Another Russian rocket spiral lights up the sky

By Phil Plait | December 12, 2009 10:13 am

Hey, does this look vaguely familiar?


That is not a different view of the Norway spiral light; it was taken in Russia over a day later. It looks like the Russians are testing more rockets, and creating more lights in the sky.

Despite the lunacy involved with the last time we saw spirals in the sky, this picture is clearly of another Russian missile test. To recap: a weird spiral light thingy in the skies over Norway last week was caused by the sub-based rocket launch of a Bulava missile, a new system being tested by the Russians. The spiral(s) were due to the rocket spinning and venting some sort of gas, though the details are still being determined. It may have been done on purpose as part of a gyroscopic-stabilization move, or it may have been spinning out of control. The former would explain why the spiral is so beautifully symmetric.

This one wasn’t quite so well-formed, but is clearly the same thing. There’s video, too:

This new one was seen just a little over a day later inside Russia, and was from a Topol missile, the land-based version of the Bulava. According to space historian, NBC News consultant, and space folklore specialist James Oberg:

It was launched from the ‘Kapustin Yar’ missile range on the lower Volga, an old test range that goes back to the late 1940s. The missile impacted in
the Sary Shagan military reservation in eastern Kazakhstan. […] Since the flight path was completely internal, no navigation warnings were issued.

russian_booster_again2TASS claims it hit the target, and you can see in the video there appears to be a spiral there too; that supports the idea the spiral was on purpose and may be part of the stabilization. Interesting. Note that in this second picture, you can see the spiral expanding from the inside out, again, like last time, exactly what you expect from material being spewed out from a rapidly rotating booster.

Another important thing to people like me, though, is that the cause of this is clearly a rocket — it fits what we know about how these things work, there are good explanations of it, and we even have a mea culpa from Russia. But if you read the comments from the Norway lights post I made, or really anywhere this was discussed on the web, you’ll find hordes of people making claims that are pretty silly at best.

I have no doubt this will continue with this new sighting, as well. After all, why make one interdimensional holographic portal from the future when you can make two?

It just goes to show you that this sort of non-rational thinking will be with us forever. It’s rather ironic to think that the reality of a complicated and advanced rocket system sparks retro-fantasies of UFOs. It makes me wonder if the captain of the first starship will carry a lucky rabbit’s foot along.

In reality, I know we can never stamp out such irrationality. All we can do is hope to minimize it. I can be satisfied with that.

Picture credit: My thanks to my friend James Oberg for notifying me about this.


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  1. Michelle

    Mhhhph. That one’s less cool than the other one though.

    Man they COULD make new types of fireworks with that stuff.

  2. Hrolf

    I am curious though, Why is it irrational to think there may be something else involved, perhaps of alien origin?

    I am not saying this is such a case, but there HAVE been things that have happened in the past that are fairly unusual. The fact that our universe IS so big makes me wonder why its such a crazy notion that life, intelligent and far more advanced, has been here before.

  3. AnarchistBrow

    So, they didn’t manage to open a portal into an alternate dimension. Rats!

  4. [sarcasm]

    Aw, everyone knows it’s a side effect of the LHC and its’ world-endangering experiments! I mean, the LHC is in Russia, right..? Or Belgium…? One of them foreign places, anyway, with the greenhouse gas meetings, all paving the way for 2012…


  5. Has the Banzai Institute weighed in on any of this yet?

  6. Mchl

    Rabbit feet are not considered good luck pendants where I come from, so I’ll definitely will not have one on me. I have a horseshoe stashed away just for this specific purpose though.

  7. Sirius

    Really nice line about the futuristic captain with the lucky rabbit’s foot . In a sense it sums up the mindset of most people today. Keep up the good work :)

  8. QuietDesperation

    Topol missile,

    It have gone out of control, but it had really white teeth.

    Anyway, it’s all after effects of Nikola Tesla’s power transmission experiment (which caused the Tunguska “impact”) bouncing around in time. OK, top *that* one. :-)

  9. Freya

    Not trying to be conspiracy-theorist, and yeah I believe those are missiles, they certainly look the part, but why are they being tested at night? Do the missile testers simply find it amusing to create pretty patterns in the sky, or do they enjoy reading the conspiracy theorist blog posts, or what? I just haven’t ever seen missile or missile-defense tests during the night…

  10. Dan I.

    Is anyone at all curious about WHY the Russians are suddenly testing new rockets?

  11. CB

    Maybe they want people to think that they have a way of countering anti-missile defense systems.

  12. Freya, it could be a “we’ve always done it at night before” thing. Remember, back during the cold war, the Russians actually ENCOURAGED the UFO mania to cover up their missile tests. Of course, that meant the CIA was interested in these supposed UFO events, because they provided valuable information on Russian missile tests…

    Dan, maybe just upgrading an old system, or perhaps bringing a new system on line. The US and many other countries are constantly testing missiles too. Just head down to Tyndall AFB, or White Sands NM and you’ll see more tests than you can shake a stick at.

  13. #4 & #5, don’t fall victim to confirmation bias. Might the Russians have been testing rockets for a while but only these new types have the particular problem that results in the spiral malfunction? And might they also be testing rockets during the day undetected?

  14. Imipak

    The Topol ( ) is a very OLD missile design, dating back to the 70s. The Bulava ( ), which is a next gen design based on the same components, is currently under development. There’s nothing unusual about that at all, and the US, Chinese, and every other nation which manufactures ballistic missiles runs tests like these all the time, for a whole variety of reasons. Most mundanely, they need empirical data on component failure rates at give ages, as part of the calculations to determine of the number of ready-to-fire boosters needed to obliterate Europe and North America, should they decide to do so — just as the USA does.

  15. clheiny

    “After all, why make one interdimensional holographic portal from the future when you can make two?”

    Well, duh. This very well documented. The first one is when the evil cyborg comes back from the future. The second one is needed to transport the good cyborg back to hunt down the evil cyborg.

  16. Edman

    I am curious though, Why is it irrational to think there may be something else involved, perhaps of alien origin?

    I think the reason that assuming alien activity is considered irrational is because it can be explained much more simply by rocket testing. Occam’s razor, my friend.

  17. clheiny

    Sorry to follow up my own post, but my wife pointed out that I’ve got it all wrong.

    The first one is the arrival of the flying DeLorean time machine, and the second one is its departure.

  18. @ elheiny:
    Thus there will shortly be a third missile test/interdimensional holographic portal from the future, through which the evil cyborg — shortly before sending himself back the first time — will send himself back again…er, rather, before he sent himself the first…er, second…time, in order to hunt down the good cyborg who was/will be sent to track the first/second evil cyborg.

    Of course when the good cyborg finds out about this….

  19. Joe Meils

    Or… could it be the russians quickly rigged one of their rockets to fail in such a way as to emulate the earlier “spiral UFO”? That way they could create plausible deniability, and cast doubt on the alien message that was on display to all human beings…

    “We are observing your Earth… and we are trying to make contact… with you… baby.”

  20. Like celebrity deaths, Russian missiles spiraling out of control always come in threes. It’s only a matter of time.

  21. ND

    I think people are missing the most obvious explanation that takes everything into account. The Russians were trying to shoot down a UFO!

  22. Lem

    Well, if they had waited one more day (the 13th), then it could have been a Lucia miracle instead. too bad.

  23. To quote Monty Python (with slight change):

    *Cue French accent*

    I vent my gas in your general direction

  24. 5. Josh Cagan Says:

    Has the Banzai Institute weighed in on any of this yet?

    Nothing on their web site


  25. Jason A.

    I wonder why the crazies are so sure they know what an interdimensional time portal or whatever would look like?

    Hrolf #2:

    I am curious though, Why is it irrational to think there may be something else involved, perhaps of alien origin?
    I am not saying this is such a case, but there HAVE been things that have happened in the past that are fairly unusual. The fact that our universe IS so big makes me wonder why its such a crazy notion that life, intelligent and far more advanced, has been here before.

    Because you have a perfectly reasonable explanation that doesn’t require you to invoke E.T. You postulate as much as is required to put together a coherent explanation, and no more.
    It’s like saying “The fact that our world is so big makes me wonder why it’s such a crazy notion that bigfoot exists.” Well sure, bigfoot could exist, but that doesn’t mean it does exist.

    The fact that you (and me too!) would so much like for us to find evidence of alien life is exactly the reason why we need to be so vigilant about our standards of evidence.

  26. Greg in Austin

    Hrolf Says:

    I am curious though, Why is it irrational to think there may be something else involved, perhaps of alien origin?

    Simply put, there is no evidence that Alien life exists, or that Alien life is intelligent, or that Aliens could travel to Earth, or that Aliens do travel to Earth, or that… etc., etc.

    Would it be rational to think that these spirals were actually created by elves, or fairies, or gnomes, or Bigfoot, or the Loch Ness Monster? We have far more evidence that those (imaginary) creatures exist (or once existed) than Aliens, so why don’t we attribute things in the sky to any of them?

    The fact that our universe IS so big makes me wonder why its such a crazy notion that life, intelligent and far more advanced, has been here before.

    Its not a crazy notion. It is a neat idea, but it is purely fantasy. Because of the serious lack of evidence, it is safe to say that A) It is possible, and very likely that life exists elsewhere in the universe, and B) To date, there is ZERO evidence that life from anywhere else in the universe has ever been here. Therefore, the most likely, and therefore, most rational explanation for unusual events like this is Humans did it.


  27. Obviously aliens. The only question is ‘what race’ of alien. There are so many. [/sarcasm]

  28. Mister Earl

    It makes more sense to me if the spiral-making of the third stage isn’t a malfunction, but instead intended. The Russians have already said that they don’t approve of U.S. intents to construct an ICBM shield. This may very well be an attempt to counter this. I figure, the spiraling third stage may confuse IR tracking devices, and allow the actual payload more time to approach its target. Like any good magician knows, distract the audience with something else so they don’t notice what you’re really doing.

  29. jerryd

    Can’t be normal as too much wasted fuel if it was that would about double the rocket size for the same range. Plus the jet is coming out in 2 places looking like the top and bottom of the missile meaning there was probably a breach in the top of the solid fuel rocket chamber, causing it to spin and let out 2 jets, top and bottom.

  30. Dan, who says it’s sudden? Hardware becomes obsolete, and gets replaced. Russia is developing a new rocket system, and it’s causing trouble. The US is also developing several new rocket systems, and they’re also causing trouble. It turns out rocket science is rocket science, at least if you want the rocket to go somewhere specific.

  31. David

    “I am curious though, Why is it irrational to think there may be something else involved, perhaps of alien origin?”

    I’m glad you asked!

    Occam’s razor. The Russians have admitted to it and it matches simulations of rocket exhaust spiraling. You COULD go out of your way and postulate that it was caused by aliens, but since there is zero evidence pointing to this and tons of evidence pointing to the Russians, it would be a waste of energy.

    If we tried to pose alternate, complicated, and unlikely theories to ALL everyday phenomena that already have simple explanations, and treat those alternate theories with equal respect, we could go in circles forever.

  32. Harman Smith

    Jens, I was under the impression stuff like rockets don’t get obsolete very soon, if at all? (I don’t know much about rocket science.) The Russians still use the Soyuz rocket to get to space, and that’s a pretty old design.

  33. Everyone knows it’s those necromancers at the LHC trying to bring Carl Sagan back across the shroud via inter dimensional portal so that he can lead us to our new home world.

    WOAH…so THAT’S how L. Ron Hubbard did it…

  34. #28 Mister Earl has perhaps the best analysis of this. Well done!

  35. This is another example of the War on Christmas!

  36. Gary Ansorge

    35. MichaelL

    Obviously, Santa was out for a test run before Xmas and those darn raindeer were up late the previous night eating onions and jalapenos and you know how much GAS that can release, thus the unintended spirals and light show.

