By Phil Plait | December 18, 2009 2:00 pm

brillo_jesusSo this time, a guy leaves a brillo pad (for those not from the U.S., a steel wool pad with soap in it to scour pans and such) in his sink. He removes it, and what does he see?

He claims it’s Jesus.

Um. Seriously? I mean really, Jesus? In that?

He may claim that, but I think we all know who it really is.


Tip o’ Karen Black’s sharpened teeth to Fark (warning: potentially inappropriate language in that thread because, duh, it’s Fark).

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  1. Damon B.

    Come on now, that’s obviously Animal.

  2. Michael Swanson

    If the sacred image of your holy Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, is going to come to you, it won’t do so in a rainbow, or the leaves of a holly tree, or flock of birds – hehe – but in a smelly Brillo pad soaking in your three-day-old macaroni and cheese. He should check the bottom of his empty cans of Bud Light for an image of the Virgin!

    I said before if I saw another moron who sees the face of Jesus in a random, pointless location, I’d punch myself in the face until I don’t care anymore. Suppose I better get started!

  3. Gary Ansorge

    Ah, the old pattern recognition kicks in.
    Damn! I think I just saw a saber tooth tiger in my trees.
    Oops. Nope. Just another raccoon.

    Whew! For a second there, I thought I’d have to run.

    My ancestors ability to detect patterns is why I’m here at all. Better to be safe than sorry.

    Still, for THAT pattern, I’d have to go with the critter. Jesus had a better hair cut.

    GAry 7

  4. I know you get off on these small amusements, Phil, but it really is getting a bit tedious. Whata ya got? A hundred of these? Two? We get it. We get it.

    Did you do the Titan lake glint yet? Oh, you did. Good job. Have a sandwich.

  5. Muzz

    Why do people want this guy to come back? He’s clearly going to be some giant hideous Lovecraftian blob. To say nothing of his mum, for that matter.

  6. Demitri Morgan

    Oh my word…It IS animal!

  7. Animal was my second choice, actually.

  8. canderleun (#5): As long as newscasts take stuff like this seriously, I will make fun of it. That’s a promise.

  9. NewEnglandBob

    Put these people away in an institution so they wont hurt themselves.

  10. I’ve got my looney Xian specs on, but I’ll be gosh darned if I can see ANYthing in that mess. I mean, usually there’s a faint hint of something, but jeez (so to speak), this one’s a loser.

  11. You’re looking at it wrong. Those aren’t eyes; they’re arms. And when you look at it that way, it’s obviously Ricky Ricardo standing behind a xylophone.

  12. You know, if I were a Christian, and something with that face met me at the Pearly Gates, I’d run as fast as I can to the other place!

    Actually, now that I look closer at it, it looks like Gary Busey!

  13. Alaskana

    I just ran this picture through ‘Tineye’ (an image comparison search engine), and it found 0 matches out of 1.989 billion images searched. Just sayin’ :)

  14. Alaskana

    Er, make that 1.1989 billion images searched…

  15. Nivi

    Hilarious. It actually reminds me a bit of The Thing, from Fantastic Four.

  16. I have to admit it looks more like a Vogon to me……

  17. Mike

    I dunno; I see Teddy Roosevelt.

  18. Jasini

    I see either a dog’s nose, or Jabba the Hut.

  19. ChuckP

    It kind of looks like a ‘Critter’ from that old sci-fi movie.

  20. I'd rather be fishin'

    It IS a vogon.NOW I see something. I didn’t see anything in the photo that reminded me of ANY thing for the longest time.. Animal? nope; JC? naw. What does that say about my imagination? Don’t answer that…

  21. Breklor

    It might have Animal’s hair, but the rest of the face is pure Oscar the Grouch.

  22. It’s quite clearly a polar bear’s head and arm facing to the left. He’s probably reaching for an ice-cold Coca Cola Classic as polar bears often do this time of year.

  23. Craig

    No, it’s Ed Asner with a beard and glasses! (Sadly, it looks like he was mugged, because his glasses are broken.)

  24. Acronym Jim

    Thanks a lot Phil. That movie gave me massive nightmares as a kid. Now you’ve re-awakened the horror.

    If you look at it with your head tilted to the right, it also kind of looks like an electron microscope scan of a mite. Those puppies will give you nightmares too.

