Welcome NCBI ROFL to the Hive Overmind!

By Phil Plait | January 13, 2010 4:00 pm

We have a new set of brains to add to the Hive Overmind the family of Discover Magazine blogs: NCBI ROFL. I’ll leave the description to them:

We’re two PhD students in Molecular and Cell Biology at UC Berkeley. Back in March of aught-nine, we started a little blog called “NCBI ROFL” in which we posted real scientific articles with funny subjects from the PubMed database (which is housed by the National Center for Biotechnology information, aka NCBI).

And how can you not love a blog that scientifically discusses a paper called “Accidental condom inhalation”?

Welcome to Discover Blogs!

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Comments (6)

  1. ¡Z!
  2. It’s too sad they don’t have an RSS feed (…yet?)

    Will this be solved soon?

  3. Sounds a lot like the old “Journal of Irreproducible Results”, who had the IgNoble Prize (currently there are two different results for ignobel and ‘journal…’). Which reminds me, I have to get the NPR podcast for the latest (don’t recall when they’re handed out) IgNobel presentation.


  4. Levi in NY

    Lots of hilarity there. Thanks for the link Phil!

    Call me weird, but I particularly liked this one: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19737342

  5. The other Ken

    @John: Look up NPR “Science Friday” for November 27…

  6. 5. The other Ken Says:

    @John: Look up NPR “Science Friday” for November 27…

    Went to NPR and found it under Talk Of The Nation/Science Friday…. downloaded and need to transfer to my Palm (along with the TWiT ‘casts that I get regularly)



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