    GAry 7

  37. BJN

    How about a geoengineering test project, seeing how well rotating missiles can disperse an aerosol into the upper atmosphere?

  38. LukeL

    It looks like towards the end it was going out of control and it was detonated on purpose.

  39. Brian

    I was at a party last night where this came up, and it was pretty clear that one person there was a little surprised to find that everyone else was satisfied with the Russian rocket explanation. He even seemed a little miffed when someone mentioned that the Russians had admitted that they were testing rockets. He didn’t press the issue, either out of politeness or because he was so outnumbered, but he clearly was annoyed that we were all raining on his metaphysical parade so. I can sympathize with the guy intellectually, but it still drives me crazy.

    In reality, I know we can never stamp out such irrationality. All we can do is hope to minimize it. I can be satisfied with that.

    That’s a very pragmatic attitude, Phil, and I think I need to adopt it more.

  40. OldGreyOne

    See it all the time in high powered rocketry. AND you can get the pretty spirals from an uncontrolled spin too.

  41. Ray

    Freya @ #9,

    Tests are done at night because its harder for us to take pictures of it. While its true that radar and IR satellites can also take pix at night, they aren’t same quality as EO stuff.

    So, if you’re the Russians and you’ve got a choice between a test in the daytime when we can get radar/IR/EO shots or one at night where we only get radar/IR, which would you choose?

    Night shots also limit the number of people who would see the launch. Remember, the Russians are just a tiny bit paranoid.

  42. Alareth

    Don’t worry, Richard Hoagland knows the real truth

  43. Bruce the Canuck

    >that supports the idea the spiral was on purpose and may be part of the stabilization…

    I’m on the side of this being an anti-anti-missile system. They have been saying for a few years now that their new “Bulava” missile would be able to get through any ABM system. From that you would expect IR distraction techniques and a flight path that deviates from being predictable and straight-line. A solid-fuel missile has a fixed amount of energy to burn, and most flight paths will not require maximum range, so there will be surplus delta-V to “waste” on distraction maneuvers.

  44. I'd rather be fishin'

    The 1st photo clearly shows an older model UFO doing a high-speed braking burn or releasing mid-altering gas before beaming up the latest group of lab specimens/ host mothers/fifth columnists.

    The second photo has obviously been photo-shopped by the secret forces of Big Government™ in a futile attempt to hide the Truth® from the people of Earth.

  45. Ken Clark

    Sometimes, long range missiles are programmed to do one or more tight spirals (typically right after launch) as an energy control maneuver, if the peak of the boost phase energy is spent going in a spiral, the range of the missile is strongly curtailed. Not saying this is what happened with the Russian missiles (there were a lot of spirals involved), but spiral flight paths do not always equal malfunctions.
    Here is a video clip of a THAAD missle lauch doing this (about 1:10 into the video)

  46. Brachychiton

    but why are they being tested at night?

    Because there isn’t much day at this time of year at those latitudes, I guess.

  47. Gamercow

    @Alareth(42) Wow. He uses a LOT of quotation marks. If the “glove” doesn’t “fit”, you must “acquit”.

  48. Ken

    #10 Dan I: START I technically expired last week.

  49. MadScientist

    Why are they having such trouble with the attitude control? Did they hire the Taurus rocket engineers or something? Maybe they want us to think that they can’t actually hit us with their rockets … or their latest weapon is a rocket that makes people on the ground laugh until they pass out … (yeah, yeah, so the spinning is deliberate – but that doesn’t make for a funny story).

    @Freya: It doesn’t matter what time of day or night the test is conducted (and as already pointed out by others, there’s not much daylight that far north at the moment). Missiles/rockets being tested are typically tracked by a network of ground vehicles equipped with radar (and if it’s a long-range test over, say, the Pacific, a few ships may track the flight as well). The radar is far more effective than physically watching the rockets – especially when it’s cloudy – and you get very good tracking information. In addition to the ground tracking, the rockets will often be fitted with instruments to relay loads of flight information to receivers on the ground. So there’s no need to ever see the rocket.

  50. Yngve

    This was a nice video. Too bad the “truthers” won’t see it because they are too busy creating ‘shocking’ or ‘revealing truth’ videos on youtube. :)

    @Alareth #42: Did you see what that Hoagland guy called Tromsø? He called it the “northern-most town, a fishing center called “Tromso””. It’s a town with 65000 inhabitants and most of us aren’t fishermen… And it isn’t the northern-most town in Norway. Also, the picture isn’t from Tromsø. :)

    @Brachychiton #46: I couldn’t have said it any better myself :).

    Besides, when you read about the first and only launch of the Soviet space shuttle Buran, you realise that they really don’t care about the conditions when they launch stuff. First test of the nations pride was conducted at night under heavy cloud cover. It wouldn’t surprise me if they had to put on snow chains on Buran’s tires when it landed. Russian philosophy is… different.. than others 😉

  51. EdZ

    In lieu of an impressive video of the spiral this time round, have an impressive video of a Topol-M launching:

  52. Zucchi

    So, exactly how does this tie into the Philadelphia Experiment? Hmmm. . . .

  53. ND


    I wouldn’t be surprised if Russian cosmonauts have launched with a hangover.

  54. gvgoebel

    For some fun spiral fireworks, try this classic Trident launch video from UToob:

    Honestly, when PP/BA originally ran the shot of the sky spiral I immediately thought: “Missile launch failure.” — and recalled this old video from decades ago.

  55. Albert Barcelona

    Another spiral from china…

    It’s for sure the Blue Beam project

  56. this is HAARP, the BLUE BEAN proyect

  57. They are calling for batman

  58. This is what some say on the Norway incident:

    On Tuesday evening, December 8th, CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC), located in Switzerland, “smashed together subatomic particles at the highest energies ever reached by a human-made accelerator” which were then ‘quantumly’ transferred to the massive Partial Reflection Medium-Frequency (MF) Atmospheric Radar Facility located in Ramfjordmoen, Norway, operated by European Incoherent Scatter Facility (EISCAT) radar and ionospheric heating scientists who, in turn, work under the supervision of the American High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) that many call one the largest ‘weapons of mass destruction’ ever constructed.

    Now upon this ‘quantumly’ transferred high-energy beam being received in Ramfjordmoen, it was then ‘pulsed’ vertically into the upper atmosphere above Norway at 2.43 MHz by their MF Radar antennas which resulted in a ‘spiral’ light display [photo top left] described by Britain’s Daily Mail News Service as:

    “A blue light seemed to soar up from behind a mountain in the north of the country. It stopped mid-air, then began to move in circles. Within seconds a giant spiral had covered the entire sky. Then a green-blue beam of light shot out from its centre – lasting for ten to 12 minutes before disappearing completely. Onlookers describing it as ‘like a big fireball that went around, with a great light around it’ and ‘a shooting star that spun around and around’.”

  59. what´s going on now?

    the other day it happend in Norway… now this one….

    am sick of those experiments, sick of HAARP

  60. Tyler

    The Army Guided Tactical Missile System, a guided surface-to-surface missile fired from the M270 MLRS generates similar spirals during some test-firings as the missile is instructed to perform a series of tight manuvers in order to …drummroll please… burn off enough propellant that it stays inside the test-range.

  61. universe IS so big makes me wonder why its such a crazy notion that life, intelligent and far more advanced, has been here before


    poor excuse for making a mess out our own.

  62. Chris

    There’s nothing to suggest that thinking outside of the mainstream is necessarily irrational. While I agree that the spiral was nothing more than a missile test, I find it deplorable how unprofessionally you marginalize those who would have alternative theories to the mainstream. This is the sort of closed minded editorial hidden within journalism that is spreading through the internet unabated like a disease.

    “Really nice line about the futuristic captain with the lucky rabbit’s foot . In a sense it sums up the mindset of most people today. Keep up the good work :)”

    And that’s the type of person that feeds this monstrosity. What do you mean most people today? Have you really empirically studied so many people of so many generations?

  63. Erwin

    We attacked the moon not too long ago. They’re pissed at us. Just be glad they are boozers with a shoddy aim.

  64. PChammer

    Oh isn’t it funny. The same thing on most blogs and sites, the spiral cesspool of people who “think they are right”.
    On one hand, we have those who are so boxed in , be it religiously, by facts, or by Aliens, that you can see no other reasoning besides your own, or those who go so overboard that they only see what they want. There is no medium.

    Is it a good thing to believe everything is alien or divinity? No, there has to be a middle source of reasoning along with it. The same goes for those who believe exactly what they hear and have no room for any other idea. It was a missile, that’s all that’s to it. On that I say without a middle reasoning, you are sealing your own fates, the media sheep of the group, the need to feel a part of others and afraid to think out of the box. Let’s call you media bots. You are weak. Why? Because if anything ever did or WAS going to happen, people like you would never believe it until too late and then later asking yourselves, why, how could this be, I never thought….

    As with those who believe it’s divine intervention or it’s definitely aliens or UFOs, you are lacking evidence and are weak. Why? Because of the lack of evidence. Who will believe you, even if you were right? You believe everything you see which history should teach us, isn’t a good thing. If you see a light, it’s divine, if you see something odd in the sky, it’s a UFO, it’s alien and no other question about it, not second guessing it, simply put, it’s there, you saw it, it has to be.

    What I find truly hilarious is that so many “missile” experts have emerged simply to post in blogs, where the hell did you all come from anyway?? Much like the spiral, they are here and gone. Then there are religious warnings all over as well because they believe it will save us. Why didn’t they post about it sooner then, oh let’s say, like BEFORE it happened?

    Another thing, the media themselves, those who instantly dismiss any other possibility and laugh at people directly, have pompous attitudes and act is if their word is JUST or as if they themselves were there or had first hand involvement in the matter. Fact is, 99% of the time, the media reports the news, they don’t LIVE it. So the media should take their self righteous attitudes and “opinions” and do what they were meant to do, report the news.

    Now, to those who can accept facts, yet keep an open mind which is a natural defense mechanism to not take everything we believe at face value, a caution if you will and good to have, not like media bots or phenom fanatics…

    I first bit on the fact the first one was a missile failure, a second though? It was in my opinion close enough to the first to be much like it. There was also one in China, or two, not completely sure since I can’t understand it entirely, also there have been others, Norway was NOT the first. So I ask, is this the same Russian missiles still spinning out of control for years?


    Now, I will admit I am no missile expert and won’t pretend to be, like many others do, but I will say that “if I find the article” that this was a very rare event that this could happen with a missile, yet,it happens again, I find that odd in more than one way. I find it odd the Russians would first deny then admit such an error, that alone is odd. Then the second happens and it was a success? So now the Russians share all missile launch information that easily? I don’t buy it. The fact that these spirals were seen in other areas of the world, even years ago, puts some skepticism into my own thinking that this was a mere missile out of control.

    I doubt a UFO would need to spin out of control or at all in such a way, even if to open up a supposed rift in time and space “wormhole”. This shows no signs of being a UFO at all or even close for that matter. Perhaps if drinking and driving took place among the ships, this could occur.

    Jesus? No, I doubt any religious icon would need to find hisher way here through a spiral or portray themselves as such. Just doesn’t make any sense at all, are they playing on some holy sit and spin?
    Some say a holographic projection, if so, the trails would not have taken so long to fade, nor would there have been trails.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I am no specialist as stated, and I am not trying to debunk other theories, I keep an open mind on UFOs and Religions, however, in this case there is nothing solid pointing to either, once again, the middle , there are no facts supporting it besides claims of what people want to see. And in respect, I would “lean toward” and I use that loosely, toward the missile theory since that does have most facts supporting it, however, so much doesn’t make sense either.