  25. Acronym Jim

    From the same angle it also looks like the keyboard player from the Cantina scene in Star Wars (episode 4).

  26. Benji

    Eric Cartman in a bad mood?

  27. I dunno… I thought maybe it was an extra from a Geico commercial.

  28. Gary

    I think it looks more like Ernie on “My Three Sons” after someone punched him in the face while he had his glasses on.

  29. It looks like an angry rottweiler to m.

  30. BlondeReb3

    I agree with what a few have said already – my immediate thought was Animal!

  31. Maybe it’s that little creature from the movie “Cat’s Eye.”

  32. Flying sardines

    Ugliest. Pareidolia. Ever. *shudder*

    Somebody is nuts enough to see Jeebus in that!? Yeeesh!
    Fox being nuts enough to take it as a real news story ..? Well, that part I can just about believe. :roll:

    Somehow don’t think that Jesus (if he exists) would be flattered by that. “You think I look like what?!” :-(

  33. Just Me

    If we’re talking specifically about religious figures, that looks a lot more like the FSM than the LJC. Make that FSM sans noodly appendages.

  34. Daniel J. Andrews

    I’m feeling what Acronym Jim said. That third segment of Trilogy of Terror gave me bad dreams. I’d forgotten about that (repressed memory, no doubt) till you showed the pic, and it all came back. Years of therapy all for naught….. sighh.

  35. Well we all know that global warming is caused by the heat of the earth and the heat from all those fireplaces and boilers and other hot burny things.

    Earth. Air. Fire. Water.

    Skeptics Unite !!!

  36. darren witt

    I am quite sure that it’s Matt Groening.

  37. Plutonium being from Pluto

    ^ Huh? I don’t get that Doug Watts. Sorry.

    Yeck. Of all the pareidolia things that one’s gott a be the worst & least Jeebus like I’ve ever seen. I’m with Flying sardines (37) on this one.

    Off topic but BA are you going to do a review of the science in the new Avatar movie by any chance?

  38. there’s science in avatar?

    they remote control blue cat people. with their brain. SPACE MARINES

  39. Plutonium being from Pluto

    While on requests, please BA can you blog about the “waterworld” exoplanet, GJ 1214, that was discovered the other day? That’s one intriguing planet in my view & I’d really love to see your take and extra info & others comments on it.

    (Ok, ok, I’ll stop pestering you ’bout this now. But, pretty please with a Hot Neptune on top, can you blog on that? … ūüėČ )

  40. Nomen Publicus

    I for one blame the idiot casino that bought a jesus sandwich for $28000. Even since, any vaguely human shaped stain brings thoughts of CASH!

  41. Smith
  42. Cory

    I wouldn’t say this would be qualify as the news taking this “seriously”. If the headline was “man sees Jesus” rather than “man SAYS he sees Jesus”, you’d have a point — at this point, Phil, I think you’re just making fun of the ignorant. I’m pretty sure you can hear the female anchor guffaw in the background while the male anchor tells the story..

  43. Strahlungsamt

    I though the looked more like the guy from Ghoulies. And he’s made with a brillo pad…


  44. Keith (the first one)

    I’m beginning to understand the mindset of those nutters who claim that they see god’s creation in all things. Obviously he had to put some sort of signature or trademark on everything.

  45. Davros

    It is Zombie Jesus !!!

  46. BigBob

    Nah, it’s a drop head camel

  47. Frodis

    If you rotate that picture about 45 degrees clockwise, you’ll see the face — or at least the bottom half — of Jesus. From the top of his face up he appears to be wearing wraparound sunglasses and is also a conehead. The greenish bit in the corner sort of becomes his robes. Praise be Conehead Jesus!

  48. Chip

    BTW – that little wild screaming voodoo guy in Trilogy of Terror chasing Karen Black from room to room was really top drawer scary. That was one of the creepiest things on American TV – that and the older black & white Architects of Terror episode of the original Outer Limits (where they made Robert Culp into a bizarre, weird alien to scare humanity out of making war.) Many local stations aired Trilogy of Terror as well as that Outer Limits episode late at night so the kiddies wouldn’t see it. (I stayed up and had nightmares from both shows.)

  49. Jeffersonian

    I’m doiling this one as Moe. (I realize it’s probably just me that sees it that way).

