By Phil Plait | January 24, 2010 10:42 am

tombakerApparently, I am Tom Baker. I had guessed I’d be David Tennant, but thinking on it carefully, Baker’s a closer fit to who I am; Tennant (at least up until the last episode, feh) was who — I mean, Who — I wanted to be.

Which Doctor Who are you?

Tip o’ the big floppy hat to regular BABloggee IVAN3MAN.

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  1. Omniszron

    I’m David Tennant. 😀 Whee!

    It’s cool to know you also like Doctor Who. :)

  2. Vernon Balbert

    Whoa! I’m the 9th doctor; aka Christopher Eccleston, which I find rather comforting for some reason.

  3. Sir Craig

    Hey, turns out I’m Eccleston also, which works for me…

  4. cerberus40

    Funny; I thought I’d be Tom Baker but I turned out to be David Tennant.

  5. Gary Ansorge

    Haw! I too am a Tom Baker.


    GAry 7

  6. Madge

    I am, apparently, Tom Baker as well. I like Baker, but I’d rather be Christopher Eccleston.

    Ah, but I can just take the test several times until I get the results I want– just like science! *SMACK*

  7. dre

    I am delighted that I am Eccleston. I don’t know exactly why, though.

  8. Thomas Siefert

    You are the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant)

    Personally I thought I would have come up as Peter Davison. Probably based on his character from All Creatures Great and Small rather than his Doctor Who role, which I have never seen.

  9. wildride

    Apparently I’m Sylvester McCoy. Well, Red Kangs are best, so that does make a kind of sense.

  10. I’m the 5th Doctor (Peter Davison). Not the least bit surprised by that.

  11. Brian Robinson

    I think I’m growing into William Hartnell — crusty, obdurate and a curmudgeon.

    However, I think I’d most like to be Patrick Troughton, who was edgy, sometimes whimsical but brilliant.

    However, as far as the doctor with the best sidekick, that has to be Tom Baker — I had a major crush on Leela back in the time (damn that Dawkins guy!!)

  12. I took that test ages ago on Facebook (also the 4th doctor). I was hoping to get a tip of the sonic screwdriver for that, instead Ivan hogs the attention… It’s that restraining order, isn’t it?

  13. Tim G

    Sylvester McCoy

    I’m only really familiar with Tom Baker

  14. I’m apparently Eccleston as well. I think that fits, actually.

  15. m5

    number 9… number 9… number 9… number 9…

  16. Eccleston here as well.

  17. KC

    Woot! I am Tom Baker too. I do rather like sweets and long scarves so I guess I’m not surprised!

  18. Doctor ?

    I’m David Tennant. I could have sworn I was Tom Baker.

  19. Tom Baker for me. Baker’s the first Who I saw and has been my favorite, although Tennant gave him a run.

    I recall a truism floating around that said the first Dr. Who you see is usually the one you like best. Something similar to your first word processor (back when you had a lot more choices in UIs). My small sample experience (~10 people) is that it’s mostly true.

  20. (I am) the Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison)

    A largely serious person, you have your fair share of doubts and insecurities, but you’re an extremely loyal and selfless friend.

    I’m cool with that… but Jon Perwee’s who — again, Who — I’d want to be.

  21. Floyd

    I’m Tom Baker also. I’m not surprised, as he is my favorite Doctor.

  22. Utakata

    Tom Baker was likely the best of all the Dr. Who’s…that’s not something to snuff at. I am too the 4th doctor…

    …now I wonder which Doctor would be most into odd and funky electronic music, anime and World of Warcraft.

  23. It looks like I’m the third commenter here who is the seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy).

  24. whydontyou

    Also the tenth Doctor (David Tennant).
    I agree with druid labs @19, your favourite is usually the one you see first.

  25. Douglas Troy

    You are the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant)
    Your sharp, irreverent humour both amuses and exasperates people. You’ve got a roving eye and keen mind – you’re definitely going places…

    Irreverent humour!?!?! ME?!?!?! Nooooooooooooooooo.