    Perhaps it was a missile, but for what purpose? I do feel it’s safe to assume in a small way it may have NOT been what we are being told. Do any of us know for sure, with the exception of those who believe our governments and media tell us the complete truth? All I’m saying is, whatever caused this spiral or others, doesn’t seem to be just a stray missile and I feel people in general would be better off digging for more facts, if not for the fact of what caused it, then for the reason the missiles are being tested anyway. The worst part is that people didn’t care that it was a damn missile out of control and could have carried nuclear arms, only that there was a spiral, that people, is truly scary.

  65. Para los que quieran ver fotos muy interesantes de ET en el cielo, de un planeta NEGRO
    MUY GRANDE, formas ET vallan a mis blogs entrando a todo mi perfil.

  66. novichock

    “I find it odd the Russians would first deny then admit such an error, that alone is odd.”

    Par for the course with the Russians and pretty much any military. The initial denial means they’re still determining how much they should disclose about the launch.

    “So now the Russians share all missile launch information that easily? I don’t buy it.”

    The idea of doing that is so other countries with ICBMs won’t go “HOLY MOLEY THE REDS ARE ATTACKING! LAUNCH EVERYTHING!” when you shoot off a test missile.

    “The fact that these spirals were seen in other areas of the world, even years ago, puts some skepticism into my own thinking that this was a mere missile out of control.”

    Because nobody ever tests military weapons.

  67. 67. Erwin Says:

    We attacked the moon not too long ago. They’re pissed at us. Just be glad they are boozers with a shoddy aim.

    Hang on, are you claiming Gidney and Cloyd are alcoholics?
    (I guess they do have a lot of moon shine)


  68. PChammer

    I agree and can accept your first two answers, however the third is the one I have a hard time with.

    “Because nobody ever tests military weapons”

    The same weapon? Back in what, 1987 and one lasted 5 days? Quite a difference even though the same effect.

    **”Though the ministry didn’t provide an opinion on whether its missile was responsible for the spiral, rockets often start spiraling on their own during partial engine failure”**

    This is constantly stated too. They are admitting a rocket did spiral out of control, however, not so sure on the lights themselves and as many have asked, what is the blue light behind the spiral? A chem leak in an almost perfect cork screw pattern, not to mention no debris was found that I know of yet and the hole that appears to open up or expand with no apparent explosion of any kind. I still find these few issues strange personally.

    “**72. John Paradox Says:
    December 13th, 2009 at 9:48 pm

    67. Erwin Says:

    We attacked the moon not too long ago. They’re pissed at us. Just be glad they are boozers with a shoddy aim.

    Hang on, are you claiming Gidney and Cloyd are alcoholics?
    (I guess they do have a lot of moon shine)



  69. Mark Hansen

    PCHammer, do you recall how much obfuscation the Russians indulged in when the Kursk went down? They dithered so much that when they finally did admit that there was a problem, it was too late for the crew. So, saying “No, we didn’t” and then “Yes, we did” to this rocket is not without precedent – it’s either a cultural habit or a political one, most likely political.

  70. mfumbesi

    Mister Earl had the best explanation so far.

  71. ND

    I just want to say that love XKCD!

  72. albert

    this is not rockets, THIS IS H.A.A.R.P !!!

    please research it

  73. Frode

    To all of the people who wondered about why the russians where conducting this sort of tests in the night; Have you considered it might be in the daytime?

    I don’t know if you knew this or not, but a large part of Russia (and Norway) is north of the Polar circle, hence they have at least one day of every year where the Sun does not peak above the horizon.

  74. PCHammer

    # Mark Hansen Says:
    December 13th, 2009 at 10:05 pm

    ***PCHammer, do you recall how much obfuscation the Russians indulged in when the Kursk went down? They dithered so much that when they finally did admit that there was a problem, it was too late for the crew. So, saying “No, we didn’t” and then “Yes, we did” to this rocket is not without precedent – it’s either a cultural habit or a political one, most likely political.***

    Good point. 😉

    **# 75. mfumbesi Says:
    December 13th, 2009 at 11:19 pm

    Mister Earl had the best explanation so far.**

    I agree to an extent and he does have a good point although the Chinese spirals are still unlikely to have to do with Russian missiles, and since I believe it was stated one lasted 5 days, until they find that those were in fact missiles of the same, the question remains open in my mind, BUT I also hear the Russians are known for using old technology so who knows. If I recall right, the Russians began using this missile in 2000, the ones in China are from 1987, still well within a time frame to use such a missile technology? I honestly can’t say.

    Aside from that, on the upcoming 4th of July 2010, in the U.S. that is, I wonder how many fireworks companies will be creating a spiral display. If nothing else comes from this, it would make a hell of a light show.

  75. gopher65

    Mister Earl:

    The Russians *have* been working on an advanced evasive manoeuvres system for their missiles. If it works, it should allow them to counter many (current) anti-missile-missile technologies. Course, it wouldn’t work against laser based or particle based anti-missile systems, but eh, such is life. Their evasive system is a really neat piece of engineering.

  76. PCHammer

    Gotta admit, even if it was a missile, the similarities are very close. Just wondering, and I don’t say it won’t EVER happen, if they are experimenting with opening wormholes and such. Looking back at the China footage, it’s like the spirals simply stayed or didn’t open a rift or hole, the current ones do look like they would. Even though it sounds “out there” it would explain why there is no explosion or why no debris was found.

    Once again, just a thought.

    Any other thoughts on this?

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  77. GFY

    A bunch of you brainiacs have the gall to spew about irrationality and occam’s razor, but at the same time postulate ridiculous theories about this being part of an ABM evasion system. Like spinning a rocket would actually confuse an IR sensor which works on heat signature! Brilliant. Some of you should apply for jobs with the Russians. That way we wouldn’t have to spend billions on ABM systems.

    The only thing your supposed ABM evasion system does is waste precious fuel resources that are needed to make sure that they can plant one in Washington, D.C when required. The Russians may be incompetent,considering their continuing series of f%$#ed up launches, but they’re not stupid.

  78. Pushkin

    What we are seeing is not Russian missiles. It is HAARP and Project Blue Beam. This Russian missile nonsense is apparently a disinformation story. Youtube – project camelot – for more details.

  79. Klaus

    “captain of the first starship will carry a lucky rabbit’s foot along”

    I don’t doubt it at all. NASA is already eating lucky peanuts.

  80. ND


    Where was the debris suposed to fall? The trajectory of the missle most likely took it over water.

  81. NLO ili zhahnoosk raketi… man it’s been sooooo long since i took russki in high school the only word i recognize is rocket. dang…. time for a refresher.

  82. Zucchi

    Gosh, how awful to be so “hemmed in by facts” that you don’t give credence to bizarre hypotheses for which there’s no evidence.

    Maybe it was dragons.

  83. Donmendragon

    Nope it wasn’t me

  84. Yo les demostrare atravez de mis avistamiento OVNI ´´REALES´´ QUE ES ESPIRAL ES HECHO POR ET de razgos Humanos DE LOS DE ´´LA JERARQUIA DE LUZ´´ para desenmascarar a todos los SEUUFOLOGOS, SEUDO CIENTIFICOS nasa,etc y lo demostrare con pruebas via foto de como manejan la ´´TECNOLOGIA MULTIFORMAS´´ y en una foto
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    ya no hay NADA etc etc etc.
    Busquen en mis blogs el que dice´´ LA LUNA CORAZON EN NIBIRU 2009´´ Y VEAN UNA
    DE LAS 2 FOTOS EN SECUENCIA que demostrara que los unicos que manejan ´´LA TECNOLOGIA DE LAS MUTIFORMAS ET, OVNI son ellos YA VERAN.

  85. UFO Phil

    Conspiracy Theory that airs on Wed nights on True TV at 10PM EST did a show last week on the HARRP project.

  86. PCHammer

    **88. Zucchi Says:
    December 14th, 2009 at 2:14 pm

    Gosh, how awful to be so “hemmed in by facts” that you don’t give credence to bizarre hypotheses for which there’s no evidence.

    Maybe it was dragons.**

    Sorry to disappoint , but I don’t hold any credence to that, nor did I claim evidence except for the similarities and knowing they have been doing a lot of testing with many other things like the Hadron Collider and electro magnetic wormholes and negative matter. Most scientists state it will be done and in 2008, predicted very soon it would happen, etc… OF course, it may not as soon as they thought or at all, but simply put….

    I am not holding this to fact, I was asking others what they thought, because I do get feedback, because I don’t assume I’m right. If I did, I would have said, they created a wormhole. Regardless of your attempt to say I am giving credence to this, I’m not. If aside from a missile testing gone bad, I feel it would be the NEXT best “possible” explanation since this is already under way and not a holy entity or UFO spinning pretty pictures in the sky. The similarities are quite astounding regardless and I thought it would make for an interesting discussion more than anything.

    So with the talk of holes, please pull your head from yours.

  87. Romeo2012

    I believe it to be an attempt to open a worm hole, or some sort of gravity-bubble travel gate.

  88. Chris

    Who wrote this article, and why doesn’t he sign his own writing?

  89. Chris (#95): you mean the blog post, the one I wrote, the one that has my name and picture and email in the sidebar and at the bottom of the post?

  90. Rabbit Foot

    Funny though, this only slightly resembles the very weird looking Norway spiral. It’s going to be really funny to see the faces of people like the author of this article, when it’s finally discovered how diverse and interesting the universe and multi-verse actually are. What are people like that going to do when their boring one-dimensional universe is no more?

  91. XCop

    Its project blue beam. Im sure of it, please research it, these things are not exactly good news.. PROJECT BLUE BEAM P R O J E C T B L U E B E A M

  92. adam

    Ok, notice the star on the left side of the screen before he zooms in. Now while he is zoomed in, he zooms back out a bit and you can see that star much much closer to the ‘missles vented gas’ meaning that the whole object, moved and was moving toawrds the left, closer the star. Please explain that one! Because if it is a missle then the exhaust would not move, it would stay where it was vented. The whole thing is moving! Impossible. Am I not wrong? Im not saying what it is, Im not saying what it isnt. Im pointing something out. Think of it this way, a stunt plane does a donut ring with his exhaust then continues flying straight, and the donut ring following him a the same speed indefiantly. Seriously, think bout it.

  93. Tommy

    Explaining the Norway Spiral away as a rocket is hillarious. Just like 10,000 gallons of jet fuel dropped a 110 story gigantic skyscraper in an hour. Let me get the kleenex box.. pla ease. The sheeple are resting comfortably in their comas and are totally clueless, always waiting for Big Daddy and company to provide them with the proof they need so they can rest comfortably at night about it. Their little brains get all scrambled in a tizzy and so confused hopelessly and helplessly inarticulate at facing their present situation and unable to make up their own minds about anything. Was it live?… or was it memorex?… Sleep my little pretties—-sleeeep

  94. PCHammer

    ****It has been reported by Lt. Col Alexander who said, in the summary of his Military Review article, “The information on those kinds of technologies presented here would be considered by some to be ridiculous since it does not conform to their view of reality. But some people still believe the world is flat.”

    Now, this means a lot, because if people do not believe this kind of technology is possible, or that it is science fiction, those people put themselves in great jeopardy, because on the night when those thousand stars will shine from space, during the night when the new messiah will be presented to the world, they will not be prepared and will have no time to prepare to save themselves against that kind of technology. They don’t believe and they won’t take time to prepare.****

    That’s the last excerpt from PBB, here’s the link and made for very interesting reading…

    No matter what you believe, this is a scary scenario. I recall a long time ago when they said microwaves can affect the brain waves and cause people to see things that would be believable to them, on specific frequencies and perfect conditions of course BUT it wouldn’t surprise me if they in fact did pull this off.

