Ninja cat

By Phil Plait | January 6, 2010 8:00 am

I’ve seen this several times, and it still makes me laugh.

Mrs. BA got me a Flip vidcam for Christmas, and I’ve been following around my cat for days. She doesn’t do anything interesting until I have my back turned. Sigh.

Anyway, you may enjoy this strange video of a cat being either happy or ticked. Maybe it’s Schrödinger’s cat, and it’s both.

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  1. Love that vid, too.

    Perhaps you should use the flip to point behind you when you turn your back?

  2. Sharku

    Don’t blink. Blink and you’re dead. Don’t turn your back. Don’t look away. And DON’T BLINK!! Hehehe.

  3. This video is soo creepy!

  4. Dean

    Everytime I see that I think of the Doctor Who episode “Blink”.

  5. I usually go under the assumption that if you see a ninja, it’s not a real ninja. May I introduce as evidence, footage of a real ninja cat striking with the speed and stealth of a true ninja.

  6. Martin

    Weeping angel cat. Don’t blink.

  7. Noam Zur

    This is utterly hilarious!!!! And – of course – I, too, thought of the weeping angels… does that mean I watch too much Doctor Who or is there no such thing?

  8. bouch

    Nuts, two people already beat me to the “blink” reference. The cat’s even a “concrete grey” color. Does this mean that Phil was stuck in 1969?

  9. Cat videos – uh, oh. Hope this isn’t a jump-the-shark moment for BA.

  10. Eidolon

    Love this clip. What great little hunter the cat is. Especially like the HUGE eyes at the end. Reminds me of a cat I had that would get those eyes, just before a feline tear around the house.

  11. Egaeus

    Has anyone mentioned “Blink” yet?

    I do love that video though. That cat is probably known as “the angel of death” in the bird and squirrel community.

  12. Kat W

    Further proof that cats are slowly but surely taking over the world. ūüėČ

    And yeah, having “Blink” flashbacks myself. I sat there the whole time thinking “Gee, someone should put the Doctor saying ‘Don’t blink. Don’t even blink.’ as the sound for that.”

    And then I Googled. And hilarity ensued.

  13. Moose

    Came for the Blink references, leaving terrified of statues and pigeon whatsit.

  14. Brian Smith

    Since I’m too late to bring up “Blink”, I’ll make a lolcat.

  15. ND

    That’s an absolutely awesome video. The cat’s cool!

  16. That strange/happy/ticked video reminds me of a cat that once lived near me. When you petted it in a certain way, she’d get completely robotic and do *precisely* the same expression and head movement every time. We may be getting close to finding their secret on/off switch (a la Star Trek’s Data).

  17. SlyEcho

    Standard cat behavior; also really funny, I laughed pretty loud. This is what a playing cat is like, they ambush you and grab you, and if you try to catch them they will run away and try to hide again. I have never seen my cat ninja like that though…

  18. WJM

    All us kats iz ninja kats.

  19. I’m no cat fancier, but I love how they often display their instinctual hunting behaviors, seemingly out of reflex. We had cats as kids and they often (I think unconsciously) performed the “killing bite” movements of their jaws as they stared at birds through the window.

  20. Chip

    Cats are natural Zen masters. Cats also have a wonderful way of giving the distinct impression that they know more than they appear too. Something college students should cultivate, though I do not recommend stalking a professor down the hall that way.

  21. Chris

    So cats’ are proof of the Quantum Zeno effect. Who knew.

  22. Love that video. Here’s another amusing one, of two “talking” cats :

    Unsurprisingly, they are female. ūüėČ

    /Don’t flame me, I’m one too

  23. In the “strange video”, the cat is being scratched on her lower back. This drives cats to nirvana, as it is the place they can’t reach to scratch themselves. Scratch any of my cats like that and they swoon and lick my arm. So I am pretty sure those awful sounds are expressions of pleasure. Hope she’s fixed, since I would hate to hear that cat in heat!

  24. jest

    There’s a version of the ninja cat video (identical) but with sort of a dark industrial film score added to it that makes the video WAY more eerie.

  25. Flying sardines

    Classic videoclip BA – loved it. :-)

    Cats are amazing, wonderful animals for sure. You can post cat videos anytime you like BA!

    The Blink version was awesome too – thanks Kat W. (#12)

    @ Morrigan : Thanks for the two talking cats one – my black tortoiseshell Zosma & Jack Russellx Fox terrier Harry both paid a lot of attention & enjoyed that too! :-)

  26. Petrolonfire

    Another videoclip via Utube which cat lovers ( & sinophiles) may – or may not – like is this one:

  27. I remember this video, it been around for a while but its still funny as hell.

    “Don’t blink. Don’t blink. Don’t blink.” *blink* “Ahh! Don’t blink, don’t blink, don’t blink-” *blink* “AHH! DON’T BLINK DON’T BLINK DON’T BLINK” *blink*

  28. Leslie

    The Return of Ninja Cat! (The “behind the scenes” version.)

  29. My sister’s cat acts that exact way if you play with him. He sits downstairs on the chair in the living room, and if you stare at him and go hide, he’ll start stalking you, but pausing every time you pop your head out to look at him. He doesn’t even breathe, he’s perfectly still. Then he rushes and attacks your feet cause he’s like that.

  30. I named my first cat Schr√∂dinger at Dan Durda’s suggestion. Would you believe none of the vets I ever took him to had any familiarity with Schr√∂dinger as a cat name? Sacramento…

  31. Gary Ansorge

    I think cats are quite aware of Schr√∂dingers experiment are would love to get even, but that’s just me.

    Cats are quite capable of planning revenge. I’ve had two cats that exhibited such behavior(and I have the cat poo on my hands to prove it).

    Gary 7


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