By Phil Plait | December 28, 2009 1:41 pm

bananeidoliaQuick! Someone call Ray Comfort!

Yup. It’s Jesus in a banana peel. The article has all the usual nonsense, so I’ll spare you the details. But my favorite part is where the banana owner says, "It definitely wasn’t that way when I bought it from [the store]…. ".

<sarcasm>Yes, because once you buy a banana and bring it home, it stays exactly the same forever.</sarcasm>

Sigh. I’ve had bananas go bad on the way home from the store. Bananas are the least stable fruit ever. I bet ten minutes after that picture was taken it looked more like the pareidolia in the kitchen sink.

I suppose there will never come a day when the mainstream media will have an article with a picture like this with the headline, "Random pattern in object appears to look vaguely face-like; owner makes no claim of divinity". That would certainly be news to me!

Tip o’ the polyphenoloxidase to Mauro Mello, Jr.

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  1. Bill

    Ok, I’ll kick off round 1 of this game.

    It’s Shaggy from Scooby-Doo.

  2. Muzz

    It looks like Jesus as drawn by the Homestar Runner guy

  3. choptop

    Jesus had a neckbeard?

  4. Jerry

    looks like the doll character from the saw movies with long hair and a goatee

  5. Derek

    I once took a pic of the surface of mars and threw a few filters at it and ended up with who I thought was Rasputin staring back at me. Now I realize it was Jesus.

    I guess if I was on my toes and remember exactly what I did to reveal Raspu…um…Jesus, I could’ve made a few bucks.

  6. My first choice would be “the big guy” from Sanctuary.


  7. hhEb09'1

    It’s Lincoln in the closet

  8. Good Lords of Kobol! Ray Comfort was right! The Banana is a divine instrument of the Lord.

  9. RAF

    This is what happens when you don’t peel before eating.

  10. CGM3

    Nonsense, it’s obviously George Carlin, trying to make contact from the Great Beyond.

  11. Harknights

    No way it’s from the Planet of the Apes. It’s general what’s his name.

    a banana that you can say “get your hands off me you damn dirty ape!”


  12. Jesus has one nasty underbite.

  13. Mapnut

    I think it IS Jesus, and not only that, it may be the first ACCURATE image of Jesus ever recorded! Know how I know? Because He’s smiling! Almost none of the images of Jesus in all the annals of Western art show him smiling. Not to mention, none of the pareidolia. But surely One so full of benevolence would smile a lot! So I say it’s the first ever authentic image of Jesus anywhere. Too bad it was on a banana . . .

  14. Hmmm… looks like a zombie to me…which, since Jesus was suppose to have risen from the dead, actually fits!

  15. Honestly, the first thing I thought was: “The Misfits”. Please compare

  16. 1) Looks kind of like Abe Lincoln.

    2) I would say that star fruit are decidedly less stable than bananas.

    3) How is this _ever_ news?

  17. AJ

    is it me or has there been in increase in the number of divinity “sightings” lately? i wonder if its bcuz of the holiday season? or bad economic times? or phil has just been posting more of them lately?

  18. kevbo

    I usually think these things look like Charles Manson. This one looks like Charles Manson behind bars. (phew)

  19. It probably is Jesus since he is not smiling. Finding a picture of Jesus with a smile is about as rare as seeing pictures of rock musicians without that artifical scowl. (what’s up with that anyway is there some musicians union rule that forbids band members from smiling in their publicity photos?)

  20. Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

  21. NewEnglandBob

    It is Gerge Carlin just as CGM3 said, but it is when he was auditioning for the Grateful Dead.

  22. Tim

    Looks like a Dr. Who Cyberman to me

  23. mocular

    That can’t be Jeebus. His eyes are not blue!

  24. Linda

    I thought it looked a little like Homestar Runner.

  25. I cooked some asparagus in salted water, and when the pan dried the entire surface was covered in tiny crosses. I thought, wow, look at that crystallization process! And then I washed the pan.

  26. XMark

    What’s the half-life of a Banana?

  27. Joe

    Heeeeres Johnnnny!

  28. Art

    He looks like a billy goat/human hybrid. What’s with the baldness?

  29. Joe MA

    I think it looks like Ozzy Osbourne

  30. Tom Woolf

    Dr. Zaius…. definitely Dr. Zaius.

    Or, as Troy McLure would say – “I hate every ape I see, from Chimpan-A to Chimpan-Z!”

  31. David L

    It’s Jesus trying to make religion more . . . a peeling.

  32. JB of Brisbane

    @Lorelei #29 – Well, you’ll never get your face in the paper or on the TV news, will you?

  33. Richie

    If you look carefully at the black spots underneath…you can see Orion’s Belt.

  34. Thats not Jesus. Its Michal Jackson. No its an alien. Oh yeah, Michal Jackson looked like an aliens. Its Michal Jackson!

  35. Chip

    Below those spots that people think vaguely resemble Jesus is something even more remarkable! Multiple images of Charlie Chaplin!