  95. keys

    Hmm… I don’t see how being baffled by a giant spiral of light in the sky and speculating as to its cause can be construed as “irrational”. Imaginative? Sure I’ll give you that. However imagination is the mother of invention and the father of discovery.

    For the bonus points: Romantic love is irrational thinking. Will you be satisfied if we can minimize that as well Mr. Plait?

  96. Daniel Pye

    HAARP-type facilities, according to the original patents, are designed as defensive systems against incoming missiles. The HAARP facility itself is run by USAF’s “Space Vehicle Directorate”. The SVD’s primary mission is to fight and win a war in space.

    The technology isn’t at all new. It’s very similar in principle to the “Over the Horizon” (“Duga/Woodpecker””) Radar systems which were used in the 1970’s by the Soviets. The tech is fifty plus years old.

    The Norwegian episode wasn’t a normal launch failure by any measure, but it could well have been a missile that was tested against an ionospheric heater defensive system.

  97. Maz

    “Jason A. says: I wonder why the crazies are so sure they know what an interdimensional time portal or whatever would look like?”

    Who’s crazier? The person who is closed minded and not open to “impossible ideas” like the inquisitors, or those who are open to “impossibilities?”

    Without those open minded “crazies” we would have no intercontental traval, afterall (“Nothing heavier than air can fly.”) .. we would have no space shuttle (“Man can never leave this planet!”) .. there would be no international rail systems nor interstate highways (“If a train goes faster than 21 mph all the air will be sucked out of it and all the people will be suffocated.”) .. google those quotes .. history has proven those people wrong.
    Thats not to say this is some inter(intra)galactic portal, but what if…
    …and that is how inventions are thought of, produced, and inproved upon until it works flawlessly. By everyday people saying “What if…”

  98. Nick Australia pine gap

    this is an alien agenda playing out it will be in everyones faces throughout the next 3 years to all politicians that have sold out humanity may your souls suffer extreme agony in the after life you scared scumbags Everybody meet the Orion empire there are the reptilians everyone talks about

  99. highhorse313

    It’s a show of force yes, but by whom? They fly with impunity.

  100. don berry

    there is a huge difference between this one and the one over Norway. Looks to me like this one was done on purpose to “confirm” what they did over Norway was a a failed missile test. I would suggest people look up HAARP as that is probably the best clue to what was seen over Norway. The Cold War is back on, only this time the weapons involve huge amounts of power which can do many things, from destroying satellites, to aiding over the horizon communications to manipulating the weather…….In the patent for our HAARP technology, Tesla was mentioned – nothing more then a continuation of his “death ray”. Would be silly to believe we are the only ones experimenting with that technology – scary part is – we are experimenting with that technology. In their own research papers, they say how they can shoot enough energy up to the ionosphere to raise a portion of it up to, I believe it is, one mile into space. Just what I want them playing around with, our ionosphere. Sure, nothing bad can come of that, can it? And this is what they admit doing. That placed is locked down tighter then Fort Knox, Guy who held the patent and started it quit in disgust after the Air Force took it over as he saw it as a benefit to humanity (he said it could manipulate the weather, using berylium and aluminum spread in the sky – funny, same things found in “chem-trails”), but quit when the Air Force and Navy took it over and was turning it into an offensive weapon. Defense Minister Cohen said in 1997 that the technology existed now for causing earthquakes, weather manipulation etc – not was going to exist, but did exist – HAARP.
    Now the russians are playing with the same thing. Wonder just how far they have come since 1997. Guess you can just look in the skies over Norway to see. Failed missile test – no way. That was an experiment using billions of watts of power for who knows what reason.

  101. Tom

    What if they are spraying chemicals or testing for a bio weapon? There will be signs in the heavens… I heard there is a HAARP setup not far from here as well? So many possibilities. Has anything similar to this been documented before? I will do some research on my own, just haven’t had time.

  102. ND

    “Thats not to say this is some inter(intra)galactic portal, but what if…”

    An idea or alternate explanation will not go from the realm of “what if” and complete conjecture to “very likely” or “most certainly” without some good evidence. Comparisons to artistic illustrations of black holes does not cut it. So far the best evidence points towards a Russian ICBM test that malfunctioned in the 3rd stage above the atmosphere.

    Check out the 3rd photo on the following site:

    That looks like the exhaust plume from a rocket connecting with the blue spirally plume that led to the more spectacular spirals. The plume right above the horizon is distorted from winds, but once the rocket left the atmosphere the blue plume kept it’s shape.

    The 8th image gives a better idea of the visual size of the spirals, although I’m not sure where in Norway it was taken from.

  103. PCHammer

    Yep, we have a HAARP tower 50 miles from where I live and I have in fact heard of that. I spoke with two men who were in the service, one of the men whom my son was dating his daughter so we became friends of the family, told me when they were near the tower, they felt dizzy, their radios would not work, and sick to their stomachs. I admit, I wasn’t so sure I believed everything they were saying at the time. He also stated he didn’t know WHY they were posted there in the middle of nowhere by this HAARP tower and of course, he wasn’t supposed to say anything about it. After this, not more than a couple of years ago, a woman who’s husband died from brain cancer, was having that area investigated due to having the highest amount of brain cancer out the United states and the investigation was stopped without notice or further notice. I am fairly sure we still have the highest rate of brain cancer to date.

    I didn’t take much of this into consideration at the time but after reading up on it a bit ago, it makes me wonder. Our weather hasn’t been right for years, our storms even if a HUGE storm, break up over us in a huge circular pattern and re-form on the other side of Lake Michigan, we all joke and call it the Bermuda Circle. This can be proven simply by watching the weather channel radar. Plus the storms are erratic, gray masses that fly through so fast as if on FF>> and lighting has never been worse. OK, it could be the changes globally I really don’t know. What most of us DO know is that this never happened before, we got regular storms, we got rain. Now we either get flooded once in a while and no rain the rest of the time. We all figure it’s whatever is going on globally like I said but now reading this HAARP, makes me wonder. I will have to do more reading into this, very interesting.

    What I do know, with all this crap going on, if true or not, I could see how many simply wouldn’t want to know or believe it, I don’t blame them. With all our technology, communications between societies, we could do so much GOOD, instead, so much is used for WRONG. I do feel it’s still our damn governments keeping people at each others throats which should be obvious in most societies. It’s all about higher corporations and governments keeping their status while they focus the deviance on people like us to keep that status.

  104. matthew

    come on:….no effing way this is the same technology displayed in Norway last week and also in China previously. More smoke and mirrors by the powers that be not wanting to really come clean…., as usual. Just stop with the tall tales. Its tiresome already and we aren’t that impressed anymore.


  105. The Russians originally denied any knowledge of the 2009 Norway missile test and a day later another spiral ufo appears in Russia. This type of spiral ufo has been seen since at least 1983. Chicago News Bench has film and documentation that supports this kind of ufo was seen in northwest China several times in 1983. Also, YouTube has film of the same ufo in 2006 in Tomsk, Russia. That’s either a lot of wayward rockets or something else is going on. It seems likely that Norway, China, Russia, etc., hasn’t a clue as to what’s happening and rely on the catchall “missile tests.” UFO’s are making their presence known through spectacular displays of lights and crop circles. Only the most ill-informed can deny their existence.

  106. ish

    thats not what we seen in norway! so dont even try it!

  107. wash98052

    Plait or Hoagland aside, I saw 2 phenomena the first time:

    1. the very regular white spiral in the sky.
    2. a blue spiral which led to the ground on the right, in the near horizon, later fattened into a blue beam of some kind.

    Empiricism in the form of observation says that was NOT a single effect; e.g. a rocket already launched.

    Simplistic comments that assume “it was just a rocket launch that failed” do not accommodate Occam’s Razor, which requires that the simplest explanation THAT MEETS ALL THAT WAS OBSERVED is not advanced by a failed rocket launch.

  108. Eric

    The notion that this video in any way resembles the video taken over Norway is an absurd suggestion.

    Second of all, I have sufficiently explained that the video taken over Norway does not show an out of control rocket. The rocket theorists need to use their facilities to better analyze the situation.

    1. The sun was set behind the earth, therefore the light display in the Norway sky was not due to the reflection of sunlight.

    2. The particles in the sky were either reflecting light from a distinct non-solar source, or they were emitting radiation in the visible spectrum.

    3. Because there were two colors of light involved, white and higher energy blue light, it can be concluded whatever were at least two distinct types of particles in the Norway sky that had different reflective or energy emitting characteristics.

    4. The fact that the end of the Norway video shows the spiral expanding into blackness sufficiently proves this was not rocket exhaust being illuminated by sunlight. If this were the case, then the ‘black hole’ witnessed at the end of the video would have been a bright white light because the rocket theorists say that the rocket was exhausting all of its fuel at a higher rate towards the end. If this were the case, there would be even more rocket residue in the atmosphere, and it would create an even brighter reflection than the original spiral. Instead, only darkness enveloped the sky.

  109. ND


    1) this is false, the sun was just below the horizon with the horizon itself well lit. We have someone on this blog who was there and reported this. In this situation if you gain enough altitude you will catch sunlight. Specially if you reach the edge of space. Your assertion is false. You need to reevaluate what you’re visualizing. If this happened at close to midnight then you would be right.

    2) see #1.

    3) I don’t understand your point here. Different materials in the second stage plume reflected more blue and the 3rd stage expelling different material. This was speculated on in one of the articles posted on these threads.

    4) The lack of distortion of the spirals fits right in with the idea that this occured above the atmosphere. ICBMS are designed to do this. As for the “black hole” this fits in with the fuel (or plume) running out. The edge of the black hole is the last of the fuel/plume speeding away from the source. As far as I can tell the expansion is at a constant rate, which also fits in with a leak or exhaust since the material would be at a constant speed after being expelled.

  110. Inertially Guided

    I’m sure I’m NOT the first to make this observation, but these two events are quite suspicious to me. It seems clear that the Russians are playing with “Stargate” technology in clear contravention of the SG-1 Protocols.

    Or maybe its the Celestial Temple of the Prophets…

  111. ND

    Oh man Inertially Guided dude, you are so so wrong, a stargate has that wooshing thing in the center when it actives! What are you smoking?!

  112. Eric


    You are incorrect. If the white spiral was indeed produced by rocket fuel exhaust particles reflecting sunlight, then the expansion of the ‘black hole’ would have not played out like it did. Something is forcing the spiral to break up, and the particles that make up the sprial are expanding out in space. You are suggesting the rocket has exhausted it’s fuel. That would mean the spiral would have stayed in the sky for several minutes as the sun reflected the particles that no longer have a source of extra propulsion. Instead, a ‘black hole’ formed, which means something in the sky was propelling the particles outward at a higher rate of speed. This cannot be rocket exhaust, because you have already stated that the rocket exhaust was being reflected by the sun, and we do not see a “bright white” light at the end, we see darkness instead. The out of control rocket theory is incorrect on this measure alone, as well as the other measures I have already laid out.

  113. PCHammer

    ****”paul Says:
    December 15th, 2009 at 11:15 am

    UFO’s are making their presence known through spectacular displays of lights and crop circles. Only the most ill-informed can deny their existence.”****

    I disagree that these are UFOs. I do believe there is other life out there, my ego isn’t so huge to think otherwise, BUT I cannot see how this would be a UFO display in any way, shape or form.

    Crop circles are another matter. I never once believed crop circles were from UFOs or two super speedy old men mashing around a corn field. What I “think” they are is laser testing from satellites or other laser testing equipment. The shapes make no sense even if it was alien. Some speculate they are landing targets, heh, well I doubt with that sort of intelligence, they would need to mark corn fields to find their spot.

    That said, why would a UFO make it’s presence known by throwing spiral lights in the sky?
    It would make more sense if they were messing with wormhole technology, project bluebeam, or HAARP so far from what I’ve read, but that’s just my opinion. And it’s even more obvious just from reading here, they have everyone friggin confused, “myself included” which is probably what they want anyway.

