Hubble in Imax 3D trailer is out

By Phil Plait | January 15, 2010 8:00 am

hubble3dI don’t think I need to say anything here other than: Imax has put out a trailer for their hi-res 3D movie about the Hubble repair mission from May 2009.

Oh, yeah. I’m in.

Tip o’ the spherically aberrated mirror to my old friend from college Christy Venters. Hi Christy!


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  1. StevoR

    Now *that* movie I’ve got to see! :-)

    (Wonder when its coming to Australia?)

    Are you going to do a review for us please BA?

    Oh & thinking of reviews – have you seen Avatar & do you have any comments science-wise for that?

  2. This looks like a great idea, but I must object to the ginormous nebula in the poster. I think it would be just as effective without it, and far more accurate. Given that this is a film meant to portray science accurately (I hope!) it would be nice to have its advertising do likewise!

  3. Crazy Tom

    Ditto. Does it bug anyone else that a lot of popular astronomy pictures show a bunch of objects right next to each other, like Saturn next to the Orion Nebula? Are each of those things just not cool enough by themselves?

    But I’ll definitely be visiting my local IMax on this one. My wife is jealous of my love affair with the Hubble. Maybe I can convince her to join a little scientific menage-a-trois.

  4. Christoph K

    I hope it’ll be shown in poland as well.

    I guess we know the ending though ūüėČ

  5. Andy Scott

    I will definitely watch this film. Shame I can’t see the trailer because it forces you to download Quicktime or iTunes. :( I don’t really do Apple, their tendrils try and seep into as many cracks of my computer as it can every time I install a piece of their software.

    I’ll wait til it’s on Youtube.

  6. DrFlimmer

    I need to see that, too. Hopefully it’ll be shown in Germany. I guess, not for everyone, but I’d really love to see it!

  7. Kirk

    Agreed that the superimposed nebulae on the faceplates were a bit much. But otherwise, I’m definitely there! Even if my friends think me too much of a nerd because it will make me tear up as much as just about any Pixar movie ever made.

  8. Ahhh! A nebula is going to gobble up the Earth, and it’s up to a could brave maverick astronauts to save us!

  9. alfaniner

    Off topic but… “ASIAN GIRLS FOR MARRIAGE!” ad? Even for Ads by Google that’s a bit much. I know you don’t really have any control over that but geez…

  10. Brian Gefrich

    @alfaniner, I actually just came in to post a comment along the same line. In Google Reader, right under this post they had a big ad for the trailer for Book of Eli. The juxtaposition was interesting.

  11. Jake

    Hmmm… someone didn’t see Avatar in IMAX I think.

    I got to see this trailer in 3D in front of Avatar, if you think a web vid get’s you jonesn’ for it, there’s nothing like seeing it on the IMAX screen

  12. @Alfaniner 9 and Brian Gefrich 10:

    And that’s why I loved SomethingAwful’s campaign to fill up their advertising space; their spoofs were hilarious. Then I got confused when they started being replaced with actual ads.

    A few I wish I could see somewhere else:

    On a more related note, I wish I could watch IMAX or other large-format screens without getting sick. I have problems if something takes up more than 50% of my field of view and moves while my inner ear doesn’t.

  13. Martin Moran

    I remember watching live on NASA TV and closely following Astro_Mike on twitter. Imax has something like 9 times the resolution of normal film and the 3D is awesome I am going to see this one for sure.

  14. toasterhead

    2. Opisthokont Says:
    January 15th, 2010 at 8:14 am
    This looks like a great idea, but I must object to the ginormous nebula in the poster.


    Or the stars in the poster, for that matter. Or the fact that the astronauts are lit from the front when the sun’s rising behind them. Or that the side of the telescope facing out into space is somehow reflecting the Earth. Or the 50-foot-high polished steel lettering that just happened to be floating near the HST at the time the photo was taken.

    There’s a whole lotta disrealism going on.