  36. Douglas Troy

    Alright, I’m going to just peel some off here:
    I donno, I think the people that say that’s Jesus are bananas.
    Is that a banana in his pocket, or is he just happy to see us?
    I’m sure the image didn’t last long … he appeared and then quickly had to split.

    Thank you, thank you … I’m here all week, enjoy the buffet.


  37. Chris

    No doubt in my mind that it is Lou Ferrigno from the Hulk days.

  38. Grizzly

    Oh, we’ve had some fun with toothpicks and etching stuff on the side of bananas.

    “Pick him first! >>>” etc.

  39. Alareth

    What is this food fetish that Jesus and his mother have?

  40. jcm

    It looks more like one of the characters from “Planet of the Apes”.

  41. PG

    Looks like time to make banana bread, to me!

  42. JJ
  43. Emily

    It’s clearly the Zig Zag man, but that still doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea to smoke banana peels.


    Oh, so that’s how we do it nowadays; inserting the word “sarcasm” in between sarcastic comment, every time we write something in sarcastic mode…apparently, i get into a lot of unnecessary brawl because you’d be surprise how many people out there who don’t get irony. Thanx for the tip :)

    Hey, another way to check out many divinity signs etc, is to observe one’s own stool. I tell my patients to go back and observe their stool for something else and they come back to me saying they see (or more precisely, imagined) their stool take on many prominent figure (I’m talking about human figure now, not the stool), Samy Veloo being the latest….

    come to think of it, you can imagine divinity or whatever it is you want to imagine, just about anywhere, because at the end of the day, they are in your minds…it’s like looking at the clouds and let the imagination run wild :)

  45. Joel

    @ Luis #17
    That’s exactly what I saw first.

  46. Zachary

    “It definitely wasn’t that way when I bought it from [the store]…. ”

    Actually, in context, she was suggesting that the banana was bruised by being placed under other fruit in the fruit bowl, not that Jesus came down and zapped his face onto the banana after she bought it.

    I prefer this quote: “One of my friends said they saw the Holy Mother on their bathroom door and another saw an apparition of Mary on the mould of their shower floor.”

  47. I don’t recall who it is at the moment, but a regular usenet poster has in his sig: “The older you get, the better you get, unless you are a banana”.

  48. fernando

    it’s important to support the banana guys and other freaks that say Jesus appears here and there… i think it plays against their credibility for the hold

  49. Dr Cy Coe in NL

    From the article that the picture links to:

    ‘‘One of my friends said they saw the Holy Mother on their bathroom door and another saw an apparition of Mary on the mould of their shower floor,’’ she said.


    These saints must have the best sense of humour.

  50. Scott Smith

    30. XMark Says:
    December 28th, 2009 at 3:21 pm

    What’s the half-life of a Banana?

    3.14159 femtoseconds, but that is only under ideal laboratory conditions.

  51. If you put a NASA cap on it and glasses, it looks just like our host Dr Plait.
    Does that mean Bananas are fans of “Death from the Skies”?

  52. Spectroscope


    Good source of potassium*, not so good source of pareidolia woo. 😉

    * To quote the Doctor.

  53. alfaniner

    Oddly enough, I haven’t yet seen anyone claim that that airline terrorists underwear looks like an angel…

  54. Jeffersonian

    I’m doiling this one as Marilyn Manson.

  55. Breklor

    It’s definitely Ithaqua!

  56. 48. Emily Says:

    It’s clearly the Zig Zag man, but that still doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea to smoke banana peels

    Do they call you Mellow Yellow?

    (let’s see how obscure THAT reference is…)


  57. Better late than never

    It is one of the cartoon band members of Gorillaz!!

  58. Just me

    It looks more like my dog who was sent to the big dog park in the sky last year. (brushing aside tear) Oh, wait. He’s found a way to get a message back to me! He imprinted his face on a banana, purchased by Lisa Swinton, who mistakenly interpreted the picture as “Jesus”, and reported the finding to the Daily Telegraph, which was picked up by BA (he knows I’m a BA regular). My dog works in mysterious ways.

    I hear you, Koosh! You’re such a good dog!!!

  59. MadScientist

    Wrong deity – it’s Zeus (from Planet of the Apes).

    Too many fruit posts can’t be good for your health.

  60. Elias Tandel

    Oh man, I find this pareidolia thing a lot biased towards Jesus. I mean, I’m long-haired and bearded and nobody thinks I appeared on their windows and such. It’s so unfair!

    I bet 10 bucks that in 2 thousand years there will be people claiming Obama is making an appearance on their whatever-they-will-have-in-two-thousand-years.

    Hail from Brazil.

  61. Chris Winter

    It’s clearly that portly, pushy guy from ST:TOS “Journey to Babel” — the one who pestered Sarek with “No, you! How do you vote?” before Sarek literally got pushy and threw him against the wall. You know, one of the race that are always feuding with the blue-skinned Andorians.

  62. Ken

    Actually…I’m quite certain this is Glenn Danzig.

  63. marcos

    I wonder what would happen if somebody sees the face of Jesus in a dildo, what would that mean?


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