  26. I’m Tom Baker too. He’s always been my favorite Who.

    Here’s an example of how I corrupted my children’s minds. When my son was eight, he found my longish scarf and put it on then came to me and said “Look dad. I’m Doctor Who!”

  27. Lisa

    I don’t know about any of you, but I was subconsciously answering the questions so as NOT to end up Colin Baker. I could have handled the coat, but Mel as a companion? Just. No.

    I was Nine, which, as someone said earlier, was comforting somehow. I do have a fondness for Five and would have been quite happy with that as well.

  28. I was wondering if I could be my First Doctor (John Pertwee), but:

    You are the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant)

    Your sharp, irreverent humour both amuses and exasperates people. You’ve got a roving eye and keen mind – you’re definitely going places…

    You are the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant)

    Your sharp, irreverent humour both amuses and exasperates people. You’ve got a roving eye and keen mind – you’re definitely going places…

    I think it was the ‘dressing casual’ that blew the Pertwee for me….

    (Oh, wow… what if I were Matt Smith?!)

  29. DemetriosX

    I also got the Tenth Doctor, who interestingly enough I know nothing about. I’m well versed enough in 8 of the other 9 (I’m still not convinced that Paul McGann is canon), but I wind up with the unknown. I think I’d have liked to be 5 or 7, although 4 is my favorite.

  30. Dan

    @11: You’re thinking of Romana II, not Leela.

  31. John Sandlin

    The website believes I’m the 10th doctor. Fooled it, didn’t I.

  32. Yeebok

    You are the Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston)

    I’d have much preferred to be Jon Pertwee – I’ve never watched the newer series. As others mentioned it was probably the dressing casual part .. :)

  33. Jim

    You are the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant)

    Your sharp, irreverent humour both amuses and exasperates people. You’ve got a roving eye and keen mind – you’re definitely going places…


  34. Richie

    I’m the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant), who admittedly is my favourite doctor so far.

    Going to be interesting to see where they go with Matt Smith – I might have to take the test again in a season or so…

  35. DB

    Matched #7, Sylvestor McCoy.
    You’re a dark horse aren’t you? Highly intelligent, you love to cook up a scheme and you’re not inclined to keep your friends in the loop – you’re a bit of a loner.

    Sounds about right.
    Tom Baker was the first doctor I saw and the one I enjoyed the most

  36. Keith (the first one)

    I’m the 9th Doctor. Seems like a few on here are too.

  37. Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison. And that’s precisely who I thought I was, as he is one of my favourite actors as well as one of my favourite Doctors.

  38. I'd rather be fishin'

    You never forget your first Doctor: John Pertwee, classy, smart, and professorial in certain circumstances.

    Romana is one of my favourite companions though.

  39. Tennant, although I am slowly starting to look more and more like the first Doctor (who was also the first I saw). Grrrrrrrr

  40. I’m the first Doctor, hmm.

    “That is the dematerialising control, and that over yonder is the horizontal hold; up there is the scanner, those are the doors, and that is a chair with a panda on it. Sheer poetry, dear boy. Now please stop bothering me.”

  41. Gah, and I had just managed to stop saying “Allons-y” in public. *sigh* Now if only I can find an Alonso. Marry him I will!

  42. sam logan

    apparently im Sylvester McCoy i was at first dissapointed i wanted to be tom baker but then i realized i got this answer based (loosely im not treating it scientifically) on my personality and i like my personality so mr baker your my fav no more

    ill have to root out Sylvester McCoy’s series as ive never seen them

  43. Grego

    Ditto, also a Sylvester McCoy, who’s never seem those episodes. Sounds cool, tho – they had Daleks again. Ace looks pretty interesting, too!

  44. Chris

    Cute, I am apparently Christopher Eccleston, still a “Chris.”