  114. ND


    You mentioned the no-sunlight point (this is independent of where the spirals were) again after it was pointed out to you in the other thread. You’re either trolling or you don’t know what you’re talking about. There is nothing else to say.

  115. Derek

    I just want to say that this is the first time I’ve ever left a comment on a webpage.

  116. Mojo

    It’s all the hot air from Copenhagen, and it’s green no less.

  117. Eric

    ND — YOU are the one claiming that sunlight is what is causing these ‘rocket exhaust particles’ to reflect. Therefore, you have to explain why these particles suddenly stopped reflecting the sunlight when the rocket exhausted its fuel. Where did all these millions of tiny particles suddenly go? The sun certainly didn’t stop shining, so that explanation is ruled out. The particles that “reflected” (according to you) blue light kept on “reflecting” for several minutes. But the particles that “reflected” the white light suddenly stopped reflecting. Those are some pretty magical rocket exhaust particles.

  118. mike d

    anyone find it strange that this rocket test happened while Air Force One was in route to Norway???

  119. Seems the Russians have a spiraling problem. Maybe with a little alien technology they can learn to make them go straight like before all these galactic interferences of the magnetosphere started. What’s the chance? Or is it a CO2 problem. Anyway Vortex technology
    was just a flash in the pan back in the 1930’s. We’ve come a long way since. Electricity and oil you can sell for a profit. And they’re both taxable and provide purpose for profitable wars.

  120. Todd

    It is utterly irrational, perhaps gullible, to assume that every unusual effect observed in the atmosphere has a prosaic explanation. This is especially true given that as we discover more about the universe, we learn of more things that we don’t know. So when an apparent answer surfaces with unusual rapidity, why isn’t that questioned? Talk about bad science!

    Little wonder then, that so many people are convinced of coverup scenarios. Also, “official” explanations invariably appear scripted. Then, any alternative is immediately denigrated. But given that science is all about questioning, sticking to the official story is an unscientific, irrational practice.

    How quickly and thoroughly though, the label of irrationality is pinned onto any explanation that could include an unknown such as extraterrestrial life. Because unknowns are uncovered constantly however, it is more rational to consider such possibilities.

  121. nuse

    to say there is no evidence of aliens is a bold statement look at the nasa footage of the ships in orbit look at the moon why are so many of the pictures tampered with before there released look at mars there are some odd formation on that planet and it’s easy to say that it was weather but there is evidence of huge oceans on that planet and plants, now im not saying that thoes spirals where aliens i find it weird that they can produce such an amazeing spiral thoe, and lets face it it could have been a portal since no debris was found where did it go, the secret project the goverments preform they can make anything up and then to prove there point they try do reinact it with a real rocket but looked nothing like the first one

  122. Dan

    I think this may help you understand why this planet is scientifically, environmentally, politically and religiously a disaster.

    Several years ago after leaving the armed services I was abducted by Grey 3-6th dimension that are working with Reptilian’s, “The Federation”. The Federation is, “a non human NATO type organization”, of Greys , Reptilian, Insectoid, Moth men, (recessive beings like the ones in the movies…mostly violent and self destructive. There are about 42 different type species of military males in various bases in the United States). Some of the reptilian bases are in the USA AZ, NM and in the Middle East. You can find more information on these Orion beings and non earth, non humans discussed in thousands of contact books, and thousands of Internet sites, (I’m not the only one who has been abducted). These humanoid beings lie, and manipulate you until the point of near mental and physical breaking.

    The recessive ETs force you into daily decisions that you do not like nor want to do, by mind and body control using brain MHz control (master manipulators, even at the point they are abducting and you can not think , i.e.. for your own good they say). You struggle on a daily basis, they will manipulate you into buying things you do not need, relationships which are abusive, jobs you are not wanting, and into alcohol, sex drugs, food, and other abuses for years, mainly in the name of god, mind control by “God”. A case in point is Los Angles where many succumb through spirituality, religions, dark recessive behaviors all controlled by the federation. The free will violations are severe for many who understand and see how these ET societies control many people.

    These Reptilian hybrids and Greys are working with a type of 5th & 6th dimension Ascended Brotherhood, “communally minded” hive mind society sub space beings (frequency energy space society beings) controlling many “false” religions and non human type religious belief systems. Why? A. for control, so that humans do not go into space to find their ET non human ET bases, cities and ships. B. Because of our SOULS, this is very complicated to understand we have a “soul”, the soul is a *****[frequency atomic particle electric formation] that is part of us, but according to all legends and some modern technology the soul can be taken with the use of high frequency high voltage technology. The soul is a vestige of our “genetic past” that was a piece in much the same way our reptilian lower brain is, of another space ET race. There are several types of ET’s that can remove this frequency part of your body, Reptilian, Grey (FALLEN ANGLES “Devils”), steal it and use it for longevity, for frequency energy, and for their own race studies just like some ETs do with our DNA ovum and sperm (abduction). Thousands of very well documented cases around the world. People choose to ignore this because it sounds far off, this type of information is found in thousands of mythology and factual alien abduction accounts, my account, and in all religious texts. C. For DNA, and because DNA is a resource, life for them, as is the soul and in many real medical ways!

    The Federation, White brotherhood, Reptilian’s, Grays (Fallen Angles), Ascended Masters, Ashatar, Midwayers, Draco’s, Draconian’s, Raelians all of these ET recessive demonic and dogmatic societies recruit people aggressively from dark religions; The Art of Living, the illuminati, Jesus demonic cults, Scientology, Raelians, Cults in general, Islamic Religions, Voodoo and African Botanic cults and many more religions, too numerous to list, they choose and influence people like puppets and then some, to govern us! The Greys are some of the most hive minded and dogmatic of the societies interacting with the earth and near space i.e. Mars!

    This is important… Religion is a legend, *some are factual most are not*, a construct written by various non human inter dimensional recessive dogmatic ET races and by some not so well educated semi-primitive humans, it is very misleading and troublesome. Religion does not help us solve our problems of global warming, cancers, defense against recessive ET’s, economy…instead religion focuses on a construct which is incoherent. Jesus and god will help,* neither can be further from the truth (the bible, Koran, Buddha Vedic texts etc. are full of wars initiated by; ET type “gods”** non human ET”S never helping but instead killing humans, WWII greys w/ Nazis. The earth is in the worst condition ever as is the human race. Read the newspapers….and neither Jesus, god nor Buddha is helping us. The churches are filled with pedophile, (Catholic and Christian churches i.e. USA arch diocese settling for billions of dollars and others, Evangelist Tony Alamo for raping young girls (in the news), “THE LORD IS IN CHARGE” mind control etc. Ex-cons, dumb human beings mind controlled people fill our religious and spiritual organizations. Social studies, social support and human directed initiatives are a need, and we are being blinded my mind controlling ET”S.

    Many people who study history in detail will read about how the church enslaved many cultures to kill, rape, torture and tap into banking and world currencies. The Spaniards (grey ETs managed) in the holy conquistador wars, the Israeli zealots against their neighboring humans, and the Nazi (Grey) occult war of WWII, the Mormon cults (influenced by recessive greys) hurting, raping under age girls and on and on. The majority of religious people are good, they just do not understand and many will not listen to the history in their own bibles, the Vatican, and teachings who all speak of extra-terrestrials and human strife war and control. Many choose to believe god is good, study the bible killings, war, human suffering, rapes, destruction this is crazy stuff!

    I was taken to the “Federation” caves by partial physical barely visible in our spectrum..beings. I used infrared/spectrum lenses goggles to see them ( to detect different light frequency ETs), including a type of sub-space being, as the attacks went on I compensated as much as I could. Regressive Sub-Space Beings working with Greys, called the White Brotherhood are the culprits. After my life threatening experiences of many years I learned from the Greys themselves buy watching and studying as I was being pulled, (they abducted me for sperm surgical removal, as they do with women’s eggs all around the world). This is what I know to be true: WE AND OUR CHILDREN MUST BEGAIN TO ARM AND DEFEND OURSELVES AGAINST THESE BEINGS, PRAYING, RELIGIONS AND AFRICAN VODOO ARE NOT REAL, AND SOME WHO TRY TO PRAY, IN A CRISES, TO GOD ARE GOING TO KEEP GETTING CONTROLLED!

    If you are religious why would, if god did exist harm the pontiff? Hurt the popes by giving them parkinsonism, harm them with neurological disorders and knock them down and fracture their arms as was done with the current pope…these are harmful violent extra terrestrials !!

    1). All extra-terrestrials are physical carbon based, silicon based, molecular based beings, atomic frequency based (ALL), including the ones who use magnetic field technology to cloak themselves, to travel, and as weapons and to appear as a human. Many of the non human ET’s live for 100’s of years, some sub space C=H types live for thousands of years. Many sub space (frequency energy beings) and many space beings are capable of low MHz telepathy 3-19 MHz and more importantly of astral body take over (soul frequency intrusion), seen on many movies as a form of possession or “demonic slavery”, having various levels of free will, to no free will at all, some religious leaders are seen as having little to no movement and lethargic speech they are in a controlled state of living! This state of being, who some believe can be resolved with exorcism or removing the controlling soul frequency, is associated with constant pains, muscle spasms, body manipulations and mind control… Tazer or mild electric shocks may force the invaders control away, RF and microwaves also have an effect, red light therapy also works after many months. Battling these demonic ETs is very difficult, you need brain MHz, (thinking frequency consciousness protection) protection discussed below. “Ghosts” or ET beings are at a different MHz then human beings, often they make noises to get our attention, we do not see them at these invisible to the naked eye frequencies use infrared and other goggles.

    To clarify the “soul”,” frequency atomic and sub atomic energies”….. The planet is processed in various energy frequency fields measured in MHz (consciousness). We think in MHz energy, watch T.V. in MHz, listen to music, video, Speak in MHz and live in MHz thus we are controlled and are MHz energy too. So some very intelligent people see and believe in ghosts, elementals, space soul beings, ETs etc. Some people get cold in some areas or when some soul beings are around, these space MHz atomic beings “steal”, take your energy. Another way to understand this is, how many times do you eat per day and why? The food is converted into energy and heat, when you encounter “ a ghost” [ soul frequency being], it feeds off your energy!! Millions of people do not sleep well, get headaches, can not concentrate…they are bathed in frequencies from hundreds of sources, the soul, brain and body never rest. Shield yourself!

    Bringers of the Dawn: “Some entities, in the process of their own evolution, began to discover that as they created life and put consciousness into things through modulating the frequencies of forms of consciousness, they could feed themselves; they could keep themselves in charge. They began to Figure out that this is how Prime Creator nourished itself. Prime Creator sends out others to create an electromagnetic frequency of consciousness as a food source for itself.
    The new owners of this planet had a different appetite and different preferences than the former owners. They nourished themselves with chaos and fear. These things fed them, stimulated them, and kept them in power. “ Barbara Marciniak, Bringers of the Dawn. Human beings are a trapped and stable MHz frequency being…

    The Reptilians (1995) are coming back to raid you again because they don’t want to starve,”the federation frequency maywares”. They understand that there is “systems busting” going on through you (Pleiadian) , so they are here to create greater havoc and fear, to fight once again for this territory. Their food source is important to them. They are losing control of the planet, so they are going back to their prime portal in the Middle East through war, where their nest is located underneath the ground (Reptilian), to create fear and chaos…..
    Barbara Marciniak 1995.