    Link for da kids

    It was easy to impress people when there were only 2 TV channels, eh? Thank FSM for premium cable and the internet!

  50. Sarah

    Yes, its “Animal”, in a ferocious “fear & loathing” mood. As drawn in watercolor by Ralph Steadman.

  51. Rob

    OMG!! That little tiki doll scared the crap outta me when I was a kid. My older brothers MADE me watch that movie. Then, of course, laughed as I nearly pee’d my pants. The thought of the sounds that thing made are enough to send shudders down my spine.

  52. 50. Keith (the first one) Says:

    I’m beginning to understand the mindset of those nutters who claim that they see god’s creation in all things. Obviously he had to put some sort of signature or trademark on everything.

    Kind of like those ‘do not remove tag under penalty of law’ tags on matresses?


  53. Keith (the first one)

    I was thinking more like how every object in Casino Royale had a Sony logo on it.

  54. CR

    Anybody remember The Maxx, a comic book and TV series (which, as far as I know, has not been released on dvd)? That thing reminds me of an Iz, the little toothy things that would chase after the Maxx in both our world and the alternate one. Izes would disguise themselves in our world with simple things, like bad wigs or an article of clothing. Seriously, that’s what this thing reminds me of, bad wig and all. (Of course, this image must be a photo negative, as an Iz is black.)

    By the way, one of my earliest scary memories is the Trilogy of Terror doll. I remember almost nothing else of that show, save that thing chasing Karen Black and making that creepy noise. I think I was 3 or 4 years old at the time, and I don’t think my parents realized I was awake. (Fortunately, once they noticed me staring at the TV, my dad took the time to try to explain what a movie was, and how everything in it was fake, so I don’t think I ever had any bad dreams about the whole thing. None that I remember, at least.)

  55. Shoeshine Boy

    Not Jesus…maybe John the Baptist, though.

  56. Melusine

    Jesus looks like a monster! It reminds me of a Where The Wild Things Are animal face.

  57. Spirula

    Maybe it is ‘Roid Jesus with a page cut and an eye patch? I bet he’s still fuming about that cross thingy.

  58. Petrolonfire

    Thinking of weird ugly and totally unJeebus like images check this out :


    The war on Xmas has just got really surreal and OTT!

    A “Jesus shoots Santa” display. WTF!?

    Way to win people to your cause and show everyone the true Christian spirit of forgiveness and lovingkindness – NOT! :roll:

  59. @CR,

    I remember that series. I just checked and not only is it online ( http://www.mtv.com/shows/the_maxx/series.jhtml ), but it was also released on DVD ( http://www.amazon.com/The-Maxx-Complete-Series/dp/B002WJHDJI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=dvd&qid=1261285306&sr=8-1 ) three days ago.

  60. 59. Keith (the first one) Says:

    I was thinking more like how every object in Casino Royale had a Sony logo on it.

    Heh… I’m finding and watching the “Best of MST3K” short versions of several episodes, and one (don’t recall which, been going through a LOT of them this weekend) had a riff: They really misspelled ‘SONY’ =when Crow notices a sign.


  61. CR

    Aw, cool! Thanks, TechyDad!

  62. Jesus vs Santa or How Brian Boitano Saved Christmas.



  63. mike burkhart

    Looks like a neanderthal to me or maybe trog?

  64. mike burkhart

    On second thought it looks like Dr Eggman(akaDrRobotnik) from the Sonic the Hedgehog games if there is a blue blurr around that could be Sonic

  65. mike burkhart

    one more thing I saw trilogy of terror as a teenager at the time I liked the first story about the teacher who puts ideas into students heads (forgive me I had rageing hormones back then) the second story I gessed before the end of it the third I think the childs play movies riped off

  66. Jack

    Strange, such a perfect image of my wife appearing in a total stranger’s brillo pad.

  67. Mike Wagner

    Ha! I thought it was “He Who Kills” as soon as I saw it too.
    Yay for Richard Matheson. I just wish someone had done ‘I am Legend’ justice, instead of that tripe with Will Smith.
    The Vincent Price movie is actually closer to the original.

  68. I remember that movie with Karen Black, this is a great likeness,
    Love the comments too – #72 cracked me up.

  69. dannyness

    Looks like the guy on the Pringles can.


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