    Though on the question of who I would want as a traveling companion, as a woman I was not so keen on bringing along another woman. Also, since I have red hair, I don’t see that as a criteria for traveling either. It reminded me of my attempt to get a Navy ROTC scholarship in the 1970s during my last year of high school (being a military brat I was heavily encouraged*, and the military academies were still all male). I had to take a personality exam, and on it were a series of questions of types of people I like. I actually said I really like lifeguards, athletic men, and other attractive hunky men. I think that was a way for them to filter out guys who liked guys… except I am a raving heterosexual woman. I did not get the scholarship. Out of the over 10000 NROTC scholarships given that year, only 15 were to women — can we wonder why? It is obvious women were mostly classified as gay men!

    I apparently am Christopher Eccleston because I use humor when I am in trouble.

    Now an aside: my daughter is presently finishing up a major 10th grade Language Arts project. It is about Shakespeare’s influence on the English language, with references to cultural influence. She has included a reference to the Dr. Who episode where Dr. Who and Martha Jones run into him at the Globe Theatre ( and also Disney’s “Lion King” because it is based “Hamlet”).

    * I actually looked at the various ROTC programs when I was in college. They wanted me to take extra credits, but were evasive about the chances of getting a scholarship. Most of my brother’s education was paid by an ROTC scholarship. After a Christmas dinner I had a retired Army Colonel (my grandfather), a retired Army Lt. Colonel (my dad) and an active Army Captain (my brother) grill me on why I had decided not to continue to pursue a military career! During my last year of college I took a tour of the AWACS plane, and went to multiple pizza parties all paid for by the Air Force because now they wanted me (they need engineer officers). I said no.

  45. Eccleston.
    But just like Davison was Tenant’s favourite, Tom Baker was mine. So I can still *like* Baker while *Being* Eccleston.
    I think.

  46. a lurker

    I am Fred Jones the 16th Doctor. Damn things really got weird on the show when he was the doctor.

    Have I ever mentioned that I am still mad even after all these years that Felicia Day was not the first female Doctor?

  47. I surprisingly got the 10th Doctor…I know there were a couple of questions I answered that I thought would skew it towards some of the others.

  48. I am the Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) with a nice leather jacket.

  49. bassmanpete

    I’m Christopher Eccleston, my favourite’s Tom Baker and, just to belie the truism, the first Doctor Who I saw was the first Doctor Who. Yes I’m that old; and I had nephews & nieces who used to hide behind the couch when the Daleks were on!

  50. skeptiksnarf

    and here i thought i would be Eccleston, i turn out to be Tennet

  51. Yousuf Khan

    Well, I’m apparently the 7th Doctor, Sylvester McCoy. That’s a bit surprising to me, as the first Doctor I ever started watching was Tom Baker (#4), and then Peter Davidson. After the Peter Davidson era, I stopped really paying attention to Doctor Who, and so I am not as familiar with any of the late-middle-generation Doctors, until the series reboot with Christopher Ecclestone (#9).

    On another note, it would be interesting to see if anybody gets the 8th Doctor, Paul McGann. He was only the Doctor for 1 episode, not enough time to get a real read on his personality, I guess.

  52. Apparently I’m Chris Eccleston. The unstated subtext is that I also only stick at something for a year for fear of being typecast, which frankly is also rather accurate.

  53. Fifth Doctor here. I would have guessed 7th, would love to be the 10th, but it was the 5th.

  54. I thought I’d be Tom Baker but I turned out to be David Tennant.

  55. Looking for Doctor Who advice, and I’m guessing I came to the right place.

    The family and I are working our way through the episodes starting with Eccleston. We’re up to Tenant traveling around with Donna Noble (season 4, according to Netflix). We don’t get BBC America, so I’ve been trying to avoid the spoilers for episodes we won’t get to see until I can get my hands on a TARDIS.

    I noticed that Netflix has a sprinkling of the older shows. Should we try to watch all of those, and if so, can anyone steer me to a list of the order in which we should get them?

  56. Brian G

    You are the Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston)

    You use humour to cover up your true feelings – you’ve been hurt in the past. You are a caring person and bring out the best in people.

    I guess that sorta describes me. I was hoping for David Tennant though.