    The weapons I have seen people subjected too are: Mind control, frequency signal control i.e. “the tower of babble”, around the world the transmitters are hidden in caves, and beamed in by Grey satellite. This weapon seen by myself is difficult to describe it is a multi layer mist like carpet which contains both chemical and magnetic frequency structures in it. This plasma mist weapon is launched from the UFO and has electrical MHz stinging properties to it, I noticed that high intensity fire collapses the mist field. It has been shown by some **Crop Circle researchers that some crop circles have similar frequency field misting technology.

    Some of the “orbs”, glowing ones seen are either weapons with lasers or frequency attack projections or are recording your brains thoughts 5-80 MHz and sending the
    info. to the reptilian greys… We humans desperately need better more advanced detection in the areas of detecting magnetic crafts in our atmosphere ( non USA saucers), frequency control detection, field technologies, laser detection and better weapons, better armed military, guns do not work against some space midwayer frequency beings! High energy chemical lasers do, **RF lasers do, some stable plasmon technologies work. Some of these technologies can be detected with Geiger counters, and magnetic field detectors sold “on line”, directional is preferred..also passive radar detecting magnetic changes in our atmosphere and around our homes find the electrical devices on them, and around them in their nearby craft. **For your homes and cars..some of the Grey and reptilian devices can be disrupted by MHz frequency devices built at home, someone could make a small fortune selling better portable particle, frequency, and wave detection and disruption devices for our pockets. ** High voltage tazer weapons work very well. Hand held powerful battery operated magnets, in close proximity can interfere with grey technologies, the size of a cell phone, need to be mass marketed for our protection. Magnetic shielding paint can shield a room in your house where no EMF or ELF is detected! Other races of sub space beings have technology that I have seen, are defended against with hand lasers, built at home!! 2). Critical, we are not the only humans in the universe or multi verse…there are humans from Lyra, Pleiadians, Andromidan, Procyons, Acruturins, Cassiopeia, Simion, Tau Ceti, human Confederations “pro human” galaxies and billions more! 3, Even more important the Grey Federation is using Religion to “Dumb Down”, all of us on earth. 3). All Religions have misleading information, there is no god, only extra-terrestrials and human support groups from other worlds. The earths which NASA is just now locating are inhabited.

    Our military, is being attacked by the Greys, (google on the Internet to get more info…), and by the Reptilian Federation all the time, all the time, the shootings at Army bases world wide are mind controlled by the Grey/Reptilian Federation, as is the sweat lodge incident “6 hospitalized”, “911“, and the current state of our economy and health, chemical atmospheric “trails”. Pay attention to numbers in the news… When you listen to the news or read the newspapers you will find a numerical correlation that is a sign of the sub-space Federation, for example “13” soldiers killed in Fort Hood, “6” miners killed in last years coal mining incident, coordinated attacks on the USA for “911”. Historically, “13“ students killed in Kent State in the 1960’s. They use ( 8-120 MHz broadband mind control technologies piggybacked on T.V. cell phone and cable signals, important for you to remember). A strategy used by the Greys and others is to mind control in the name of Religions “ALLAH”, a not so well informed person into doing the killing or attack on our government. Obama needs to know this as he has been manipulated openly by the federated greys, those of us who understand Grey, Reptilian Military mind control Strategy and Tactics listen closely to his speeches; for example…Jesus is my mentor and I am speaking with him now, no!! Jesus is dead, It was told to me Jesus did exist by some ET’s, but he is dead it’s an ET who learned earth languages and controlled Jesus. THESE MILITARY ET BEINGS SPEAK GOOD ENGLISH TOO!!!!!! It is not Obamas fault, nor is it Hillary Clintons fault…it was not President Kennedys fault, but the Grey military Federation did kill him in part because the Greys and others did not want us in Space. On more than one occasion the General in charge of a small team described a method by which they weaken and force out Greys and Reptilians. By burying into the rock or dirt several sound array metallic speakers, about 5 feet into the ground, they then turn on a high intensity sound that causes vibrational sound in the caves and forces them out!!

    One being had an advanced weapon which I determined was a *magnetic laser weapon which would track me as I moved around my home either bio metrically or by implant, I sure would like an idea on how to protect against it, RF? It feels ***just like being under an extremely strong magnet making it very difficult to move, and think. I tried grounding myself, and to use nearby shielding to no avail….what an ordeal. This is a weapon we need to defend against…!!! I did a search to see if I could find something like it the closest thing I got was Raytheon’s, “microwave crowd control beam weapon”, it was not microwaves. A “poncho” or “tarp” which can be put over the whole body with microwave proof paint and frequency protection on it would keep one safe for a time. In the caves, and near my home the Gray types and Reptilian’s make many rather “high frequency screeching sounds” like you get on t.v. interference or like the “brakes of a car” sound, I believe it’s their inter dimensional technologies, using probes to come in and out of the area from their locations to mine. I’m still unsure of this, does anyone know about the sounds and their correlating technologies? In researching this further many modern sources say these are souls ie. (frequency energy beings, space beings).

    It’s being done mainly because these other types of ET”s, Greys, Reptilian Snake beings, insectoid which are more technically advanced and regressive in the way they think and act are working together against humans, abducting women mainly and men for experiments etc.

    As we speak somewhere on earth a child is being abducted for food by the reptilian’s, and or for DNA by the greys I know!!! According to all law enforcement agencies their are 100,000’s of kids and people missing, in the USA every year (WHERE DO THEY ALL GO)? ???

    There are technologies you can buy to protect yourselves, guns, tazers high volts, mind brain protection velostat 3M caps velostat 3M shielding material also works in many labs with high emf use (buy it at home depot or on the Internet), select “polarized eye goggles” certain frequency beams, RF included from the Greys move through the optic nerve into the brain and produce a stun effect i.e. **paralysis by firing mass neurons at once, particle detectors, magnetic particle detectors… Critical infrared binoculars, portable magnetic field room detectors. The recessive and violent ETs have through chem trails and dropping poisons form the ships into our water supply, use water filters and A/C hepa filters, screwed our government not all of the chemicals in our oceans and local water supplies are human derived, look up chem trails on the net. Local National and Regional Government need to do more to protect its population.!! WE must invent better ways of protection against these recessive extraterrestrial races, mind defense technologies and home shielding as well as robots to detect and defend!!!

    Have extra food and defenses at home for your family, it is no coincidence that in the movies on abduction and on aliens we are seeing a lot more of ET films, on T.V. “V”, house, “2012”, “District 9“, “New Moon” etc… They are signaling massive problems ahead with recessive non human ETs, as mankind goes into “space Hotels” Luxury Space travel, more military crafts into near and far space., maybe another war? Many people are trying to educate you with films to inform you of the risks we are in! 2012, alien mind control, H1N1 grey federation attacks on humans etc, etc…

    The Greys said that earth is entering a ***Photon Belt*** of very dangerous particles, this explains Global Warming, within the context of a very dormant sun spot cycle. Some ancient scriptures, books that I have researched speak about a method by which humans are selected, and “THE BELT” connection opens their souls but not for all humans, ASTRAL BODIES, SOULS. According to several Internet sites including a prominent site
    “enterprise, and “dark mission”, some members have observed an electro magnetic frequency “TORSION FIELD” forthcoming changes,…..which some NASA engineers told the government in 1947 producing a possible ****POLE SHIFT”…… It has been presented to me that many societies of ETs are going to be speaking to us in the next few years, be extra careful who you stay or communicate with, that better ET society,”War of Souls”. Very Carefully choose to be with human ET societies! A great book to read from people who worked for the U.S. government who meditated and used frequency, brain frequencies to connect with recessive ETs is [Cosmic Explorers by Courtney Brown Remote Viewing] free on line!!!!! We as humans transmit thoughts all the time!!!!

    Below is a section from a Pleiadian, non recessive ET channeling “spiritual site” which discusses the Photon Belt from a non scientific point of view, many more sites are, from Melora:

    PHOTON BAND Pleiadian 1995 QUESTION: And what about the forecast of the three days of darkness when we enter the Null Zone? MELORA: This is when the Sun will become fully immersed in the Photon Band. We discussed this last time, and we wish to move beyond the forecast, for example, of the electricity becoming neutralized and batteries, and cars, and electrical devices no longer working. Although this may be true, understand that you are in a state of transformation. At the point at which . . . first there are the days of darkness– absolute, total darkness–and people are saying, “Well, I’d better lay in some supplies, and water, and get a kerosene heater, and so on. But, you see, given your transformation, you will not need these things. And so we wish to emphasize that focusing your consciousness on your transformation, your transmutation, in the light is the most important. Now the scenario, as you may have been reading in recent books, has changed. And we wish to focus now on the various agendas of the various beings who are “spectators in the stands” in this “football game.” Our strongest message is this: Aim as high as you can in your consciousness. Fifth-dimensional Pleiadians are going to want to use you as “human libraries” so that they can learn from you about dimensions above themselves through you in your connection to the Earth. Fifth-dimensional Sirians are going to wish to help you understand how three-dimensional reality manifests from ideal morpho genic structures so that you can begin now actively to co-create the peace and harmony forecast for your planet. And so, again, they are invested in your becoming fifth-dimensional humans so that they can partake of your experience, but in a different way than that of the Pleiadians. Sixth-dimensional Sirians, of which we are “one,” as a group, wish to have you understand that many of you will be returning to dimensions higher than Fifth. And so in the Barbara Marciniak books, for example, her Pleiadians are saying “Oh, this is what it will be like when you’re a Fifth-dimensional human.” We are saying that you don’t have to “stay” there. Understand that many of you are returning to angelic light resonances, and so forth. And so when you read this material, understand that these are Fifth-dimensional beings talking about their agenda, and that happens to be Pleiadian. And these are also Fifth-dimensional, but they’re Sirian, and that’s a different agenda. And be discerning when you read these materials. This also applies to information about the Photon Band. The source of the information, and it is channeled . . . (Channeling is one of the few sources that is not controlled by “World Management” Teams, and what not.) Channeling often is the most direct source of the truth now–not trance channeling as in the old days. Channeling now is conscious, although the channel is in an altered state, connecting directly with the Higher Self as we are here, and we tell the truth because this [indicating Jyoti Alla-An] is one of our children, here, and we would not deceive our children–not anyone. So the scenarios about the Photon Band and about Ascension will be filtered according to the agendas of the beings communicating through the channel. So if a channel is not coming directly from the Higher Self connection and is channeling a totally other entity who is a Fifth-dimensional Pleiadian and NOT in that soul “hierarchy,” then that entity essentially can work its agenda through the channeled information. Each of you is sovereign; you must discern, because your free will is what keeps you strong in your acceleration. Your free will is also what you must always be conscious of so that you are not violated from outside your self. You need to be extremely cautious of where you are looking and who is there as a guide or as an enemy of humans, if you feel pain get out and stop , ask for the human 5th+ dimensional guides,,, When attacked as part of the defense use frequencies i.e. different tonal sounds like on a dead radio or on some t.v.’s “TONE”, for hours…BEEP…………..One of the most violent societies in all places are the short orange brown reptilian’s some working with greys, if you are channeling or meditating or remote viewing watch your back !

    Any scientist who has atmospheric x-ray, gamma ray detection please let us know about the increase in such particles vs. previous years! % ? Thank You! The earth will change violently and dramatically in just a few days, in the years leading into 2012!

    The Grey Federation ruined myself and family like they did with Alex collier, and Billy Meier for example Mr. Meier’s has recently, per his web site also recently been communicating with us and warning of 2012 and other recessive nonhuman ETs. The Internet and thousands of books tell about the many friendly human races who are trying to help us now.

