that science is important in their lives.

  4. Mario

    Following the spirit of the whole thing:

    1. Davidlpf Says:
    Escribiste un articulo

    2. Larian LeQuella Says:
    ¿Tienes un blog?

    3. Derek Says:
    Excelente mensaje. Me inclinaré ante ti como esta mandado.
    (¿Pusiste ese poster de detrás a propósito?)

    4. Todd W. Says:
    ¿Quien es ese tipo calvo que esta delante de Stewie?

    Great video by the way.

  5. Richard

    Wonderful message. I sent it to my grandson.

  6. Mario

    Hahaha, Felipe Plaita.

  7. Parker

    Truly a fantastic video. Didn’t catch it the first go round, but thoroughly enjoyed it. I live in a part of the country that’s very much anti-science, and this gives me a little bit of a lift. If only everyone felt the same way! Thanks PP!

  8. Anytime, Doctor! It was an honor!


    Actually, this video was already presented in our Public Stargazing Event on past Dec. 9th and it was well received by the public.

    Clear skies!

  9. Spanish

    Can someone make Mr. Zapatero, president of Spain, see this video?

  10. Raul S

    This is great, because now I can show it to people who doesn`t understand english.

  11. La física del plasma es el regente del universo!

  12. Embedding right now in my Facebook account, buen trabajo!

  13. Diego

    But wait a minute, Phil… “One time but–“? Whatever do you mean? Oh, you meant “Una vez más” not “Una vez mas”. Sorry for being so cheeky, but accent marks do matter.

  14. Plutonium being from Pluto

    I’d say tres bien! but then that’d be the wrong language! 😉

    Muchos Buenas I think if I’m spelling & saying that right! My spanish, alas, is limited pretty much to loco – a bit like me at times. 😉

    Gracias, merci and many thanks to Lourdes Cahuich & Julio Vannini for their work creating this. :-)

    @ 18 Diego : … accent marks do matter.

    Pity because I’ve got no idea when it comes to those accents what any of them mean or do. Sorry.

    Not in the European langauges anyhow. I do know a little bit about how they affect Japanese as I studied that for a few years but. . 😉

  15. You made a video?
    You Tweet?
    You Facebook?
    You Digg?
    You kewl!

  16. I’d like to add another important point to the idea of the video.

    “If you are older than 40 and you are watching this video is because of medical advances… in the past you’d be just dead”

  17. @Diego: yes, proper accents and marks do really matter. But when you are using a software that does not like those special characters… you have to say some flourish words in Spanish and then continue working with what you have…

    Yes… I don’t like that!

  18. Revyloution

    I work with Latinos and speak decent Spanish. At work, we often talk about science and politics. There are a couple of guys who have at best a 6th grade education. They are fascinated to hear about how big the sun is, how far away, the planets, etc. I was shocked that both of them couldn’t believe that the Earth went around the sun! Both are great guys, and seem to want to learn about the universe we live in.

    I was wondering if Phil, or perhaps Mario, could point me to a good book on astronomy thats in Spanish. I would like to give them as Xmas gifts this year.

  19. @Revyloution: Maybe I can help with that. A couple of friends of mine, astronomers from Argentina, have made a very nice book in Spanish: Exótico Cielo Profundo.

    Here’s the link:

    The price reflected there is in “Pesos Argentinos”.

    Now, I can get a more easier book for starters called “Manual de Astronomia Básica”

    This is not for sale, but I am sure I can get a fresh copy, if you are interested. If that’s the case, drop me a note :)

    Clear skies!

    P.S.: Dr. Plait, I am not sure if this is allowed in your Blog. Please forgive me if this was wrong :(

  20. Mario

    @Revyloution: As far as I know, most of Carl Sagan’s books have been translated into Spanish so Cosmos could be a good (great) choice. You could also look for “El tamaño del Universo” or “Espacio y Tiempo” both by Teodoro Vives but these might be difficult to find outside Spain.

  21. Revyloution

    Thanks for the two references guys. I appreciate it. As much as I love Sagan, it might be a bit heavy of a read for them. Im thinking more of a picture book with lots of great annotations. Ill send Julio an email and see what ‘Manual de Astronomia Básica’ looks like.


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