  15. Zucchi

    Fantastic. Wish it weren’t 3D, which is a stupid gimmick and which I can’t see anyway. But maybe it’ll excite some kids about space.

  16. Minky Boodle

    Leonardo DiCaprio? Really? If only teenage girls would flock to this the way they did for Titanic!

  17. Reggie

    I saw this nearly a month ago, in 3D, at the Imax showing of Avatar.

    Hubble was by far the most impressive of the Imax 3D trailers shown. The telescope looked so close that you could touch it.

  18. Dave

    Not to be a stickler, everyone, but the object in the poster is not a nebula. It is the merging of two beautiful galaxies:

  19. Christoph K

    @ Andy Scott:
    the HD is even avaliable at 1080p

  20. @Zucchi,

    Just curious, why can’t you see the 3D? I know I can’t because of childhood strabismus that made it impossible for my brain to learn how to put images from both eyes together. I still saw Avatar in 3D because I didn’t want to spoil the experience for the people I was with- but as far as I’m concerned it’s an extra $3 for nothing. (I keep the glasses- I mean hell, I paid for ’em.)

    I still do enjoy the IMAX experience though.

  21. Fytr


    It’s a MOVIE POSTER. They are supposed to make you want to see the movie, not be a scientifically accurate portrayal of the scene depicted. They typically include small snippets from various parts of the movie to show you how exciting it is going to be to watch it. The nebula is obviously there because that’s the sort of thing that you can look at with a Hubble Space Telescope…

    Sheesh. You guys really need to lighten up! It’s Friday after all.

    …and 3D is not a stupid gimmick, it’s an evolutionary wonder. Sorry you can’t appreciate it, but it really is remarkable for its ability to increase the already impressive immersion of an IMAX film.


  22. Saw this trailer in front of Avatar in IMAX this week and was blown away. There were audible gasps from the audience. I am sooooo there when it releases.

    I’m not much of a fan of the 3D, but this looks terribly exciting and if it builds interest in the space program/Hubble, then it’s all win.

  23. Floyd

    So, why does this trailer stop playing 28 seconds before the end?? Drat…

  24. Rob Davidoff

    You know, I just heard about this movie yesterday when Megan McArthur, robot arm operator on the STS-125 mission came by UD (University of Dayton, where I’m studying Aerospace Engineering) for a series of talks and meetings. It sounds seriously awesome. I remember seeing Space Station with my cousins in IMAX, but that was just regular IMAX. It was still incredibly immersive and just an awe-inspiring experience. I can’t wait for this to come out.

    Speaking of, Phil, I sent you an email about something that happened while McArthur was here. I think you’ll want to read it and get back to me.

  25. fred edison

    Chill space fans. The nebula on the poster is a not so subtle reminder of what Hubble does best and why the repair mission mattered. On Twitter, NASA astronaut Mike Massimino (Astro_Mike) said, “the movie will be as close as it gets to being there.” He ought to know.

    To whet your curiosity for the IMAX movie, you can watch online the excellent PBS NOVA program ‘Hubble’s Amazing Rescue.’ Click on the picture of the space walking astronauts. (If video doesn’t load try turning off your pop-up window/ad blockers and refresh.)

  26. Kevin

    I foresee only one flaw in this IMAX film.

    It’s not going to be long enough.

    They never are. :(

  27. SC-Pulsar

    I love that everyone is commenting on the “nebula” in the poster… It’s not.

    It is the antenna galaxy on its side.

    I really hope this comes to the UK, we definitely need more shows like this in cinemas here!

  28. Tom

    “it is beyond what we can comprehend.” ?!?!? What the hell is that last comment in the trailer? I don’t think so. That comment pisses me off. Spoiled the whole trailer for me. That attitude better not be in the full film.

  29. Sarah

    I read the post as “Oh yeah, I’m in it.”

    That would be too good to be true. XD

  30. Christy

    IMF I’m famous! Thanks for the shout out, former roomie!


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