    When I was at the Grey army here in Santa FE, N.M.base, I did see many things, I have a PhD, I’m a quick learner and can now read their Sumerian type alphabet and words… I was taken on one type of craft they use, how they fly and what they use in them… ***The saucer shaped craft uses electrical batteries as propulsion power (this is why some are seen charging up on power lines), in the middle of some saucers there is a large circular ceiling to floor barrel structure it contains lithium type batteries extremely high voltage charges. The craft are made of layered and compressed metals titanium type layered compounds, the outer skin is electrified to reduce and eliminate drag and atmospheric resistance. Inside the saucer is a network of Compressed tiny frequency transmitting fiber optics for controls and for ON BOARD GUIDENCE SYSTEMS,SIMPLE.THEY USE THE EARTHS MAGNETIC AND GRAVATATIONAL FIELDS TO FLY *****************************************************

    They are trying to mind control our societies through MHz frequency control, we think in about 10-80 MHz, and they use computers and oscilloscope combination type MRI equipment to read thoughts as we read print or as scientist reads peaks on a graph, as well as gravitational field technology to beam in false info. These mind brain electron frequencies are read just like we read computer code.

    *****Protect and shield your eyes, brains and spinal cords!!! All of our military and armed forces should wear velostat 3M or better (signal protection electrical grounded materials on your head) caps and monitor the frequency changes around them, eye shielding, the government of the USA ours needs to be informed of the greys methods and take steps to help each other, protect our families people this is real….(people in Britain were not ready, prepared for WWII, Study military history ) …(we have a very weak and complacent military/police/NSA/CIA/) The Greys have even infiltrated some govt individuals in these agencies………!!! Just because you were in church on Sunday and you see people speaking in tongs, falling to the floor, and saying they are talking to god? There is no god only ET groups (mostly the greys are lying about god and impersonating) ET governments. Just because our president says, “thank you Jesus”, it’s mind control…….pay attention and analyze what is going on in government, it is scary, not human.

    Several devices which are still being used on my self and home include, some type of beam (laser), because I saw it and followed up on the net and found that these beams can turn off all electrical switches including some in our nuclear arsenal. How is it that these nuclear silo switches are not shielded? I’m working on electrical shielding for my computers, phones, weapons, appliances, etc.


    P.S. This was written under partial duress……they know where I live. Pass the info on.

    The Federated reptilian/gray/insectoid societies are using harmful technology to harm the human mind, causing memory loss and fatigue…FIGHT BACK!!, I use the above mentioned technology and when I go out and they start to harm my body with high intensity back spasm devices i.e. microwave, particle , mind control, I use my mind and picture each attacker being attacked by me, mental warfare. They are distracted by loud music, food odors, perfumes, high intensity flood lights, mace, strobe lights, high frequency sound and our minds killing them……… I keep a gun and tazer by my side always now!!!

    Listen to this highly educated and experienced old man, if you see a craft these are not dolls, these are recessive violent, harmful, controlling alien males, they have an agenda! Read the info. on the net with a grain of salt, why haven’t they come forward? They will not because of violent abductions, use your logical brain the reptilian greys are “DEVILS depicted correctly in many books of legend, history and many religious books. Even the Nazis contacted the Greys. Protect your brains!!! stay away from them, Betty and Barney Hill were assaulted, all of the abduction cases are harmful rape and kidnaping humans, we in the USA have laws against these crimes yet our government turns in another direction, not detecting and imprisoning these violent ETs. Because they control some people in our not yet, “ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. Get involved the stakes are high.

    Space is much more crowded than most people know, extremely dangerous NASA knows..Our Rocket systems and defense systems are frail… Connect the dots……… 2012 We are getting close, climate change, biology, secret governments, mind control, abductions, alien technologies genetic and magnetic fields, and we wonder where they come from reverse designs from crashed UFO…Many historians believe that many earth human races i.e. Mayans lived with ET Reptilian control..

    I’m building a small back yard underground shielded shelter for my wife don’t laugh at me I have been through a great ordeal and know much more than most! Do we as a country, understand the risks of EMF radiation on our bodies and brain, is it not so that some highly educated people shield themselves from the cell phone radiation with either a “patch” or by using a wireless ear device or better Do any engineers have a million dollar idea to shield our bodies and mind from all kinds of radio/microwave/broadband EMFs the same way with a shielding patch shielding shirts and pants….our military needs them!!!!!!!!!

    An entire platoon can be taken out with out ever firing a bullet shot……………..frequency MHz brain defense, are you ready to re read the page.

    As I am told by the greys and their midwayer carbon-non DNA frequency representatives that in 2009 we have the following percentage of intrusive ET beings;
    1. greys (10%), 2. reptilians (9%), 3. frequency source ET beings all over the earth and galaxies (100%) true galaxy governments, not gods, 4. humans (27%) from lyra, telosians, pleiadians, andromidains etc… 5. c=h (8%) simions 6. insectoid (2%)
    7. dark c=h (2%)

    1. Consciousness is allowed its expression, and you have been allowed your expression within limitation by those who have been governing you. From your point of view, you have never let them govern you and you have no idea that they exist. They bring dramas onto this planet in the guise of what you call religion, leadership, or, sometimes, inspiration. Events, even though they are orchestrated to achieve certain things, sometimes gather those who hang on, and many other probabilities come out other than what was intended.

    2. Many of the structures built on this planet, particularly ancient sacred sites, have information stored within stone. In the same way, you have information stored within the bones of your skeletal form. When you allow sound to move through you, it unlocks a doorway and allows information to flood into your body. It also penetrates the ground, affecting the vibrations of Earth and allowing a rearrangement of a molecular alignment of information to take place. Those of you who use sound when you are working on others’ bodies bring about a rearrangement of the molecular structure and create an opening for information to flood in. This kind of work will become more and more profound.

    3. Sound is a tool for transformation. Keepers of Frequency, which is what we are encouraging you to become, learn how to modulate the frequency they hold through sound. Sound can penetrate any substance, move molecules, and rearrange realities.

    4. Core Human contacts Andromidain Central Command, Simon.

    5. These non human astral, and c=h , carbon beings are all behind humans in social
    development…….recessive, violent, vengeful, striking, manipulative, “DEVILS”.
    Technically and scientifically developed, but not so far ahead that humans could catch up
    in several dozen years…..the non human species got so technically advanced because of
    massive continuous wars and disasters through millions of years.

    There exists 9th level frequency “Galaxy Governments”, THE GOVERNERS above the greys, reptilian, humans, insectoid etc… but these governments carry the thoughts i.e. frequency of all these beings whom they govern.
    This earth right now in 2009 is being subjected to the governors who are using frequency technologies, chemicals in the atmosphere, pieces of DNA , climate control in the from of “torsion fields” etc. to change humanity into three groups for the coming event in 2012……
    The Governors, which have appeared in, “STAR TREK”, and in the films looking into time travel with Jodi Foster……are in appearance looking like a stable form of electromagnetic frequency being. Many are soul beings who can readily change forms into anybody!
    Many people in Ufology, Religion have asked themselves why did President Eisenhower allow greys to bait the United States with technology in exchange for DNA…..this had been done as a trick for the USA and the governors at that time simply did not care what was happening on this planet!
    These Galaxy governors have a totally different agenda than we do, i.e. who cares about the Sudan if you are from the Russian Government?
    Thus we are in a galaxy with 100‘s of totally different beings making contact, telepathically and in form with hundreds of thousands of earth humans.
    But because the greys have dumped their religions on us earth beings we are lead to believe we are communicating with god in dreams, church etc. not true…
    We live in an OPEN…… “OPEN WORLD”, all beings can come and go, and do as they please as long as we permit them to!

    Buy human standards many of these above discussed “beings, societies” are SICK and through their technologies communicate in forms, telepathically, RF, EMF etc. They if you believe hundreds of thousands of contact notes and books including historical writings, the bible included, communicate forcefully with humans to develop their agendas not ours!

    Disclosure is empowering!!!

    In the beginnings before the “big bag”, there existed for billions of years frequencies not yet fully developed enough to develop methods of construction. Thirty Five billion years ago the frequency beings developed societies and physics strong enough to fire up matter conversions.

    These frequency beings made from sub atomic particles developed atom based combinations of plasma and small worlds which humans on this planet can not see due to the extremely week forces these entities and bases emit.

    As billions of years passed, formed frequency beings created molecular beings, what we call in biology the oceanic, plant and animal phylum kingdoms of billions of species through out the multi verse. Fish and the fish frequencies created, amphibian and amphibian frequencies created etc, with reptilian, insectoid, dog people, and human frequency. Most recently 1.7 billion of years ago the c=h atomic molecular and frequency societies created the human frequency 3-75 MHz.

    Many times when a world in the multi verse is at war, or in famine, or heading into a photon belt large numbers of other world societies and governments will either take advantage of the sick planet, as in the case of the reptilians seeking to govern, or as is another case happening now human ET to human earth contact for those who may desire a relocation.

  123. ND

    mike d,

    Nope, the Russians are probably trying to make a statement that they’re working on a new ICBM. This is with respect to the US working on the missile defense project (which has had its own share of setbacks in trials).

  124. Eric

    Rocket Theorists — nice try. Keep on posting the alien stuff to cloud the issue. But you still can’t answer my question:

    The ‘rocket theorists’ are the ones claiming that sunlight is what is causing these ‘rocket exhaust particles’ to reflect. Therefore, you have to explain why these particles suddenly stopped reflecting the sunlight when the rocket exhausted its fuel. Where did all these millions of tiny particles suddenly go? The sun certainly didn’t stop shining, so that explanation is ruled out. The particles that “reflected” (according to you) blue light kept on “reflecting” for several minutes. But the particles that “reflected” the white light suddenly stopped reflecting. Those are some pretty magical rocket exhaust particles.

  125. gary

    the second “spiral” was a lame attempt to duplicate the INCREDIBLE energy display (possibly scalar waves) in the atmosphere in the first display. Just as the military dropped flares in Pheonix to duplicate the CHEVRON or “V” shaped silent UFO that was reported flying across the entire state earlier in the evening, the militaries of this planet are covering up their own super secret technology that is observed, or the SUPER SCIENCE of beings not human that may actually LIVE HERE, or live underground, or who travel here across dimensions or who travel here from elsewhere using technologies to cover distances we consider vast to our inertial thrust technology (spit particles out your end to push your self forward, like a freaking fart….how primative can we still be?)…people who KNOW this can’t be true are those who WILL NOT consider possibilities that become possible if you allow your mind to imagine what could one day be possible if we exist long enough to discover those…..possible things! What a sentance…..I’m laughing my butt off…I kill myself….Any way, where was I? Oh yeah….I’ll tell you the end result of what I believe….our HUMAN masters have technology that will enable them to survive the crap storm they are going to loose upon the world….biological and ecological holocausts of death…so our reduced population can’t threaten their iron fisted rule as we sink back to a feudal system of society world-wide. I only hope I die in the early days of this hell on earth that is coming SOON!

  126. PCHammer

    Closely looking at the second rocket video, does anyone notice a “not intended to label as such here”, but a black hole in the upper right, then the spinning formation angle opposite left of course, where the uh… rocket is? I saw footage of a rocket do the same over the water, funny though, it spun like twice and blew up. Could be due to being close to the water but the spiral was far smaller anyway.

  127. ND

    Anyone know Russian and able to translate the conversation in the video?

  128. Derek

    I’d just like to take this opportunity to let everyone know that this is only the second time that I’ve ever left a comment on a webpage.

  129. ND


    How’s the election going?

  130. Derek

    ND–There’s a big swing to the silly party, but how big a swing I’m not going to tell you.

  131. ND

    Here are some interesting articles on the Bulava ICBM.
    And of course the wiki page with all it’s references

    The diagram in this article states that the 3rd stage is liquid, in contrast with the above ones which state all three are solid:

    There is discussion of the rocket’s evasion capability.

  132. Jim b.

    My only thoughts are, if it were a rocket, where was gravity for such an extended time?