  57. I’m David Tennant (which I didn’t expect).

  58. Matt A

    For Brian Robinson at #11, correction time; Richard Dawkins married Lalla Ward, who played the second, blonde-haired regeneration of Romana, and who was breifly married to Tom Baker. Leela, the knife-weilding, sometimes-psychic “savage”, was played by Louise Jameson.

    Oh, and I’m the Ninth doctor, apparently. FANTASTIC!

  59. Stanley H. Tweedle

    Apparently, I am the Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy)
    A dark horse aren’t you? Highly intelligent, I love to cook up a scheme and I’m not inclined to keep my friends in the loop – I am a bit of a loner.

  60. Sili

    What happened in the last episode to change your mind?

  61. Nathanial Burton-Bradford

    David Tennant I be….. whoop!!!!

    “Your sharp, irreverent humour both amuses and exasperates people. You’ve got a roving eye and keen mind – you’re definitely going places…”

  62. Stanley H. Tweedle



  63. Gary

    The site said I am the Master?! I must have done it wrong. 😉

  64. Ray

    I’m whichever doctor I want to be. That’s the beauty of being a Time Lord.

  65. Darkchilde

    I am David Tennant… YES!

    I think Tennant’s the best Doctor up to now. I had loved Tom Baker and Sylvester McCoy previously, but Tennant’s performance has been exceptional.

  66. D-Dave

    The quiz doesn’t appear for me on that site… (Using Safari)


  67. !AstralProjectile

    64: Me neither, for either Firefox or IE. Bummer!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I don’t know WHO I’d hope to be- I hope not Colin Baker.

  68. Grand Lunar

    Darn it, ain’t working for me either!

    Hate it when that happens.

  69. Grand Lunar

    A google search reveals other tests.

    Taking various ones, I’ve ranked as either the 1rst Doctor or the 3rd Doctor.

  70. Brain.wav

    67: Same here. I’ll just say Eccleston anyway.

  71. It just had to be… I’m Patrick Troughton, Doctor number 2. I knew it…

  72. Tara Mobley

    David Tennant, which is unsurprising for some reason.

  73. !AstralProjectile

    OK. It works now. (On IE) I’m not completely surprised that I’m The Seventh Doctor. (I liked Ace. “Pfessa!”)

  74. TGAP Dad

    Apparently, I am Tom Baker, whom I’ve never seen. (So far I’ve only seen the most recent series with Eccleston-Tennant.)

  75. Considering that I don’t actually follow Doctor Who (though I’ve been meaning too- primarily because Phil seems to think it’s teh awesome) I’m actually pretty sure my results are accurate and untainted by any desire to push myself into one direction or another.

    I’m apparently Sylvester McCoy.

    I do hope that when I do get around to watching it (I like to start from the very beginning and follow through to the end when it comes to TV-series) , he’ll be one of the more awesome ones, I sense David Tennant is the popular one, though.

  76. Darkchilde

    Chemist, Sylvester McCoy was really good, and he is one of my favorites. But, after having watched episodes with all 10 Doctors, I really think Tennant’s Doctor to be the best one.

    I am so sorry to see him leave the role. I don’t know if Matt Smith can beat David Tennant, but I am hoping that he will at least be a good Doctor.

  77. Ghede

    I got Tennant. Something about which I am very happy. But I always saw myself as a bit more like McCoy.

  78. Davros

    @76 it is currently Imposable to watch all Dr Who episodes due to a policy(in the 60’s &70’s) of the BBC to wipe or junk old shows
    but they do keep finding missing episodes

    so hope lives

    edit to add i am Tom Baker

  79. Brian Robinson

    @58: Matt, thank you! I have been damning Dawkins all this time without need! Go Richard!!!

    But it was Leela/Louise I was referring to. My apologies to Lalla/Romana.

  80. Darkchilde

    @79: Davros, The BBC was not the only TV station to re-write tapes; a number of stations around the world have done the same, losing various shows they had produced and broadcasted. Not just junk shows, but a lot of good ones too.


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