  133. lee

    Sorry but i dont see how the failed missile matches what was seen over norway.
    Every other failed missile test looks chaotic and messy in comparrison including chinas failed tests.
    This seems like a poor way reinventing what was seen over norway and why are they going out of there way to show this? it just screams cover up!.
    the spirals where much bigger and the trail was much longer it was also neat very neat.
    if you watch the video speeded up you see the full trail still spinning and spinning keeping shape and momentum.

    This would not happen with a regular missile the trail would loose momentum and shape and start to evaporate rather quickly.

    i think 18 spirals was counted towards the end and on the reproduction videos you are lucky to see more than 2 spirals which are very messy looking. and the vapour trail is just a mess it does not keep shape or momentum its just evaporates into a cloud.

    This is why i dont buy the failed missile story this is clearly some kind of beam.

  134. ned

    The rocket thing is a lie and cover up of a confusing phenomenon. I wonder if the “Russians” will be testing rockets in other countries?

  135. Greg C

    I’d like to ask all of the missile biased skeptics, when they last saw any country firing “test” missiles over top of cities of people. Explain that one…

  136. john s

    Phil, it amazes me how anyone pays attention to you. You’re so outrightly wrong that it makes one want to find the guy who handed you your Astro diploma and kick his butt. You are a farce! It makes an engineer really laugh reading your silly, misleading mecho.

  137. Grant

    I agree with 145, Phil’s explanations are pathetic to say the least! And why is it that James Oberg is always called in to try and backup the rediculous explanations, he is known debunker and a fake who didn’t even know that the moon does rotate on it’s axis, he got his side kick to try and debate with the real experts (like Richard C Hoagland and other physicists) to make them look like fools when they mentioned the moon rotates on it’s axis, but they turned the tables on him when he tried to correct them, by stating they were ignorant, because in his expert opinion, the moon does not rotate that’s why the same side always faces us. Well it’s the basics you are taught at school, the moon does rotate!!! So nobody should take anything these self proclaimed experts say, seriously… Phils calls his website BAD ASTRONOMY, well at least you got that right PHIL!

  138. Novedades tengo en mis blogs, en los Cuales Pueden Apreciar la cara y”fenotipo DE LOS
    Grises REPTILIANOS muy parecidos al ET de Spielberg de hace 25 bis, 30 años, el etc
    que ultimo e TRABAJADO para que vean las FORMAS INTELIGENTES ET OVNIS, que veran
    en la foto del EN FORMA DE Esferas / caneplas / Orbes en Ritual de la Pacha Mama o pago a la tierra el””Detraz AZUL DE ELLOS en el altar de las Culturas integrandose
    ”Mar de Caral en el Valle de Supe, a 25 kms de la costa hacia las Montañas su sustento economico era la agricultura, el algodon con bellotas pigmentadas de colores naranja, morado
    multicolores, con el fabricaban ropa Cual, mantos, y sobre todo redes de pesca que intercamviaban por ANCHOVETA y peces, moluscos, etc se TRUEQUE utilizaba””EL.
    En la costa frente al mar en el mismo puerto de Supe, habia otra civilizacion pescadora se
    llamaba”5 EL ASPERO”a minutos del SHAMBALA esta”LA FORTALEZA DE PARAMONGA”camino un Huacho un solo de 50 kms del Shambala otra Santa Rita Pesquera esta civilizacion en”VEGUETA””EL SEÑOR DE Vichama ” ‘y la Laguna de
    Y a 3 horas Shambala del Santa Rita esta Huaraz, etc
    Para ver mis blogs, haga clic en mi nombre aqui mismo creo que me enlaze.
    Medio Mundo

  139. You say this picture is clearly of another Russian missile test. Well it is not clear of that in any way shape form or fassion.You also say that you can see the spiral expanding from the inside out, again, like last time, exactly what you expect from material being spewed out from a rapidly rotating booster. What the hell have you been studying? This looks nothing like what you would expect,or what really takes place. The Spiral would start from the point of launch as a waiver or wobble, then spiral from that point, and not. I repeat NOT in a tight spiral formation, the Waiver, or wobble would and is always present during this spiral. open your eyes and stop drinking the kool-aid for once.

  140. I believe its either a hologram they are testing.
    rumours says that they will portray every culture their messiah.
    to decieve us.
    or far worse a wormhole to invite lucifers demons in to our realm.
    The hadron collider is not a collider its a vortex
    look up
    solitron generators –
    merlins mound

    (Google it)

  141. ND

    A lot of people are making the mistake of comparing the Norway spiral with the few trails they’ve seen in the rocket failures in the atmosphere.

    The Russians gave navigation warnings before the launch and afterwards admitted that they had a failure and it was in the third stage.

  142. ND

    Some ICBM failures:
    This one shows the ICBM generating spirals after launch in the atmosphere. Image the third stage doing this in space. The exhaust leaves the rocket at about 5000 mph (about 2.5 km/s) and there is no atmosphere to slow it down or stop it.
    Also see the following for some still images and a video.
    You can see similar spiralling here as well. This leads me to believe that the spirals were caused by an out of control rocket like the one in the first video. But like the leaking fuel scenario, the 3rd stage would have forward momentum from the previous stages and the spirals are in a conical shape.
    This video shows a failure and spiralling similar to the blue plume leading up to the spirals.

    The still photos from the link above shows a distorted plume starting from the horizon, consistent with a rocket launch.

  143. Grant

    This was no rocket failure!!! Anybody who believes that is a complete moron like Phil and his hokey pokey website… Watch some of the videos in the above post (153), that is what it looks like when a rocket or missile launch goes wrong and it is pretty obvious that this is NOT the same or similar type of event that occured over Norway. There is no forward momentum to that spiral seen in Norway, besides, Russian launches occur nowhere near this area, russians launch towards the east of russia not towards the west for obvious reasons, you cannot launch towards densely populated areas so they launch eastwards incase of a failure so that rockets fall into the sea. People need to open their eyes and stop allowing themselves to be led around like a bunch of sheep by people like Phil Plait, James Fatass Oberg and NASA just to mention a few. The truth WILL prevail no matter how hard they try too hide and disguise it. You can paint stripes on a horse, that doesn’t make it a zebra!

  144. ND

    Here are some detailed info on the Bulava missle. It claims these are official specs, released according to the START2 treaty:

    According to this, all 3 stages are solid fuel. So it’s not liquid fuel leaking out the side. It’s either exhaust from the side like in the Challenger disaster or the missle spiralling in a tight loop spewing a spiral.

    Some more spirally rocket images:
    I think these from that triday failure video.

    Here’s a Swedish newpaper article with a picture of the spiral taken from Kiruna Sweden.
    According to Google translate the title of the article is “Strange light shone over Kiruna” and the next line says “A spectacular light phenomena visible from Kiruna, just before eight o’clock on Wednesday morning.”

  145. Nuevas imagenes de EXTRAORDINARIOS AVISTAMIENTOS OVNI desde Huacho Peru y
    desde el´´Shambala Santa Rita Caraqueño Peru´´pronto subire videos, en tanto revisen mis blogs ´´VIA TODO mi PERFIL´´.
    o click en mi nombre estamos enlazados creo.

  146. john

    Blaming weird stuff on rockets is classic russian disinfo…

    The most important Soviet case of 1977 took place near the Finnish border on September 20. Military personnel at Petrozavodsk saw a large object glowing in the sky at 4 a.m. For fifteen minutes it showered down beams of light, giving the effect of a downpour of rain. It then moved west toward Finland. At least 170 people saw the phenomenon, including police, navy personnel, pilots, and scientists. Troops and police found that their radio frequencies were jammed and their telephones did not work. The phenomenon was observed for 10-12 minutes.


    Still, not everyone believed there was a mystery here. In a jointly authored paper, two former Soviet government officials involved in the Setka programs argued that ”a number of effects accompanying this phenomenon [were] connected with the failure in launching a ballistic rocket. The launching of the rocket took place in the same region and almost at the same time” as the strange phenomena. Unfortunately, no further detail was offered in their explanation. It would seem odd that a rocket launch could jam radios and interfere with telephones.

    – from UFOs and the National Security State, vol 2 by Richard Dolan, p. 156-158

  147. gerard

    well those ‘crazies’ sure do make a point when those old ancient ruin hyroglyphic rocks have spirals on them as well as ‘orbs’ too which have been reported in the US as a “phenomenon”- UFO Hunters from Syfy Channel did a show on October 29th episode “Dark Presence” about orbs that were floating in front of people and making them go crazy or become extremely paranoid. One witness said that a red orb floated near his 3 black labs and they followed the orb a bit away by some trees.. after some yelping the owner went outside where he saw 3 liquified puddles ?? What is that? Also a police officer said he saw a light every night for over a year once pointing his flashlight on it and it took off so fast and dissappeared.

    Anyway the interesting thing here is that thanks to my DVR I was able to watch this predated show (10/29/09) today which is 1/11/10 and one segment of the “Dark Presence” episode was an interview with a hyroglyphic symbol interpreter who was in some distant country by an old ruins where a rock had symbols on it.. it was a human being with two orbs near him the drawing of the human being had him pointing upwards into the sky and lol to the right of these drawings you could see on a rock nearby a large spiral.. I was thinking to myself today knowing that such a spiral had happened almost two months after that show had aired.. so the orbs the spiral.. it gave me such a weird feeling.. These drawings are ancient?? I really do believe there is a presence here now on earth that has arrived via the spiral.. so far we’ve had another spiral appear in China (google it) and an earthquake in Cali- what is next perhaps just the beginning of a huge destruction of planet earth.. and don’t forget that the spiral had a wavy beam emitting downward and went down into the ground??? Hmm.. from the sky downard and it wasn’t a trail from any missile b/c there are no ground footage videos around anywhere of that “missile launch” that was supposedly the cause of the ‘Norway Spiral’.

  148. The absolute best analysis – so far….
    Read part 1 if you need a refresher, but the “meat” is in part 2. And, by the way, when did we start believing the Russian military. Especially since they “admitted” they had a failure…hmmm.
    There is obviously more to this story than first reported.
    Notice how this blog in particular evolved from the beginning when all were making fun of the story, and supporting the mis-information.Now, at the end when the real information starts coming out.

  149. Caitlin

    Can’t you guys see? They’re just trying to cover it up. They decided to launch a missile a day later to make people actually believe that the first one WAS a missle (in attempt to cover up the phenomenon). They don’t even look the same? If the first one really was a FAILED missile(in which they claim), why would they launch yet ANOTHER FAILED missile? Where was the explosion that is shown in the referenced failing missile videos? What about the missile itself? There is no drop of the supposed object, if it comes up, it must go down, correct?

    I read some other comments and noticed that there are people who are just as skeptical about it being a missile as I am. Thank-goodness…
    As said by a previous post, “Since when did we believe the Russian Government?”

    …or any Government for that matter.

  150. felix chylde

    how reassuring, its only a multi nuclear warheaded missile that theyre developing, now I feel safe again

  151. Raf

    I just saw a similar spiral 30 minutes before I posted this… so I google and found the Norway spiral pictures and this post. anybody knows what is it exactly?

  152. Ahmed

    I saw this in Kurdistan / Suliemany 5 hours ago.
    Was there any confirmation that the ones from Norway were Russian missiles?

  153. Syrian

    we saw this today in Syria in different locations, it seems that the butcher assad, imported these weapons from Russia to kill the syrians, kids, womens, mens… no mater, thank you Russia

  154. Patrick Sullivan

    Could this be a nuclear warhead that was put into a controlled burn off?

    Same thing with the objects filmed over Syria and the Turkish border area?

    From UFO Casebook:

    Unknown Flying Object Caught on Photo from Turkey

    NOTE: Look below the UFO at the ridge on the top of the mountain and see if you can find the antennas there?

    Could that indicate something to us?


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